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Found 8 results

  1. nanoreefer1985

    my nano-reef tank is gone...

    I dropped my food in my nano-tank a few days ago, well, my cat pushed it and the food container fell in the water. I didn't know about it, until it was too late. Usually, I measure my water quality every week, so I couldn't have noticed the chemistry got out of control in such a short time. Is there a way to automatically test your water everyday, so I could react rapidly? If there was a solution to fully automate your chemistry testing, would you use it?
  2. chathurai

    TDS 34 ppm is it bad ?

    im from srilanka its really hard to find ro/di water from LFS here.today i tested my tap water , reading was 34ppm , is it ok to start my new tank setup with these TDS reading ? chathura
  3. Atarius

    Experiences with NO3PO4X?

    Hi guys I've had continuous slight algae issues (cyano on the sand and hair on live rock; I also have a sulking Duncan which made me try to improve params) since taking over this tank, and have decided to do something about it. I'm using NO3PO4X consistently at the suggested dose and have seen my nitrates fall to around 10ppm from 20+ppm. However, I don't have any detectable phosphate or nitrite. At this level, should I still be getting algae growth? I would think that 10ppm nitrate and 0 nitrite/phosphate should be good enough. I'll keep aiming to bring the nitrate down with NO3PO4X until it stabilises, as per the instructions. Anyone have any ideas if I'm barking up the wrong tree or should be doing something different? Tank size (volume) - 16 gallons Tank age - 2 years (moved and rescaped 6 months ago) Lighting - AI Prime Nitrate - 10 (fallen from 20 2 weeks ago) Nitrite - 0 Phosphate - 0
  4. Lugmos12

    10ppm nitrates

    I'm pretty sure I overfed with reef chili this week; just tested nitrates at 10ppm. My water changes is tomorrow. Is it safe to wait? It's a 13.5G fluval.
  5. Hello Everyone, I've been working on a little project and wanted to know your opinions and thoughts. In our tanks, water movement is essential for a healthy system. The air being mixed into our waters by surface movement and protein skimmers and the like is used by our coral, fish and inverts, but what would happen if instead of water movement, we used pure oxygen? Or some kind of SCUBA breathing gas like trimex? I know its much more practical and probably more natural to use flow, but just for the sake of curiosity I'd love to see. If one used a water splitter to get hydrogen and oxygen gas and injected the 02 into the water, I wonder if the oxygen would allow the polyps to grow larger, much like insects in a more oxygen rich atmosphere. The limiting factor concerning insect size is the ability to move gasses throughout their systems, and that's why they're much smaller today, does that apply to all invertebrates that rely on ambient gasses to breathe?
  6. tofer


    My DKh is staying steady yet my calcium and magnesium drop is this normal ? I do have 2 Duncan's which are growing Nicky and a hammer which is happy fully extended . shouldn't the DKH also drop some as well or can the weekly water changes keep it steady ?
  7. I couldn't find this on another thread so... when is it safe to add a product like Clear FX Pro to a tank? The Fluval EVO 13 came with carbon but I haven't used it either. I have 225ml of Clear FX Pro unused and thought about adding it to the tank.
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