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  1. Thanks, Dawn. I don't actually have a proper plan because I keep changing my mind about what to put in and how to go about it. But I like a bit of randomness and chaos, so I'll probably try to make it as diverse as possible. I think I'll keep this up long-term, if everything goes well. Haha, yes, it's just the packaging lol. I kept it on so that there won't be any dust getting into the tank.
  2. @Christopher Marks - quick question. The contest starts at 30/3/19 - US-timing, am I correct? Asking because I'm ahead of most of you since I'm in the GMT+8 timezone. So I'll start at 31/3/2019, my local time? 🤔
  3. Just last night, before going to bed, I thought to myself, 'Should I try a dwarf pony?' (Mind you, this was at 2am and it was a random, fleeting thought) I remembered your Junior and kept up with your thread. But tbh, I have no idea where to get a dwarf pony here. And I only have experience with dragonface pipes (and that one hitchiker blue stripe which didn't end well 😞 ) but my pipes were in a nano with a sump. So nope, can't have a tiny pony pico. Would love to give it a try though. I think this contest would be perfect for someone to have a tiny pony tank. Nice to see you trying it!
  4. This is the cured LR I'm going to be using. Scape will be simple and straightforward - with the possibilty of a second, smaller piece supporting the first if it can't stay upright. 😊
  5. I think it should be left to personal preference on how or what someone wants to stock their tank with. Part of the challenge already lies on the choice of livestock you make - size (frag/colony) shouldn't be an issue. More freedom given also means more room for creativity.
  6. Freshly drained. Leak test complete. And now we wait.
  7. I did my first leak test today! Filled it up to the level I'll most likely be using throughout the contest: Waited anxiously for 10 minutes without any issues, and then I decided to put my HOB filter over it and give it a test run. I noticed the motor of my spare filter was very, very weak. Luckily, I bought another filter yesterday at the LFS - exact same type - in anticipation of any trouble, so I'm using the new filter instead: The motor is quite strong, and the tank has been full of chlorinated tap for almost 50 minutes now: I'll be draining it shortly and dry out both the filter and the tank once again. The next time it goes wet will be on the official starting day of the contest.
  8. I had to get a new extension cord from the store. The older spare one I had had two charred outlets, and even though the other four we working fine, I didn't want to take the risk. I also got a thick layer of black lacquer fixed to the back of the tank, as a personal preference. The whole family is in on this one. My mother supplied that tiny floral linoleum base for the tank to prevent any salt creep from getting to the cupboard underneath. I pulled out my retired PAR38 and it worked very well. The spread is very, very good and perfect for some of the critters I plan on putting in. My only concern is that the light is too strong and pretty much overkill for a pico. So I have an older LED set with half the power (but less spectrum range) on hand just in case.
  9. These are the examples of some of the frags I picked up today, just for the Pico: I also brought home a bit of macro to seed both my nano and Pico. It came with some pretty cool hitchikers: I still haven't got around to doing a leak test for my Pico yet, but I'll do it before putting anything in it.
  10. Hello. So I'm pitching in, but from the opposite side of the world. Mostly tagging along for fun - it's been a while since I kept a Pico-reef, and even then, my smallest pico reef was 3G++. So this would be both a challenge and a new experience for me. Specifications: Tank: 5mm thick, rimless, crystal white glass, pre-made. (Not a janky tank, I'm afraid ) 12" x 7" x 8" ~2.9G capacity Equipment: Filter: Small Nice288 HOB filter (1.72L or 0.45G capacity) Lighting: 36W PAR38 LED or 16.7W Aquazonic LED *Tentatively no other equipment included. Media: Filter Floss Activated Carbon PhosBan Seachem Purigen* (*Maybe) Rocks & Sand: ~1.5kg++ of aragonite LS ~1.5kg of cured, mature LR taken from the refugium of my 20G Livestock: Simple stuff. Honestly, tbd - and whatever that catches my eye. I'm making this a budget tank, meaning all pieces are not going to exceed $15 in value per frag.* 1 interesting crab. 1 interesting shrimp. Any good hitchikers will be retained. *I've already acquired around 12 frags today from my LFS. Each one cost me between RM 10 ($2.46) to RM 20 ($4.92). All the frags are currently being held in my 20G and will be moved into the Pico over time. I've fragged some of my own corals in my 20G, so I'll move those over to the Pico too once they're stable. TBC. Theme: 'Rojak' tank. Rojak is a Malaysian dish with various fruits and fried char kuey smothered in thick, sweet sauce with peanuts. 'Rojak' generally means 'mixed' in local slang - which means I'll probably have anything and a bit of everything included. (Well, within reasonable means, of course). FTS: Coming soon. TBA: 30/03/2019
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