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  1. Posting video? How to....?

    host it to youtube, photobucket etc and post a link. the forum software doesn't allow for embedding.
  2. Canon EOS Rebel T2i?

    does it feel good in your hands? are the menus easy for you to navigate? if yes, then buy it. if not, then buy something else.
  3. Bulkhead Size Vs Hole Size

    if it fits, it fits.
  4. Online Vendors based out of SoCal?

    then just buy something from liveaquaria. why does it have to be local? overnight is overnight.
  5. Online Vendors based out of SoCal?

    liveaquaria ships more volume, so lower rates. imo, if you're already in LA, you'll spend less on driving around to the stores closest to you than you would on shipping. don't be lazy. the best stuff is in the stores anyway.
  6. LFS in Las Vegas?

    everything in las vegas is within a 45 min drive. use google maps to locate the intersections talked about earlier in the thread and go from there.
  7. LFS in Las Vegas?

    no, because people don't live around the strip. closest is spring mountain and decatur.
  8. LFS in Las Vegas?

    same old same old.
  9. Help with Canon T3i settings

    read and understand the manual. take lots of pictures. experiment.
  10. Chemi-Pure Questions

    the carbon would probably grind the gfo to uselessness fairly quickly.
  11. Purigen or ChemiPure?

    I use pura complete. it was out long before chemipure, so not a copy. it's also made from vastly superior grades of carbon and GFO.
  12. Purigen or ChemiPure?

    then don't add either. weekly water changes will be more than sufficient.
  13. Purigen or ChemiPure?

    why do you need either? what is the problem you're trying to correct? that will determine which product, if any, is most appropriate.
  14. Pacific East Aquaculture, Happy Ending.

    I agree with you stevie, but all the mr coral crap over the past couple years has made people jumpy, I think. still, OP should have waited to hear from the vendor. oh look, problem solved. yay!