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Jack's 10 year old 20g Tall


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My snail did a pretty decent job cleaning the glass in front of my blastos last night, so I broke out the camera and also got a stepstool to get a picture of my caps since they will probably get broken up next week when the tank is broken down.




And a Top Down of the caps - they are officially taking up a little more than half the width of my tank, definitely a bit over 12" 



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Well, the 20g is officially broken down and it is now running up in my guest bedroom on the bare minimum of equipment - powerhead, heater, and a light. It looks like I lost my Hawkins Echinata during the move, but everything else so far is good except for accidentally making a ton of frags of my caps and the yellow tips. Construction starts tomorrow and with any luck, the 50g will be up and running next weekend. Here is where it's at now:





Also, while I had the top rock of the left island out, I got a really good idea of just how far those colonies have come from the 3/4" frags they all started out as:


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While my SPS has no complaints about their temporary housing and still growing, my LPS and softies are absolutely loving it and growing like mad. It's only been 12 days and my blastos have added three new heads and the remaining heads huge, my super colorful acan put on another head and the smaller heads have grown considerably, and I've got two new zoas on my frag rack -- not to mention they are really liking the extra nutrients and getting better color!


Blastos Going Crazy:




Orange Acans Getting Bigger:




Zoas on the Frag Rack:


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10 Years, 1 Month, 11 days...


The 20g tall tank has finally been retired after 3,692 days having been moved 6 times, spending 4 nights in hotel rooms, and logging more than 2,000 miles on the road. Here is my favorite picture from the more than 10 years it was running - I will miss it:



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