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  1. (08/13/2022 FTS) The Tree of Life.🌱 Start date: 02/20/2020 Equipment: Waterbox Cube 10. AI Prime 16HD Reef with 12" Flex Arm. Coralvue Hydros: Control X4. Temperature Sensor. Auto Top Off Kit. Level Sensor for ATO Reservoir. Automatic Fish Feeder. Eheim 75 Watt Heater. Sicce Syncra Nano Return Pump. Icecap KI Neo Skimmer. Ecotech Marine Versa Dosing Pump. (3) EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10. Trigger Systems 5g ATO Reservoir. D-D Jumpguard Aquarium Screen Cover. Flipper Nano Glass Cleaner. inTank Filter Floss Holder. 3D Printed Feeding Ring. 3D Printed Dosing Tube Holders. 3D Printed Cord Holders. Filtration: 8.5 lbs. Live Rock. Big Kahuna Filter Floss/pad. Red Sea Reef Spec Carbon. Salt Mix: Aquaforest Reef Salt. Testing: pH- Pinpoint pH Probe / Hanna Checker pH. Alkalinity- Salifert / Hanna Checker Alkalinity DKH. Calcium- Salifert. Magnesium- Salifert. Nitrate- Salifert. Phosphate- Hanna Checker Phosphate ULR. Potassium- Salifert. Temperature- Hanna Checktemp 1. Salinity- Milwaukee Digital Refractometer. Par- Seneye. AutoAqua Smart Stir Magnetic Stirrer. Additives: Seachem Reef Plus Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Balance BRS Kalkwasser BRS Alkalinity / Calcium / Magnesium (For General Adjustments) Brightwell Aquatics Potassion (For General Adjustments) Livestock: Pair of Black Darwin Ocellaris Clownfish. Gulf Peppermint Shrimp. Blue Leg Hermit Crabs. Dwarf Cerith Snails. Stomatella Snail. Astraea Snails. Coral: (Soft) Eagle Eye Zoanthids. Nirvana Zoanthids. Rainbow Infusion Zoanthids. Sour Apple Zoanthids. Blue Discosoma Mushroom. Briareum. Green Star Polyps. Rainbow Clove Polyps Clavularia. Grube's Gorgonian. Purple Plume Gorgonian. (LPS) Duncan. Splatter Hammer. Purple Tip Frogspawn. Yellow Mouth Teal Tip Frogspawn. Lemon Lime Trumpet Caulastrea. Kryptonite Trumpet Caulastrea. Bicolor Trumpet Caulastrea. Alveopora. Red Blastomussa Wellsi. Purple Blastomussa Wellsi. Yellow Goniastrea. Dragon Soul Goniastrea. (SPS) ATL Blue Clover Staghorn Acropora. WWC Yellow Tip Austera Acropora. PC Rainbow Acropora. Millepora Acropora. Bubblegum Montipora Digitata. Green Montipora Digitata. Red Montipora Capricornis. Idaho Grape Montipora Capricornis. Green Pavona. Montipora Spongodes. Purple Stylophora. Rainbow Pocillopora. Neon Green Pocillopora.
  2. Moving up to a "large" reef, but never abandoning the best reefing forum out there! Quick background. Currently I'm running an Innovated Marine Fusion 20 that has been up for around 3 years had it's share of ups and downs. Around 6-9 months ago I had a dino outbreak that killed 95% of the coral I had, which in turn sent the tank into a new cycle. Since that point, I've been working on stabilizing the tank, but haven't been adding much in the way of livestock or coral. The thread for that tank is in my signature if anyone is interested. The fusion has been a great tank and has taught me a lot. Specifically that just because the community loves a piece of equipment or lots of people keep a specific fish or coral, that doesn't mean it's the right choice for my personal tank. Over the past few years I definitely rushed the addition of livestock and swapped in and out equipment far too frequently. My goal with this new build is to do the research and buy what is right for this tank from the start. To that end, back in October I finally pushed the button and ordered a Waterbox Marine X 60.2 (total volume ~54.5 gallons). However, since apparently every tank in America is on backorder, I'm still waiting for that glorious shipping notification. In the meantime, I've been gathering equipment, dry rock, and working on the aquascape. I want this tank to be interesting and last me for years to come, but I am also aiming for a somewhat lower maintenance / more forgiving setup. So, while I LOVE sps, I'm planning for this to be mostly softie, LPS, and euphyllia. Currently, I have two clowns which will be coming over to the new tank, but not much else will be transferred. I think a total of 5(ish) fish would be very doable in this tank, but the stocking list is still up in the air. Equipment Waterbox Marine X 60.2 (~54.5 gallons without rock and equipment) (44 gallons with rock and equipment) Lighting - 1X Kessil A360X + Kessil Spectral Controller X Return Pump - EcoTech Marine Vectra S2 (1400 gph max) Flow - 2X EcoTech Vortech MP10 / 1X Hydor Koralia Nano Natural Filtration ~25lbs Marcorocks Reef Saver ~20lbs Marcorocks Bahama Aragonite Dry Sand (may switch this to live sand) ~15lbs Ocean Direct live sand 1X Brightwell Aquatics Xport-Bio Dimpled Brick Mechanical Filtration Klir Di-4 - Drop In Automatic Fleece Roller Skimmer - Regal 150SSS 6" Space Saving Protein Skimmer (VarioS) - Taken offline June 2022 Controller - Neptune APEX EL Heater - 2X Bulk Reef Supply Titanium 100 watt + controller Dosers - 2X Bulk Reef Supply 1.1 mL/min 2X Neptune DOS - Dosing BRS/Tropic Marin Hybrid ATO - AutoAqua Smart Micro ATO Cycle Brightwell Microbacter Quick Cycle Brightwell Microbacter XLM Brightwell Microbacter Clean Livestock 2 Clownfish (1 Percula (Purchased 2016) / 1 Ocellaris (Purchased 2018)) Swissguard Basslet Tailspot Blenny Yellow Watchman Goby Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Tuxedo Urchin Various Snails Here's a picture of the aquascape. I'll try to get a video this weekend to better show the depth, but I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out. Right now it's only super glued, but once I'm fully satisfied I plan to mortar it together.
  3. Hello fellow reefers well here is my belated tank journal for my waterbox mini peninsula 25 gallon. i recently upgraded from a pico Fluval Evo 5 gallon, and i have made much progress. i have documented most of my progress, so this will be a photo heavy journal. I would like to invite you fellow reefers to join me in my reef keeping journey. Equitment Tank: Waterbox Mini Peninsula 25 gallon 23.6"×15.7"×15.7" Return pump: Sicce syncra silent 1.0 - 251GPH Lighting: AI Prime 16 HD Filtration: intank Floss holder, 4oz of carbon/GFO, 24oz of MarinePure Bio gems Skimmer: Icecap K1 nano Circulation: Sicce nano 1000 and Hydor 425 nano Temperature control: inkbird ITC 308A WIFI, and TP link kasa wifi outlets Heater: Aqueon pro 150 Watt heater Livestock: Fish Green Clown Goby Blue Neon Goby x2 Watchman Goby Midas Blenny Bengal Cardinal x2 Invertebrate Sexy shrimp X 11 porcalien crab X 1 Scarlet hermits X 4 blue legged hermits X 7 nassarius snail X 2 Astrea Turbo snail X 10 Mexican Turbo snail X 1 Coral Discosoma Mushroom X 7 Rhodactis Mushroom X 8 Yuma Ricordea X 2 Florida Ricordea X 5 Zoanthids X 10 Palythoa X 7 Green star polyps Chalice X 3 Blue trumpet, Caulastrea curvata Micromussa X 9 Duncan, Duncanopsammia Green singularia Leather Green Toadstool Leather Green long polyp toadstool Rock Flower Anemone X 7 Montipora x6 Favia x5 the X for corals mean different species and the X for inverts is multiples of the same species FTS 01/17/2022
  4. Display: Waterbox Peninsula 3620 ~60 gal 40 lbs of CarribSea Fuji Pink "Live Sand" 20 lbs of live rock DD JumpGuard netting Octo Aquatics Feeding port and tube 3D ReefGear.com square feeding port Avast Plank Automatic Feeder Lighting: 2x Ecotech XR15 Pro Gen 5 on RMS rail Powerheads: 2x Ecotech MP40wqd w/ Nemguard Ecotech battery backup Filtration: Stock Waterbox Sump ~ 30 gal Ecotech Vectra S2 pump MarineDepot 4in filter cups with LR and floss Simplicity 120DC Skimmer Refugium with grape caulerpa and ulva Chihiros RGB Planted Tank Light Controller: Hydros Control X4 pH & temp probe Heating: BRS 300w Titanium Heater Inkbird ITC-308 Controller Dosing: Red Sea ReefDose 4 DIY Tropic Marin All-For-Reef Vodka dosing Reef Moonshiners Method for trace elements Aiming for no water changes Water Parameters: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iN3Rf4lT3LPh5AbnffVxuFtZTiW67okqIgRISsXmkKk/edit?usp=sharing Livestock Fish: 2 - Juvenile Percula Clownfish ("Barcello" & "Atami") 2 - Pajama Cardinal ("Pants") 1 - Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse, Wetmorella nigropinnata 1 - Springer's Damsel, Chrysiptera cf. springeri 1 - Midas Blenny 1 - Diamond Watchman Goby 1 - Wheeler's Shrimp Goby 1 - War Paint Green Clown Goby 1 - Orange fin Tomini Tang 1 - Small Yellow Watchman Goby Invertebrates: CUC: Astrea Snails, Red Banded Trochus Snail ("Turbo"), Marginella snails, Red and Blue Leg Hermit crabs, ipsf Littorinid snails, ipsf microhermits, ipsf nerite snails, mexican turbo, ninja star 1 - Ultra Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone 1 - Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone 7 - Rock Flower Anemones 1- Large Mini Maxi Carpet Anemone 1 - Tiger Sand conch ("Larry") 1 - Randall's pistol shrimp 1 - Tiger pistol shrimp 1 - Porcelain Anemone Crab 1 - Pencil urchin (in sump) 1 - Tropical Abalone 1 - Squamosa Clam 1 - Blue Tuxedo urchin 1 - Peppermint Shrimp Corals: GSP Pulsing Xenia Bam Bam, King Midas, Lazer Lemon, Blue Alien Orgasm Zoas, Super Saiyan, Greenbay Packers, Red and Green End Game, Rainbow Sakura, Rainbow Troll Superman mushrooms Green Favia Coral Galaxea coral Green long polyp purple toadstool Blue Ricordea mushroom Rainbow Lobophyllia Tan Candelabra gorgonian (Eunicea sp.) ACC Neon Icon Micromussa Lordhowensis (Acan Lord) ACC Green & Gold Goniopora Pink Flamingo Micromussa Lordhowensis (Acan Lord) Valentine Micromussa Lordhowensis (Acan Lord) Red Blasto TCN Weeping Willow Toadstool Leather Chili Pepper Plating Montipora CCGC Aquacultured Red & Green War Coral Mardi Gras Rhodactis Blue Eye Neon Green Goniopora Purple Tip Torch Peach Hammer Meteor Shower Cyphastrea Jade Green Torch Branching Bright GSP Green and Purple Bi-color Hammer Blue Duncan Blue Alveopora Purple Sprite Blasto Prairie Winkle Goniopora unknown green Goniopora Jack O Lantern Leptoseris ACC Glitter Goni Spongebob Cyphastria Orange Ricordea mushroom Red/white cynarina Diamond Tip Staghorn Acropora ACC Mellow Yellow Acropora BioReef Green Goblin Anacropora Bonsai Acropora Golden Plume, Spiny, Corky Finger, Purple Plume, Purple Brush Gorgonians Pagoda Cup Red Goniopora Inferno Bullseye Rhodactis John Deere Leptastrea Red & green plating Montipora Capricornus Alakazam Goniopora El Toro Acropora Millepora Blue Tenuis Acropora PC Rainbow Acropora Pikachu Acropora Button Scoly Christmas Favia Yellow Goni Green Hairy Mushroom Crimsom Tide Acropora Skittles Mummy Eye Chalice Introducing my follow up the the Fluval Evo 13.5 Somewhat Budget Tank is the new budget destroying tank, The Great Wave. The inspiration for the name came for the name while shopping at my LFS and came upon the "wave" shaped rock on the right. Tank is a Waterbox Peninsula 3620 59 gallon display (36in x 20in x 20in) with a 29 gallon sump setup as a room divider between my kitchen and living room. My plans are mostly move coral from my existing tank with additional colorful fish that will hopefully utilize the open area at the upper portion of the tank. I'm going to attempt a no water change or very infrequent water changes, monthly water testing and supplementation per Reef Moonshiners Method. Currently, the tank is still cycling, still detecting some ammonia. I dosed a 4 oz bottle of Fritz TurboStart 900 and daily dosing MB7. Aquascape is purposefully sparse as I will be moving some live rocks from my existing tank. Took my best shot at cord management. The sump is huge and takes up most of the cabinet space! Still waiting on some additional equipment for the sump, wifi power strip and skimmer. Forgive my messy living room. I moved my old tank to the living room also so make the transfer easier. Looking from the living room side DD JumpGuard netting. It was fun putting it together with the fiance. Tight fit with the Ecotech RMS light rail. Took nearly 2 and a half days to fill using my RO Buddie 50 gpd RODI unit.
  5. Deputy_Pooh

    Fowler’s Waterbox 10

    After a very long hiatus (8yrs to be exact), I’ve decided to rekindle one of my favorite hobbies. Reef tanks.. In the past I’ve had everything from biocubes, to 40 gallon octogon, 75 gallon rimless and a 90 gallon. This was my bio cube before I parted ways with the hobby.. This time around, I wanted something simple but elegant and I have hopes of it blooming into a eye dropping mini mix reef tank. After doing a lot of research, I went with the Waterbox brand over the IM fusion pro series. There’s something about miniature tanks that catches my eye. A lot has changed with equipment and technology since I last owned a tank. But I’m excited to be a nano reef owner again.. Patients is the key in this hobby…stay tuned.
  6. FM's Round 2 Reef

    FM's 15g Waterbox Peninsula

    After almost a decade hiatus from the hobby, I got the itch again and decided to do things "better" this time around and correct some of the mistakes that I made my first go at this. The goal was to keep things as simple as possible, utilize a small footprint, purchase quality equipment, create an "easy" to maintain system, and stay under a $1,000 budget for all tank/equipment/rock/sand to get things started (looking back at this laughing at the thought of all this). Below is what I ended up with (I even hit my budget mark with $50 to spare!): Tank: Waterbox Peninsula Mini 15 Lighting: AI Prime 16 Controller: Neptune Systems Apex Pumps: Sicce Syncra Silent .5 Powerheads: Hygger Mini Wave Maker ATO: AutoAqua Smart ATO Lite Heater: Eheim Jager 75w (2 for redundancy) Substrate: CaribSea Special Grade (15lb) Rock: BRS Dry Rock (10lb) RODI: RO Buddy 50gpd Entire tank was setup 5/16/21 and running in about 6 hours, which was mostly just waiting for salt to mix. Live sand and dry rock clouded things up but cleared in under 12 hours (assuming I can thank the filter sock for a big part of this). Not planning to add any live stock for at least a month after cycling with the assistance of MicroBacter 7 and some live rock rubble from an established tank to seed the dry rock. No lights at all or water changes during cycling until confirmed completed. Will do a 80%-90% water change when cycle is completed to get any excess nutrients out of the tank for when the lights get to turn on to avoid any nuisance algae that can be avoided. Looking forward to seeing how things go! May 2021
  7. Bearnadian

    Starting New Waterbox 10 Cube

    Just starting out my new Waterbox 10 Cube. 10 lbs Direct Live Oolite Sand 10 lbs Dry Rock MarcoRocks Floss Pad Black corse sponge (came with Waterbox) Original AI Prime Light with Flex Arm Eheim thermocontrol e75 sicce nano return pump Autoaqua smart ATO lite Aquaticlife Twist 4 stage Seachem Ammonia Alert Chemipure (original) Red Sea Coral Pro Salt SeaChem Stability SeaChem Prime (only as needed) Purple Helix Coralline Algae ARC Reef
  8. Rowena

    Rowena's WB Cube 20

    Overview Start Date: Oct 2nd, 2021 Tank: Waterbox Cube 20 Light: AI Prime HD 16 Chamber 1: Stock Filter Sock (Oct 12, 2021) Media Basket (Oct 12, 2021) Filter Floss * 2 (Oct 12, 2021) 50mL Aqua Forest Activated Carbon 10mL Seachem Phosguard (Nov 25, 2021) Chamber 2: Aquael Ultra Heater 100W MarinePure Biofilter Media Cubes * 6 Chamber 3: Sicce 1.0 Pump (Nov 18, 2021 had enough with the buzz noise. The pump runs silently on its own, but i guess the chamber size made the vibration noise unbearable. Nothing helped) Inkbirk IBS-TH1 Wireless Thermometer Jebato-150 ATO (Oct 12, 2021) Stock pump (Nov 18, 2021) Display: 8.5kg Macro Rock 2.5kg Coral Sand Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Hangon Thermometer Unbranded USB Peristaltic Pump to suck water out as part of semi-auto WC (Oct 12, 2021) Jebato-150 ATO for salter water top up as part of semi-auto WC (Oct 12, 2021) Acrylic + Mesh Lid (Oct 12, 2021) Seneye Reef Monitor (Oct 24, 2021) AI Nero 3 (Nov 13, 2021) 3D printed nem guard (Nov 29, 2021) Fish: Fullband ocellaris clownfish (Nov 06, 2021) Misbar ocellaris clownfish (Nov 06, 2021) CUC: Nassarius snail (Nov 13, 2021) Trochus snail * 3 (Nov 13, 2021; +2 Nov 25, 2021) Turbo snail * 3 (Noc 25, 2021) Coral: GSP - toxic green (Nov 13, 2021) Toadstool leather coral (Nov 13, 2021) Anemone Frosted rose bubble tip anemone (Nov 20, 2021) Other Chaeto (Dec 3, 2021) Plan: Zoa rock (the piece in the front) Fungia Pipe organ coral Alveopora Hammer Torch
  9. sabareefer

    diy 10 gallon aio tank

    Hi all. Since I’ve just finished this project, I figured I’d share it on here. this tank started as an ordinary 10 gallon setup filtered by an aqua clear 70, but I always wanted an aio tank, but couldn’t find a reasonably priced tank where I live. After waiting a while, I pulled the trigger on the lifeguard aquatics 9.98 gallon aio tank. At first I was happy with it, but I quickly realized the design flaws with that tank. Firstly, the overflow weir cut outs are too small. That combined with the improper heights of the baffles meant my return section was running dry at an alarming rate. After giving up with that tank, I decided to try to create my own aio tank. Since I don’t have the means (or budget) to have the aio system to be created from acrylic, I decided to take a risk and use corrugated plastic. I found a black sheet of the material for only 5.99 CAD which was very convenient. The most time consuming part was precisely cutting the overflow, because I tried to make it look proper by printing a template, and gluing it to the plastic. Upon realizing that I Couldn’t properly make the rounded overflow like the real tanks, I just cut out a rectangle opening, and cut out small rectangular pieces to act as the barriers. I then siliconed them to the back of the opening. It’s fragile and crude, but it works. for the baffles, I modelled them after the Fiji cube aio box. The intake chamber will consist of the media, and the return chamber will have the heater and the pump. I went this way because I didn’t think I would have enough space for a middle chamber. Soon I will make some sort of media basket to properly contain the filter media in the first chamber. Please disregard my crude silicone job. At first I had taped off a perimeter to keep it neat, but after I removed the tape I decided to add more silicone to be safe. P.S The tank is still cycling, no livestock is in here yet. thanks for taking a look everyone.
  10. Raindog3030

    Waterbox Nano Owner's Thread

    Howdy y'all! I believe I may be one of the first to adopt one of these gorgeous little Starfire beauties and I figured it would be a good time to start a thread for anyone else who may/has purchase(d) one! So far, Waterbox has been very responsive in dealing with the only issue I have run into so far [with the 7g model], the included return pump. They did so by sending me a free Sicce Mi Mouse return pump to replace the ECO66 pump, this may or may not be the case with other tank sizes in the series. I don't think any of us can argue that these AIO cubes are very attractive considering the quality of materials, construction, and included accessories! So, without further ado, please join in on the conversation! Is it just another AIO? Do you have one? What do you think? Are you some weird-o lizard person impersonating a reefer?!?!?! Here is the manufacturer page for reference: https://waterboxaquariums.com/cube/
  11. William

    William's Waterbox 70:2

    After years of contemplating upgrading my Red Sea Reefer Nano, I have finally pulled the trigger. I took advantage of Waterbox's "Blue Friday" event and ordered a white waterbox 70:2. Aquarium specifications: Aquarium: Waterbox Aquariums 70:2 (47 gal display) Sump: stock with Klir rollermat installed Return: Hydor Seltz D Varia Flow 1200 DC Aquarium Pump Skimmer: Red Sea Reefer RSK-300 Protein Skimmer Dalua Great White GW -12 Waterflow: MP40WQD , Gyre 330 x2 Heater: 2x100w Cobalt Neotherm eheim Controller: Apex with WXM, PH, ORP, Salinity, Trident Light: Reefi Duo Extreme Dosing pump: Kamoer X1, 3 pumps Auto-top off: XP Aqua Neptune ATK Sand: Barebottom Rock: Existing rock from my RSR nano, 20lbs Of Liferock “shapes” Salt: brightwell neomarine Misc: Artfully Acrylic screen top NO3/PO4 removal: Aquamax biopellets Marinepure Plate/ balls Fish: Flurry Clownfish x2 Flame angelfish Longnose Hawkfish Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish Mombassa Lionfish Biota Yellow Tang Red Bandtail Waspfish Foxface rabbitfish Fairy wrasse
  12. Review - The product itself is amazing. The stand is sturdy, UV coated, sturdy hinges, great cutouts and just looks super modern. The tank itself also looks very sleek and very well built. Also for a great price. A few cons would be I wish they provided the white AI prime light with the plus version since their stands are white. Also, the stands do not come with directions and they don't have specific directions for the cube 20 stand so someone that isn't handy like me it took a long time. Also customer service are hard to get a hold of, for me both email and voicemail took days to get a reply and you can't get anyone to answer. With that being said I don't regret my purchase I love the product and can't wait to start filling it up with goodies. Build Thread/Stocking Ideas - This is my first fish tank ever, never even owned a beta lol. So i may have a bunch of failures. Rocks - 20lbs life rock shapes (aquascaped with marco cement) Return pump - stock pump (may upgrade to sicce 1.0 to try and get it very quiet) Flow - Koralia 425 Heater - 2 x 50 watt eheim jager inTank media basket (filter floss, seachem matrix, chemipure blue) Tunzee 3155 ATO (5G jug) DJ switch that is labeled. Big Temp monitor that will alert me if temp gets off. BRS 5 stage RODI Unit Stocking 1 clown fish 1 yellow spotted goby/candy pistol shrimp pair 1 purple fire fish Lots of rock flower Anemones Mixed reef Sexy shrimp/Porcelain crab and other cuc Tank has been cycling 1 week, hopefully can add a fish in a week or two. I'm probably in the wrong hobby since I don't have patience lol.
  13. Covetous

    Best AIO nano tank?

    Hello, long time aquarist new Reefer. I’m really wanting to set up a Nano reef. I’ve kept Fish only salt water tanks, and plenty of freshwater. But never gotten into coral. I really want to ease into it. And figured one of the All in One systems where the way to go. Plus the esthetic of it is pleasing. I feel like I’m stuck between the Waterbox Mini Peninsula 25 and the Bio Cube 32. But I’m open to other suggestions I’d like to stay right around that 30 range. Is there any major differences between the smaller all in ones that could be game changers? I'm really just looking for suggestions comments or maybe even other all in one systems I haven’t looked at.
  14. Red sea max office nano (20 gallons) Started februari 6 2020 ~Rock rescape march 10 (old scape broke while remodeling) April 24 Update March 30 2020 Update Hey reefer friends!Due to a reconstructionproject off the house for a bigger kitchen/dining room, and yes ofcourse a bigger tank, I recently sold my reefer 350. After that I changed jobs. With the new job came my own office. To keep my fingers salty and to stay in touch with the hobby, I bought a second-hand red sea max nano to set up as an office tank. Which, to be honest, kinda is a dream come true. The reason I went secondhand is to see if the set up is maintainable in a work-environment. I might upgrade to a 40 gallon later. Equipment: AI prime hd Vortech mp10 Smart ATO micro Tunze 9001 Reef Tops UK custom top D&D coral lense Filtermedia: 10 Maxspect biospheres Bag of carbon when needed Substrate/Aquascape: Red sea reef base pink Real reef rock -second hand, bleachcured ~ 10 lbs Fish and inverts Pair of Wyoming clownfish Dwarf blue hermit crab Coral Toxic green torch Rainbow acan Red acan Green acan Gold/purple acan Red blasto Purple blasto
  15. RedPhotog

    Hunter's Waterbox 40.2

    I finally got my Waterbox delivered yesterday, and I will soon be starting the process of moving the livestock from my 12g HOB system, into this glorious Waterbox 40.2 gallon AIO. I have only had HOB style tanks, and this aquarium will be the biggest system I've owned or maintained. I wanted to go bigger, like 50g-75g with a sump, but felt like I needed to take baby steps with reefing, get to know how pumps and chambers work, and all of the stuff I never had to worry about with HOBs. The biggest reason I got the 40.2 from Waterbox is to minimize as much stress to my livestock as possible. I don't want to have another cycle and risk anything changing. I want to get out of my 12g and into the 40.2 as quickly as possible. Things are doing really well, I am seeing great growth and color, and I just want to give the reef a more space and quality in equipment. I can already tell this Waterbox aquarium is going to be a complete 180 from what I am use to, and it will tremendously improve the quality of life for my livestock! The tank arrived in a wooden box tied to a wooden crate by freight. The driver was super cool and brought the items inside my garage without me even saying a word. By far the best packing job I have ever seen from a company selling glass to customers. They really did a stellar job assuring me this tank was packed responsibly. I mean, if you need a drill to open the box your aquarium comes in, chances are its gonna be ok right?! : ) The tank has been running water overnight for a leak test. When I left for work this morning, everything looked perfect. I will post more pics of the tank outside of the packaging tonight. And I will create a list of the equipment I am running now and what I plan to upgrade to. I am relatively new to the forums. I don't post often or get much attention from anything. This thread is to keep a diary of my new tank for myself, as well as to provide any info for anyone interested in upgrading an existing tank to a bigger one, or who is interested in the Waterbox AIOs. I will do my best to provide all of the specs of both of my tanks, along with pictures and updates , of the steps I take to move my livestock into their new glass world. I am very excited to share this experience with fellow reefers. It had been about 8 months of solid researching before I made this purchase with Waterbox, and now it's time for me to play! Stay tuned!
  16. So I bought some of the necessities during BF. Today I spent the day aquascaping with branch rock. One branch might be too close to the glass. We’ll see. Ordered the WB Mini Peninsula 25 today. Next will be the flipper nano and we’ll find out how close it really is. Planning on going bare bottom. And doing a 4 month cycle do to the NSA. I bought some media for the middle chamber. Hopefully that helps as well. Any suggestions on the scape?
  17. Michael121579

    Waterbox Peninsula mini 15

    Anyone have a skimmer on their Waterbox Mini 15
  18. Waterbox Cube 7 - Mixed Nano Reef WHY A NEW TANK?! Alright, here we go! My much awaited Waterbox 7 is all ready to get into its cycling phase. My BioCube 16 LED will be a year old next month. It has gone through 2 significant transitions and the tank is doing great (thanks to many folks on this forum who have always been helping and providing wonderful guidance). As the corals are outgrowing, I usually give them to my local reefer buddies or give them to my local LFS for some store credit. It was not long ago, I thought it would be awesome if I had another tank (a small one considering the space factor) just to move a few corals from my current setup and ensure that there is no unseen warfare in the tank and someone eventually giving up. So as I was browsing through for a potential fit, I stumbled onto a great offer for the Waterbox Cube 7 at Saltwater Aquariums, and given I had some credits from some of my previous purchases, it did not take my more than 15 min to decide and go for it! It is indeed exciting to know that now I have one more tank where I can do everything right that I did wrong when I started with my BioCube 🙂 Experience teaches you many things, and this being a hobby that warrants continuous learning - one more tank, why not! Let's do it! WATERBOX CUBE 7 FEATURES ◕ Glass Thickness: 5 mm ◕ Tank Length: 11.8" ◕ Tank Width: 12.2" ◕ Tank Height: 11.8" ◕ Total Volume (Gal): 6.8 Ga TANK HIGH LEVEL CHARACTERISTICS ⇨ Aquascape : 4.5 lb. of Live Rock ⇨ Sand : 10 lb. of CaribSea Hawaiian Black Arag-Alive! Live Reef Sand ⇨ Heater : Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater, 25 Watt ⇨ Lighting : AI Prime HD+ ⇨ Powerhead : Hydor Koralia Nano 240 ⇨ Pump : AquaTop NP-80 ⇨ Skimmer : Reef Glass (it tucks in perfectly in the second chamber) ⇨ Screen: DIY Screen Kit SUMP DETAILS Chamber 1 In the first chamber, there is the InTank Media Basket (very compact and enough space for a filter floss, little Carbon and Phosguard) Chamber 2 This chamber houses my heater and skimmer. Good enough space for the Neo-Therm heater to be one side and the Reef Glass skimmer to be on the other. Chamber 3 This has the return pump and the ATO inlet. Here are some pics of the setup. I'm still playing with the aquascape. Should have it ready tomorrow and then I shall pics 🙂Livestock additions will follow once I'm through with cycling! Can't wait to see how the colors of the coral pop with the contrast of the Black sand bed.
  19. I recently set up my smallest tank yet, a Waterbox CUBE 10. It was a bit of a forced situation, as I needed a place to house my purpleback pseudochromis while I am in the early stages of my 180 dream tank build. (FTS Updated March 8, 2019) Some may say this is too small a tank for him, but "Pinky", as my daughter calls him (he's not pink, go figure, maybe pinky finger sized?), is a mean and hardy little bastard. He has been the sole fish in my JBJ 29 cube for 4 years, as he killed any other fish that I have tried to pair with him in that tank. He even bites at me when I have to work in the tank! But I need that tank to house other fish so he had to go somewhere... He has been in the WB10 now for about 2 weeks and seems to be doing fine. He is eating well, doesn't seem to be fretting or swimming along the tank sides, but just hangs out in his sand hole or hovers around staring menacingly at anyone he can see and begs for food…quite a character! I probably could have just grabbed a cheap tank and set it up for him, but I rarely do things halfway, so I figured I'd try my hand a smaller nano reef tank with (most) all of the trimmings of a larger tank. I am certainly interested in constructive thoughts and opinions. Please let me know if you have specific questions, or suggestions for improvements. Update July, 2019: Pinky passed away a while back, this tank was fallow for a couple months while I decided what to do with it. Turns out, after I put a Naked Clown and Lighting Clown in my JBJ28 with a Rainbow Anemone, they never really got along. The Naked Clown kept chasing the Lighting around and just generally being a pain. So, when I got back from a recent trip and the Anemone had split, I figured it was a perfect time to move both of them over to the WB10. Thus, now this is Storm's private tank, and the saga continues.
  20. Pumpernickel

    Waterbox Cube 20 setup

    Hi guys 🙂 I am about to get my first saltwater aquarium. I have some experience with freshwater and nano freshwater. Because it is my first saltwater I wanted to ask you about my planned setup and if you have any better ideas or additions. Tank Waterbox Cube 20 Equipment AI Prime HD Sicce 1.0 return pump Hydor Koralia Nano 100w heater inTank Media Basket (Carbon, bio balls, filter floss) I don't really know if I need a Skimmer. Some say yes and some no. Planned stocking Carib Sea Arag-Alife Bahamas Oolite Mixed reef Pair of Clowns Lysmata amboinensis Maybe some snails for cleaning Euphyllia glabrescens green tip blastomussa wellsi sarcophyton Thanks in advance for helping me 🙂
  21. Hi all, this has probably been asked a hundred times, but here comes number 101 😉 Simple question: what skimmer to use on a waterbox cube 20? Available options in europe (Belgium) aren't huge, popular ones are: OPTION 1: Comline DOC Skimmer 9001 (DC) (https://www.tunze.com/en/details/9001.000-comlineR-doc-skimmer-9001.html) (will have to modify this one for it to fit, because the magnet won't fit between the baffles of the back chambers, so we'll have to mount the magnet sideways) https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/368761-tunze-9001-im-nuvo-fusion-20/ OPTION 2: Hydor slim skim 135 (https://www.hydor.com/en/slim-skim/) Tight fit, but might work. Have no idea how this compares to the Tunze model... Other than that I don't see a lot of options, maybe the Bubble magus QQ might fit, or the QQ2... But is this a really solid choice? I anyone knows whats best, please let me know! Thanks!!
  22. Salty Acres

    Recommended AIO 20g

    Hello - I’m in the market for a 20g tank. I’ve come across a lot of article but no real consensus. im closely looking at the Waterbox cube. Cube style is the best for my setup. It sounds like Red Sea is the gold standard but it’s about twice as much (?). I would appreciate recommendations on what brand of AIO tank to go with. Thanks!
  23. My first tank! Excited to start the nano reef hobby. Goal is to be 100% Aquacultured/Captive Bred with zero impact on actual reefs. Tank: Waterbox AIO 20g http://waterboxaquariums.com/product/waterbox-20-cube/ Lighting: Kessil a80 tuna blue with mechanical timer (currently on for 6hrs/day in the setting of diatom bloom which has now resolved) Heat Source: Cobalt Neo Therm, with electric thermometer for confirmation (currently set at 77deg) Substrate & rocks: Live Aragonite sand, 12lbs of BRS ReefSaver, 6lbs Real Reef Rock http://realreefrock.com/ Water: "Real ocean water" from LFS, top off with distilled water Additives: Initially began cycle with BioSpira; StartSmart Complete recommended by LFS for water changes Fish: 1 DaVinci Clown Corals: 1 Galaxea Coral Anemone: ?Green BTA (This guy came from LFS attached to my Real Reef Rock). Hoping he survives and can one day host my DaVinci Feed: PE frozen mysis and calanus Water Changes: ~20% change every 1.5 weeks with "real ocean water" from LFS, daily top offs with distilled water Current parameters: T 77, Salinity 1.025-1.026, Using API kit: Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate ~15ppm Currently approaching 1month mark! Plan to get 2 fire shrimp next week if water parameters look good. Any tips, advice, feedback is appreciated.
  24. MintyFresh

    Mintys WaterBox Cube 10

    FTS 14 June 2020 FTS 04 June 2020 Tank Established: 26 May 2020 Equipment List Tank - WaterBox Cube 10 Return Pump - Eheim CompactOn 600 (turned down to around 2/3) Heater - 50W Ehiem ThermoControl Fan/Cooler - TBD Temp Controller - InkBird ITC-308 with plastic probe Lighting - AI Prime 16 HD on 12" flex arm Flow Pump - Jebao OW-10. Sine Wave, 4/8 power. Dosing Pump - TBD ATO - Tunze Nano 3152 Mechanical Filtration - Filter floss in 3D printed holder Chemical Filtration - Purigen Biological Filtration - bag of Seachem Matrix Substrate - CaribSea Aragonite Reef Sand Hardscape - CaribSea South Seas Base Rock Lid - TBD (custom lid would be nice, but the shipping cost from the US is almost as much as the lid for me.) Livestock List Fish 2x Ocellaris Clownfish (Carl and Ellie). Long term I might move these to a larger tank and get a smaller goby or blenny. We're fairly limited in the nano fish range here. Inverts 2x banded trochus snails 2x astrea snails (Mufasa and Scar) Small hitchhiker feather worm in blastos Coral Several Varieties of zoas. Green Hammer Blue frogspawn/octospawn Purple + Orange Lobophyllia Purple + Green Blastomussa (I think merletti, very small polyps) Elegance Coral Long term Coral wish list Due to the limited room in the tank, I went in with a fairly clear idea of exactly what I wanted to stock the tank with. There is a little bit of wiggle room of course but this is 90% of what I want. Gold Hammer Pink Hammer or Frogspawn 2-3 acan lord varieties Yellow Leather Red Monti Cap 1-2 stick sps, still undecided on exactly what I want. There are a few nice millipora around but I'm not sure if I trust myself with them in a Nano. More Zoas? If there's room, Ricordea florida. But I think I would rather have acans over these.
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