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    anecdotes are subtle notes, arranged become a tune

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    http://why are you growing invasions in your tank on purpose

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    I try to convince people to unwreck their tanks. we meet at different phases of invasions-in-progress. the psychology of reefing invasion intrigues me, the biology of it is pretty simple.

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  1. brandon429

    Clowns Pico contest build

    A new reef to reef friend Zac is linked here, this process you've used made great results
  2. brandon429

    Clowns Pico contest build

    Well done laser clean pics and dedicated maintenance here! this jar will run as long as you command it to run, provided you have a no nerf ball rule for the room ha
  3. I’m more interested in seeing what you are about to offer in it’s place, and if the sources are actual aquariums we can currently track. like harry and linaea above, you can submit for us any threads you have on the matter if an article doesn’t suit. We want literally any spec of real information you’ve personally managed on the matter, not from your own tank. Bandwagon dwindling what fun this has been, when someone gets the serious whim, send me a message,
  4. Jbb That’s what I thought Harry is trolling badly, remember I’ve only asked him to submit alternate proven algae battle techniques since mine are so bad. Not responding with an article or a thread is classy, Harry. youve really upped our science game with you posts the last few days H, fam should be proud. put your name on your works here so they can link it to your name.
  5. You’ve literally interpreted your own capture 180 degrees off, heh popcorn w extra butter. Again, since I’m not trolling and I put that out there for accountability in my reef writing, you look to be in full dodge mode. I’m aware of what’s there because I put the info there You are getting called out just plain silly, I gave your challenge to jbb lol right now he’s sourcing some algae challenges to work from, if he’s got the resolve I think he does.
  6. If I was concerned about anonymity I would not have used my name in my articles no, I’m not spoon feeding you those either. A non troll does their homework before hitting the keys.
  7. Discern that via link reading buddy. I’m not here to spoon feed everything on top of fixing algae.
  8. Jbb the article that Harry dodged is now offered to you what do you say? Two dodgers in one thread, not possible somebody mans up in three...two... never, Your post makes it sound as if my writing style had changed over sixteen years, from a good to a bad only the reader context changes- I’m thinking those with enduring algae challenges wind up the most jaded and without any actual input on matters of algae correction. the way Harry and I got started was when he posted for help on two different invasion tanks. Ask for help, hate the helper, trolls. Lynaea and I didn’t speak before Harry’s issue, the bandwagon has four riders so far, all I do is work in algae tanks and have occasional fun with those who don’t like my ways. i never intitiate flames, but when others do against my work our science grows in the back and forth, with the new articles they submit of their own work history. Let’s do article batttles for once vs interforum thread pissing, step up.
  9. After you respond in the other thread where you posted vehemently before the outcome, and are now silent, you just hit ignore.
  10. Love it, my four opponents in reefing all in one spot not a one with algae correction links or articles, just quips, hating on my works with nothing offered alternate...gotta love post anonymity jbb, remember our r2r dance on the effects of detritus in aquaria? That was fun.
  11. its amazing, you-know-who continues to edit yesterdays posts lol. I started to screenshot at some point and have like four different versions of the same post. *from prior page where I wasn’t avail for comment, now sure am. This must sting a little Harry... the only way to win for you is to write something formal, bar has been set. Until 20 mins ago, I didn’t realize you were talking behind my back here, glad we got that all into perspective now. write, or just keep up the current entertainment standard. so we have two issues with you issuing a challenge in threads I hadn’t posted in, without @ letting me know. Sounds courageous, it’s working well. i dont need to source out any others, with just these two examples we can see your entire tool box.
  12. https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/390430-?-lets-build-a-library-a-call-for-writers-✍️/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-5648209 Let me me know when you are done. Anything you write further on this thread, even after we are done and you write funny stuff to try and move on, is in the shadow of that wilting above. I had to edit five times to fit this into three enduring sentences which will follow you always.
  13. But you gotta admit two things: 1. You don’t want your girl reading that link and 2., them apples was raw not baked, b
  14. Hippie your ability to document this for us with that kind of keen feedback and hindsight, while reffing, means I respect your dedication to nano reefing tremendously. Your commentary is so well matched to your tank history and updates here I’ll have to link this as a reference thread in spite of all the filler material. This careful and methodical planning and execution is exactly what others need to see. im currently editing the sand rinse thread, promise to link when done. Ten thousand readers will soon see your article material and all the extra positive supporting ideas we were given along the way.
  15. now we can all evaluate your help and contributions to his challenge