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Coral Vue Hydros

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Randall S Simpson

Two I added a while back I forgot to add, both did not get a bath due to there picky nature.  TSA Emerald City Montipora and TSA Megachrome Montipora.


I've added about 5-7 more small snails and some more tiny brittle starfish.

TSA Emerald City Montipora.jpg

TSA Megachrome Montipora.jpg

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Randall S Simpson

Added in the last 2 pieces I have ready yesterday, I will be adding another once it is large enough to get a good frag.  Plus I'll be moving some Zoas around until I find the ones I like the best under the light level I decide on.


I might be cursing myself here but this is the best start to a tank I can recall, I saw my first signs of a tan bacteria yesterday.  Nothing to worry about yet, but I will be keeping an eye on it.


Did not dip the Micro due to its small size.

Lady Bug Micromussa amakusensis

Tropic Thunder Montipora

Lady Bug Micromussa amakusensis.jpg

Tropic Thunder Montipora.jpg

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Randall S Simpson

Better photo of one of the Trimma tevegae.


Tank when it was first filled with water August 14, 2013.


First Coral added on 28 Aug, 2013 Radioactive Dragon Eye Zoa and today 9 Sept, 2013.


At least 3 of the bristle starfish moved into the filter intake sponge.


Lastly as the tank looks this morning 30 Sept, 2013.  32ish days from the first coral added.  No loses yet but 2 don't look happy.  Sadly I have went into a migraine cycle and can not provide the required care to baby them, just have to be happy I have extras.


PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS METHOD IF YOU DON'T HAVE REEFING EXPERIENCE, I did not go the best route or the safest route and I have 6+ other reef tanks to pull frags from.  Had I tried this method as a guide a few years ago I would have lost 90% of the corals, and had an algae covered mess.

Trimma tevegae1.jpg

Marco Rock.jpg

Radioactive Dragon Eye Zoa.jpg

Radioactive Dragon Eye Zoa1.jpg

Brittle Starfish1.jpg

Bottom 10g1.jpg

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Randall S Simpson

Tests from this morning


Ammonia .06

Nitrates 7.3

Phosphates .1


Probably a good time to start adding PH into the testing mix.

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Randall S Simpson

Been a while since my last update (my health issues flared up), as of today my nitrates are 21.2 ppm with phosphates at .21 ppm.  I have been unable to do my normal water changes and am about 2 behind so it makes perfect sense.  I've lost 4 frag pieces all SPS of course, and I've added some more.


Here is an overview and a closeup of the Goni's and Blasto's.


Added a Pederson's Cleaner Shrimp (Ancylomenes pedersoni) he is doing great so far, he picked a chalace frag I put on the bottom with the plans to mount it in a few days but it is now his station.


Better photo of one of the Trimmas.

4 Nov 23.jpg

Goni's 4 Nov 23.jpg

Blasto merletti's 4 Nov 23.jpg

Ancylomenes pedersoni1.jpg

Trimma tevegae3.jpg

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