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Last FTS worth looking at (4/3/11):



Current Stock List (8/21/11), after the big crash of June 2011:




Various Zoas

Muricea Elongata

Purple gorgonian (forget species at the moment)



Royal Gramma








Begin original thread here:


I'm having a blast with my CAD 12g tank, but really like the looks of long tanks too. And so it begins...




A "91-B" from Green Leaf Aquariums. 35.5 inches long by 8 wide by 9 tall (internal dimensions). 12 gallons.


The tank will be viewable through both of the long sides, and also through most of one of the short sides. Still trying to find the perfect spot... I have a couple candidates, and just need to convince the Missus.


Equipment plans are:


-- MP10 on one end

-- Current Subcurrent filter on the other, with a Finnex heater

-- TEK 2x39w T5 retrokit in a custom hood

-- ATO


I'm keeping softies and LPS in the CAD, so this tank will be targeted at things with higher light requirements... some SPS, a plate, and maybe a crocea clam. Not sure about phishes... I'm thinking inverts only at the moment, but may change my mind.


This tank actually won't get started for a while... I'm hoping to be ready to add corals around August or so. In the meantime, I'm going to work on building the hood.

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Awesome tank dimensions, kinda like my prop tanks 48x12x9 and 39x12x9 I love long and shallow tanks, doesnt take much light to grow !!

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Looks really cool... I like the long tanks also....


Have you... or I guess anyone for that matter seen or checked out the Mr. Aqua line offered at marinedepot.com and petstore.com?


They have a 12g looooooong like that also WITHOUT that price tag of 110 bucks from greenleaf.


Check it out:




I think that is the direct link.. if not then just find the mr aqua aquariums on there (rectangle) and click the drop down box and select the 12g


58 bucks... can't beat that with a stick... I think it might be one of my next ones ;)

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-- Current Subcurrent filter on the other, with RENA SmartFilter (idea stolen from plainrt)




elaborate on this, or post a link for me pls

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I think he meant rena smart heater as im using one of the smart heaters with a subcurrent in my breeder setup.Now i think i found myself a nice small frag tank and have some ideas.I think im gonna be ordering up one of the mr aqua ones soon :}

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Ha! The waiting until August part is for two reasons: first, finances. I am still stocking my CAD tank, which isn't cheap, and still need a bunch of stuff for this tank... so I'll be gradually accumulating the pieces over the next few months. Second, though... I want to make sure this tank is mature enough for the things I want to keep, so even if I started it tomorrow, I'd let it sit until March or so.


Or at least I'd like to think I'm that mature fingerscrossed


I am a little bummed that I didn't notice the Mr. Aqua tank, though! The tank itself was an early Xmas gift from my parents, so I'm not out the $50 myself... but still. I'd seen the Mr. Aqua tanks at Marine Depot, but they didn't have the 12 gallon long tank. Oh well. The GLA tank is terrific, though, and it was shipped very, very carefully. I have no complaints.

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LOL, okay, a major wrinkle in my plans to make this tank wait until the spring... my wife purchased nearly everything I need for the build for my Xmas present. She's even thrown in a gift certificate to sealifeinc which will cover most of the live rock.


Alas, I suppose I'll have to put water in this thing a little earlier :P


Still a couple months away, though. In the meantime, I have a stand and canopy to work on...

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About halfway there...






NO, it's not as crooked as it looks in that second picture :lol:


Still have a bunch of fine-tuning to do on this, and nothing on the bottom is actually attached yet. But it's getting there...

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looks great....



im already jealous, and you're still planning, :lol:



that end bugs me tho, how you can see where the boards meet at the top....

I would suggest putting a piece w/ rounded edges over the end... that'd make it look smooth.


that would look great... and from the front, it would add a bit of depth to the "canopy"...





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@ pismo: that's not a bad idea at all. I have a few other small cosmetic touches in mind as well (handles, etc.).


@ spanko: this will sit atop a very sturdy cabinet/shelving unit that is a little over 3' high... altogether, with the stand and hood, the entire thing will be about 5' tall. The biggest part of the job is actually not building the hood... it's going to be refinishing the cabinet, which is right now covered in three coats of cranberry red paint :blink:

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Very cool, I love long shallow tanks like this.

It may be difficult to find a good 2 bulb combo for that fixture, since T5HO seems to work much better when you are able to blend the output from 4 different bulbs.

I recently got a GE 6500 and a UVL Super Actinic to put in a 2 bulb T5HO, but I haven't even had a chance yet to see how it looks since a friend is borrowing the fixture.

I hope this one works out really well for you, it's got a lot of potential and I think you're off to a good start.

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Yeah, that was a concern... I'm going to start with an ATI Blue Plus and ATI Aquablue Special, and see how it looks... if I'm unhappy with it, I'll start experimenting with other options.

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Yeah, that was a concern... I'm going to start with an ATI Blue Plus and ATI Aquablue Special, and see how it looks... if I'm unhappy with it, I'll start experimenting with other options.


I've done that combo and it's not awful, but it's a little "washed out" looking.

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I've done that combo and it's not awful, but it's a little "washed out" looking.


Well, definitely let me know how that GE 6500 and a UVL Super Actinic combo looks, when you have a chance. And if anyone else has other ideas, let me know. Luckily bulbs are cheap enough to replace, if I don't like the way it looks...

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