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Cultivated Reef

TDS 34 ppm is it bad ?


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On 3/7/2018 at 7:54 PM, Muffin87 said:

My water going into the rodi is 230+, coming out is 2-4 . I get 1 only if I let it run for hours. Let's hope for the best!


Isn't the calibration of the TDS meter gonna make a difference though?
I've heard people saying a minimal difference in the results of different TDS meters is in order.


What about people that use ro without deionisation for their tanks then?

I use only RO water for a soft coral and LPS 12 gallon drop off tank..My TDS reads 14. I found this out today after testing my RO water.To put it into perspective.. I have been battling brown diatoms on the walls of the tank,powerheads ..now recently the tips of a paddle finger leather coral and  on a Toadstool..I will be looking for a solution on obtaining RODI instead of just RO water... So a TDS at 14 sucks in the long run,for me atleast.Just an opinion but for anyone out there wondering if you should go with RODI instead of just RO.. in my opinion I would say yes..go DI also...but hey this is simply just my experience and my opinion..The brown diatoms have been a nightmare...I'm always having to scrape it off the glass...For those who are reading this right now...I would say don't waste your time /efforts on scraping glass every day  over something that's easily preventable ...I rather spend the extra time with people socializing..So DI is worth it.

I would like to mention that obviously there are more issues besides the RO water that are contributing to the diatoms..


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