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    I try to convince people to unwreck their tanks. we meet at different phases of invasions-in-progress. the psychology of reefing invasion intrigues me, the biology of it is pretty simple.

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  1. Algae ID help needed

    Fantastic cleaning, linked to sand rinse thread last page
  2. Algae ID help needed

    All back open and hungry. 24 hours after a correct order of ops rip cleaning, a reef tank is stronger than its ever been. It's a boosting/refreshing/energetic action which is only positive. It was a misnomer all along that deep action was risky. Partial action is risky
  3. Isolating Corals & Substrate Questions

    Last nite I changed out my sandbed 100% instantly with pre rinse new sand in tap, then saltwater, so the sand is now cloudless and perfectly new and brite A new diaper for the next four years Once we know we're able to take apart a nano, and will it back to clean while watching a playoff game, then what you use won't matter. When it's reset it's reset, handy long term reefing trick. What a tune-up, all waste removed instantly and room is made for better feeding and a strong non invaded start to the year. It's the secret to being perpetually uninvaded. Preemptive vs reactive reefing, gold.
  4. Algae ID help needed

    No so sorry on ID I can’t tell My best bet is it’s a strain of cyano in my opinion
  5. Tring Getting rid of algae

    I agree it’s normal not sure where the reaction comes from but I’ve seen that bubbling no prob
  6. Tring Getting rid of algae

    Nice nice! Just to post some work along the lines of deep cleaning a tank when it needs it, in the future I just did mine https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/388783-algae-id-help-needed/?tab=comments#comment-5621066 Your whole tank is going to turn out great you acted early yep. I'll link your thread to the reef 2 reef peroxide thread right now. Shows the benefit of early intercept and rock guidance.
  7. Algae ID help needed

    And the final phase completed about an hour ago
  8. Algae ID help needed

    The middle phase including tap sand rinse a long long time on the new sand. I do not use the included clarifier for reasons covered in the thread. By pre rinsing, I now have a cloudless sandbed for the next forty eight months or so. Please know this as the most important takeaway: it is impossible for my reef to ever be invaded with anything. Unimaginable peace of mind I promise. As this reef runs one thousand percent uninvaded the next four years, I'll simply go on working tank invasion threads constantly to try and spread the benefit of preemptive work, i hope you like your custom rip clean example ! It's great timing. It needed a pick me up.
  9. Algae ID help needed

    This could be repeated without harm three times a week if someone wants. It only seems insulting, it's actually flushing. Allows you to feed big-time. I'll be more assertive in weekly work this year. Above is the scummy before pic tiny sandbed left from years of cleaning. Corals packed in bottom.
  10. Algae ID help needed

    Hope you like this The first on demand rip cleaning ever done in reefing. A live time example using my own investment. About to add pics back to sr thread. enjoy nothing more than applying all risk science right in my own home. the benefit lands in my reef. When a vase dwindles down the corals are packed closer together because the bottom converges. This old bed was three years, the previous bed nine years (hands off method breakaway) and this new bed raises up my scape twice the bottom room it's wonderful update. It'll last till 2022 ish Here's all steps live time: Before shot. Some cyano, thin bed, lost an acro colony on right cuz I had not fed in a while and that frag didn't like it/rest have adapted. The reset allows me to feed better now, more room, more reflective surfaces it's a positive, not insulting thing to do. I rinsed my new sand in tap for half an hour to prep, to make cloudless. Then saltwater rinse Then put back my 12 yr rocks n coral all raised up. On demand, skip cycle 100% substrate switch out is straight up biology yes it is Before, during, after change:
  11. Algae ID help needed

    Matter of fact,i think I'll run grab three pounds new sand and change it out real quick. Mines dwindled down last couple years, my original bed was about seven inches deep about to fix that all up. Swap it for new sand, not add back to the old. Completely changing a reefs sandbed via skip cycle is pure repeatable science, really helpful at times.
  12. Algae ID help needed

    https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/the-official-sand-rinse-thread-aka-one-against-many.230281/page-7#post-4107442 There's a good one with other people's tank being worked start to finish Truly yours may not be bad even if it is light cyano, can be siphoning it out to attempt a simple guiding out, clean later if noncompliant etc. One interesting factor of a rip clean is it's never harmful, even if a tank doesn't need one. We can do a deep clean as preventative as well, all we do in these is brainstorm before where detritus will be, plan our sensitive animals around isolating them from the waste while we clean, and any depth of clean we want to do then is cycle free. Though yours might respond to easy work light siphoning, if you rip cleaned it's not harmful it's just a good couple hours work. Yesterday I installed a new heater. Salt creep had caked up around my lid, some algae deposits on the lid and I need to reinstall the heater wiring and clean up biologically. I'm taking my reef apart real quick even though it's not invaded at all. Since I'm doing wiring and cleaning I'm hitting the sandbed clean real quick for a good clean 18 start. I'll probably repeat in the summer. This is why my reef is 12, nothing is done reactively. Hands off reefing where one would never rip clean is fine too, that's how we all start and some like it. My reef is too old to risk that way, it's ironic the deep cleaning method is the less risky technique. It's a cheat clean method, doesn't bother me one bit if another considers my tank not 12 since it hasnt dealt with its own waste naturally. Im simply trying to see how long a given set of rocks and coral will go. Sand either way didn't matter to me, I keep it so my rocks are raised up of the bottom of the tank, most like them on glass directly, prefs range
  13. Algae ID help needed

    Hey that's pretty neat challenge ID Can you post a pic of it elsewhere in the tank, sandbed or elsewhere. Trying to exclude it being cast out zooxanthellae, coral self adjustments etc that happens and looks like those strings. If it's something tank-wide I'm not sure truly, but a good rip clean will fix it up till better preventatives are found.
  14. Tring Getting rid of algae

    also, in my tank, I didn't want to take the stack apart. I drained it down and hit the spots inside still without removal, go right ahead. fish can live in an inch of water a sec I still treated the algae in the air, just through a water drain. refill with your current water if there's nothing wrong with it, perfect low work mode here. then id refill up 1/3 of the way, which is peroxide rinse water. id drain that back down then refill all, a quick export trick and its burned clean. years ago. if that is all you have after seven months of unguided effort then kudos to you that's the exact tune you want. it signifies awesomeness not a problem, cheat time. I have videos on tube of me inserting the jet style grill lighters down into my drained tank, and fire blasting some mushrooms and some algae ha all in good fun. before peroxide, I used to light saber some targets and stink up the place. accessing directly, outside the water, is such a massive cheat. Its likely to just stay clean a good while after the simplest of applications made directly any way you want to run them. really sharp setup for sure.
  15. Tring Getting rid of algae

    hey I just saw these pics agree you don't have to scrape watch how good just a good dribbling of peroxide will do across that one round test rock. hit it good, let sit 3 mins, rinse off and put back in don't even rub it off watch what it does in 48 hrs it'll be sharp looking if the bottle was new. also your sandbed is pristine it needs nothing. easy fix here, easy guiding yep. its not that ten other ways wouldn't hopefully set the algae back, its that in a few mins of detailed scape access you could burn it out and likely have very little growback. perhaps another round but you are acting early, on quite nice rock as well. great you'll have no problems here this is exactly when to start guiding a reef clean, it will take nothing harsh. the peroxide is just a cheat quick move with no lasting issues other than plant dieoff. in nature that level of persistent growth of algae is about right, how else can millions of grazers be supported. that we see it in a nano reef always makes us thing something bad is going on. the bad thing is you are missing a giant parrotfish the size of your whole tank you'd have no algae to burn then, and your rock would be beak rasped with a giant 50% chunk missing lol and your sandbed a quarter inch deeper. plus, whats a little access going to harm before a tank is nice n packed in...just shiny after pics is all that w result.