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Cultivated Reef

Photographing Your Reef and Posting Your Photos


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Thank you so much for putting together such an informative and easy to understand article! :flower: I'll be following this one, and definitely spending more time trying to improve my photo quality!

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Sorry about the photos, I completely forgot to renew my domain registration. :blush:



Vic, if you have any good FTS's, PM me. I'll be working on finishing up the article tonight hopefully.

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Something I did not see here, and might be advantageous to taking coral shots and FTS's. Use your timer, and if your camera is capable, a remote control. This, when used with a tripod, can eliminate unwanted shake that we can cause when taking pics. Even the slightest movement from pushing the shutter button can cause this unwanted blur.


Great thread!!

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Really cool :D!

I totally needed this, thanks :D!

Can't wait to see it all finished and hopefully I'll then take photos like the pros on this site :P

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You have done a good job on this, Jeremai. It will help people very much. I learned a few things from this, as well. :)

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I always have a hard time making my FTS look "sharp." The edges of all the inhabitants are always too soft. It seems like those have the same issues, so maybe this is just something I'll have to accept and move on.

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Excellent Job :D

What lighting works best for "certain" shots? I see some are under full daylight and some under actinics?

Thanks so much!!

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