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  1. Michael92g

    20g Long Setup

    I am currently trying to setup a 20G long reef tank. I want to have the tank FULL of lps such as torches, hammers, and frogspawn but I can't go without an anemone. I've had my 10g for about 2 and a half years and want something better. I am mainly contemplating between an AI Prime HD or a pair of Kessil A80 for lighting. Also, what would you recommend for a filter? It will be sitting on a breakfast bar as the center of attention. I wouldn't mind a small canister as long as it isn't really loud. I don't want to skimp but I don't want to be unreasonable. I also don't know where to start for a power head. Seems like everything is overpowered for a 20g. What other equipment/hardware would you recommend? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  2. Stoops718

    Need Anemone ID Help

    This anemone was sold to me as a BTA. I know first hand that not all bta's bubble, but this does not look like a normal bta. I was thinking maybe a LTA but I thought those would only stay in sand and this one has stayed in the same spot for a few days now. The column is beige with florescent green streaks in it, the disc looks purple under my lighting and the foot is beige. Either way it likes my tank and it's already hosting one of my clownfish
  3. I made a post a few days ago in My IM 20g flower flower farm that Something was funky with one of the baby RFA born in the tank.....I realize how rare this would be & how improbable to find in the tank so I'm still not 100% that this is actually what it is.......Anyway.... I think it is a Siamese twin with two heads! I'm about 85-90% sure. I saw a post on another form about an adult green RFA someone bought that would not attach because it had a parasitic twin attached to its foot so a Siamese twin would have to be just as possible. Its soooo small its very hard for me to tell 100% at this point. (if it isn't it's still strange & interesting that they would hold onto each other like that) At first I thought it was just two that were holding onto one another but after very gently trying to get them to separate & watching hem attach & hold on with what looks like the same oddly oval shaped foot I do think this is what I have going on....Even stranger they started out pure white but seem to be developing color at different rates. One has a brown/orange face & the other is whitish. I'm starting this thread to keep track of its development & health to see if it is actually two & if it separates. Its so tiny I'm hoping I don't loose it. I wonder if they will develop different colors & if its male or female or both! I estimate that it is about a week old. The heads are about half the size of one of its siblings from this same batch one is slightly smaller than the other but the foot is about the same size as the others. Ok interesting I found ANOTHER "twin" & this time there is no question what this one is. It is larger about twice the size of this one with both heads the same color two heads one body. One is head a little smaller than the other one. They are the same color & closer together that is why I did not notice before. What genetic oddness is going on in this tank..? Most of my rfa are sourced from different places at different times & none of the adults were born in this tank & there so I don't think its inbreeding. Siamese twin(?) #1 Siamese twin #2
  4. Hi, I've kept saltwater tanks and fish for a while and now am beginning to get into reef tanks. I purchased my first bit today but am not sure exactly what it is. Is it a bubble-tip anemone? (It's in the middle of the photo and it came attached to a small pink/purple/green rock. Each of its 'tentacles' are no bigger than about 0.5cm long. Also I tested all its water parameters that it came in the bag with to compare it to my tank water and it was all almost identical except the pH in the bag was 8.8 and mine in the tank was 8.2, is this too different and should I increase my one? I've read different things online and not sure what is correct. Also the green weed/plant in the photo on the bottom left had grew on its own, I don't think it is a type of coral but a seaweed. The picture is here: https://ibb.co/sR2Y9Ms thank you.
  5. meanduck124

    Does my RBTA dying?

    So my RBTA has been shiverled up like this for a while now. From time to time, it would expand normally, but about a week ago, it hasn't expanded once. Maybe it is dying or it just something they do. I'm currently put it in a quarrantine box so the clown won't bother it.
  6. eaa

    Help Id Anemone

    Please I need help id this anemone for I am a newbie. I bought it online and the seller told me this is mini anemone. But seeing it for myself, I doubt it's mini anemone, search it online and I'm convinced this is carpet anemone. If this is carpet anemone, I want to return it to the seller or I want to give it to anyone who wants to adopt and care this cute creature. My tank only 6g definitely not suitable for her.
  7. I just got a reef about 3-4 weeks ago everything's been going great I got some easy lps and softies all doing and looking great some even noticeably growing new heads! I also got a bubble tip anemone it looks great and healthy but ive been told that my light isn't good enough and that it will die what should I do?
  8. NoviceNanoReefer

    Waterbox 10g "Viewing" Thread

    Overview Tank: Waterbox 10g Equipment: Supplied pump AI Nero 3 AI Prime 16HD AquaEL Ultra 50W Heater Kamoer ATO SE Media: Poly-filter Supplied media (Activated carbon, sponges and plastic bio balls) Plans to change this to something like ceramic bio balls, but I believe most beneficial bacteria is on the rocks Plans to get rid of the carbon, due to polyfilter Rocks: Caribsea Dry Rock Arches Sand: Aqua Natural Course Aragonite Sand 9kg (not all used) Salt: Aquaforest Reef Salt Water: Tap water (TDS: 39) with dechlorinator Fish: Percula Picasso Clownfish Orange Ocellaris Clownfish Inverts (and Nems): Green Bubble Tip Anemone Rose/Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone (unsure?) 3x Small hermit crabs 4x 3x Turbo Snails (I knocked a Turbo snail off the glass cleaner when using it, and by chance it fell into the mini maxi) 4x 2x Nassarius Snails (one hermit keeps eating them for their shells....) Blue/Yellow Mini Maxi Anemone Corals: Softies: Orange Bam Bam Zoas Alpha and Omega Zoas Eagle Eye Zoas? Unknown Green skirt, yellow centre Zoa Green Ricordea Mushroom LPS: Pink tipped green elegance Green alveopora White and blue alveopora White alveopora Green and brown hammer Blue hammer Purple hammer Purple and green hammer Purple acans Red acans Future Plans: Sexy Shrimp Redline Cleaner Shrimp Fire Goby Hi everyone, I've found that I loved looking at all the build threads on this site, and I thought I would share some of my build thread experiences. My tank has been already 'built', however I thought I would try to share photos of how it matures, even if it is only for my own entertainment. Having previously fallen in love with the freshwater hobby over a year ago, I'm not particularly experienced, however I like to think I've learnt a lot since starting. I was first attracted to the saltwater hobby over a year ago, when I discovered the first marine lfs where I live. I instantly fell in love with the 'more colourful' fish, and I thought that corals would certainly be far too hard! Fast forward to March this year, and being in Australia, I had been spending a lot of time at home. Eventually my girlfriend allowed me to get a second tank if that was what I kept to. I'm proud to say its stayed at two tanks for the time being! In April, I picked the Waterbox 10 at my local lfs because I liked the cube shape, and the AIO nature of it, and I thought it would be a reasonable place to start in the saltwater hobby. After consulting my lfs, I bought everything that was needed, setting it up with: - 5 kgs Caribsea Dry Rock Arches, - ~6 kgs Course Aragonite Sand, - AI Prime 16HD with Flex Arm Then what followed was an extremely frustrating process of waiting. I had prepared myself for approximately a month of cycling, and my ammonia was at 0 after approximately 3 weeks, but the Red Sea test kit showed nitrite at the maximal 1, with nitrates often being 5-10. This led me to believe I couldn't start until I had 0 nitrate due to my lfs and my experience in freshwater. I then was curious about what could possibly be causing this, and I discovered my rocks were leaching small amounts of ammonia, and reasonable amounts of nitrite, by way of an experiment. I did this by performing an experiment with a control, with the rocks separately in buckets of water, and with the sand again in separate water. The rocks had 0.25 ammonia each and 0.5 nitrite each after 2 days. I have no explanation for how this occurred. (I'm a science student, can you tell?) I eventually came upon information that nitrite is not toxic to marine life in low levels around July, after buying and using so much bottle bac! However being cautious I waited it out, hoping my nitrite would reduce. Finally I bit the bullet and bought a basic ocellaris clownfish. Thankfully, all was well for about a week, with no signs of stress, and so I wanted to get 'it' a friend. Whilst at the lfs I fell in love with a picasso percula clownfish, as well as a small green bta. I also grabbed a small clean up crew of turbos and hermits. Having researched the gbta previously, I know it was a dubious decision, however, is my tank mature after being dormant since April? Who knows? The gbta quite quickly settled in a location and to my surprise was extremely happy visually. A few days later the picasso percula then started hosting it! I then visited the lfs a couple weeks later, where my girlfriend had spotted a nem that she loved. So I figured when I returned I'd entertain her and see what nem it was. It was a 'rainbow' bubble tip, and when we returned to the lfs she pointed it out in their display. I asked about their availability, and they offered to sell that exact nem to me, as it had split! I had also hoped that given my clowns weren't paired they could have a nem each for the time being! Unfortunately the percula decided both nems were theirs, defending them both from the poor ocellaris. I'll leave the thread at that for now, I hope you enjoy it!
  9. My saddleback clownfish hosts a condy anemone. She also hosts a bubble tip, but she definitely prefers the condy. I wasn't expecting my clown to take any interest in the condy but she proved me wrong 🙂
  10. veiledfox

    True Percula and Black Saddleback

    I decided to try pairing a true percula and a black saddleback ocellaris. I introduced them to the tank at the same time and made sure to have a plan in place to separate them if things went wrong. They've only been together for a week now, but I haven't seen any signs of aggression or bullying. Last night they slept in their anemone together. It's too cute!
  11. pH: 8.1 Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0.125 ppm Nitrate: 0 ppm 40 gallon tank has been cycling for a few weeks. Added a pair of percula clownfish and green bubble tip anemone. Anemone was looking great and open the other day, last night it started to close. I'm worried it might be dying. It looks like it's starting to open again this morning, but I'm still a bit concerned. I would love to hear any and all opinions. I'm new to the saltwater hobby, so I'm open to suggestions as well. Thank you in advance!
  12. Clown79

    Clown's Nuvo20

    I lucked out to get a 10g IM with the Skyye light used for $50. It had been used for 6mnths for a freshwater tank. It was in excellent condition. We made a pedestal stand for it out of 2x4's and special grade plywood used to make tractor trailers. This stand is solid and very heavy! Equipment 10g Im Stock pump Spin Stream Nozzle Skyye Light 10k 50/50 Caribsea black hawaiian live sand 80% dry rock/20% liverock I cycled the tank with just the liverock, no dosing of anything. The tank took 6 weeks to cycle. I had a favia brain in the tank because it had been in my 15g but was attacked by peppermint shrimp so I had to remove it. It was in bad shape. After the first waterchange we added a few hermits and snails. After a month we added a leather which was a carnation leather. Upon finding out the difficulty in success with this coral I brought it back to the store. I didn't want to take the chance and lose a coral in such a new tank. My first fish was a purple firefish. it was added about 2 months after start up. It was absolutely beautiful and such a great fish.
  13. Pooky85

    Need help with id

    Just got in a shipment of gulf live rock and was wondering what the three could be. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  14. HaoTran

    Help Dying Anemone

    Hi everyone, I'm newbie and i need some helps I have an anemone in my 6 month tank Nearly 2 days, i looked my anemone stressful, it comes smaller, some polyps are bad and mouth look bigger My specification of tank - Ca 440 - No3 <10 - Po4 < 0.5 - kH 8 - RO/DI water - Temperature 24°C Tropical Salt, All elements are dosed by seachem Thank you so much, sorry for my english. Help me please !
  15. I'm excited to announce my upgrade from a Biocube 16 gallon to the Nuvo EXT Lagoon 50 gallon. Tank:. Innovative Marine Nuvo EXT 50 Lagoon Sump: Trigger Saphire 26 Saltmix: Tropic Marin Pro @ 1.026 S.G. Aquascape:. CaribSea Liferock Sand: TropicEden Miniflakes Lighting:. Noopsyche K7 Pro II x 2 Powerheads: Coralbox RN-1 x 2 Heater: Finnex Titanium 300 Watt with ITC 306-A Controller Skimmer: Reef Octopus Classic 150SSS INT Return Pump: Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 ATO: XP Aqua Duetto with Eshopps 5 gallon reservoir Chemical Filtration: Matrix Carbon Mechanical Filtration: Poly Filter The current plans for the tank include continuing the mixed reef theme from the Biocube and expanding on that theme in a larger body of water. It'll open up possibilities for additional fish and corals that I couldn't add to a smaller tank. This will be my tank of firsts. First sump, first ato, first large tank, first skimmer, first tank move, first time plumbing, etc. It's going to be a journey and I have a lot of new exciting stuff to learn along the way. I will document my journey so that hopefully others may learn from the countless mistakes that I'm about to make. Livestock: -Banggai Cardinalfish -Leopard Wrasse -Neon Dottyback -Longnose Hawkfish -Yellow Tail Damsel - Black Phantom and Snowflake Clownfish Inverts: -Green Speckled Bubble Tip Anemone -Nassarius Snails -Scarlett Hermits -Turbo Snails -Cerith Snails -Fighting Conch & Tiger Conch -Purple Urchin Corals: -Green Star Polyps -Various Zoanthids & Palythoas -Favias -Green and Purple Hammer -Orange Montipora Setosa -Purple & Red Blastomussa -Various Acans -Red Chalice -Frogspawn -Purple Blade Gorgonian -Joe the Coral -Bird of Paradise -Green Birdsnest -Krypto Montipora Cap -Orange Montipora Cap -Montipora Setosa -Montipora Digitata -Rainbow Delight -Tealah Monster 1 Year FTS: 11 Months FTS: 9 Months FTS: 5 Months FTS: 1 Month FTS: Aquascape:
  16. Ldawg02

    Cloak anemone care

    I recently found a red flat clawed hermit crab and then a cloak anemone attached to an empty shell at the beach. Acclimated them to my tank and they soon became friends. My tank is very new, just finished the cycling process and these are my first creatures in it. It’s been about 2 weeks since I introduced them to the tank and the anemone seems to be vibrant and lively but I have read so many posts about how anemones need to be in older tanks with optimal lighting and water quality. Is it too risky to keep? I am conflicted because I know anemones need specific care but this kind lives on the back of a bottom feeder with ever-changing lighting, water quality etc. in its natural habitat. I’m a first time reefer any advice is appreciated
  17. ladov52014

    Is my anemone dead?

    Tank 13.5 .25 ammonia 0 on nitrate and nitrite temp 78 tank 3 months old 2 clowns 1 diamond spotted (the devil and hate him) goby 5 snails 1 cleaner shrimp i think I starved it, was feeding reefroids once a week. Last week it turned this purple and wasn’t inflating. I got a shrimp and spot feed it, it ate the small piece of shrimp. It hasn’t recovered back to normal since. The attached picture was after I removed it from the rock to smell if dead, no it just smelled like salt water. Idk what to do. I upgraded the pump for better flow and light. I started (after I saw he was sick) doing some iodine drops, read it’s good for zoa. Question or advice, how can I bring it back? Or should I just remove? And not buy another one till I am ready? idk looking forward guidance I will admit I failed it
  18. mvh pets

    how much rock

    what is the bare minimum of reef saver rock i can use to aquascape a standard 20 gallon aquarium. filteration should not be much of a concern as i have a canester filter packed full of bio media rated for a 70 gallon and will upgrade to a sump very soon, and i have a 1.5 inch sand bed. i was recommended 0.5 kg/ 1 lbs per gallon but can i go much lower than that. its a fish and invert only system and i will not be adding coral as its illegal in my area. thanks!
  19. Gernader

    75G SPS/Mixed Reef

    Hey guys! I am finally starting my build thread on my 7 month old reef tank lol. So, I got a 75 gallon tank with stand and sump in total of 105 gallons... Setup: Tank: 75g standard Sump: Eshopps R-300 sump (30 gallon) Sand: 30 pounds of caribsea dry aragonite sand Rock: 25-30 pounds of live rock and 50-60 pound of marco reef saver rocks Skimmer: Tunze 9410 DOC Return Pump: Jebao DCT-8000 ATO: Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO Reservoir: IM 5 Gallon Hydrofill Lighting: 3 of ViparSpectras 165W running at 95% blues, 10% whites for 10 hours a day. Refugium Light: Tunze EcoChic 8831 running for 10 hours at nighttime. Filtration: 1 of 7” filter sock and 1 of 4” filter sock Biological Filtration: Live rocks and ceramic bioballs Heater: Eheim Jager 300W Temp Controller: Inkbird iTC-308 WIFI Flow: 2 MP40wQDs (total gph: at least 6,600 gph) Lid: 2 of DIY mesh lids Salt: Regular IO Livestock: (need some recommendations!) 1 Ocellaris Clownfish 1 Frostbite Clownfish 3 Lyretail Anthias 1 Ruby Longfin Fairy Wrasse 1 Captive Bred Banggai Cardinal 1 small Yellow Tang 1 Firefish 1 Fire Shrimp Over 110 snails: Nassarius, ceriths, trochus, nerites, Mexican turbo, bubblebee snails 1 Emerald crab Sherman Rose Bubble Tip Anemone Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone 7 Rock Flower Anemones Corals: Holy Grail Micromussa OG UFO Micromussa Red Goniopora Sunkist Mushroom Green Pacific Ricordea Mushrooms Yellow/Green Ricordea Mushroom Green Star Polyps Space Invader Pectinia WWC Purple Monsters zoas OG Mummy Chalice Green Hammer Gold Hammer Green and Purple Hammer Alveopora TSA Bam Bam zoas Green Hairy Mushroom Nightmares zoas Green/red Blastomussa Red Velvet Blastomussa WWC Sweet Tooth zoas WWC Space Queens zoas Rasta zoas Hooligans zoas SBB Hephaestus zoas CB White Zombies zoas CB Rainbow Infusion zoas ASD Hyper Jubilee zoas Queen Strats zoas Pink Diamonds zoas Cornbred El Corazon zoas WWC Tasers zoas WWC Laffy Taffy zoas Rainbow Yoda zoas Beauty and the Beast zoas RR Kraken zoas WWC Illuminati zoas Utter Peace zoas Hydra Lady Dragon Eyes zoas Sunny D zoas Magician zoas WWC Orange/Blue Acan WWC Red Acan SPS: Peng's Heart of the Ocean Acropora RRU Angry Birds JF Homewrecker Walt Disney CC Walt Disney Jr TGC Cherry Bomb TSA Twisted Sister TSA The Fuzz TSA Dan Akroyd TSA Fruity Pebbles TSA Purple Rain WWC Budgie Smuggler WWC Pink Panther CC Voodoo Majick BC Adam Bomb BC Reef Ready Grape Juice CB Golden JD CB Flaming Unicorn RR Kandari RC Poison Envy Sanjay's Party Time Table ARC Goldfinger ARC Magic Dragon TSA Cali Tort Tierra Del Fuego TRC Rocket Science TRC Haley’s Comet Greg Hiller’s Aqua Delight Garf Bonsai Highlighter Humilis Beach Bum Monti Blue and Teal Millie Montipora Digitata Feel free to ask questions or comments about anything and I would also like some recommendations for livestock. Pics: Daylight Blues
  20. NanoReefer2025

    Bubble Tip Anemone Advice

    Hello reefers, I have come across the opportunity to obtain a bubble tip anemone for pretty cheap and was wondering if it would be worth looking into. I have a 25 gallon AIO peninsula that has two clowns, a royal gramma, and various inverts and soft corals. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing a bit of a diatom bloom, most likely because my tank is not fully established. If I were to get the anemone, it would most likely be next weekend. Would it be okay to purchase the anemone this early, or should I wait until the diatom outbreak has ended? Feel free to share any personal experiences or advice. Here is a link to my tank journal:
  21. I have a 22" tank and I used to have only led light, then I added T5, at fisrt everything in the tank liked it, corals loved it, but after 4-5 months later only the anemones are starting to act weird, as I turn on the T5s some start to shrivel, not right away but within hours, I also notice that some zooxanthellae is release (at least i think that's what it is) they used to poop normal pieces but now is brown see-through tissue, everything else in the tank is ok, I do waterchanges every week (i mean it). I also wanted to add a Gyre XF330 that I bought but I feel like it's too strong the slowest setting is 20% and that was upsetting the anemones as well so I took it off the same day I got it, kind of sad since it did help to lift off the food debri from the sand and hiding places. Also sometimes while deflating the anemones open their mouth and sometimes release food eaten a day before (feed once a week). The magnifica since to be doing better it had a bad time for a while but I set it up on top of rocks and it likes it, seems to be the only one to be fine with or without lighting. The bta in middle used to be bigger and very bubbly. ANY HELP WILL BE EXTREMELY APPRECIATED. Tank species: Anemones; magnifica, 4 bta, 2 torch, 1 hammer, 2 galaxia, zooas, 4 gorgonians, 2 leather, 2 polyps, Duncan, mushrooms, sponges, pulsing x, and 3 mantiporas. Clean up crew: emerald crabs, anemone crab, sand starfish, clams, bumblebee snail, and blue legged crab. Refugium: pods, chaeto micro and gracilaria.
  22. I'm Batman

    20g AIO DIY Peninsula

    Alright so here goes the ultimate adventure! Transfering my 15g tall to the new 20g Long I put together. Shout out to Cromag who cut the acrylic I needed for this project. 3 Years ago... 11/22/20 - Orphek 15,000k filter 2/28/21 - Dino’s again 3 months strong (literally the next week after the photo above I had yet another annual outbreak.
  23. Broseff

    Looking for pests

    I'm testing some setups out and I'm looking for a couple of things. Anyone know where I can get Majano Anemone or Ball Tip Anemone (specifically strawberry)? Does anyone have any that they'd be willinf to sell? Also looking for some algae, specifically Dictyota. There are some others that people don't like that I'd be down to have.
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