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40 GALLON BREEDER w/ the new Solana 34 gallon Mantis Shrimp tank


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I need a little help with our Solana. What size pump (maxijet?) should we get to swap out with the standard return pump that comes with the Solana? Daughter is taking down the 40 and replacing it with the Solana so she has a lil more room.

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MJ1200 perfer but right now i am doing fine with MJ900. Low flow for more time for skimming! LOL

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So it has been awhile since any updates. Mainly due to a move, my wife giving birth to our 2nd daughter and the 40 being over run with Bryopsis. Last weekend we took down the 40 and I gave my daughter the Solana. The tank is kind of bare as we soak the rock in a dark tub ( to kill the bryopsis ) for the next month or so. She has her 1 clown, 2 snails, Tiger pistol and Blue spot goby pair. I got my 75 up and running and I am taking my sweet time getting it stocked. The 75 has a Springer damsel, Chalk Bass and Royal Gramma. I will be taking pictures shortly of the little progress that has happened and I will be working on getting the pictures back up that my wife took down by accident. :o

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