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Coral Vue Hydros

12 Loooong


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Yes, it's the first tank to ever have water... so special! :lol:


One problem I've gotta figure out... the MP10 is loud. The SubCurrent is even louder. Together, it's like someone is using a weed-whacker in the hallway. Well, not that bad, but you get the idea. It's not just that you can hear it when you're up close... it's that you can hear it two rooms away.


The MP10 is aligned properly, so that's not the issue... and the noise from that alone is not a big deal. The only noise I hear from the MP10 is the motor itself, no other vibration or anything. But the addition of the SubCurrent on the other side pushes the volume over the edge. I actually think, flow-wise, that the one MP10 would do the trick on its own... high flow corals on one side, lower flow on the far side, and I'd be good. But I really did want the ability to run floss and chemipure, and if I remove the SubCurrent, I lose that. I could run a HOB once a week or something, but it seems like a pain to be constantly adding and removing a filter... I'd rather just put something in and forget it.


So... does anyone have suggestions for a *small* in-tank filter that is cheap and quiet? Or a small HOB with a ridiculously low out-of-tank profile?

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No aquascaping until the weekend, I think... too many late nights at work this week. In the meantime, though, a couple coral hitchhikers I hope will survive the cycle:





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I don't really feel qualified to answer that yet, having only had the thing a few days, and not having raised any corals with it yet. Maybe ask on the equipment forum? I'm sure it's been tried before by someone.


My suspicion is you'd want another pump on the opposite side of the mp10. If I dial up the MP10 about 75% of the way, then I get decent water movement throughout the tank... but that's only with 12g, not with 30.

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Well, my daughter had to stay home from preschool sick today, and it was my turn to stay home with her... so suddenly, I found myself with a couple free hours to work on rockscaping :D








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This is a sweet looking tank. I want to build a small long tank like yours for a frag tank someday soon so I look forward to seeing how yours works out. Keep up the good work.

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Looking good. The hitchhiker looks like Siderastrea radians or star coral. Must be Caribbean aquacultured liverock?


Good old Florida live rock rock from SeaLifeInc.net.

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If subcurrent filter is still loud....


- turn it off

- let the air bubbles gurgle out while it fills w/ water

- then turn it a lil to the left and right, to assure it is free of trapped air.

- turn back on....


see if it makes a difference, cuz mine was weedwackerish until I did the above.



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Thanks, Pismo... I'll try that. It seems better now that it did two days ago, so either I'm getting used to it or it's improved. It's still loud, though.


I decided I wasn't happy with the rockscape... the more I looked at it, it seemed dumb that the largest rock area was furthest from the MP10. So here's the second attempt... I like this one much, much better. If I decide to keep it, some epoxy is going to be required in a couple of places... it feels sturdy enough for now, but I would want to shore it up for more permanent use.




And here's a long-wise view through the end:




Task for the weekend: get the ATO hooked up.

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Ammonia = 0, Nitrites and Nitrates are through the roof. Rocks are starting to get fuzzy, which seems to be just fine with my snail hitchhiker.



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Curly Joe Reefer

that a sweet tank you have there. Is it level? In the pictures it looks like the left side is higher than the right. Maybe it's just the pictures.

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Great build--- they had this tank on the Marinedepot "Deal of the Day" for 47 bones yesterday. I'm kicking myself for passing on it after checking out your thread. I'll be following your progress.

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Thanks, all!


Aside from a couple hitchhikers, there won't be any corals in here for a few months. It's going to be mostly SPS, so I want to make sure it's good and stable.


@ Curly: The tank is pretty much level (it isn't perfect, but it's reasonably close). The stand, however, is not perfect, and that makes it look more off than it is. Poor photography skills are also playing a role.

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The good:


Added CUC. Went a little fancy this time, and got some limpets and a fuzzy chiton in addition to the usual ceriths, nassarius, hermits, etc.


The bad/ugly:




I had bryopsis with my first tank as well, and managed it fairly easily. But the lighting is better in this tank, so I'm a bit more worried that it will remain happy. I'm going out of town for a week, so I may just turn out the lights the entire time... there aren't any corals in there, so I don't have to worry about anything important dying due to darkness. I might also move my very useful turban snail in from my other tank (though of course, that would mean he isn't cleaning in that tank). Unfortunately, I won't have time to get another before I leave.



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OK, bryopsis mostly beaten (none on the rocks, still some on the glass occasionally). Leaving the lights off for a week while I was on vacation helped a great deal.


Time to add a fish...

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