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40 GALLON BREEDER w/ the new Solana 34 gallon Mantis Shrimp tank


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I love the blended cap - that looks sweet! I have the green and some grape - but don't think that will look as good. Got to track down some green now!


Green and Grape would be hott. Go for it!!! :) !!! I triple dog dare you. You have to now. B)

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Well nothing new with the tank until today. She bought a Tiger Goby, Red Scooter and we are going to start a 2.5 pico Mantis tank. The mantis is so small. It is about as thick as pencil lead and as long as a dime B) . We will do our best to post some pics as everything settles down.

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Here is some pics of the Frogspawn at different times of the light cycle.


Moon light




Lights just coming on.















After lights have been for a bit.





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Thats a ton of shots of the frog but they look awesome.


You got to remember that this thread is for my daughter and it is to show her how this tank evolves over time. We posted a lot of pics of the Monti Cap and since the first pic that we posted and what it looks like now she can see the growth. She has a better understanding of how her tank is changing. She says that because she sees it everyday that she doesn't notice how it changes. So posting a lot of pics she can see the changes. Plus everybody likes looking at pics :) . When we send you a frag of the frogspawn you will have to post a lot of pics on where and hows its doing. :huh:

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We have just a few more pics to post. The rest of these pics are just random left overs.


Left side of tank.






Middle to right side of tank.








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Little girl,(you should get a screen name)

Wow! I am so excited for you. You have a beautiful tank.Did you have names for your fish? I will watch your tank grow. Good luck!

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Little girl,(you should get a screen name)

Wow! I am so excited for you. You have a beautiful tank.Did you have names for your fish? I will watch your tank grow. Good luck!


We set her up with a screen name. It is "RLC" . I just help her with the posting of stuff. She takes alot of the pics and is always asking about how many people have looked and she reads the posts that people leave.


We should have a few more pics this week and a question for the people here a Nano-Reef.

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are you sure youre tank is old enuf for the scooter (at 2 months?) im not flamin' you. jmo.


Good call out on the Scooter. First I want your "jmo" as It will help my daughter think about things that I might not think of. So thank you. Now with that out of the way. Lets get back to the scooter. The rock is well over a year old and all the water and some of the old sand came from the 20 long that she had. We also put 2-3 cups of pods in her tank when it was first being set up. Even with all that I think that wouldn't be enough so that is why we went with the scooter and not a mandarin. We also were able to get it him to feed from a tube as scooters are a little easier to target feed. So she is taking a chance with the scooter but with a lil work and lil luck she might succeed.






I will try to get some up this week. :o


Just so everyone knows she got 5 nuggets of goodness from b_c_fisher on Saturday. B)


Thank you again b_c_fisher. :D

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I wanted to see the smile! lol. Hope she liked em and I can't wait to see em under those super intense 20K's she's got puts my 400 to shame. BTW the orange cap is already healed up on my end and Amanda says that she liked selling stuff out of her tank so who knows my coral farm might not be an idea that's to far out of the question.

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Here is some pics of the 2.5 pico that we started last week. I think I am going to pull out 3 gallon pico out of her sump that she is using to hold the cheato and replace it with 2.5. Still looking at what to do with tank. We were thinking maybe a ric/sexy shrimp combo.













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While b_c_fisher waits for pics of the corals I got from him. I will throw up some more random pics. Lets start with the 29 gallon Mantis tank.

























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I want a mini mantis for my majano tank you should see if your buds at ATR can hook you up with one that comes in on their live rock or a baby octopus since I know they get those on there live rock atleast once every few shipments! Then you can trade me the octo or mantis for a few zoas see win win!


And for now I will wait patiently....


I should call your boss aren't you supposed to be working lol

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OOOOH PS I got a Cleaner Wrasse! He's all of an inch and doing great he eats FROZEN! Awesome little tikester but dang it hurts when he bites my arm. Got him at ATR yesterday along with a Marine Betta cuz the Dwarf Lion jumped Sunday night sadly turned into fish jerky.

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