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40 GALLON BREEDER w/ the new Solana 34 gallon Mantis Shrimp tank


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The teaser pic looks great and I am looking forward to seeing more! I am sure you will have plenty of fun stocking it together. How do you like the 20,000K light so far? Zoas and rics will probably pop nicely under them. Good luck!


PS: That mantis is beautiful!

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Wow! Great start on the tank. Nice equipment and LR/aquascape. This is one of those tank that you can just sense is going to be amazing. Don't forget your "Team 40 breeder" tag, lol.

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Great, just great... I'm 31, and I'm jealous of a 8 year old girl!!! omgomgomg


Serious, that is very cool how "santa" really came through like that! It's also amazing that she has the want and desire to keep a tank like this at such a young age! AMAZING!!!


I'll be watching this one for sure!

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Off to a great start. Sounds like you may have a little marine scientist in the making. My interests were similar at her age thus leading me to become a marine conservationist (current job).


Way to go Santa!!!!

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Livestock so far.

3 Green Chromis

2 Clowns

1 Keyhole Angel

1 Green Clown Goby

1 Cleaner Shrimp

1 Midas Blenny

1 Purple Urchin

1 Halloween Urchin

10 or so assorted snails

2 Hermits in the sump

2 Xenia

5 or so Red Mushrooms

2 Florescent Green mushrooms

15 Heads of some kind of Zoanthid

1 Medium rock of Green Star Polyp

Blackray Shrimp Goby/Red Tiger Pistol-We put them in on Sunday and since we have not seen them :o . The Pistol was real small. We put them in the tank at the same time and the same area but that was the last time they were seen. MIA :huh: ?




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Nice looking tank. I hope my son gets into the hobby!


I seriously am considering scrapping my 75 project and going with a 40b.

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I really like post that have a lot of pictures. So this one will have alot of pics.

Halloween Urchin..Red Mushrooms...Zoanthids


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OK... get a back ground on that tank!


I love the pics - the scape - but I'm getting distracted by cords and plumbing. Black / Blue / Bannana - don't care - just hide the junk!

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+1 on hiding the pluming and the cords. But it is your choice.

The tank is amazing. Does your daughter have all the say on the tank and it's inhabitants?

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OK! On the back ground I feel the same way but this is her tank 100% and she didn't want a back ground. I think it would look better with a rich blue color and it would bounce some the light back in to the tank. But she is in control of this tank 100%. I am just standing by to give information if she asks. She does her own water changes, checks on the water level in her sump and checks on her skimmer cup. I will suggest it tonight when I get off work. ;)

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just ask her if she wants dinner tonight, and when she says yes then say "then let daddy put a background on your tank" LOL jk

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wow!! really! great to have such a youngin in our team! good start! love the urchins! good job dad on tank setup!! cant wait to see more!!! :happy:

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This post is for all that said she needs a back ground on her tank. Your suggestion worked. She will pick one up today and we should have some new pics posted in a day or so. :D


Purple Spine








Keyhole Angel


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It has been awhile since the last post. She has added some new things to the tank and the peer pressure for her to add a back ground has worked but she is dragging her feet on getting it. It should be put on today some time.

She is using a 20 gallon long sump that we kinda just put together. 65 gallon Coralife skimmer,3 gallon Pico tank w/small Rio power head(Fuge), a couple of Hermits as she doesn't like them in the display tank (snail killers), egg crate w/a filter pad (will change out once a month), stock light that came with 40 breeder and a Mag 9.5 on the return.


Skimmer is real good for her.



FTS of the sump.



Pico fuge



The snail killer himself. :o



We will post more pics later today but I just wanted to touch on her sump real quick like.

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Our daughter got her first SPS. She was a little bummed out on the color but it was only $10 and is about the size of a dollar bill cut in half. I told her to start of small and lets see where that leads.


Montipora Capricornis



Cap and fuzzy Green Mushroom Rock





Here is some randow pics of the tank.



Green Star





Zoa and Mushroom



Zoa and Clown



Fuzzy Green



Neon Green Mushroom



Red Mushroom



Clown,xenia, and mushroom



Here is some FTS. These pictures were taken before we put on her light blue background tonight.









Last shot of a clear back.


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