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  1. YHSublime

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Hey Nano-Reef's. Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been through all sorts of sized reef tanks, from a 5 gallon Fluval Edge, all the way up to a 180. This time around I've decided to go with something more appropriately sized: Mr. Aqua 22 Long. Surprisingly, there is not a lot of information on them out there, or at least builds, so I hope this will at least help somebody out there make some informed decisions, and bring some enjoyment as well! Now I wanted to re-scape, as well as get all this moved out, so I could just keep one tank, here's my Biocube 14: Originally I had come across an old PicoReef III, which probably would have been fine, but I was getting bored, and didn't like the aquascape, when locally a Mr. Aqua 22 long popped up FS. I pulled the trigger, and picked it up within 24 hours. The original owner ended up getting an AIO insert installed from Ocean Box Design, and while that was a really cool idea, it took up way to much real estate for my liking. My solution? Drill, and add a sump that was bigger than the tank! But first I had to find an overflow that I wanted. I spent a lot of time looking at Glass Holes, but ended up going with an Eshopps S Eclipse overflow. Meanwhile, I had a local club member building a stand for me. I wanted something that was going to fit right by my couch, but also new I was going to run it peninsula style. I had an old piece of red oak I was doing a failed project with, filling the cracks with silicone and glow in the dark powder, so I gave it to him and told him to use it if he could. It ended up being the top of the tank, so it has a nice live edge on the wood. I just picked it up last night, doors are coming later, but here's how everything is sitting for now. The bottom is holding a Trigger Systems Ruby 36 sump, and there is a Reef Octopus 110 int setup to handle the 45 gallons of total water. I have an XHO Reefbrite that I'm going to mount over the sump for the fuge, as well as lighting in the bottom. I'll have one MP10 for flow underneath the overflow in the back. I'm anticipating a zoanthid dominated display, but will probably end up doing a mix of everything. Here is a picture of one of my small candy racks: Thanks for reading!
  2. Maaaan, it has been a long time since I've had a tank up and running. You know how it goes...life just starts catching up and all that good stuff and time doesn't always have the same plans you do! However, as you all know, the reefbug never seems to leave you be, and since I've moved to FL I have always had the itch to get something up and running. (Even if it's like 7 years later lol) After much debate I ended up going with the IM 14 Gallon Fusion Peninsula. The tank has been established for approximately 2 1/2 weeks and so far, so good! I've got to keep this short and sweet for now..I've been trying to get this thread started since the inception of the build and I finally have a few hours today to do so. I took some crappy pics on my sony (gotta get back in the swing of aquarium photo taking) Equipment List: Tank: IM 14 Peninsula Pro Heater: 50watt Jaebo ATO: Tunze Osmolotor Nano Lighting: Maxspect 65w Jump Flow: Ecotech Marine MP10/ whatever minijet the tank came with Skimmer: Nothing currently Stocking: Fish: 1x Pink-Streaked Wrasse (Winston) Inverts: Assorted snails 6x Zoa morphs 2x Ricordea 1x Blastomussa 1x "Nacho Cheese" Chalice 1x Bizzaro Cyphastrea More to come. FTS: 12/3/2022 Left Side Right Side Front Random Pics: WWC AOI's & Green Palys Blastos Looking forward to the success, failures, and most of all learning experiences.
  3. Variant

    Variant's Acros n' Nems

    November 2022: It's been a while since I've participated on this forum but a lot has happened since 2019 when I started my shallow reef tank. First, I moved and the new home didn't have a great spot for the shallow tank so it meant a new tank build. During the transition, my livestock lived in a rubbermaid bin for several months. Fast forward to today, I now have two tanks. One acropora tank and another gigantea anemone specimen tank. The details of each system along with a FTS are as follows: Acropora Tank Tank: Elos 100 Light: 6 Bulb ATI Powermodule T5 + LED Hybrid Flow: 4 Nero 5s Skimmer: Royal Exclusiv Double Cone 130 Mechanical: None (no socks, rollers, nothing) Additives: Kalkwasser Reactor + ESV 3 Part Gigantea Tank Tank: UNS 60U Light: Giesemann 150 Watt Halide Flow: 2 Nero 3s Skimmer: None Mechanical: Tunze Comline for surface skimming Additives: ESV 3 Part March 2019: I've been spending the last 6 months looking at some of the gorgeous tank builds here and now that my own tank build is taking off, I will introduce myself. I go by Variant on forums and I love good coffee, hiking, and my miniature schnauzer Mona. I travel frequently for work but will try my best to document my reef tank journey. I'm hoping to build a mixed but SPS dominated tank for my living room. Nothings set in stone so we'll see how things change over time. Equipment List Tank: 30" x 25" x 12" (760mm x 635mm x 300mm) Crystal Dynamic Aquarium Sump: 24" GEO Auto Filter Roll ("AFR") Light: 8x24 ATI Powermodule Wifi Flow: x2 Vortech MP10QD Skimmer: Deltec 600i Controller: GHL Profilux 4 Doser: GHL Doser 2.1 Quick pictures of the setup after picking up the tank today. Will be traveling in a bit so updates might be a tad slow!
  4. Spicy Reef

    Floating Sphere

    This is how I made a floating sphere...
  5. Here is accidental video of my 6years old matured reef tank I use to love my tank mates especially my sps but unfortunately most of the thing died ,my nutrient level went way down even after dosing sodium nitrate 200ml nitrate use to be undetected changed many test kit thought it might be faulty but always same reading and one day my reef tank crashed thank to creator I was able to save my fishes and some of my corals....😥😥😥
  6. leonoramichelle15

    20 Gallon Tall Nano reef tank

    Hi! so i’m starting a 20 gallon tall reef tank and would like everyone’s input as to what i need. i do own two saltwater aquariums (65 & 75 gallons) but this is my first nano reef tank so im unsure here. thank you in advance!
  7. Lexan212

    30 gallon stocking

    Hi there just looking to get some opinions or options. I have a 30 gallon cube with 1 occellaris clown juvi (about an inch long) I had to remove the other one due to increasing one sided aggression 1 royal gramma 3 hermits 1 emerald crab 1 peppermint shrimp Once the tank mates more I will add a diamond goby and I am looking for suggestions for a final fish or pair. My lfs was pushing me towards a wrasse but I am looking for something peaceful to add. I was also thinking maybe a top swimming fish since the gramma stays near the bottom half, and the the goby will be on the sand. Any suggestions would be great thanks!
  8. FM's Round 2 Reef

    FM's 15g Waterbox Peninsula

    After almost a decade hiatus from the hobby, I got the itch again and decided to do things "better" this time around and correct some of the mistakes that I made my first go at this. The goal was to keep things as simple as possible, utilize a small footprint, purchase quality equipment, create an "easy" to maintain system, and stay under a $1,000 budget for all tank/equipment/rock/sand to get things started (looking back at this laughing at the thought of all this). Below is what I ended up with (I even hit my budget mark with $50 to spare!): Tank: Waterbox Peninsula Mini 15 Lighting: AI Prime 16 Controller: Neptune Systems Apex Pumps: Sicce Syncra Silent .5 Powerheads: Hygger Mini Wave Maker ATO: AutoAqua Smart ATO Lite Heater: Eheim Jager 75w (2 for redundancy) Substrate: CaribSea Special Grade (15lb) Rock: BRS Dry Rock (10lb) RODI: RO Buddy 50gpd Entire tank was setup 5/16/21 and running in about 6 hours, which was mostly just waiting for salt to mix. Live sand and dry rock clouded things up but cleared in under 12 hours (assuming I can thank the filter sock for a big part of this). Not planning to add any live stock for at least a month after cycling with the assistance of MicroBacter 7 and some live rock rubble from an established tank to seed the dry rock. No lights at all or water changes during cycling until confirmed completed. Will do a 80%-90% water change when cycle is completed to get any excess nutrients out of the tank for when the lights get to turn on to avoid any nuisance algae that can be avoided. Looking forward to seeing how things go! May 2021
  9. Journal Goals: Starting this journal now in the hopes of garnering advice/opinions prior to even setting up. Really want to do this in-depth for record keeping and hopefully help out other newbies! Tank/Equipment: -Red Sea Max Nano w/stand and all included equipment (skimmer, ATO, Sock, Carbon, Pump) -Helio dual 100w heaters (went with the dual for redundancy should one fail) -1 EcoTech MP10 (pricey I know but looking ahead equipment wise honesty and believe in cry over price over cry over failure) -CaribSea Arag-Alive Sand -CaribSea Life Rock -Red Sea Coral Pro Salt -Various Red Sea Test Kits Tank Overarching Goals: The overall goal for this tank is to become an LPS and Softy tank. Really want to establish a nice little Lords garden w/a small Zoa island. Also plan to have an Elegance once the tank is established. This will be my first reef tank so I really look at this as an opportunity to learn. Mistakes will be made and I truly hope this community of experienced reefers will call me out on bad decisions as I go! Specific Stocking Goals: Fish: Once Cycled; 2x Ocellaris Clownfish After 2 week steady parameters; 1x Six-Line Wrasse 1x Small sand sifting goby Inverts: 1x Peppermint or Fire Shrimp 1 or 2 Nasarius Snails Coral: Once fish and tank are established (gauging a month or so but will base on overall parameters); Various Lords Zoas on island Elegance Tentacled Toadstool Duncan Candy coral Maybe red Xenia (will decide this at later date due to their rapid growth status) Feel free to offer other suggestions! Cycle Plan: Once aquascaped and sand/water (using Red Sea salt) added I plan to follow the Dr. Tim’s fishless cycle. Dosing ammonia and then the One and Only. Test kits will all be in, and tank will be tested regularly until initial cycle completed. Once this is done the initial fish will be introduced gradually. I also plan to dose Brightwell Clean during this period to try and prevent/combat any algae blooms that may arise (though I understand this isn’t a guaranteed way to avoid them. I am prepared for any that may come. Mainly trying this based on BRS advice). After the tank has had time to settle in I will turn the lights on, look to start adding coral after a few weeks! Additional: Tank arrives next week. Starting the journal now to garner advice before I even begin the initial set-up process. Start looking for pics of the initial aquascape soon! Please feel free to ask questions, inquire about equipment/products I might be missing etc. I’ve lurked this forum for quite a while now and am really happy to finally be joining this community and look forward to talking with you all! 10/12/2021-Initial Setup
  10. Basically my return pump's chamber has water filled to the lowest and my filter section of the tank only covers one media box which I dont think is normal? When I first got this tank my pump was good and the chamber was filled decently making little to no noise. Consequently, one day my sister woke me up to tell me that my aquarium was flooded to the brim with water. It looks like the return pump expelled almost all the water in both its chamber and the media bag/box chambers onto the main display area. I took out the water and I took out my pump aswell to see what was wrong with it but I couldn't find anything wrong. But I did have trouble putting it back onto the same place so the tubing kinda expanded which made a bit more noise. I honestly do not know what to do and I am desperately looking for help, should i buy a new pump and tubing? Or should I return the tank as a whole to get another one which is a bigger problem because my lfs is like 30 minutes away.
  11. David Reef

    Level of PH

    What is the recommended PH level on reef (For lps) ?
  12. DiaryReef

    Sock problem

    So I have an AIO nano reef tank(NUVO Fusion 10 pro) and I would like to add a sock but all chambers are tanked up. first chamber has the filter, second chamber has a heater, and the third has the pump. does anyone have any ideas that will allow be to install a sock?
  13. I have a clownfish and he ate almost all the flesh off my Birdsnest, there is a little bit left on the bottom towards the frag plug, will the flesh grow back?
  14. HingleMcCringleberry

    Glofish tank to pico reef

    Starting up a new build and I’m pretty excited about this one. I finally pulled off a zero water change nano tank over the last year so now I’m going smaller. Starting with some skeletons from my display refugium. Light is lominie which the form factor I love (tank is 3.5 gal I believe. Litterally says Glofish on it but it was free so…. Just adding a little bacteria and growing a little macro algae the last few weeks. Maybe I’ll find some cool shrimps at the lfs to add in a few more weeks if all is going well. No inhabitants at the moment. This is week 3.
  15. Current FTS 21st May 2019 ***************** Hi I live in Austraila and have been out of the hobby for a few years, but my wife secretly purchased me a new tank as she knows I missed it, The Tank is an Aqua one Minireef 160 its main tank is 90cmx45cmx45cm, sump is 60cmx38cmx40cm and rodi storage is 16cmx38x40cm So far all I have done is fill with ro/di water added sand and salt, added in a Aquael Reef Circulator 2500 power head and aquaone auto top system I have ordered 18kg/40lb of Caribsea life rock shapes, going to try Bacteria House Bio Block in the sump and 3FT DSunY Marine LED with wifi for main light
  16. [I moved the previous text block down to the second post] State of the Aquarium: December 2021 Abstract [I'll get to this after 90ish days of actual coral keeping] MATERIALS AND METHODS AND MADNESS <- Click on this to jump down to the core block of text
  17. JachPot

    JachPot's Evo 13.5

    Hi all, A bit about me. I'm originally from Oklahoma where I learned about aquariums from my time working at "Wet Pets by Steve." Big shout out to them for teaching me so much and giving me a strong basis. I've been all over the map with tanks both fresh and reef. My 2 favorites have been my shrimp dominated 55 gallon planted tank and my 29 gallon reef. I had to get rid of all of my tanks before grad school due to moving in with my future wife into rental houses and apartments as we moved around. I'm finally a home owner! So I'm dipping a toe back in with a Fluval Evo 13.5 for my office. This tank is not even cycled yet, and my wife is already asking when I'm putting a "big one" in the living room. 😁 Fair warning, I've been taking pictures of absolutely everything and I have a huge photo dump coming. I own a heavily modded Ender 3 (v1) printer and I'm attempting to print most of the Evo 13.5 mods in PETG. They'll be the grey additions to the tank. I do want to give one shoutout. I was deeply inspired by @DevilDuck His 13.5 was absolutely beautiful and I'm hoping to recreated some of that magic. Here we go! For post one: Here's the empty tank in all its glory, the absolutely sweet rock I found, and cat tax!
  18. Rickyrooz

    Ricky's Reef (120 Gallon)

    Hello everyone, I am new to Nano Reef but not new to the hobby. I wanted to start a build thread to share my photos and track my progress over the years. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.
  19. Hello! Thanks for reading this! I'm a long time hobbyist. I run a YouTube channel called Alasdair Aquatics which follows my fishkeeping journey. I have over 15 years of experience with planted freshwater tanks however my reef experience is limited. I am looking to get back into the saltwater side of the hobby. I have kept 3 reef tanks in the past (all but one were failures and were over run with pests) and am in the process of setting up a new nano reef and taking the plunge once again, I plan to one day setup a larger reef showcasing bubble tip anemone and clownfish symbiosis, I know it has been done many times but this is my future goal👍 My plan is to journal my new nano reef and occasionally start discussions related to nano reef topics I find interesting! Nice to meet you! Alasdair Aquatics - Alasdair McPhail
  20. Jumped back into the hobby a few months ago with a 20 long. Didn't last long, ready for an upgrade. My name is Cory, I live on the Central Coast, Morro Bay. Things I enjoy are long walks on the beach with Penny (my dog), riding my 66' ironhead and spicy ramen Don't really have a specific direction I'm going for with this tank but mostly to just learn and enjoy the coral and fish that would make a good addition. Mixed reef with everything being carried over from the 20 gallon. I would love to grow some sps colonies down the line. EquipmentTank: Fiji Cube 48 Shallow 30" x 23" x 15"Sump: Fiji 20 Lighting: Aquaticlife 24" t5 hybrid w/ Hydra 32HD Flow: Nero 3 & Vortech MP10Skimmer: SC Aquariums SCA-301 (for now) Return: Ebay return pump (for now) Doser: Kamoer F4 pro
  21. So long story short i am currently in the midst of a second hard battle with dinos in my 32 gallon biocube. I have tried what feels like every method including my last try which was increasing tank temp to 83 degrees after seeing articles and videos of people who saw success with this method. This did not kill the dinos but did unfortunately kill my 3 fish which was hard to swallow but im living and learning as a new hobbyist. So now that my new tank has no fish I am going to replace my sandbed given that the overwhelming majority of the dinos in the tank coat the sandbed. I used caribsea arag-alive reef sand in my tank and happen to have an extra bag which is what I plan on using to replace the old stuff. I have seen a lot of people say they rinse new sand before they add it but i have also seen some people do not. I do not have an RODI system to do a thorough rinse so I am just wondering if just adding the sand to the tank slowly over a few days without it being rinsed could have a harmful affect on the tank or only 2 corals i have. Please let me know any input you have, thank you.
  22. Welcome to my tank journal! I've been out of the hobby for a few years, life got in the way with living overseas and moving around quite a lot. Now that i'm staying put I've really caught the bug again! The purpose of this tank is a low maintenance, easy to care for pico tank that isn't going to bust the budget. I work away from home so time enjoying the tank is of the upmost importance. Initial set-up 10/11/2020 Latest FTS 14/03/21 : Tank and current equipment: Display: Refurbished bowl from opshop Lighting: Unbranded 12 watt Par38 (e27 fitting Bulb) with cheap desktop stand - Purchased on Ebay or Similar available on Amazon Heater: Marina beta (preset heater) - Similar available on amazon Circulation: Tetra Whisper 60 Air pump - Purchased on Ebay Top Off: Gravity fed bottle ATO - Purchased on Amazon Lid: generic acrylic lid (needs to be modified) Controller: INK bird ITC-306T temperature controller - Purchased on Amazon Salt: Natural salt water collected locally from shoreline Build Cost: AU $118 - (US $87.12 as of 29/11/20) Parameters: Temp: 25-26°C (~77-78°F) Salinity: 1.025 Lighting cycle: 6.5 hours on (2:30pm ~ 9pm) - analogue timer Current Stock: Soft corals: LPS: Macro Algae: Inverts: FTS Library: Maintenance Routine: Bi-weekly: - Scrape glass with nano magnet glass cleaner - check/refill ATO with distilled water Weekly: - 70% water changes 1-2 times weekly with natural salt water collected locally from shoreline - Top up ATO if required - Rinse airstone, wipe airline with paper towel - Wipe top of bowl with paper towel (skimmer scum build-up) - Rinse off acrylic lid - wipe external glass of salt creep/scum with warm water/white vinegar (50/50 mix) Wish list/Future Upgrades: - Lighting - AI Prime 16HD, Dymax spaceX LED, Asta 20 - Chiller/better temperature control - In tank ATO - Bottle looks a bit messy (Maybe more lines will too :P) - Black air lines (Aesthetic) - Limewood airstone - finer bubbles = lesser splash?, better skimming effect? - Dosing - as coral load increases - Controller? - (Reef-pi maybe) - Better Camera..... - Bigger tank ;) Thanks for visiting!
  23. Hey guys! So, I recently had a disaster in my hobby. My apartment had to be treated for pests, and I was required to remove all of my tanks from the apartment during treatment. During this time, I ended up losing about half of my livestock - including my beloved Peacock Mantis Shrimp. I do really miss having a mantis shrimp - they such cool little creatures. Very interactive, inquisitive, and always getting into some sort of trouble in the tank. Reminds me of my puffers, in some ways! But I don't think I want another peacock right now - I want to try a different species. One I've had my eye on for quite a while. The Wennerae Mantis, Neogonodactylus wennerae! These guys max out at around 3", and are perfectly suited to small tanks. They're smashers (meaning they have modified claws to break open shellfish), just like my peacock was, but with much less power. These guys are able to hunt down crabs, shrimp, and snails, but are going to struggle to crack open anything with a thick shell. I went to my LFS today, and picked up a 5.5 gallon Seapora glass tank for $16.99. It's a nice tank for the price - Seapora makes nice stuff, IMO. I rinsed it out, just to get any dust out of it, and this was it. Next, I decided to paint the back black, since the tank wasn't going right up against a wall. I taped off the rim of the tank with duct tape, cause that's all I had lol. I just use some Krylon Black Acrylic paint and a roller for this. I prefer spray painting but I don't have an area to do that here, so rolling paint on is the best I can do. It looks fine from the front side of the tank, but usually looks kind of "meh" from the back. First Coat: did three coats total, which got me a decently opaque surface. This is what the tank looked like, pre-fill: I added some sand from the Peacock Mantis tank, which has long been dried, but not cleaned. I'm hoping all that dead gunk in the sand will help get us a strong cycle in this tank. Whenever I filled it the first time, I ended up getting milk, basically. Gotta love aragonite. I had just used plain freshwater to fill that time, though, so I drained the tank and added in the rock. I'm using a piece of marco dry rock that I had from a previous tank, a piece of well-seasoned rock that's got some life already on it (although, not much algae due to being in a bucket), and a piece of rock I got from the LFS. I got this particular rock for a reason - but that's gotta be a surprise. Whenever I refilled the tank (with saltwater this time) I was careful to do it slowly to minimize cloudiness. The powerhead I bought (Aquatop MCP-1) was way too strong for this tank, and was blowing water around. So, I pulled my Koralia Nano 240 out of my 10 gallon QT, and switched them around. Each tank is better off, I think. Then, I tossed in a preset heater and a thermometer, and we're off to the races! I'll update this post tomorrow, and tell the story of why I picked this rock, and what the extended plans are for this tank.
  24. Innovative Marine 10 gallon. Ai Prime 16 Live rock Live sand 2 clowns 1 yellow goby Ato
  25. Here is my new coldwater tank please comment any questions down below!
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