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  1. Holiday Tank Prep

    Ok, noted. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Holiday Tank Prep

    Thank you for the response, Seabass. Yes, I'll test out the feeder - I haven't used it in a while. I do have three units though. I have an ATO, but haven't used it ever since I've moved here (just shifted houses). So far the evaporation rate in my room is pretty low. I only had to top up less than one third of a gallon every end of the week. Since the evap. rate isn't too bad, is it possible not to use the ATO? The reason I'm asking is because this particular ATO isn't too good - it has a habit of dumping too much water in the display. The last thing I want to come back to is a flooded room and dead fish all over the floor.
  3. Holiday Tank Prep

    I will be out of the country for a week, from this Sunday onwards. Right now I have a mantis shrimp, 4 hermit crabs, 1 clownfish, 1 segmented sailfin blenny and 1 sixline wrasse in QT. (Mantis is in separate QT from the others). I have an autofeeder for the fish, and I fed the mantis 2 live ghost shrimp just now (he had fun knocking them around). Will this be sufficient? How long can a fish go without food (if the autofeeder fails?) QT has no lights, so no worries there. My room is quite cool too, so temp is always within the 26'C to 27'C range. So what else do I need to do before I leave?
  4. Help- what's wrong with my clownfish?

    Could be the start of lymphocystis. Is the fish discolored in any parts of its body?
  5. Mantis Shrimp Tank Planning

    I admit I haven't been on here for a while. I'm no stranger to marine tanks or mantis shrimp in general, having kept a G. smithii few years ago. I picked up a gorgeous G. platysoma last week. I sexed it - it's a male, and he's gorgeous. Very strong too - I could hear his thwacks from across the hall as he took down a small hermit that I fed him. Currently he's in a QT tank. Here's the deal. I currently have 2 nano SW tanks. I'm in the midst of shifting houses, so even though these tanks have been operating for months - if not years, I had to 'reset' the tanks when I moved them to my new house. Which means I cleaned them out, used fresh LS and some dry rock. Both tanks are still in the middle of a cycle, and have no critters. I have a 1-year-old clownfish, a 6-month-old sixline wrasse and a 3-month-old segmented sailfin blenny with me, also in QT, alongside a few hermits. These are the specifics of the two tanks: Tank #1: 14G long with skimmer & HOB filter (new light to arrive sometime next week) - still trying to find a suitable-sized wavemaker for this tank Tank #2: 10G *sumped* cube with no skimmer & LED light - small wavemaker *might be added Now, I was originally planning on putting all 2 of my fish (the wrasse and blenny) & hermits in the 14G long, and giving the 10G to my clownfish & mantis. Here's my problem. My mantis is very active, and very, VERY big. He's almost 4" (almost max. size). <--- This is why I'm reconsidering adding any fish with him. I used to keep my G. smithii with an azure damsel, but the damsel was quick, and the mantis was only around 2.5". I haven't kept the platysoma long enough to gage his temperament, and I do NOT want to put any of my animals at risk, especially my clownfish - which I have kept for almost a year. So what do you guys suggest? Shall I do this: Tank #1: 14G - home for all 3 fish Tank #2: 10G - home for mantis shrimp OR Tank #1: 14G - home for 2 fish (sixline & blenny) Tank #2: 10G - home for clownfish & mantis...........? I still have another two or three weeks before I will transfer my fish to the relevant tanks (will test the stability of either tank by tossing in a hermit first and observe it for a week). Which fish should go where? That's my dilemma. Oh, and both tanks will be FOWLRs for now, because I'm travelling frequently for the time being and can't tend to coral. Once everything settles down, only then I'll consider going back down the coral route. Any good pointers is appreciated. P.S. I have test kits, but some of them are quite old and on the brink of expiry, so I'm picking up new Salifert kits next week. Honestly, I'm having a big headache shifting. I've already lost 80% of my tropical freshwater fish stock last week when I tried to move them. And these were fish that I've kept for 2-years, and raised from babies/juvis to thriving adults. It was painful. I'm just glad all my marine animals made it through ok and are now doing well in QT in the new house.
  6. Tamberav

    Tam, congrats! Your tank is stunning.
  7. Skinny Fish Problem.

    I didn't see the wrasse yesterday evening coming up for feeding. Not sure if he went to bed early, but if he doesn't reappear today, I will slowly move the caves around and try to fish out his body. If he survives, I'll move him. I sourced out API General Cure from a local supplier, but couldn't get the rest, unfortunately. My parameters are okay but nitrates are a bit high at 15ppm. It is time for my weekly WC, so I'm not entirely surprised. The only thing I haven't tested yet is dKH.
  8. Skinny Fish Problem.

    Sorry to bump this up again - but the wrasse has began to display stress bars today. Now I'm really worried. Shall I set up another QT - just for him, and shift him there so that he could recover alone? Or will the shifting stress him out more? I have an unused 10G which I'm willing to use to save him. I don't want to lose him. He's a very active and wonderful fish with a lot of personality - and always, always greets me with his puppy-dog eyes whenever I walk into the room. That fish is special - and I want to do my best to save him. Please help - any advice is appreciated.
  9. Skinny Fish Problem.

    Hey Tam. It's nice to see you on here again. I suspected as much, but there are no signs of white spots or velvet on any of the fish so far. Must be something internal then. I've had this particular fish for 1 month. The clownfish since last Dec. Sixline wrasse since Feb (if I'm not mistaken). Grammistes blenny was purchased the same day I bought this Fairy wrasse, along with a blue legged hermit crab. All fish appeared relatively healthy during purchase, and so far are still healthy except this skinny guy (he wasn't as well-rounded as the others when I first bought them, but he has lost some weight in this one month, hence the 'paper-thin' reference). Thank you - I've sourced out a shop near the new house but the price for a double-decker 120G is expensive. The stand is wrought-iron though, and the glass is thick. I'm planning for it to be a FOWLR, if possible. Easy to maintain until I can cope with corals again. Oh, don't get me started on FW fish lol. I currently run a discus tank - and if those guys ever get skinny, they just up and die on you. So far my fish hasn't showed any signs of white spots or outward infection/lesions/fungus/growth. The parasites appear to be internal, I think. Prazipro is a banned substance in my country though, so I'm having a headache getting proper anti-parasite meds for marine fish. I'll recheck with my suppliers - hopefully one of them offers the Prazipro equivalent on sale somewhere. Is ick-x specifically meant for Ich only? Hi Clown. I currently feed frozen mysis, frozen brine, frozen roe and pellets. Should I increase the ratio of frozen food in the diet, and maybe include chopped shrimp or squid too? My only concern is my clownfish. Little bugger is only 2.5" but a very aggressive eater. I have to distract her using a pipette so that my other three fish and crab can eat peacefully. I feed them as much as they can consume within two to three minutes, usually.
  10. Skinny Fish Problem.

    Hey everyone. I'm in the midst of shifting houses, and I've temporarily relocated my 4 saltwater fish into a smaller QT tank than before. I noticed one of them - a ruby head fairy wrasse, is literally paper-thin even though he has a pretty hefty appetite. His poop is normal, and his behavior is good - so I'm a bit confused. Could this be an internal parasite issue? If yes, how did he get it? Since most of my fish has been with me since last Dec, and are relatively chunky and healthy, I'm not sure why this guy isn't putting on any weight. I really, really don't want to lose him since I've grown fond of him. He's not being bullied by any of his tank mates - he keeps to himself and mostly weaves in and out of the LR pieces and false ceramic caves I have in the QT. All of the fish are due to be shifted to a 120G once I move into the new house and set up the new tank/cycle it. It should take a while. Is there any way I can make him put on weight? I'm currently feeding him Hikari Marine S pellets everyday, but also feed mysis, brine shrimp and crab/fish roe twice/thrice a week. Should I boost the feedings?
  11. The METROpolitan: Kat's New Journey

    I'm just catching up on this thread - I haven't been here for very long. My deepest condolences, Kat. Bogi will be missed.
  12. FlowerMama

    Congrats Annette! A TOTM that's well-deserved indeed.
  13. Snow's Bridge of Flowers

    Hey everyone. I know it's been slightly more than a month, but a lot has happened within these past 4.5 weeks. For starters, we were supposed to move to get the house fixed. We found a nice 1.5-storey house, but right after viewing it, one of the next-door neighbors marched out of the house and hurled a racial slur. Her son also kept flipping off my mother and the real estate agent. My mom was quite traumatized after the whole incident - she's not used to having abuse thrown at her (verbal or otherwise), so we stopped looking for another place to stay. This meant I could keep all my current tanks, animals with no issue. This is my ugly, not-so-pretty makeshift marine tank atm. The most recent addition is a sixline wrasse which was added 3 weeks ago: Also, something really terrible happened about 2.5 weeks ago. The HA fogged the neighborhood again, and this time, it killed half my fish load in the discus tank and one of my parrots. I rushed my bird to emergency vet care but I couldn't save him - he died after 1 day of treatment due to respiratory complications. R.I.P. Julian. He used to sing very well, and he loved my mom. Both of us cried a lot when he passed - it was horrible. I couldn't stand to see his cage empty, so I disinfected it thoroughly, sunned it, and got two new cockatiel chicks two weeks later. Also, here's the fate of the 10G nano. It's been converted into a planted Betta paradise using ADA Africana soil, live plants, Malayan driftwood, one lucky betta and four tiny catfish. So there it goes. I think once the house is truly fixed up, I will try to shift some furniture around in the pet room and move all my tanks in there. I will most likely keep the KISS marine tank, since I've grown fond of my clownfish and newly acquired wrasse. She's active and really vibrant.
  14. whats your favorite fish for a nano tank?

    Pictus blenny.
  15. Gertie- my girl is gone.

    Oh goodness, Annette - I'm so sorry to hear about this. Was it old age/bad molt? Either way, I'm deeply sorry for your loss. Hang in there.