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  1. Tank looks great, Teeny. Love the acan and zoa colonies you have. I also adore that purple monticap. I've been hunting for a purple monti for some time now in my area, but no luck so far.
  2. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Bedroom Nano - Fish Re-Additions.

    Yeah, I think that should be work. πŸ™‚ They seem to be chugging along, but I still worry about the dragonets. Sometimes they eat, sometimes they don't. 😞 I also snapped off my Pink Acro. It STNed all the way to the top and after a while, only the tip was covered in flesh. I debated regluing it, but there was only 1cm of pink left, so I decided to remove it from my system. Every other coral is alright, thankfully.
  3. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Bedroom Nano - Fish Re-Additions.

    I think the pics are taking too long to load. Not sure, but I sometimes experience it on my laptop too. Perhaps more words, less pics would help in the future...? πŸ€”
  4. Snow_Phoenix

    Dawn's 56 gallon AGA column

    Just make sure there are no duster worms in your DT if you're dosing the DT. Apparently duster worms don't fare well with Prazi.
  5. Ah, I see. Best of luck! If you have more questions, just ask and someone in the forum will help out.
  6. I have 2 of those boogers. They're still tiny but have finally began doing the twitchy-jerky dance starting yesterday. I think the issue with pairing depends on the fish involved. Each fish is different and reacts differently in the presence of another. With sexual maturity, if it's super tiny as Tam said, I wouldn't worry too much.
  7. Snow_Phoenix

    anemone burns on fish? or somthing else

    I wonder if the Coral Beauty made it. I think everything else died except the chromis and cleaner wrasse, based on the scattered responses and fractured timelines he gave on various threads.
  8. Snow_Phoenix

    Dawn's 56 gallon AGA column

    I have a similar issue with my GCG. He eats, but he isn't fat or rounded-out like my Starry, for example. In fact, he doubled in size during the past 8 weeks in QT, but he is longer and still 'slender', but not chubby or rounded-out. My guess is that they generally aren't chunky by nature, but I've had YCGs in the past that are pretty chubby. My GCG loves NLS pellets though (the tiny ones at 1mm), so maybe try target-feeding your GCGs some pellets three times a day and see if it helps? I find clown gobies quite tricky to get onto prepared at times; they can be very finicky eaters if they want to be (especially the wild-caught ones). But once established, they can last long and tend to be very active. You can also try small-particle-sized meaty foods like prawn roe or crab roe, if you can get a hold of them. My GCG likes frozen crab roe. He rejects frozen mysis (and sometimes even brine) because they're too large to fit into his mouth. Add-On: Try Nori for Marmalade the blenny. I'm reading online that they're primarily herbivorous and nori should do the trick. They can also accept mysis and chopped squid/shrimp over time. If he's still thinning out/wasting away, it could be an internal parasite. Prazi in a QT should help if that's the case.
  9. I don't think they play with needles.
  10. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Bedroom Nano - Fish Re-Additions.

    Update: 1. This was my dilemma yesterday: I managed to use a brine net to scoop up my male and place him in the fuge last night. This morning, I noticed he was back out in the DT, so I decided it'd be best to leave him be. Since my water level is higher than the level of the fugebox, the dragonets can freely move in and out of the fugebox area at all times. So I guess I'll give them the liberty of swimming in and out freely, as long as they don't get trapped or stuck. Both Thanos and Goblin are improving. Goblin is actively feeding now, and Thanos prefers grazing from the tank wall or rocks, although there's no discernible algae on them (at least, not from what I can see). I'll be sticking some Nori sheets in the tank later, so hopefully he'll grab a bite before my hermits get to it. This was the zoa colony I picked up last Sat. It's a combo of regular green and ultra green zoas, but there are two irritating brown palys (the bad kind) wedged between some of the polyps in the far right of the colony. I'll be gluing them over because I think removing them manually using a blade would be difficult + risk getting poisoned: Also, I asked some ID help for my favia/chalices on the forum, and thanks to Granite and Clown, I managed to get all four pieces IDed: 1. Christmas Favia: 2. Cherry garcia chalice: 3. Emerald mummy eye chalice: 4. Blue/green chalice: I might up my Calcium dosing since some of my SPS pieces (eg. Pavona, monti caps etc.) seem to be growing rather quickly. Overall, the tank still remains quite stable and healthy. Also, I lost my purple rock urchin. Lost, as in it's *missing, not dead. The one freaky thing I've noticed about this tank is that things have a tendency to go missing for weeks - sometimes even months, and then seemingly return from the 'dead'. (If that urchin somehow makes it back, I'm renaming this thread to 'Snow's 20G Lazarus Pit'). (Speaking of the urchin, my gold banded shrimp is also 'missing', so that's two critters now).
  11. Snow_Phoenix

    Mushroom ate clown fish WOW!!!!

    What type of mushroom is that? I know elephant ears have been known to eat small fish.
  12. Snow_Phoenix

    ID These Favias/Chalices for Me?

    Thank you both! I did a bit more digging and the mummy eye I have is apparently an emerald mummy eye because the green is darker than a regular mummy eye. As for the blue/green chalice, apparently it's just termed as 'blue' chalice - no unique names. The other names are spot on. Thanks once again, Granite & Clown! I appreciate it. 😊
  13. Snow_Phoenix

    AI Prime on 5.5g

    What preset will you be using? As Seabass suggested, I'd start out low and then increase it over time. (I think AI Primes have an 'acclimation' mode, right? If yes, I'd acclimate it for 1 to 2 months). The shrooms might bleach too if it starts out too high.
  14. Snow_Phoenix

    Treating ich in a tank with an eel

    Please don't treat the eel with copper. It'll die. If you're separating the fish and insist on using copper, you'll need to put the eel in one QT and all the other fish in another QT. Use TTM for the eel to get rid of the Ich. You can use copper for the rest of the fish in the second QT, but try to avoid cross contamination of equipment etc. Whatever it is, make sure no copper leaches into the eel-QT. Humblefish did a very good write up on treating Ich on NR - I believe it's under the Disease & Pest subsection of the forum. You might want to give it a read. Once again, do *not treat the eel with copper. Eels and scaleless fish like rays and sharks don't fare well with copper. Most of time, you will end up killing them instead of saving them.
  15. Snow_Phoenix

    I can’t keep any clownfish alive!!

    I feed my clowns NLS, live BBS and Hikari Marine S. Sometimes I give them frozen roe and mysis as well. You could switch up their food to see if they like it, but I personally think your clowns might have internal parasites. You can QT them and treat with Prazi and see if it helps. Soaking food in garlic also helps entice them to eat.