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  1. But what about all those corals that encrusted to this tank?? 😔 I’m sure you can pop most of them loose though.
  2. nicest looking 'naked' 2x4 stand 😃
  3. 2018 was a rollercoaster for the tank, issues popping up every 2-3 months. So far so good this year on stability, and it seems to pay off with many of the acros or sps in general.
  4. Possibly euphyllia cristata, or just generic tiny hbranching hammer. Whatever it is, it doesn’t look very happy in the pic.
  5. Glad to hear that the tank is turning corner nicely. My microclados contest frag just started sprouting branches this month, only one whole year after it went into the tank 😄.
  6. That 120S would make an ultimate shallow reef (will certainly put it on my "dream tank" list)....but I could settle for 90U or 90P 😉
  7. Nice pick up from RAP. Still like your orange Millie the most of all those pieces. 😄
  8. looks a little dense down the center from the front-on view. But those random shelves jutting out sure look good tho 👍🏼 Also if you're looking to go for acros in the future, I'd remove at least the top rock and the next 1 or 2 layers below it.
  9. What you left out is your detailed routine maintenance! ALL OF YOUR ALGAE ISSUES are indicative of poor maintenance. How often do you clean your aqua clear filter, and refresh/clean the media? How much and often do you do water change? So again, get the basics. And read all the TOTM!! If you want to be successful, read what successful people do, don’t just hang out in your own thread. Go read TOTM features and Pick one that resonates with you, and outline your future maintenance plan. You have all the equipment to run a decent tank. It’s your laziness or lack of commitment that is the issue here. Link to TOTM: https://www.nano-reef.com/featured/
  10. Would you stop with the new idea already? This is why I said you’ve barely figured out the basics. Clean your glass, siphon your sand (look up python sand siphon), change your water and filter media (the inserts inside your aqua clear) regularly. Understand the basics and get it right, or no new accessories will be able to help you. Accessories are mostly meant for convenience AFTER you understand the basics. Otherwise, it only causes more areas that you need to understand and troubleshoot when problems occur. @WV Reefer runs her tank with just power heads and heater, no filter, no skimmer, no fuge, and yet she has tank of the month. Many TOTM runs less equipment than you do, so GET THE BASICS!!!!!!!
  11. 3rd option, clip off what you can of the PC rainbow and relocate the frag far and away from the torch forest.
  12. All depends, live rock? Dead (dry) rock? Potential coralline source added, via small crusted rocks or a crust frag plug?
  13. Idk man, ya gotta share pics when u say ur having problem(s) with something, anything. And yes, if you can’t identify the cause and fix it early, it can get out of control. The likely cause here is still excess nutrient in the tank. When the test reads nitrate as zero, it doesn’t always mean it is zero. Algae can absorb nitrate fast, so if it keeps growing, you have nitrate, despite what the test says.
  14. Uh, nope. Let’s settle with you know barely the basic of good tank keeping. Until you show us a week or longer worth of tank with no Cyano or crazy other issues, I won’t say you’ve proven you know much. But you’re getting somewhere with 14 pages of help. I’m glad you started to stay in your journal so people see the records of how things are progressing for you.
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