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Found 66 results

  1. This guy is extra salty

    Extra Salty 365

    So here is the start of the build, just five pieces of acrylic 1@20”x20“ (base) 2@20”x11”(front/back) 2@19.5”x11“(sides) I haven’t put something edible in it but it’s a “literal” start first things first! I have got to build the stand the stand is a 24x24X32 which will have a one inch top all of which is made out of scratch resistant lexan now I will have to start building the tank!
  2. Starting out with a dry, cheap 5.5g glass box. I’m trying to stay very cheap on this build using mostly what I have laying around. One of my favorite condiments happens to be whataburger ketchup. Fresh delivered today since I was out or this would have been posted earlier 😅
  3. ꧁Hello Reefers and welcome to my thread꧂ I'm super excited to finally enter in my first Aquarium competition, always wanted to participate in this kind of event, this time the timing is good 🙂 My name is Nicolas Marion, i'm from Montréal. I also have a YouTube channel youtube.com/c/aquasplendor where I create ... "things". I'm really happy that my first competition is on the nano side, space is a big issue in my apartment so I don't have choice :P. Also reefing have a special place in my heart, so both together is close to a Big Bang event for me hehe 🙂 I'm pumped to create a display tank, I don't any, the one I have at home is more a laboratory testing gears/product for my channel then anything else. I'm also planning to cover this aquarium on my channel, so everyone can see the evolution of a reef tank. In other to do that I will have to change my editing style, something more simple and relaxing that is fast/easy to edit. I will show the total budget also maybe? Will see. I bought a tank for this competition 3 weeks ago and last week I receive the cabinet to put the tank on. Today I just open the box to see inside, turn out, they sent me the wrong cabinet... yay, it's starting well 🤣 The tank size is 60x30x20cm (23.6x11.8x7.8 inches) It's 36 Liters, 9.6 U.S. Gallon I'm not 100% sure if it's that aquarium i'm going with, i'm concern about the height with coral growth that might be problematic with one of my aqua scape I have in mind. I'm still looking for equipment most of has been bought, waiting to be deliver. For the wall separator I will look at it when i'm sure i'm going with this tank. I'm not in hurry to start the aquarium right now. I love planning things before, making sure i'm taking the right decision, specialy with aquascape. This aquarium will be set at my work place. I've been annoying my collegue with aquarium for the last 2 years, but now, they will see why i love this so much. It worry me a little bit to have different people (client/unknow/cleaner) to be around this. It's a little fragile baby for me and, i'm not going with a friendly budget either, hopefully people don't know how this hobby is expansive! Also the real reason why i'm doing this at work it's because I don't have any place for aquarium at home 😶, and look so much better at work then at home. L.i.g.h.t. EVOLUTION OF THE AQUARIUM
  4. Day One. Tank: @UNS 45A Project: Saltwater Planted Tank
  5. I am officially entering the 365 Day Challenge. This is the first saltwater tank I have ever owned so this could get interesting. My tank is a 20g Nuvo Fusion pro all-in-one. I will also be using a Prime HD light, Hydor koralia circulation and wave pump with a 425 gph flow rate, and a Eheim Jager 100w TrueTemp heater. As required, here is a dry pic of my tank with a food condiment inside it. Since I'm a horrible cook you all get some mayonnaise! Please don't hold that against me . Also, my theme for this tank will be a money cap. Any livestock I add must cost $45 or less.
  6. 365 Day All-in-One Nano Reef Challenge Sponsored by CoralVue Hydros If you've been looking for the right excuse to start up a new nano reef in 2020, consider this your official permission slip! 😇🏁 We're kicking off the new year with a fun community tank building competition, The 365 Day All-in-One Nano Reef Challenge! Work hard all year long to achieve one of three goals and compete to win a HYDROS Control 2 Aquarium Controller from CoralVue! It takes hard work and dedication to be a nano reef keeper, show off your skills and commitment to the hobby by competing in our 365 Day All-in-One Nano Reef Challenge! Select an All-in-One aquarium of your choosing and build a nano reef to rival all the rest! Everyone can choose their own equipment for the challenge, but it must follow these basic rules: 📦 All-In-One Aquarium - 20 Gallons Or LESS Competing tanks must use an 'all-in-one' style aquarium design with an internal partition. Qualifying tanks cannot be larger than 20 gallons total volume, NO EXCEPTIONS. DIY custom tanks are allowed, but must embody the concept of 'all-in-one' filtration design with partitioned equipment. No filtration equipment is allowed inside the display portion of the tank. 💡 Any Lighting - Yes really! Dazzle your coral and your competition! 🐠 Any Livestock - Go wild, but keep it nano reef friendly! ⚙️ Limited Display Side Equipment Allowed 1x Circulation Pump or Wave Maker inside the display tank ✅ Optional Equipment Allowed (Use all or none) Lid, cover, or screen (highly recommended) Aquarium heating of any wattage Cooling fans or Probe based aquarium chillers Automatic evaporation top-off unit with external freshwater reservoir and/or dosing system. Aquarium controller, temperature controller, power strips, timers, etc. Surface skimmer modifications Media baskets inserts Skimmers (must fit inside AIO filtration space) Reactors (must fit inside AIO filtration space) Refugiums (must fit inside AIO filtration space) 🚫 Disallowed Equipment (For a level playing field) No External sumps No External plumbing (except for incoming automatic top-off water or dosing fluids) No Hang-on-back filters No Canister filters No External filters or reactors Many of you may already own these items or have them available around the house, dig through your aquarium supply stash! Your all-in-one aquarium and equipment do not need to be new, but they must be DRY at the beginning of the contest! There are no rules or budget limits in regards to stocking of your nano reef tank, have fun and let your imagination run wild! Note: Your entry must be a saltwater aquarium, no freshwater entries are allowed. Competition Timeline - How To Enter ⏰ Official Start Date: January 31, 2020 🎉 The competition is open to any and all Nano-Reef Community members starting today January 31st! In order to formally enter the competition, you must begin your 365 Day All-in-One Nano Reef Challenge build by the end of February 2020! This means that by February 29th 2020 you will need to have done the following tasks: Sourced your qualifying 20 gallon or smaller all-in-one reef tank and equipment. Started a new aquarium journal here on Nano-Reef.com in our Aquarium Journals Forum. Shared a photo of your dry AIO nano reef tank in your new aquarium journal with Your Favorite Food Condiment inside. Posted an announcement of your entry into the competition here in this thread with a link to your build journal. Competitors are required to post at least one monthly update to their 365 day challenge journal that will include a full tank shot photograph in order to remain eligible, at the bare minimum. Your build thread must also include the tag "365 Day Challenge", so that they are easy to locate on the forums. We all can understand that life gets in the way of our hobby sometimes, photo updates can be up to a week behind, but if you miss more than 2 monthly updates along the way, you will be disqualified. Qualifying competitors will be asked to post a final 2-3 paragraph synopsis and full tank shot in their aquarium journal within the final three weeks of the competition, which will be used for voting purposes. Only one (1) aquarium per community member may be entered into the competition. 🌎🌍🌏 International community members outside the United States are welcome and encouraged to join the competition, however I cannot guarantee that all shipping costs will covered. Additional shipping costs or duties may need to be paid by the international prize winner, but I will do my best to personally accommodate everyone. The competition will officially end on Sunday January 31, 2021 at 11:59:59 PM PST. This means a 12 month contest from start to finish. The idea is to give a full year for all competing tanks to reach maturity and their goals. Community Voting will begin on February 6, 2021. 🏆 Challenge Goals & Prizes There will be 3 winning nano reefs chosen at the end of the contest by community vote. In the event of a tie, I, Christopher Marks Community Founder, will cast the tie-breaking vote. Winners will be chosen based upon achieving 1 of 3 potential goals: Goal 1 - Best Theme Tank Kitschy or cool, colorful or coldwater, pick a "theme" and stick to it. Give us detail on what your theme is and why you picked it. Take us along on your creative journey as you share your theme with us. Goal 2 - Best Aquascape Design The golden ratio, symmetry or asymmetry, spires, caves, and cliffs. Creating a balanced and harmonious aquascape is a delicate art form. Show your creative side and dazzle us with a colorful and unique aquatic landscape. Goal 3 - Best DIY Modification Don't you hate it when you can't find what you want in a store? Sometimes you just have to DIY! Share your problem and the steps you take to come up with your own solution. Win a CoralVue Hydros Control 2! 🏆 Challenge goal winners will receive a HYDROS Control 2 Aquarium Controller from community sponsor CoralVue! 🎉 The all-new HYDROS Control by CoralVue allows you to monitor and control your aquarium like a pro, even if you’re a beginner just starting out. Track temperature, PH, ORP, water level, flow, leaks, outlets and more. Control pumps, timers, level sensors, dosers, fans, solenoids, switches, cabinet lighting, and whatever else you dream up. Check the health of your tank and take corrective action from anywhere using the HYDROS mobile app. Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. Smart plugs. Color-coded ports and cables. Add accessories without having to connect extra modules and cords. HYDROS is a system you can grow with! The Control 2 and Control 4 can be used together and are compatible with the HYDROS WaveEngine. HYDROS Control 2 Aquarium Controller Includes: Control 2 Head Unit Power 4 WiFi Controllable 4-outlet Power Strip Temperature Sensor HYDROS Control 2 Features Monitor key aquarium water parameters and control equipment from anywhere using the HYDROSapp for Android and iOS. Easily adjust settings by swiping on your mobile device. There is zero coding or complicated programming required. Mobile text alerts and app push notifications are sent the instant something goes wrong so you can take corrective action remotely. Set rules to turn on & off equipment automatically based on real-time data and create schedules to perform tasks throughout the day. The HYDROSControl 2, HYDROS Control 4, HYDROS WaveEngine, and future HYDROS products can all be used together. The HYDROS Control 2 Aquarium Controller launches spring 2020! Potential prize winners may only claim a prize from 1 of 3 goal categories. In the event a nano reef tank is voted as a winner for 2 or more goal categories, the winner must choose only 1 of the available winning prize categories and forfeit the remaining category prizes to the nano reef tank(s) with the next highest vote count(s) in the remaining goal category (or categories). 🎁 Bonus Awards from CM Win a Nano-Reef T-Shirt & Sticker pack! Friendly Competition - Award for the most helpful and encouraging competitor. Bad Luck - Award for the competitor that just can't seem to catch a break. Frugal Master - Award for the best challenge tank on a budget. Please keep in mind our wonderful community sponsors when purchasing your equipment, supplies, and livestock! ❤️ 365 Day All-in-One Nano Reef Challenge Competitors List Follow along with all the entries by using the Nano-Reef Community Tag "365 Day Challenge" <- Bookmark This Link Check Back Soon!
  7. The tube returns! Plans - I'm not sure, the Randalls will likely be banished here to keep it cycled and I may end up with some special filefish to experiment with, otherwise the damsel may end up with a little pygmy perchlet friend. Lots of Macro once it's in season again, maybe an elegance or some euphyllia to just let go nuts in a nutrient-heavy system. I may as well do a little pricing game since I tagged this as a #BudgetReef, I'll update below whenever anything gets added: -Atoll tank, freebie with $130 AI Prime (I sold the light, bought a prime hd for 120 and then sold that - in any case the light's not on the tank so I don't think it counts) -Return pump, came with tank -Finnex Titanium Heater $20 -ABI Tuna Blue PAR 38 $30 ($3 for the lowedepot bargain fixture and $2 for the pie-tin light-shield) -Branch Rock $15 -Rolland's Damselfish $20 ($0 after store-credit, but that's kind of cheating) -Dragons Breath $0 (Was $5 for the original frag, but little lydia likes to frag it for me) -Odd Frogspawn morph $0 ( $5 originally, Came from 20L system -should maybe count?) -White Tipped Torch $0 ($10 originally, Came from 20L system -should maybe count?) -Pair of Trochus $3 -Red Legged hermit and shells $2 -4+ dwarf ceriths $0 (compliments of old tank and possible baby-time, still have a few juvie trochus growing up) March Additions: -Duncan (purchased by my wonderful wife) $10 -Bravo Favia (Some crazy oaf of a monkey came in and fragged the original $15 animal, what luck!) -Baby Acan colony $20 May Additions: -Chalice coral from 20 Long $0 ($10 or so last year -might need to count?) -Iron Man Disco $12 August Additions: -Neon Green Sinularia $10 -Autumn Favia $5 $147 Total This is about the tanks, not me, so I decided to post every acrylic-tanks favorite snackfood, Polish... I may have accidentally crazed the whole interior with a paper-towel which previously had rubbing alcohol on it, and it may have taken a few days to polish it clear again. Whole setup is just waiting for a table to sit on, and then will get wet and dirty with some nice pre-cycled rock, I'll even toss a damsel in for color!
  8. I have been wanting one of these little tanks for over a year, so this competition was a great excuse for it. I had wanted the cube version, but as they didn't have it in stock, I took the peninsula instead. Also, it most likely will prove the better decision anyway, for the livestock I plan to get. Tank: Started 2/7/2020 AquaTop Pisces 5 gallon Peninsula Bullet Equipment: Stock pump Fluval 50W heater Stock light Media: Stock bio balls Stock carbon/floss filter cartridge MB 7 2lbs live rock Bare bottom Stock: Two accidentally transferred blue leg hermits Bristle worms GSP colony Small colony of palys Plan for: 1 tail spot blenny 1 ornamental shrimp (either skunk cleaner or fire shrimp) More palys or zoas Mushrooms 🎵LET IT WHIP!!!🎶
  9. ... Throwing my hat in the ring with a silly undersized AIO shrimp tank! I'm getting a new office at work and once the dust has settled I'm planning on setting up a small tank to house some sexy shrimp and hardy corals - the theme will be "Mean & Green". I haven't actually asked my employer yet but as they say, it's easier to seek forgiveness than ask permission haha... Tank Custom cut AIO wall and lid in 4mm and 8mm acrylic Custom 3.4L/0.9USG cube in 4mm opti-white glass 15x15cm square of purple yoga mat foam under tank Equipment Visitherm 10W heater Tunze 'Universal Mini' pump TMC iLumenAir v2 Nanolight Media Carbon/GFO Trusty filter floss Gnarly dry rock rubble scape Two mini egg-crate media racks Current stock Plenty of GSP Asterina starfish Mini dove snails Two sexy shrimp Papaya clove polyps Metallic green rhodactis Ultra green velvet rhodactis Red Gracilaria mammillaris algae Ultra green jawbreaker discosoma Radioactive dragon-eye, gobstopper, goblin's fire, and rasta zoas End of August FTS End of July FTS End of June FTS End of May FTS End of April FTS End of March FTS End of February FTS Cheers, SG
  10. Hi Nano-Reef! Thanks for checking out our journal! This tank will be jointly cared for by my partner (Ange) and I. We were inspired by the floating reef tank of coral_fish_zoa of instragram, and decided to create our own rendition - It's perfect timing that the 365 day challenge coincided! 🙂 We'll add more info and plans shortly, but for now, we hope you enjoy the initial scape ❤️ Craig & Ange
  11. NoOneLikesADryTang

    Two Tanks, One Thread - 365 New Ocean Rock

    At the end of December, I pulled off what I thought to be my greatest aquarium feat; I talked the tank keeper in to a much larger (for us) aquarium. We found someone getting out of the hobby that had an IM SR80 for sale, with all livestock and equipment. The arrangement we came to, was that the tank keeper got to restart the tank, and to get down to three tanks. With that being said, we’ve spent the better part of the last two months selling off livestock, donating corals to two school marine clubs, and planning the start of this new tank. Our goal was to get the tank broken down, by March 1st, and by golly, we made it(I didn’t account for leap year - thank goodness for the extra day!). Over the last month, with the help of many of you here, I was able to talk the tank keeper in to letting us join the AIO 365 Day Nano Reef Challenge. The tank keeper and I both like the looks of peninsula tanks, and I knew if I had a shot at joining this challenge, it’d have to be a peninsula tank I set my sights on. After a couple of discussions/begging/pleading/promising I ordered an IM NUVO 20 Peninsula, for this challenge. Today, we spent most of the day, moving the remaining livestock to holding tanks, and completely broke down, cleaned and moved the SR80. It is now back up and running, but we will not move any livestock back until we are happy with the aquascaping, and know that the tank is stable. I will be journaling both of the tanks in here, but I know that only the peninsula 20 is eligible for the competition. However, it did not stop us, from commemorating the day for us, by starting two new tanks. I present to you, Two Tanks, One Thread. An IM Nuvo SR 80, and an IM Nuvo Peninsula 20.
  12. Sept 2020 Aug 2020 July 2020 June 2020 May 2020 April 2020 March 2020 Feb 2020
  13. I was already planning to move my 2.5 gallon Old School Pico contest tank to a little larger tank and keep it running - AND it seems I can't stay away from these contests - especially when there's over 60 people joining - so why not?? This will be contest #3 for me . I doubt it will be a charm like they say, but it should be fun, and hopefully not as frustrating as it's been lately. Going into this, my goal is to get the rocks and coral recovered. The tank's been in a world of hurt for the last several months as I've battled several things and lost some coral. Click on the link in my signature if you're at all interested in what's been going on with the tank. I appreciate everyone who has been trying to help me through it all. Here's an FTS from this past Thursday just so you can see the starting point - thankfully just lots of brown and red algae now and a couple of corals on the decline...but this WAY better than it's been. It doesn't seem quite legit to just move everything into a different tank for this contest, so I may change up the scape a bit now that I won't have the big HOB filter hanging down taking up a lot of prime real estate within the display itself. And the coral will be getting a huge lighting upgrade from the 12w ABi Tuna Blue par 38 bulb - to either a Nanbox Mini Tide Plus M (starting with this) or an Ai Prime. And then there's the Lifegard 4.1 gallon AIO tank, which I got for Christmas from my wife a couple of years ago that got put into the closet when the Old School Pico contest was announced. I'm very happy finally be able to get to use it. So I guess it will be a little different afterall - and I know I'll make changes over the course of a year and add a bunch more coral - once the tank is stable and I've got the nutrient levels stable. Tank - Lifegard 4.1 gallon Return Pump - MJ606 Heater - 25W Aqua Thermo Temp Controller - Finnex Max-300 Lighting - Nanobox Mini Tide Plus M (from @second_decimal) Flow Pump - TBD and if space allows ATO - XPAqua Duetto Filter Floss Holder - InTank (Waterbox Cube 7 version) Substrate - Bare bottom - white ABS siliconed to the bottom glass Aquascape - Aquamaxx rubble rock - a couple of pieces glued together to make the largest one Lid - TBD Livestock - Shark nose goby from Algae Barn Ricordia (Got Corals) Zoas (Got Corals) Sexy Peach Galaxy palys (from @Weetabix7 orginally in reefbowl) Bubblegum digitata (Got Corals) Green Psammocora (Got Corals) - not looking so good Frogspawn (Got Corals) Hammer (Got Corals) - not looking so good Acan (originally in reefbowl) - not looking so good GSP (from @Weetabix7 originally in 100 Days of Nano's tank) Dwarf ceriths (Reef Cleaners) Florida ceriths (Reef Cleaners) Trochus snail (Reef Cleaners) Blue legged hermits (Reef Cleaners) As this is a 365 day challenge, I’m going to try to live up to that spirit by posting something here every day. It may be an observation of something in or about my tank, a question I need an answer to or advice on, water test results, a remark of frustration (I will try to keep these to a minimum), something I’ve learned or read about reef related, or anything else reef related. Hopefully that will add to the richness of the thread.
  14. tanacharison

    Spec 3 Pico Reef

    I present to you another Fluval spec 3 pico reef! Last time this tank was running it was a freshwater shrimp tank. After a few years in the basement it's back for a fun nano-reef contest. This time I'm letting the family participate in this one... First choice is the winner of every taco Tuesday. Taco Bell sauce, mostly for the fun quotes. 😂 Tank: Fluval Spec 3 2.6g Return Pump: Sicce Micra Filtration: Intank Media basket Light: ABI 23W Tuna Blue LED Bulb Heater: 25W-Neo-Therm
  15. I've been considering doing a pico jar for a couple months, and so I though this competition would be a good excuse to pull the trigger. My goal/theme for this jar is to have a space for green star polyps and pulsing xenia to go wild and take over the whole aquascape without threatening any other corals. Those two species will most likely be the only corals in the tank. For the sake of my personal finances, I'm building this system as cheaply as possible. All equipment and prices are as follows: System: Tank: Anchor Hawking Heritage 2 gallon jar - $18 Pump: Generic 95 GPH pump from amazon - $9 Return lines - $7 Heater: Aqueon 50w preset - $8 Lighting: Lominie Asta - already had - $0 Black Acrylic: already had - $0 Black silicone: already had - $0 Scape: 4lbs dry rock - $12 Live rock rubble from a refugium - $0 Aragonite sand, already had - $0 Curent total: $54 Without further ado: I'm from the Midwest; ranch goes on everything. Cardboard mock-up of the rear chamber. The contour of the jar is going to make the acrylic work a bit more complex I originally had attempted to form the chamber out of a single piece of acrylic heated in the oven. It didn't go well. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos, so i can't share what a mess that was. Though maybe for the sake of my pride that's a good thing... Here's the finished piece siliconed into the jar. And here's where it's at right now, waiting for the silicon to cure. Hoping to be able to scape and fill tomorrow. I'm really excited about this challenge! Good luck to all, let's have some fun!
  16. Noah C Peterson

    365 Days of Zen

    What have you all done to me? I go 4 whole years without a tank and now I'm setting up my second contest tank in a year. You should be ashamed! Found this little 2-3 gallon AIO chilling in my attic and couldn't resist myself. The plan is to spend very little money while creating a peaceful flowy zen garden. I'm planning on a bonsai style scape hoping to recreate a Ishizuke, ishitsuki so a tree on a rock. Gotta shout out @pisces4u for his 10 gallon torch bonsai. This inspired me years ago as a teenager to get into reefing and I think it will be an incredibly fun homage for this contest. Equipment Tank - Evolve 4 Light - KINGBO Par 38 Heater- Aqueon Mini Flow - JaJale mini 66 GPH So far all of my equipment has been found from old projects 😎 Current FTS 8/19/20
  17. Little back ground. I have been on NR since 2012 and this is our first saltwater tank. My son and I were going to start a 2 gallon jar but ended up with a 20L that was given to us along with the light and pump. We have not thought of what to do and we did not have room for a sump. My son wanted to go with an AIO and the only way was to build it. 🙂 Equipment: 20L tank and stand. Sicce 1.0 pump Jebao PP-4 AI Hydra 26 Media basket DIY Media: Intank filter floss Caribdsea life rock: two new domes one used arch Caribdsea Fiji pink sand Stock: Percula clown fish CUC: Turbo snail Astrea snail Cerith Snail TBD: Emerald crab Blue eye hermit pom pom crab Dimond back Gobi Coral: Green star polyps BTA Frogspawn Spider Flakes zoa Utter Chaos zoa Nuclear green paly Zenia (TBD) Candy cane (TBD) Will fill this in when items arrive or we source them. FTS: 9/1/20 FTS: 8/8/20 FTS: 7/2/20 FTS: 6/7/20 FTS:5/3/20 FTS:4/4/20 FTS 3/18/20 LOL not much to show. Here is the AIO chamber build. Here is the aquascape layout, but I think we might have changed it. RO/DI Rebuild thread. @righttirefire @spectra @Matteo @shaneandjohn
  18. Hello everyone, For some time now I have been considering starting a pico reef tank with the sole focus on rock flower anemones. After recently stumbling upon this contest, it seems to me like there is no better time but now to get the ball rolling. I am super excited as this is my first contest and only my second tank after starting my first nano tank in May 2019. Since discovering this hobby, I have been fascinated by anemones but more specifically, rock flower anemones because of their appearance, endless variation of color, and the one of the only anemone species that can be kept in a pico or nano reef tank. My primary goal for this tank is to create a vibrant and colorful environment where rock flower anemones can spawn and reproduce. I do not know how difficult this is or if this is even possible in a pico tank but I hope to succeed at breeding them. System: Display: Lifegard Aquatics 3.8 Gallon Peninsula (14.17" x 7.87" x 7.87") Lighting: AI Prime HD Filteration: inTank Filter Floss Holder for Waterbox Cube 7 Heater: Archae 25W Circulation: Cobalt MJ606 Auto Top Off: XP Aqua Duetto Aquascape: I will be using live rock from GulfLiveRock.com and I will opt for a sand bed as I feel it is completely necessary for an environment catered to RFA's. I decided to go with a very simple aquascape with no overhangs or caves. Current Livestock: Gorgonians: Angular Sea Whip Yellow Sea Feather Spiny Orange Gorgonian Inverts: 25 Rock Flower Anemones Fish: None FTS 02-24-2020 FTS 05-28-2020 FTS 07-29-2020
  19. While this isn't my first reef tank I haven't had a fish tank for over 5 years (my last reef tank was a 30G lagoon tank). This 365 challenge was the perfect excuse to get back into it and I have been collecting parts since this time last week, and I have been silently lurking until I had enough of a tank together to make this post. I don't have a theme as such but there will be a heavy influence of DIY as specific saltwater tank components are either hard to come by or very expensive in New Zealand. The nearest cities to buy fish or corals is a 5hr drive or 1.5hr flight so this will be a challenge indeed! Obviously I still need to make the AIO chamber. I ordered the acrylic on Tuesday expecting it to be here for this weekend but it hasn't arrived yet 😡 More photos with condiments to follow next week. Tank 65L (16G) Tank DIY AIO chamber will be peninsula style Equipment AI Prime HD Eheim 600 w/ 3D printed RFG Jebao WP10 50W heater w/ DIY temperature controller DIY ATO Stock Plan Depends what I can get my hands on. Ideally a royal gramma, cleaner shrimp, & hermit crabs
  20. banasophia

    Banasophia’s Evo V 🌀

    Hi all, It’s funny how many of us are talking about our spouses/significant others as we figure out whether we’ll be doing this new Nano-Reef challenge. It really shows what an investment of time, money, and care this hobby can be. This past week I discovered that my hubs actually supports me in this hobby more than I knew. Because of him, I’m back, and joining in on the fun. Here’s what happened: Early last week the hubs informed me it’s not his place to tell me I can’t start a new tank; it’s up to me to decide 🤔 hmm could be a good sign When I had my little temper tantrum in the contest thread, it was the hubs that suggested I could apologize and come back 😊 hopeful to think people understand and give me a chance... we all have our issues Hubs even told me last night he liked my tank idea 🚦seems like a green light to me! 😁 So, of course, I took all this as the go ahead to move forward, and went to pick up the tank today! I’ll be doing a Fluval Evo V, 5 gallon tank, in my home office. Here’s my condiment shot. Honey for the humans, coral frenzy for the corals!
  21. Hello all! I'm new to this forum. I've been part of the aquarium hobby since childhood. I've been wanting to set up a nano for my wife and it be something she can call all her own. This will be a great learning experience for her. My plan is to set up two Waterbox cube 10's next to each other. One fresh planted and the other a reef. Coincidence that I received an email from CoralVue as I was in my planning stages. Just for fun, I decided to enter the contest. Theme: The Tree of Life.🌱 The following list will be updated as I add/remove/replace items. Equipment: Waterbox Cube 10. AI Prime 16HD with 12" Flex Arm. Eheim Heater 50 Watt. Finnex Max 300 Heater Controller. Sicce Micra Plus Return Pump. Sicce Voyager Nano 2000 Wavemaker. XP Aqua Duetto ATO. DIY Screen Top with Neat Aquatics Frame Corners. Kraken Reef Filter Floss Cup. Flipper Nano. Filtration: 8.5 lbs. Live Rock. Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter Lattice. Filter Floss. Red Sea Reef Spec Carbon. (When Necessary) Kent Marine Phosphate Sponge. (When Necessary) Salt Mix: Red Sea Salt. Testing: Elos- Nitrate, Calcium, Magnesium. Hanna- Alkalinity, Phosphate. Refractometer- Salinity Seneye- Par. Additives: FritzZyme 460. Purple Non Sulfur Bacteria. (PNSB) Live Phytoplankton. Red Sea Reef Energy Plus AB+. Red Sea Trace Colors ABCD. BRS 2-Part Calcium / Alkalinity / Magnesium. Livestock: Blue Leg Hermit Crabs. Astraea Snails. Copepods. Coral: Zoanthids. Duncan. Briareum. Hammer. Clove polyps. Blastomussa Merletti. I am starting this tank as a bare bottom but may decide to add sand at a later date. The 3 gallon planted tank next to the cube 10 will eventually be converted over to another cube 10.
  22. Hello everyone, Thanks to a couple of things that happened to me recently, I decided to enter the challenge for the very first time. My 15 gallon column reef recently crashed due to a combination of 2 part over-dose and heater malfunction. I was trying keep a mixed nano reef despite not having planned for it nor having proper equipment. It was not a fun time to see most of the corals bleached over night and animals lying at the bottom of the tank lifelessly. Just as I thought I was going to take it easy from the hobby for a while, my friend showed me this challenge. Although part of me is still afraid of making mistakes that would end up killing my tank again, I decided that I need to get up right where I fell. I need an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and this challenge is it. I am entering the challenge with a SPS dominant pico tank, and my ultimate goal is to learn how to keep it alive and happy, for at least 365 days. We will see how it goes, I guess. Here is the picture of the dry tank with my favorite food condiment inside.
  23. To be honest I was not going to join the challenge. I have 2 20 gallon mixed reefs that take a lot of my time and money. BUT..... I went to my LFS anniversary sale and low and behold I won a 5 gallon Aquatop Pisces tank. With the tank falling in my lap how could I not join in on the fun? Why is it Rascal the Cat’s tank? Well about 5 years ago I used to have a 5.5 gallon set up on our pass through from our kitchen to the dining room and he loved that tank. Rascal is now 13 and though still plays like a kitten he has had some medical issues. Soooo this tank is going to be set up for his enjoyment. Ok ok so now the fun part the equipment list. Tank: 5 gallon AIO Aquatop Pisces Filter: Not sure what media I will be using Light: Stock LED 4.3W Return pump: Stock 53GPH Hater: buying soon Rock Scape: still in the works Coral: Softies Fish: Goby? Inverts: Sexy shrimp?
  24. MinnReefer

    365 Day Challenge- EVO 13.5

    This is my first reef tank. Noticed the contest last week and jumped in. Tank: EVO 13.5 Still gathering up the other supplies I will be needing. Need to built some sort of stand. So hopefully I will have it up and running in the next week. Hope to keep some softies and maybe LPS. Going to keep it stock to start out but I am sure the mods will start happening the more research I do. Excited to participate. Have always wanted a reef tank. So here we go!
  25. Hi there I stubled upon this challange and thought it was the PERFECT excuse for an office tank. I am playing with dryscape right now. Tank is not at my office yet. I want to get all the pieces together first then take it in. Is seeding from existing tanks ok? So here is my entry into the challenge Tank Fluval Evo V Pump Cobalt 606 Heater ? Lights Stock + 2 blue led strips Fliter area Intank media basket with floss and cpe in the very bottom a bit of a block of marine pure ATO Will be some sort of diy with the stock pump from the tank. Stock will be flowery I hope (Guys I am not very creative) Rock flowers a plenty Zoas I may do a small torch or other euphilla to act as the "tree" in my flower garden. Maybe a little piece of cyphastrea once I figure out how the light really is.
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