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  1. Snow_Phoenix

    Was this a bad idea???HALLOWEEN HERMIT

    I find them quite peaceful. Mine is a model citizen and doesn't knock over anything. Ray's right though - you'll need some conch-type shells for it. They don't use the usual shells for some odd reason.
  2. Snow_Phoenix

    Rare-er fish for 20 gallon?

    Avoid nudis unless it's a lettuce nudi. Most nudis have a specific diet of sponges or flatworms, and cannot be supported by a nano. They'll die out of starvation, or worse, get chopped up by your wavemaker (the nudis in my LFS were well-known to do that) eventually. Have you looked into blennies? There are many different nano-sized types, especially various species under the 'clown blennies' list. Blennies are quite personable too, and some of them can be really colorful. If you're in the US, you can browse through LA or DD online to see what sort of types they have on offer. Sometimes, you get rare ones like tiger clown blennies etc.
  3. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Mantis Mayhem - Reloaded!

    Oh yes, he is. The meanest fish I've ever owned too. I thought my Clarkii was bad, but this guy takes the lead in kicking the crap outta anything I throw into the tank. 🤣
  4. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Mantis Mayhem - Reloaded!

    Small update. I found some extra coarse gravel, and a long piece of PVC piping. The pipe is small though - I don't think my mantis can turn around in it. So I might cut it up into small sections of 4" and place it around the tank, under the LR pieces: 1. Gravel & pipe: 2. I also decided to try my luck and feed Zephyra a live ghost shrimp. I know spearers typically hunt fish, and not shrimp... 3. She was just confused as heck when I dropped the shrimp on her. I don't think she was expecting a visitor. 😅 4. And finally, she got a sense that maybe, just maybe, this might be dinner...? 5. My Falco Hawkfish took a deeper interest in the shrimp. Zephyra was just so chill in her plastic box. Live shrimp = not dinner. 😐 By the end of the day, I fed the shrimp to the hawkfish. He didn't eat it, but he killed it just for sh*ts and giggles. Murderous bastard, that one. Love him to bits though. 6. I checked on her later and she just looked at me like: 'What's next? A hermit crab?' I had a couple of feeder goldfish in my 70G Discus/Eel tank which I tried netting yesterday, without any success. By today morning, both my eels, Beast and Spot, had cleared the tank of all the goldfish. So I'll attempt to feed Zephyra again, but this time I'll try a small piece of frozen shrimp on the end of a bamboo stick/tweezers. I think the sooner I get the tank scaped out to meet her requirements, the less stress she'll be in - and the more receptive towards food she will be. I'm just extremely worried over topping off my sand layer and causing an ammonia/nitrate spike. The forum offered good advice - so I'll be taking it, and keeping a bottle of Prime on hand just in case.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I've experienced crashes before, and the losses were very hard. Wish you all the best in your future tanks - don't give up and continue reefing!
  6. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Mantis Mayhem - Reloaded!

    Yep, that was the thread I read last night. Thanks for posting the link though - it's worth a reread every now and then.
  7. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Mantis Mayhem - Reloaded!

    I know! I have never owned a glowing mantis before. Heck, I have never owned a glowing fish either! 🙃
  8. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Mantis Mayhem - Reloaded!

    Thanks, Clown79. Tank's free of algae now - just need to top of the sandbed, do some WC and put some small PVC pipes under the rocks. Or should I forgo the pipes? Hmm. Still thinking. I found a very old thread on a different forum claiming that you can keep spearers in a bare-bottom tank, if you provide them with PVC pipes to hide in. Problem is, I'm not sure if that'll stress the shrimp out (living bare-bottom). All my previous smasher mantises loved moving the sand around when they burrowed under/in the rocks. Morpheus especially, made an effort to do some form of 'construction' everyday without fail. I still miss him. Here's to hoping I'll have many good years with this golden girl in the future. 🍷
  9. Snow_Phoenix

    Topping Up My Sandbed?

    Yep. Same coarse sand, although I do have a 'finer' variety (<500g of this type). I was initially thinking of uprooting the entire sandbed and swapping it out with 'fine' sand, but the LFS only sells those in 10kg bags. Thankfully I have roughly 1kg of coarse sand left at home as well, so I didn't buy any extra sand from the store yesterday. Noted - I think I'll do that. The unused sand is dry, but usually there's bits of plastic in it. I'll give it a thorough wash before adding it in.
  10. Snow_Phoenix

    Topping Up My Sandbed?

    Noted. I admit I wasn't thinking of the bacteria in the old sandbed at all - I was more afraid the detritus in the old sandbed will be kicked up and cause either a major nitrate or ammonia spike. I don't have any macro or corals in the 10G atm though - I've moved all the previous corals out to a different tank. So there's no 'buffer' to stop a spike from happening. Of course, none of the animals will be in the tank while I mess around with the sandbed - I'm transferring all of them into a large holding tub while I add the sand and do a WC (and maybe even scrub out the back compartment). I do have Prime on hand though, just in case.
  11. Snow_Phoenix

    Topping Up My Sandbed?

    As the question goes, can I add more sand to my current existing layer of sand in a nano without triggering some sort of cycle? Or is it better for me to siphon out all the older sand, and simply start over with new sand? I'm asking because I acquired a spearer-type mantis shrimp yesterday. Spearers generally need a thicker sandbed than what I currently have (which is only 1.5" thick). I'm wondering if I could add-on more sand without the tank incurring an ammonia spike or worse - crashing somehow. The tank is a 10G with a built-in sump and has been up for more or less a year now. It currently has two fish (which will be moved out soon) and one tuxedo urchin. The mantis has been isolated in a mini plastic tank/container which I submerged into the DT. So, any tips regarding the sandbed issue? Need to know ASAP, if possible.
  12. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Mantis Mayhem - Reloaded!

    Just flipped on the lights this morning. She literally glows orangish-red under my actinics: I'll be feeding her later. And cutting up some PVC pipes into smaller pieces, and topping off the sandbed with a new layer of sand on the existing one. Not sure if that sounds good (the sandbed top-up), but I'll ask the forum and see whether it's viable. There really needs to be more build threads on keeping a spearer-type mantis - there's so little for me to follow from online. I'll lurk around other groups/forums and hopefully there's more info on there.
  13. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Mantis Mayhem - Reloaded!

    Thank you! Oh, and yes she is. :)
  14. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's Mantis Mayhem - Reloaded!

    Thanks! Tbh, I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. If I didn't go to the store today, I'd have completely missed out my chance on getting her. :)