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  1. Snow_Phoenix

    Total noob in need of advice

    Sounds like some good starter corals. Post some pics! 🙂
  2. I tried Pipefish twice - Dragonface Pipefish once for my SW tank & brackish pipes for my brackish tank (years ago). Maintenance was very, very difficult and the greatest challenge was keeping them healthy rather than well-fed (for me). I lost the dragonface pipes to a bacterial infection, and the brackish pipes 'vanished' one by one from my tank, so I presumed they died as well. I could feed them, just couldn't keep them. I don't think I'll try pipes or ponies anytime soon. I love the look of bluestripe pipes, but I don't think I have the skill to keep them yet. --- Love your ponies btw, Dawn. Post more pics! P.S. I just googled up dwarf pony pics and my gosh, they're so tiny and adorable! Come in all sorts of colors and patterns too!
  3. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Bedroom Nano - R.I.P. Houdini

    I know. Jumpers are unavoidable at times - all my fish jump, doesn't matter how big or small. Still, I genuinely thought 3 lids would stop them from carpet-surfing. I'll try taping over the hole as suggested. Will use masking tape. Just hope no one tries to jump and gets caught on the sticky end by accident. 😞
  4. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Bedroom Nano - R.I.P. Houdini

    It is a very good LFS and they've come a long way in improving their ethics. I've been their customer for 8, going on 9 years now. The manager of this branch actually treats the sick fish he has, and doesn't write them off as a dead-case. And he QTs everything, and he's very honest with me over the animals that are doing well, and the ones that aren't. If he's newly fragged stuff, he won't sell it until the frag stabilizes. He showed me some gorgeous Utter Chaos zoas/palys, but he hadn't fragged any so he didn't sell it (even to me). He's a good guy. We need more people like that - the ones who actually care, in this hobby. --- And guys, I just wanted to update in general - I lost my older Hi-Fin, Houdini, few hours ago. I found his mummified remains in a tangle of hair well-hidden on the carpet behind the QT tank. I checked up on him this morning and he was there. Then I went out to have lunch with my family and help my mother run some errands. I had a severe backache afterwards and my mother's leg failed (cramped) in the parking lot, so I had to drive her and my little sis (who was already very sick and having breathing difficulties) back home. I was so exhausted when I returned that I dozed off for a short nap and didn't check any of my tanks/animals. I only found Houdini's remains after I did the usual 'pet' work at home (feeding/cleaning up after my dog, bird, fish tanks etc.). I suspect he jumped out while I was out of the house, because he was very crunchy when I found him. I had 3 lids covering my QT tank and there was a very tiny 0.5" gap near my filter outlet edge which no lids could cover. He slipped out through that gap. I feel like I've failed in some horrible way. He just turned one, and survived through so much shit, and I accidentally killed him through my carelessness. I'm now down to four fish - Ornate Leopard Wrasse (Chili), Starry Blenny (Thanos), GCG (Goblin) & Hi-Fin (Pippa). Here's a short compilation of Houdini's best pic/vid moments based on my Insta as a tribute to him: R.I.P. Houdini, the Survivor a.k.a. the Miracle. Nov 2017 - Nov 2018. 😞
  5. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Bedroom Nano - R.I.P. Houdini

    I took a trip to my LFS last Sunday. It was supposed to be a dry-supply-run only. But...check out all these: I mean, really. Now I have to bring home some 'extra' stuff too. Wallet was decent so I bit the bullet and got these: 1. Dry: 2. Wet a.k.a. frags: There were montis, Acros, zoas, one yuma and one nepthea (Japanese import) in there. Took me 30 mins to figure out what will go where. Took me another 30 mins to actually stick stuff without breaking or tearing anything else by accident. Anyhow, here we are: 1. Green & Red Monti Caps: 2. Green Acro: 3. Pink Acro: 4. Orange Yuma: 5. Green Nepthea: *Will get better pic of zoas later. One of the frags fell off the rocks yesterday, so I'll have to re-glue it soon. Topshot view of tank: FTS: I have an issue of shading in the left side of the tank, so I *might pick up a second PAR 38 LED down the road. Am also planning on picking up a second small wavemaker and attach it to the right side of the tank to improve flow. LFS manager was pleasantly surprised I run a mixed reef without any chillers and outstanding issues (yet). I told him I did have an outbreak of Ich and flukes, and have QTed all the fish, and he advised me to not use a copper since my QT is right next to my DT. So, as difficult as it is, I'll be doing TTM from next week onwards - right now, everyone is being treated with a second round of Prazi and has been downsized to a smaller 12G tub for convenience. Thanos is not too happy about it. But I'll do my best to save whoever is left if I can.
  6. That's one lucky baby seahorse. She could've wound up anywhere, but she came to the right home, to the right person. Hope the little one pulls through and makes it to adulthood.
  7. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Bedroom Nano - R.I.P. Houdini

    Update: I consulted two members on this forum and under advisement, decided to QT all my fish. Getting them out took me 2.5 hours - I had to break down my 20G, remove all rocks + fugebox out and even then, it took me a while to get my GCG and Hi-Fins out. Due to the sensitivity of some of the fish, I'm doing a 2-week treatment using PraziGold (which is our version of Prazipro): And then I'll do a 2-week period of TTM. I have already purchased extra storage bins for the TTM: These bins are smaller (around 12G capacity each) and easier to manage. For now, all my fish are currently in a 20G storage bin in my bedroom, right next to my DT: 36 hours into QT, I lost my Brotulid, Ghost. He developed red lesions along the length of his body after 24 hours of being treated with Prazi. Since there's hardly any info about Brotulids online, I'm unsure if he was scaleless and therefore had a bad reaction towards Prazi, or if he simply broke out in secondary bacterial infection and succumbed to it. His loss was definitely upsetting, but there was nothing much I could do about it. QTing any animal and treating them with meds has always been and will always be a risk. The transfer of the fish from the DT to QT went smoothly, but I hit a snag. I accidently ripped my duster worm into half while pulling out my LR. (Ouch!) The bottom half of the worm was attached to my base LR while the upper half was stuck to my fugebox (which I didn't know). So when I yanked the rocks out, he was scissored in the middle. Through some miracle, he's still attached to my fugebox and his fans are out (even until today). His butt is exposed, but I think he'll remake a new tube around it in time. I also did a major WC on the main DT when I set up my QT. Corals are still growing (albeit slowly) and are quite healthy, so I'm pleased: 1. Purplish-orange Ric Yuma & babies: 2. Green Ric Yuma: 3. Zoas: 4. Orange digi: 5. Weeping Willow Toadstool gaining new polyps and larger base: 6. Saron Shrimp molt: 7. Goblin the GCG leather-surfing (before being pulled out of DT): 8. Last footages of brotulid before QT: 9. FTS 4 days ago (before all fish were removed): Also, one of my Hi-Fins was pregnant (I suspect). She had a full, rotund belly, and both my fish have been behaving oddly for some time. Pippa, the smaller Hi-Fin, later left the burrow of Houdini (my larger, older Hi-Fin) and took refuge behind my purplish-orange yuma frag instead of the green yuma she always favors. She continued behaving oddly and I had to target-feed her because she didn't venture too far from her frag while being berried. When I removed all my fish from the DT, I noticed her belly was much slimmer, so she must have either laid the eggs somewhere (and they got eaten) or she re-absorbed them (maybe?). Anyhow, I'm hoping she and Houdini would sire another clutch in the future after QT. I've decided not to raise any fry and let nature take its course. I have no experience raising marine fish fry (only FW fish and eels), and I've poked around numerous online sources to read that most private aquarists don't succeed in raising Hi-Fin fry past larval stage for some reason. As for non-reefing stuff: 1. Franklin the Fire Eel made a 100% recovery from fungus and has been reintroduced to my 70G: 2. Spiny eel babies are doing very well too. My grindal worm culture crashed few days ago and I've been trying to (unsuccessfully resuscitate the culture). If can't, I'll be ordering a fresh batch of worms from out-of-state again. For now, my babies are feeding exclusively on mosquito larvae. Lastly, doggo:
  8. Snow_Phoenix

    Blenny's are funny

    A tiny blenny species, yes. TSB or combtooth species that don't exceed 2" in length should be fine.
  9. Snow_Phoenix

    Tamberav's IM 25 Lagoon - going to get dirty!

    The Onis are definitely amazing. LFS had a male/fem pair but no one was keen because they're 'nano' nanofish and super tiny. What fish did you end up getting for your tank, if I might ask? ? Also, good call on separating the wrasses. One would have eventually bullied the other resulting in the smaller one not getting enough food. Wrasses are tricky. I've seen people keep multiple wrasses in a single tank, but their systems are usually much larger and there's a lot of rockwork for cover.
  10. Snow_Phoenix

    Tamberav's IM 25 Lagoon - going to get dirty!

    I took a peek at DD and they have these guys on sale: https://www.liveaquaria.com/divers-den/product/433442/two-spot-bimaculatus-blenny https://www.liveaquaria.com/divers-den/product/433194/browncheek-blenny https://www.liveaquaria.com/divers-den/product/432492/browncheek-blenny Grab oneeee....! Edit: This oni pair looks really nice too. I passed up a pair since I already have Hi-Fins in my tank paired to a candycane pistol. But if the budget fits, this seems to be quite good. They also have very, very tiny bioloads, and are quite gentle from what I observed at my LFS weeks ago. Stay tiny too: https://www.liveaquaria.com/divers-den/product/428255/sailfin-shrimp-goby-bonded-pair-with-red-banded-pistol-shrimp
  11. Snow_Phoenix

    Tips for new ''underaged'' reefer?

    Hello, welcome to NR! Do you have a specific setup in mind? The key to succeeding in this hobby is doing a lot of reading and researching beforehand. If you have any questions, ask away. There are a lot of experienced forum members in here that would help.
  12. Snow_Phoenix

    Smithii Mantis Shrimp beginners discussion

    Maybe Shrimpy is still a bit hungry? You can buy a small batch of CuC (hermits & snails) to refresh your tank. Shrimpy will eventually take them down one by one in time, but at least he'll be well-fed and there's less chance he'll go after your chromis again. Glad Shrimpy is doing very well though. ?
  13. Snow_Phoenix

    Just another Nuvo 10: The Fallow Phase

    I'm very sorry you lost your fish. They were beautiful. Brook hits quickly and I've had clownfish that have been infested with the disease before and lost them. They looked exactly like yours before passing, symptoms-wise. Tamberav actually offered sound advice, but sometimes the fish is too far gone to be saved. Might I suggest a longer fallow period of 8 weeks instead of 4 for your DT? 8 weeks is usually the staple for letting parasites such as Ich and Brook die off on their own. As long as you don't add any new fish to the DT for the next 2 months, it should be alright. Of course, it is better to QT any/all fish you want to introduce to the tank beforehand, as you've suggested. Just refrain from adding anything to the DT for the time being. You might also want to try out other stores/sources to get your fish - if you're from the US, you can purchase fish online via DD or LA. DD has a quarantine-period, if I'm not mistaken. Wish you all the best. If you have any questions, just ask - the forum is actually a wealth of information from various experienced hobbyists. Always ask and read and research before attempting anything, especially if you're unsure about something.
  14. Snow_Phoenix

    Banasophia’s Biocube 16 & IM Nuvo 10

    Tanks should be fine. Btw, they look really, really good. Love the mix of corals you have in there.
  15. Snow_Phoenix

    WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    Sigh. My Ornate Leopard hit one of my lids yesterday afternoon too. I couldn't find him and I searched all over - both in and out of the tank. Then by some chance I saw him swim between the LR pieces in my in-tank fuge. Pulled him out and re-released him back into the display. He wasn't happy at being caught. I think all wrasses secretly wish they are dolphins, as you've said. I haven't had one wrasse who hasn't tried to jump out of the tank before.