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    Why does this man talk about peroxide so much? is he insane? why does he hate api test kits?


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  1. theres the thread https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/ongoing-algae-problem.337565/page-2#post-4277795 I sure hate to see the goo grow the only way to get off the train is to lose some tanks, lose some $, hit bottom basically, then get mean, in my opinion. I feel sorry for all large tankers who hesitated past that first spot, the size of a thimble. We are told with every training we have in reefing to hesitate, test, post a guess reading, delay, ID, double check (invader has tripled now) test again, source some guesses that work your nontargets along with your targets, gain more invasion mass from other opportunists, external after external after external locus of control. We should track this thread to see how it plays out, and how long it takes, and primarily if the reefkeeper who has invested two grand or better so far is happy. I would have beaten the invader senseless with a UV baseball bat, and owing to the peroxide thread in the disease forum here, UV rocks and we wield it well
  2. Nice I thought reeferfox at reef2reef today posted a really keen response on a dino invasion thread for a 90 gallon tank (they declined firmly my direct intervention offer) when she said that back in the 90's people weren't running GFO and mucking up their po4 levels like we do nowadays, so that's why we never saw the scourge of dinos until about 10 yrs ago in the hobby, widespread. Dinos are so mean, so unruly depending on strain, its really kinda crazy of me to becon them w blanket statements but im still open to the challenge (*would I put ostre in my own tank as a test, nope, admitted realist) A new movement is coming about for large tankers, especially since they cannot access substrates like we do, where they meticulously boost nutrients in order to boost pods and microflora and fauna that directly eat and outcompete dinos they are getting some results, which is why the method is growing, not dying off, and they have found a true something in that. The reason this thread isn't that, is because Ive always relied on hand intervention to make my reefs and planted tanks do my bidding, and I think others can as well, so we're testing that ideally here as possible. Their method is currently suffering from counterinvasions, cyano chiefly, due to the changing in nutrients and they also do no practice any form of manual removal which is why their after pics are painfully slow to emerge and not enough to sell me yet. Im getting quicker and more sustained results in the sand rinse thread posted above changing nothing. **what I see in my opinion is a blended teamwork option, possibly. Old school beat out the invader, now, and then get fancy with this and that param as a preventative I can live with that because the locus of control for the actual invasion is still in the reefers hands, and the fancy stuff is only for ideal growback prevention/icing on the cake.
  3. I know how brazen it sounds Harry. At least Im willing to be accountable/present/we w harm nobodys tank and if a tank does beat us, crow w be baked and served to me but that's only after we use the bootcamp method of assessment on your tank. the only point here is to illuminate the fact either a reefkeeper has total control, always, of their tank's condition or they don't. If they don't, im going to be pissed because that means my 12 yr old reefbowl is about to come down with something and make me dislike it. The truth is, from working with ultra tiny tanks (and the feedback from a thousand others live time) its totally easy to stop any invasion the smaller a tank gets, and if there was an external locus of control at work, then we'd have lots of invaded picos Lots of algae cure threads are philosophical debates, yet Im just daring for the hardest challenges someone wants to post, that's fun stuff if you ask me. If I was a reader, Id want to see if there's any reality to whats being claimed here we do battle with invaded pics, predictions, test rocks, and outcomes earned or not, all real concrete stuff, no words. 1 tiny test rock, no big commitment. im in sales, and no its not cars itching for 2018 challenges, a rude dare might bring out the mean ones, just spicing reefing up a bit. willing to take full accountability in daring someone to post a nano challenge, to then pass off accountability onto them as we use disallowance to turn around their tank
  4. This thread is about fixing a tank I quite purposefully faming algae in 2007. if you don't want it fixed this way, ok. If you do, post the before pics I already saw, and prepare to stop growing it on purpose How can someone be wrong about using a test rock to see how a specific organism responds to make yours stand out, lets have you run another method first and then post here only if it doesn't work, select the best you have researched. There is some grazer that'll mow it, margarita snails perhaps not sure You want your rhodophyta invasion fixed? B
  5. Slowly losing battle with cyano, I need help!!

    Agreed to all so far, a nano has the ability to experiment with all these options. In the end if a skip cycle reset is wanted we show it’s not hard to lift out rocks, rinse em off w saltwater in the sink, take out the bed and either replace or rinse it, and put it all back we have that access flexibility in our small tanks so there’s no concern either way we want to try, a less work option is ideal if can’t be found, work w turn it around
  6. Cyclop-eeze

    cyclopeeze is clearly an all in one food. for about 8 yrs straight, its been cyclopeeze alone for my reef and its keeping sponges, microfauna like pods and sandbed worms, alive and thriving along with all coral growth. its not that myriad reef feeds aren't avail, its that cyclopeeze runs my whole reef as the sole source of protein input and that's convenient. that one time they were gone like a year or so I went to rods feed that I grinded up smaller.
  7. yes, twofold: fixtanks + collect after pics and wade through various hesitations. any tank that can be made uninvaded live time gives me a chance to save my own tank one day. and, during the day, thankfully a digital industry desk job who allows multitasking including light reefing/typing how bout we fix up that rascal invasion (this is invasion reversal thread) I had that type of growth before it would respond well to a single rest rock run. a mini assessment of conditions that either support or hinder its comeback. this is basically round two of I dare anyone to post a challenge invasion in a nano thread. Yours is tricky due to the quality of coral growth around your anchor points, all in between set corals. Surgery time...so that whatever is done to the target stays on target, only, in my opinion. before pics w show either anchored invaders (rasp and test rock) or unanchored invaders (sand rinse thread from above) on every type of invasion a nano will see. That is the reason we don’t have to identify an invader in nano reefing to be free of it, because two sets of actions covers the gamut of possibles. I believe surgery is your best option and that a test rock proves or disproves the claim before any risk is commuted to your tank. In that context, anything other than targeted removal seems like a big ole gamble with no accessible proof threads for the particular group (rhodophyta in my opinion) the number one approach I’d never do to a tank with corals as robust as yours is change the overall nutrient profile around a pure happenstance requisite hitchhiker. I think we could turn around your invasion. It only roots so deep, once that point is discovered and we work it, growback will stop by rule of its own physiology. can you post before pics
  8. Help me fight this little algae before it gets serious!!

    I like Jambons post too, if someone wants to farm a little algae like a reef does, to help some CUC members, it’s not the end of the world as long as there’s a backup plan. If an area is ever deemed non compliant, and a risk of taking over, then lift out the offender rock and set on the cabinet. take steak knife and debride, with force, the algae off the rocks using the point of the knife, dig it out harshly in that spot. Rinse the cleaned area with peroxide, then rinse it all off and put back reset button option, harmless rock control by force, no algae takes over. We can pretty much catch a nano up from any back log, I guess the only true risk would be hesitating on invasive dinoflagellates or letting a GHA setup get wildly out of control most Of the invaders we farm out with OCD actually belong on the reef in small zones and for us to be so clean is the abnormal way. My main take is knowing how to be decisive just at the right time~ good post
  9. It just dawned on me I spend more time convincing a keeper to take action than it takes to end a given invasion. Reefkeeper traits are harder to change course compared to most invasions In a thread titled how much trouble they're having, they hold onto the invasion for one or more reasons. Nano reef tank invasion is a psychology, not a biology.
  10. Help me fight this little algae before it gets serious!!

    I was proud to read the title of this thread. That attitude will keep your tank uninvaded just this once though, its ok to leave all is correct above, white rocks are most reflective, make the best use of fish bioloading, and some greens and yellows will come about. Normal But your original attitude, apply that to the upcoming: -cyano on the sandbed, not required. anyone with a cyano problem is choosing to keep it, easy to eliminate. They approach cyano opposite to your attitude, so it becomes a problem. -green hair algae, for sure can be a tank wrecker. That's what I thought Id see when I first click. Your concern is exactly medically indicated to prevent a GHA invasion when it comes up. you can opt out of that, or opt into it, follow your instincts and kill it out / my advice/ when it comes. others take a more relaxed measure (and from those, 40% gain near permanent problems w gha we can easily track) The full truth is, you have a method available to make your rocks do anything you want. its called lift out the rocks, and scrub X off of them, using a very certain little cheat method at just the right time ha. I just wouldn't do it now, this tank is on par. Pls don't change your approach not one iota on the next rounds though, you'll thank yourself one day when its all purple and coral flesh and no invasions. You will never need to know or test for your nutrients to be algae free. Knowing and testing is for prevention, your hand has the final say. You will never need to id any invader whatsoever to be free of it, ID is for cool microscopy threads. Since you cannot lose your cycling bacteria by cleaning your tank, in any way you want to, that frees you up to opt out of every tank invasion known to mankind except neomeris annulata which will grow on mars, and only the most unlucky hitch that stuff in.
  11. Slowly losing battle with cyano, I need help!!

    Prediction before pics rocks are not covered susbstrate localized invasion, signifying the feed source if rocks are covered, we can show there’s detritus pent up in them with another test. 98% of time this is sand caused from partial sandbed actions which still leave a cloudy sandbed in place. substrate cannot pass a drop test in the tank, from the links in that top thread linked above. Once it can pass a drop test, no more cyano. fix substrate fix the cyano. Post pics to beat cyano, we can choose or not to act on the whole tank at once, not the cyano. Only large tankers have to settle for a months long invasion, nano keepers can opt out of being invaded but they need massive large proof threads in place first so it doesn’t look like they’ll waste time cleaning their system. We have those threads ready for inspection, above. Sand rinse thread/two hours to fixed.
  12. Slowly losing battle with cyano, I need help!!

    What about the details from the thread that you can fix your cyano in two hours flat, a fair option to consider. post full tank shot for an easy custom cure. all you have to do is clean the tank the right way. Then perhaps once again soon due to initial purposeful farming of cyano but after that it will stop. #of cleans is proportional to delay time in willing the tank fixed. The catch is that reefers really don’t want their invader gone, they want the invader gone using something they can do to the water, without work.
  13. Slowly losing battle with cyano, I need help!!

    we can stop your cyano.
  14. Lyngbya stands zero chance: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/is-this-lyngbya.338909/page-2 we are pre modeling all actions before upscaling the work to the whole tank, hopefully. Keepers hate doing that work but I sure know the afterpics will be post gold and making the recommendation to get there is no work for me heh