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  1. jservedio

    Long distance transporting

    No need to be uncomfortable if it is in styrafoam - it'll keep it's temperature. Over the course of 14 hours, I lost about 4 degrees with the cabin around 63 and lost less than 2 degrees over 12 the hours the second day with the cabin around 72 with no heaters. When you get to where you are going, just leave everything in the coolers and heat things back up - once your temperatures match then start transferring back to your tank. The last time I moved, I went on a 2 week vacation just a week after I moved, so I left my coral and fish in a 10g temp tank sitting on my floor for a month. If you try to rush it or do it quickly, you will screw things up. Coral can live a really long time in a cooler.
  2. jservedio

    Long distance transporting

    I moved my 20g and 2g cross country twice in the past 3 years (NC to WI and WI to NC) and I went with a 400w inverter with all of my corals/fish in 2 big styrafoam coolers with an airpump running to both, each had a small heater, and I had a hydor pump in the cooler with the acros.I put my entire 2g pico inside of a big tupperware and ran the entire thing (lights and all!)
  3. jservedio

    What's your oldest fish?

    My percula clowns are a bit over 6 7 years old now and I have a hermit that is pushing 5. I know there are a ton fish on nano-reef at least twice as old as mine.
  4. jservedio

    Super Colorful Maxi-Mini

    I got it from Living Art in Madison for I think $42. I got two of them from that batch and unfortunately the other is a standard color and everyone else who got one was pretty normal for that price. You just have to get lucky. I hope after another 10 or 15 years of this I will have enough to fill a nano with exceptional corals.
  5. jservedio

    Super Colorful Maxi-Mini

    I've been reefing for like 5 or 6 years now and I see all these pictures of INSANE coral and people picking them up for a steal and I always think "how is this possible - I've never seen anything like - ever" - and then back in September I took a chance on this ugly thing and less than 2 months later it was gorgeous.
  6. jservedio

    Super Colorful Maxi-Mini

    Picked this up all closed up and haggard looking for $40 in Madison
  7. jservedio

    How's this simple 15g sump design?

    No worries at all - you will grow algae down there, but nobody is going to see it and it's just another source of nutrient export that'll collect in your filter pad.
  8. jservedio

    Dead Frogspawn? :( [Pic & Parameters included]

    As long as the powerheads aren't directly pointed at your corals, it definitely wasn't the flow that killed your frogspawn. It's possible the deflector has a small enough flow area if pointed directly at your frogspawn to kill it - but I highly doubt it would do that in 4 days. If the flow was too much, it just wouldn't extend and 4 days closed up isn't going to hurt an LPS. The coral just may have been on its way out when you got it. How are your other corals?
  9. jservedio

    How's this simple 15g sump design?

    Yes - now it makes perfect sense, especially without an ATO since you have way more buffer between overflowing and pump running dry with the big chamber. I still prefer having the fuge off to the side for more control and to keep the return as clean as possible - but that's all preference and it looks great.
  10. jservedio

    Dead Frogspawn? :( [Pic & Parameters included]

    Even with both RW-4's at 100% that definitely isn't too much flow (about 2,400gph total) for a 32g. It's likely just the deflector's flow area is too small and pounding directly on the frogspawn. I've been running just about the same flow in my 20g for the past 4 years now and the LPS and nems are perfectly happy!
  11. jservedio

    Dog hair and fluorescent lighting

    Your filter will pull the dog hair out it isn't going to hurt anything floating around in there. I find beagle hair in my tank, on my lights, in my filter socks every time I change them, in my skimmer, and in my GFO reactor.
  12. jservedio

    How's this simple 15g sump design?

    I would suggest putting the fuge on either the left or right side of the sump, this way you can control how much water and detritus is going through the fuge and you can make the water level in it very high. You can tee off your return line pump to feed the fuge and let it overflow into the area your DT overflows (use a ball or gate valve to control flow to the fuge). Also, you definitely want more than 4.5" of water in your return chamber as you definitely want some "failsafe" time if your ATO runs out of water before your pump starts to run dry. Not to mention, the higher the water level, the more volume you have. Also, by keeping the pump entirely submerged, the water will be able to fully absorb all of the heat coming off of it (meaning less wasted energy) and prolong the life of the pump keeping it cooler. If you have vertical room in your stand, make the water levels in your sump as tall as possible, and put your skimmer on a stand to get it to the optimal height in order to maximize volume.
  13. I've never had Percula or Ocellaris clowns not be hosted by a BTA. All it takes is time - especially in a small tank. My perculas spent 3 years beating the hell out of a big echinata, rubbing a hole through the tissue in the center making it donut shaped before they decided the RBTA just 6 inches away was a better choice. The Ocellaris jumped in within 6 or 8 months. I've never owned wild caught clowns and never will - frankly we are lucky they are not on the ESA.
  14. Haha I'm not the only one who does that apparently. Can't figure out something good to buy my wife? Get the new MK purse, bag, wallet, boots, etc. I think I've done that 7 or 8 times now and it never gets old. Her "Michaels" take up more room than my fish stuff. BTW when you buy coral - just tell her it cost $15 when it was under $50 and "it was about $25" for everything else. Make sure when it is over $200, you mention you got free shipping. And pay off your credit card ASAP so she doesn't notice those $1000 purchases from BRS.
  15. jservedio

    Can some corals sting your fish? Just wondering.

    TFish is correct - ricordeas are totally safe - but other mushrooms, like elephant ear mushroom can catch and eat nano-sized fish when very large and there are plenty of accounts of fish as large as clowns being snatched and killed. Corals definitely eat inverts as well - I have picture of an acan bowerbankii eating a hermit crab that fell on top of it at night during feeding time. Here is an account of a smaller male picasso being eaten by an elephant ear: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/294233-damn-elephant-ear-mushroom-ate-my-picasso-clown-tt/