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Coral Vue Hydros

Photographing Your Reef and Posting Your Photos


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geez, what's taking this guy so long? I wish he would hurry up and finish the damned article already. <_<



ja really, been standin here wit mah gear in hand since April :P

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Very good read, thanks for the info. I've started trying some of the tips out on my new 105mm micro lens.


I'll post some stuff once I've got a shot good enough. lol.



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Great write-up!


I was wondering if anyone has played with HDR photos of thier tanks?


I think with the white balance issues it maybe a really nice way to bring out more aspecs of the photos.


I tried with a couple FTS and didnt play too much but it was interesting. I want to try it on some other FTS and close-ups of corals.

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I made a quick attempt a couple years ago, I was never happy with the results. Could have been my editing skills, though - I tend to focus more on composition and technique than on post-processing. Give it a shot and post em here!

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How have I missed this? Not that I would have needed any of this. :lol:


So I too would like to see if anyone has used HDR to shoot their tanks. I'm kinda sceptic about the results, not that I've seen any.

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Yea in theory I think it should make all parts of the tank have the proper exposure since its just 3 pictures at different F-stops. Since when taking photos of our tanks we have the issue that there is very bright directional light that causes parts of the photos to be under and over exposed shooting three (or more) shots of the tank at different exposures should allow us to bring out all parts of the shot to the proper exposure.


from the ones that I have tried it is clear you need to have your glass VERY clean.


I have tried a couple with my iphone and sometimes the HDR shots are better than the regular shots and sometimes not. Of course with the iphone you have no way to post process the HDR image so you are stuck with what is done on the phone automatically.


I will give this a try ASAP. Ill post em! :D

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Yea in theory I think it should make all parts of the tank have the proper exposure since its just 3 pictures at different F-stops.


You'd be better served to keep the aperture constant and vary the shutter speed to get your different exposures. I also don't understand how HDR will help with your white balance issues, but good luck!

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yeah, the whole point is to have three or more different exposures at a constant aperture. otherwise, it's not really HDR.


Haha yea sorry that's what I meant! I am by no means an expert! Confused the terminology.

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i use jere's stuff for profit all the time. he won't do anything about it.

+1 - this is the furthest thing from profit


lmao, well its not like that, im not claiming any of the information as my own. Its a web programming final and I need to add 'pages' and the writeups are already done and you have by far more experience/knowledge in this. So i would personally look like an ass if i presented on garbage. vs saying props to you guys for hooking me up w/ the info(if you would like to see an example off it I can email it to you)

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