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40 GALLON BREEDER w/ the new Solana 34 gallon Mantis Shrimp tank


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This post is about 3 weeks late so we will do our best to catch up on this 40 Breeder build. So about 3 months our 8 year old daughter said she wanted a new tank for Christmas. She had a 20 gallon long in her room for about a year and she wanted something bigger. As we were looking for a new tank size we had to keep in mind that it would be placed in her room for her enjoyment. That is when I started seeing all the super cool 40 gallon build threads here on Nano-Reef (glennr1978,bdare.sammy113,Pickle010,nanoty,GobyInPeace and many more). Thank you for the inspiration you have given to my daughter. My daughter has lots of ideas on what she wants in her tank as far as corals go. She has a set plan on her fish. So with the back story done, lets get this started. Please remember that this is a blog/post of a 8 year old little girl's 40 gallon breeder build. Please be nice with your criticism and advice on her build. She looks forward to all the input that her fellow Nano-Reefers have for her.




Twas' the morning of Christmas not a fish was swimming not even a Goby....




Here is what Santa left behind.....You go Santa!




Equipment List


40 Gallon Breeder Tank and Stand

36 Inch Dual 150 Watt 20,000K Metal Halide Coralife

Koralia Powerhead #2 (600 GPH)

Koralia Powerhead #3 (850 GPH)

40 lbs Ocean Direct Caribbean Live Sand

Corallife Aqualight Blue-Moon-Glow LED Light

CPR Over Flow Box (800 GPH)

Aqua Lifter Pump

Mag 9.5 Return Pump (950 GPH)

Coralife Super Skimmer 65 Gallon Model (325 GPH)

Wet/Dry Filter Kit

Azoo Cooling Fan (4 Fan unit)

She will be using her 20 gallon long tank for the sump. She has had her 20 Gallon (2 Clowns,cleaner Shrimp,Keyhole Angel,Green Clown Goby,5 or so Red Mushrooms,2 Green Mushrooms,Some Xenia,Snails and Hermit Crabs) up and running for about a year.


Here is some pictures of the final placement in her room and the start of the set up.




Let the fun begin.



We will try to post more pictures of the livestock and rock set up shortly. Her live rock is between 1 and 3 years old and we used water from her tank and our 75 gallon tank. Soft cycle.

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very impressive.

it's amazing that an 8 year old is so into this stuff and has the maturity to have a set fish list, you're raising her well B).

If I might ask, what is her stocking list for fish and coral? It would be nice to see that as well. I'll be following this for certain. Good luck, and I'm sure the fine folks of nano-reef will be more than willing to help as needed.

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She is very smart when it comes to fish stuff. When we would go to Petsmart or Petco to look for tanks,never to buy fish. She would her the sales person advising a customer on a fish and she will pull me aside and say "That fish will not go with thier other fish. That fish will kill the other fish thay have in thier tank. :o " She has a good understanding of what fish will go with other fish. B) .


I forgot that she has 2 urchins. A Purple Spine and a Halloween Urchin (Pin Cushion).


We would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to About The Reef in Tempe AZ (Chris,DJ and Anthony). They have been very helpful with all of our questions.



Here is a teaser pic of her tank. Purple Spine Urchin is in the bottom left corner and the Halloween Urchin is in the middle.


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I have that same light except the 48''. Does the moon light slide into the groves? How do you have it connected to the light?


Nice setup BTW...

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Very nice start. Give it a year or so and I'm sure this tank will be as good as any of the others on here. Someday I hope to do a 40 breeder.

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The moon light connects in the groove in the middle of the light and can slide from one side to the other. It comes with a little steel pin that fits in the groove. You have to take the end cap off and just slide the steel clip in to place. It took all 5 minutes. You just then screw the light in to that.

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Woooo hooooo... another 40 bdr!!!


I'm loving this tank already and I'm tagging along to watch the progress.

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WTF!!! I never come anywhere near that for x-mas.... :D


+1, wish i got anything close to what you paid for just the tank for christmas.. very lucky girl :)

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Very lucky girl. You are obviously great parents to support her intrests like this. The education she will get form this setup will be amazing I am sure.

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Welcome to NR.

Santa is a pretty cool guy. Really off to a great start. Wishing her all the best with this tank. I am sure it will be a lot of fun to follow this tank. Thanks for letting us in on it.

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awesome bro! just awesome!


isnt it fun givin your kids all the kool shtuff you "couldnt" have as a kid....i only got a goldfish, my kid has a 55g.



+1 to cool parents like us...

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She will be very happy to see that everyone is posting as she was nervous that no one would be interested in her tank. She will have a fun time reading all the responses when I get home tonight from work and show her.


My Nano-Reef name is cesstern. I never posted anything was way to busy reading all the forums for information. I think I will end up being on this screen name all the time. Seeing how popular her tank is.


Here is picture of our 29 gallon Mantis Tank (Peacock Mantis, Val. Toby and a Blue Damselfish)


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If that's the kinda stuff you get for being a good kid, it explains why my Christmases are always such a disappointment. <_<

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Very cool of Santa to set her up so well. Looks like she has everything needed to make a success out of this tank.


Sounds like she spent her time learning about the fish as well. You may have a marine biologist on your hands..


I say congrats on the new tank, and we all love to see pictures so post as many as you can! Happy Reefing!!

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Man, and I thought my parents were cool with the electric train set I got when I was 8! I noticed the FTS was very blue. Is that what you're going for? Cause I dig it. Also, what fishies do you plan on adding? Two clowns and an angel isn't enough.

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