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Took these without clip-on filter lens, so my apologies in advance if some of the pics are too blue. 😕


Sapphire: 🥰




Acans on the road to recovery:




Love these two pieces - they grow quickly and are quite resilient. Hoping to get a pink birdsnest someday too: 🤗






Also, I accidently broke my setosa while I tried to move it to a more shadowy corner of the tank & glue it to the back wall:




Ended up making three fraglets and I glued it in different areas of the tank:






Hoping they'll take off & recover, although the color has paled out due to the intensity of the lights. 😕

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Update #1:


Rainbow brain has opened up even more: 🤗




The only blasto on the Zoa Tower:




Utter Chaos:




The only yuma in this reef:




These pieces are faring quite poorly - in the case of the milli, it browned out shortly before I stripped the pico down, and I personally don't think it'll last long: 😓




I found my tricolor blasto shriveled & shrunken in the back of the tank. I forgot about it during the scaping process, and accidently squished it with a bigger rock piece. I've now repositioned it on the far right of the reef, and I really hope it recovers in time:




The three shrunken polyps are actually my LA Lakers. I tried to scrape them off the rock to re-glue them on the Zoa Ledge (because they were being shadowed too much by my orange bam bams, and couldn't receive any direct light to grow) but I couldn't remove them safely without damaging the polyps, so they're stuck on the Zoa Tower for now:




Hopefully I can still remove the Rastas & blue hornet polyps. 😕

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Update #2:


Turns out Dusky hitchiking his way into this reef might actually be a good thing. He seems much more active in this tank than my nanocube downstairs:








I might add more macro to this tank to fill out the background behind the rocks. Not sure if it'll grow under the limited nutrient conditions, but I do have an excess of macro from the fuge of the 60G, so it's no big loss:



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Oh goodness - I just discovered that my teal discosoma shroom has a new baby shroom secretly growing under the main shroom! 😮




It's still very tiny and hasn't developed any patterns yet, but I'm so excited! 😄


(And yes, my red/blue lobo now hosts Memphis the crab) 😊👍

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On 11/17/2020 at 7:15 AM, Snow_Phoenix said:

Zoanthis & Palythoas (36 Types/Morphs):

Purple Death Palys

Nuclear Death Palys (Blue/Green Morph)

Nuclear Death Palys (Green/Yellow Morph)

Rainbow Infusion Palys

Metallic Green Palys

Utter Chaos Palys

Sunny Ds Palys

Captain America Palys

Blue Agave Palys

Purple Monster Zoas

Rainbow Yoda Zoas

Blondie Zoas

Fruit Loops Zoas

Fairy Dust Zoas

Green Zoas

Red Hornet Zoas

Purple Hornet Zoas

Blue Hornet Zoas

LA Lakers Zoas

Rasta Zoas

Mint Green Zoas

Watermelon Zoas

Radioactive Dragon Eyes Zoas

Tubbs Blue Zoas

Peacock Blue Zoas

Armor of God Zoas

Green Bay Packers Zoas

Gorilla Nipple Zoas

Sparkling Red Zoas

Sunflower Zoas

Orange Bam Bam Zoas

Red PE Zoas

*Unidentified Red/Green Zoas

*Unidentified Orange Zoas

*Unidentified Pink/Brown Zoas

*Unidentified Starbust Purple/Blue/Green Zoas

You managed to stuff 36 types of zoas into a 10 gallon... I think that´s a new record!

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2 hours ago, sr2z said:

You managed to stuff 36 types of zoas into a 10 gallon... I think that´s a new record!

I stuffed ~30 in a 2.6G picoreef (lost a few morphs due to pox). So 36 is actually little, by my count. 🤐

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25 minutes ago, Snow_Phoenix said:

I stuffed ~30 in a 2.6G picoreef (lost a few morphs due to pox). So 36 is actually little, by my count. 🤐

🤯 That is approx. 11,5 species PER GALLON... Now lets try to get 15 per gallon 🤣

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6 minutes ago, sr2z said:

🤯 That is approx. 11,5 species PER GALLON... Now lets try to get 15 per gallon 🤣

Including other species, I kept ~70 types/morphs of various coral in my 2.6G. I believe the full list is in the front page of the pico's journal thread. 🤗


31 minutes ago, Ratvan said:

Whose terrible idea was that anyway ? Sure i said 75 😂

Yeah, I believe you *motivated* me to get 50 first, then that number kept going up. 🤐


Not bad, for a *terrible idea. 😉

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Update #4: Setosa Issues. 


This is the main broken frag (now glued to the back wall) :




These are the fraglets: 🤐






Zoa Tower & Zoa Garden:




Zoa Ledge (brightness re-adjusted - again) :




^It's not overly bright like the previous pics, but not too dark either. I think this is the best I can do without editing the pics directly - most of the colors seem spot on, all except the palys up top which are a stronger shade of green/yellow. 🤔

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Sorry for the delay. Dog just threw up kibbles all over the floor and I slipped a bit while cleaning - am okay, but my back hurts a little. 😓


Update #5:


This is the evap. rate of this tank - it was filled 2 days ago and I marked it with black ink so that I know how much water to top off:




And here are two quick topview shots:






I wish I had two tiny clip-on lights which I can clip on at the sides of the tank, exclusively for pics. The corners are very beautiful (especially the zoas), and it's so dark in the pics. 😕

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Throwback to this huge finger leather colony that I kept in a nano in 2014:




They don't sell colonies this size anymore. When I first bought this piece, it was half of this size. It grew very quickly, and I could never truly find this exact coral type again. 😕

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Your right it is ridiculous what some venders call a colony. Some are just 2 or 3 frags put on a rock and some still fit on a frag plug. I guess with todays coral prices most could not or would not buy real colonies that often.

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47 minutes ago, farkwar said:


Screenshot_20201119-171534_Google Play Store.jpg

I think I have this but I rarely use it. On hindsight, it is going to be a PITA to adjust every pic that I have, considering the amount of pics I take in a single day. 😕


Thanks though, for sharing this with me - I appreciate it! 😊

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  • Snow_Phoenix changed the title to Snow's 10G Critters of Chaos (TOTM)

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