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Tigahboy's 15S [LPS-only]


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Well, since nobody wanted to buy the 15g show I put up in the classifieds, I figured I might as well make use of it. So here's my 15g acrylic (clear-for-life brand) LPS-only nano reef!




The tank dims: 30"x10"x12"(h)

Mods: Made 2 holes for 1" external durso overflows & 2 holes for 1/2" returns.

Sexy Black PVC for plumbing

Temporary Light - JBJ 24" Power Compact w/ 50/50 bulbs

[will upgrade to 70w MH]

Return Pump is a QuietOne 1200 that I had lying around [will upgrade pump as well]






Photos of plumbing work can be found in this video: click me (or Right Click + Save as)


VERY thin sand bed w/ fiji pink aragonite.


And I'm definitely staying true to the theme of this tank (LPS ONLY!). =P


More photos to be posted shortly.

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Dennis, I love you. ;) The tank looks sweet, bro! I wanna do this w/ a nano-cube for the kitchen. Might have to just copy you, tho. ;) MORE PICS!


Edit: There were 0 comments when I typed mine. ;) Crazy how popular you are. ;)

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to your right, we have an acan lord ISLAND. =)




on the left side, we have "blasto cove."




And in the middle, we got the valley of acan echinatas. hahah.



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Macro Shots







okay. i'm spent. haha.


I'll try to take more pics later (maybe make another vid).


And this time around my nano is actually in my bedroom so I get to stare at it before I go to sleep (assuming that I sleep).

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This one is a keeper tho! It's got my babies in there. I even have my very very first acan lord frag in this tank. (not the most "attractive" of lords, but has sentimental value. haha)

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OMG WOW. That's a nice looking 15 dude. Awesome bro. You never stop amazing me man. That looks killer.


BTW, I need to take a trip to platinumreefs let me know when you are available.

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Dude I just noticed you "Coming Soon" link on your signature banner. Bro, I have never laughed so hard. BWAHAHAHAHA. Very cool video and I cant wait to see the website.

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cesar - just call me when ur ready.


kogut - yup...couldn't put just any ol frogspawn in this tank. this one is my PERSONAL collection. besides, haven't seen any other frogspawn as fatty and plump as ours. hehe.

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does jeff's still sell clear for life tanks? I am thinking about getting one from there, but they are no longer online.


The tank looks great. I usually am not that impressed by LPS only tanks, but you have done a great job with this. Any plans for fish or shrimp or anything along those lines?



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exotic has em back up. but I can get em direct as well. ;)


No clue w/ regards to fish/shrimp yet. Getting kinda tired of cleaners/fire.


Any suggestions?

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Originally posted by Cesar

Tigahboy is this 15 from Jeff's?

It's from the back of my...um...facility. haha. if you need a clear for life, lmk. I get em direct as well.

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