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Cultivated Reef

The Tree of LifeūüĆĪ - Waterbox Cube 10


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(08/13/2022 FTS)






The Tree of Life.ūüĆĪ

Start date: 02/20/2020 



Waterbox Cube 10.

AI Prime 16HD Reef with 12" Flex Arm.

Coralvue Hydros:

  • Control X4.
  • Temperature Sensor.
  • Auto Top Off Kit.
  • Level Sensor for ATO Reservoir.
  • Automatic Fish Feeder.

Eheim 75 Watt Heater.

Sicce Syncra Nano Return Pump.

Icecap KI Neo Skimmer.

Ecotech Marine Versa Dosing Pump. (3)

EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10.

Trigger Systems 5g ATO Reservoir.

D-D Jumpguard Aquarium Screen Cover.

Flipper Nano Glass Cleaner.

inTank Filter Floss Holder.

3D Printed Feeding Ring.

3D Printed Dosing Tube Holders.

3D Printed Cord Holders.



8.5 lbs. Live Rock.

Big Kahuna Filter Floss/pad.

Red Sea Reef Spec Carbon. 


Salt Mix:

Aquaforest Reef Salt.



pH- Pinpoint pH Probe / Hanna Checker pH.

Alkalinity- Salifert / Hanna Checker Alkalinity DKH.

Calcium- Salifert.

Magnesium- Salifert.

Nitrate- Salifert.

Phosphate- Hanna Checker Phosphate ULR.

Potassium- Salifert.

Temperature- Hanna Checktemp 1.

Salinity- Milwaukee Digital Refractometer.

Par- Seneye.

AutoAqua Smart Stir Magnetic Stirrer.



Seachem Reef Plus

Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Balance

AquaForest Pro Bio F

BRS Kalkwasser

BRS Alkalinity / Calcium / Magnesium (For General Adjustments)

Tropic Marin Potassium (For General Adjustments)



Pair of Black Darwin Ocellaris Clownfish. 

Gulf Peppermint Shrimp.

Blue Leg Hermit Crabs. 

Dwarf Cerith Snails.

Stomatella Snail.

Astraea Snails. 




Eagle Eye Zoanthids. 

Nirvana Zoanthids. 

Rainbow Infusion Zoanthids. 

Sour Apple Zoanthids. 

Blue Discosoma Mushroom.


Green Star Polyps. 

Rainbow Clove Polyps Clavularia. 

Grube's Gorgonian. 

Purple Plume Gorgonian. 




Splatter Hammer. 

Purple Tip Frogspawn. 

Yellow Mouth Teal Tip Frogspawn. 

Lemon Lime Trumpet Caulastrea. 

Kryptonite Trumpet Caulastrea. 

Bicolor Trumpet Caulastrea. 


Red Blastomussa Wellsi. 

Purple Blastomussa Wellsi. 

Yellow Goniastrea. 

Dragon Soul Goniastrea.



ATL Blue Clover Staghorn Acropora. 

WWC Yellow Tip Austera Acropora. 

PC Rainbow Acropora. 

Millepora Acropora. 

Bubblegum Montipora Digitata.

Green Montipora Digitata. 

Red Montipora Capricornis. 

Idaho Grape Montipora Capricornis.

Potato Chip Pavona. 

Montipora Spongodes. 

Purple Stylophora. 

Rainbow Pocillopora. 

Neon Green Pocillopora. 

Bird of Paradise Seriatopora.

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On 2/18/2020 at 10:10 AM, devaji108 said:

I like the idea of 2 - WB 10s next to each other. be mind full to leave space between then so you can clan the glass. 

There will be approximately 12" space between the tanks. Hopefully this will be enough space to minimize light spill from one tank to the other.


The tank is now wet and 2 weeks into the cycle. I will post a few photos once I get the tank moved across the room to its permanent location. There isn't enough room on this chest for two tanks.

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4 hours ago, MrP said:

Fully cycled in 35 days. Hopefully I can get some life into this tank soon. A pair of black ocellaris clowns are on the wish list.

Sterling choice and lovely scape, loads of movement¬†ūüėé

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  • 4 weeks later...

Not much to report. I got a diatom bloom so I tossed a small amount of Kent Marine phosphate sponge in the filter sock. Problem solved. 


I added a jar of Tisbe copepods to the tank so they can establish in the rock prior to adding fish. The tank gets dosed with live phytoplankton daily. I'm hoping to get the pair of clowns and maybe a Blackline Blenny ordered from Sustainable Aquatics next week along with some red leg hermit crabs to keep the excess food cleaned up. In the next month or two, I will toss a few snails in there. Hopefully by then, Reef Cleaners will have some inverts back in stock. 


I have several corals growing out on frag racks in my other tank that will eventually make their way into this tank. I'm not in a rush to stock it. I prefer to let the tank age and stabilize prior to introducing corals. 

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Good luck with your plan. Do you think the tank is big enough for 3 fish. Tons of people have great luck with 2 in ten gallons. maybe a few members will chime in about 3. I hope you and your love ones are doing well. 

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7 hours ago, debbeach13 said:

Good luck with your plan. Do you think the tank is big enough for 3 fish. Tons of people have great luck with 2 in ten gallons. maybe a few members will chime in about 3. I hope you and your love ones are doing well. 

Thank you for the warm wishes! We are doing well. 


10 gallons probably isn't ideal for 3 fish but I have other tanks I can transfer to if an issue arises. 

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2 hours ago, DNR88 said:

Nice tank and I really dig the scape! ūüėäūüĎć

Thanks! :smilie:


The scape consists of around 20 rocks super glued together. I had some small rocks and rubble left over from another scape. 

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(April Update)


The rock is aging nicely! I had a bit of red spirulina develop. Chemiclean cleared that up. I added a few small Astraea snails and blue leg hermit crabs to the tank. 


I'm going to do a water change and test all of the parameters this weekend. If everything looks good, i'm going to start moving some coral over to the tank. :smilie:




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Parameters look great!

Alk- 8.5

Ca- 425

Mg- 1300

No3- 5

Po4- .03


I loaded up a frag rack full of zoanthids and placed it into the tank after the lights turned off.  Here's the list:


Bam Bam

Bob Marley

Eagle Eye

Ked Red


Radioactive Dragon Eye

Rainbow Infusion

Sour Apple


Once they settle in and are happy in their new environment, I will start gluing them to the rock. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

I was looking at my tank this evening after the lights went out and noticed this sponge growth on one of my zoas.


I also made a few changes to the tank. I swapped out my Hydor Koralia nano wavemaker for a Sicce voyager nano. The extra flow helped with ridding the red spirulina I was having issues with. I also swapped out the return pump that Waterbox included with the tank with a Sicce micra plus. This also added a bit of extra flow to the tank and raised the water level in the display a bit.


I still haven't added any fish to this tank but I did transfer a few more frags over to it. Pictures to come on my next update.




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  • 2 weeks later...

(July Update)


Five months in and still no fish. :sad:


All of the corals are doing great, though! I'm a bit surprised by how well this little tank is doing. I haven't cleaned the glass in over a week.


I seeded it with some coralline scrapings from my other tank so hopefully I will see some growth soon. 


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  • MrP changed the title to The Tree of LifeūüĆĪ - Waterbox Cube 10

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