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  1. WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    Sorry to hear about the fromia - I was hoping he would make it. Perhaps you could try a brittle star - I find them hardier. New fish looks gorgeous!
  2. Snow's Mantis Habitat - Trying to Get Back on Track.

    My current one, no. I've owned another 2 mantises before, and neither of them broke the glass either.
  3. Snow's Mantis Habitat - Trying to Get Back on Track.

    I was bedridden for a while - and fell behind maintenance. It took a toll on my nems and corals. The corals, not so much since shrooms are relatively hardy. But the nems are terribly bleached. Is there a way to un-bleach it? They've both moved and are now hiding under the arch of my rockwork. I no longer turn on the lights since I think it will only cause them to bleach further. So the only time I do turn on the lights is when I feed Morph and the clownfish. Also, GHA struck. But with the lights off, it is sort-of withering away and dying on its own. How do I get this tank back on track? I'm worried more for my mantis - but he seems like a tough guy and is still quite active. The clownfish also seems largely unaffected by whatever that's bothering the nems. I thought of performing daily WCs (small ones), but will this stress out my nems? My mantis? I'm now a bit reluctant to touch the tank. Or shall I just do a major 50% WC, and keep up with that routine twice a week? Help me get this back on track, without harming my mantis, please.
  4. Live fish found in my live rock

    You're the second incident I've read on this site to get a fish-hitchiker on their LR. The first guy also brought home a LR which housed a blenny, although his was a jet black in color (if my memory serves me correctly). Hitch is adorable, but as he grows, he will need a larger tank. Still, I think he should be ok for now. You can get some seaweed-based pellets for him to try. Hikari has a seaweed-pellet, if I'm not mistaken. Post more pics of Hitch when you can - we'd love to see more of him!
  5. WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    I think big tanks have enough microfauna to sustain it, but small tanks don't. I kept a chocolate chip star for 1+ year in the sump of my 30G once. But I have to manually give it a cube of mysis or brine every few days. But since it was in the sump, which was full of LR and pods, I suppose it did have some form of microfauna for it to nibble on. I daren't try a fromia or linkia in any of my nanos. They won't last - the tanks are too small to support one. They're really pretty though!
  6. WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    I hope so too! I love starfish, but they have a notoriously poor survival rate in aquariums. They only starfish I've successfully kept for a prolonged period of time are brittle stars.
  7. Blenny ID

    Well, this one likes foraging on the LR - grazing for microalgae. But yes, when it's time for the standard feeding, he's up and front chasing after pellets. I've kept a variety of blennies over the years - the most troublesome being a flametail blenny, and the most interesting being a Pictus. Now my LFS only keeps pulling in lawnmowers and bicolors. I've found lawnmowers to be quite aggressive when they reach max. size though. My current mystery blenny isn't exactly aggressive, but he is territorial. Especially if my hermits get too close.
  8. Begainers Advise

    When you say BC 32, do you mean the tank is a biocube with 32G in it? If yes, fish-wise, I wouldn't recommend keeping a tang, no matter how small it is. They need plenty of room to swim (very active fish) and they grow fairly big. You could look into other equally, if not more beautiful fish like wrasses, clownfish etc. You can scroll through websites like bluezooaquatics or liveaquaria and look at the variety of fish on there with the recommended tank-size required to keep the aforementioned fish.
  9. WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    Hang in there, fromia!
  10. Blenny ID

    Thanks for the input, Oldsalt! Honestly, I love blennies - every marine tank I've owned in the past 5 years or so has had 1 blenny one time or the other. There are no tufted cirris on the head of this species - just two small projections (not sure if that's the cirri you meant). Otherwise his head is actually very smooth. Do you by any chance know a blenny expert I can get in touch with? I'm honestly very, very curious over this guy. He's grazes on the rock like a combtooth, but has began to actively *try and eat pellets now.
  11. What did you name your mantis shrimp?

    My present one is named Morpheus. My first one was named Freya, and the second was named Nyx.
  12. WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    Ouch. Is there any way to cover the powerhead? I remember seeing a special foam-like pad that can be wrapped around the side grates of a wavemaker. Not sure if those things are still out there on the market, but I suppose it can be useful. My blenny (and all the blennies before him) likes to sit on the wavemaker when it's turned off for feedings. I have to always triple-check to make sure he's not perched on or in it before I turn the wavemaker on. I'd hate losing a fish to a wavemaker. Hope your fromia somehow makes it.
  13. WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    What starfish was this, if I might ask? Sorry to hear he got sliced and diced. I nearly lost a YCG once to a wavemaker few years back. Was nightmarish - especially after I heard the grinding sound the wavemaker made as my fish was rolled around in it.
  14. Cube Vs. Long Tanks

    Yes, I suppose flow in a linear fashion will be easier than in a cube. The only benefit I can think of, of having a cube is that you can have a large quantity of water within a smaller footprint. I admit I'm restricted a little by space. My mother is getting rid of an old oven, and that beast is around 2.5' ft (L) x 2' ft (W). I have to measure the space at the sides of it - if I can squeeze in a 3' ft long, I might as well go with it. Planning to seed the tank with a lot of macro though. No corals, since it will be outdoors, and the temp. will be higher than usual.
  15. Blenny ID

    Could be. There are so many species of combtooth blennies. I think not all of them are listed online - this one is from the Indo-Pacific region so the possibilities could be endless. Yep.