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Found 104 results

  1. This is my third tank! Started the cycle for the tank on June 22nd. Will be moving at the end of July so won't be adding any livestock to the tank until August. Using Indo-Pacific live sand, BRS Reef Saver rock, and Red Sea Coral Pro salt. Just added the light on July 8th. Diatoms are beginning to grow! Equipment List stock pump (slight noise doesn't bother me) - after breaking in the noise is equivalent to a quiet fan IM custom caddy with filter floss - chemi-pure blue, and live rock rubble Kessil A80 Tuna blue with gooseneck Kessil A series spectral controller Cobalt Neotherm 50w heater AutoAqua smart ATO micro I will post updates in the future and I'm also on youtube, subscribe if you're interested! UCdDcSFiCWW1aobS3sug2j1A
  2. Full View Aquariums: We Built 2 Nano Tanks -- WIN BOTH! Full View Aquariums: Win a Nano Reef or a Freshwater Planted Tank!
  3. Raindog3030

    Waterbox Nano Owner's Thread

    Howdy y'all! I believe I may be one of the first to adopt one of these gorgeous little Starfire beauties and I figured it would be a good time to start a thread for anyone else who may/has purchase(d) one! So far, Waterbox has been very responsive in dealing with the only issue I have run into so far [with the 7g model], the included return pump. They did so by sending me a free Sicce Mi Mouse return pump to replace the ECO66 pump, this may or may not be the case with other tank sizes in the series. I don't think any of us can argue that these AIO cubes are very attractive considering the quality of materials, construction, and included accessories! So, without further ado, please join in on the conversation! Is it just another AIO? Do you have one? What do you think? Are you some weird-o lizard person impersonating a reefer?!?!?! Here is the manufacturer page for reference: https://waterboxaquariums.com/cube/
  4. Top shot (Oct 2017) FTS (May 2017) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yes...another IM 10 thread. Sorry folks. Brief history, I started with a pico reef in a Fluval spec lll which ran very well so I upgraded to an Eheim Aquastyle 9gal cube. The cube also ran very well and it was the first venture into sps and other stonies. From there, I went thru a shallow tank phase and went with an ADA 60f. After realizing the major benefits of having in-tank filtration system, I've decided to move over everything (yet again) to an IM 10 Fusion using all of my equipment from previous set ups. Teeny's reef also was a big inspiration. So here we go. The set up and equipment plan Innovative Marine Fusion 10 gallon Nanobox reef tide M Ecotech Vortech MP10 Jabeo 4 pump dosing system Smart ATO Micro Aqueon 50 heater Finnex 50 Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Skimmer by Mame Eshopps Nano Floss and chemipure blue Nature's ocean bio activ live aragonite (10 lbs) Dosing Bionic Calcium (daily) Bionic Alkalinity (daily) Reef Plus (weekly) Red Sea No3/phosphate remover (sometimes) Reefroids (weekly) Acropower (weekly) Tank came in a few days ago. I find the label kinda funny - some stock broker on the phone with reef on his desk Excellent quality tank. This sock filter thingy that it came with sucks and it just wont work. Don't see myself using this so I went ahead and ordered a custom caddy media basket. Here's the current ADA 8.6gal shallow with the inhabitants that I'm planning to transfer. It's a decent mix of acros, digitatas, caps, poscillaporas, pavonas and stylos along with some LPS and a couple of softies. FTS: October 1, 2016 Old tank shot from the Eheim cube. I think about 85% survived moves and are still with me today. FTS: February 25, 2016 Waiting for the stand to come in along with the skimmer and other stuff. Will keep you all posted. Thanks for visiting.
  5. YHSublime

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Hey Nano-Reef's. Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been through all sorts of sized reef tanks, from a 5 gallon Fluval Edge, all the way up to a 180. This time around I've decided to go with something more appropriately sized: Mr. Aqua 22 Long. Surprisingly, there is not a lot of information on them out there, or at least builds, so I hope this will at least help somebody out there make some informed decisions, and bring some enjoyment as well! Now I wanted to re-scape, as well as get all this moved out, so I could just keep one tank, here's my Biocube 14: Originally I had come across an old PicoReef III, which probably would have been fine, but I was getting bored, and didn't like the aquascape, when locally a Mr. Aqua 22 long popped up FS. I pulled the trigger, and picked it up within 24 hours. The original owner ended up getting an AIO insert installed from Ocean Box Design, and while that was a really cool idea, it took up way to much real estate for my liking. My solution? Drill, and add a sump that was bigger than the tank! But first I had to find an overflow that I wanted. I spent a lot of time looking at Glass Holes, but ended up going with an Eshopps S Eclipse overflow. Meanwhile, I had a local club member building a stand for me. I wanted something that was going to fit right by my couch, but also new I was going to run it peninsula style. I had an old piece of red oak I was doing a failed project with, filling the cracks with silicone and glow in the dark powder, so I gave it to him and told him to use it if he could. It ended up being the top of the tank, so it has a nice live edge on the wood. I just picked it up last night, doors are coming later, but here's how everything is sitting for now. The bottom is holding a Trigger Systems Ruby 36 sump, and there is a Reef Octopus 110 int setup to handle the 45 gallons of total water. I have an XHO Reefbrite that I'm going to mount over the sump for the fuge, as well as lighting in the bottom. I'll have one MP10 for flow underneath the overflow in the back. I'm anticipating a zoanthid dominated display, but will probably end up doing a mix of everything. Here is a picture of one of my small candy racks: Thanks for reading!
  6. PAST: I had my standard 10G (build thread: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/364353-the-kurupt-10g-build/) going and everything was looking good and I was happy with what was happening. Then it boned me. The HOB AC's started to gurgle over randomly and water built up under the stand. It happened slowly so I never noticed anything wrong, until it started to leak out from under the stand. I had to act fast or lose the wife's support for this (not expensive at all) hobby. If I ruined the hardwood floors it would be a hard sell to get back up and running. I dug out and set up my old Fluval SpecV and threw the Fluval 206 canister I had on it. Got that up to temp and transferred rock, corals and inverts over. It was a very tight fit but it was only temporary. Moving the stand, which laid flat along the floor, it was worse than I thought! Way more water than I'd like to see soaking into the wood! Got to it in time though so there wasn't any real damage. Now, my original plan was to just break it down, dry the floor and put it all back together. That seemed like a LOT of work to do and NOT upgrade... I had plans to do so but not for a while. Thankfully I knew what I wanted so I called my LFS to see if they had anymore Reefer's in stock. One left. White. "Done. I'll be there in 15 mins." So that's what happened early one Wednesday morning to my 10G tank. RIP lil' guy.
  7. TitusNuvo20

    Titus' Fusion 20

    So we just upgraded to our Fusion 20 from a generic 10 gal. We had the tank for a few days and were just waiting on a stand from Walmart. Once we got the stand, it took us about 4 hours to transfer everything over. Equipment: Fusion 20 Wal-Mart Flipper stand Eshopps nano skimmer AI Prime HD 2 hydor nano circulation pumps 1 spin stream 75 watt neo therm heater 2 IM Fish Guards for the overflows Auto Aqua Smart ATO micro Hardscape: Mostly used carib-sea aragonite sand 10 lbs Then new sand same kind 7 to 8 lbs 40 ish lbs live rock transferred over Corals: Green birdsnest Season's Greetings montipora Lots of Green star polyps Hollywood stunner chalice 2 various acans Red cap montipora Hammer coral Jack o'lantern lepto Florida Ridordea's: orange, blue, green Yuma Ridordea Duncan coral Blastomussa Meteor Shower Cyphastrea Lots of zoas: Eye of Sauron Gold Midas Sunny D Rasta Radioactive Dragon Eye Fire and Ice Gobstopper My Clementines Gatorades Blonde Blue Eyed Bitches Watermelons Fish: 2 oscellaris clowns 1 Tail Spot Blenny 1 mandarin dragonet Inverts: 3 RFA's Assorted Snails: astrea, trochus, margarita
  8. chathurai

    TDS 34 ppm is it bad ?

    im from srilanka its really hard to find ro/di water from LFS here.today i tested my tap water , reading was 34ppm , is it ok to start my new tank setup with these TDS reading ? chathura
  9. Hobbs's 8gal Nuvo Reef Chronicling the development of a pristine nano ecosystem. Goal: minimize weekly maintenance while maintianing a portable and hardy marine reef Specs: Tank: Nuvo Aquarium Nano Reef 0202 8 gallon capacity Filtrations: Mechanical Sponge, activated carbon sponge, phosphate sponge Light: 8 watt 14,000k (6 white diodes, 4 blue) Sand: Arag-Alive Bahamas Oolite Live Rock: 6.6 lbs of cured live rock, fairly porous but could be better. Coralline growth present Water: R/O with salt from LFS. Total water is 5 gallons Start date: 8/5/17 Reasoning: Wanted a small durable aquarium that would be easy to move every year. Modern and sleek design with LEDs was a massive plus. Wanted to maximize biological filtration so wanted as fine as sand as possible and as much rock that would asthetically fit in the tank Initial thoughts: The tank is too small for all the fish I want, the sand is too fine, the light needs to be stronger. Still looks super cool. Plans: Have 2 small fish, maximize symbiotic pairings, have lots of inverts and corals. Maybe future anemone or clam (need vast lighting overhaul first, I know )
  10. This will be a tank thread for the IM Nuvo Fusion 25 I just setup on Saturday (10/8/16) This will be my third reef tank but my first time with a nano. Very happy with the quality of these IM tanks. My plan is to keep things simple on this bedroom apartment tank and reuse some stuff I have around from my old 60g cube. Going without sand or a skimmer for now. I want to stock clowns and BTAs probably with some softies like gsp or xenia. Equipment List: IM Nuvo 25 Jebao PP4 Radion Pro Cobalt Neotherm 100w heater Tunze Osmolator Using ESV salt and a Spectrapure 90gpd RODI Setup and week 1 pics: [/u [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url]
  11. coryscritch

    Feeding time

  12. DaveFason

    NanoBox Lighting Guide

    We have been working on a lighting guide for months and now feel confident to share. The NanoBox Lighting Guide features four new presets that work extremely well for reef tanks. We hope the guide helps new to experienced reef keepers have successful aquariums using NanoBox lighting. The guide goes over... Overview Lighting Placement NEW NanoBox Presets Coral Care - Common NanoBox practices to reef keeping The presets work for all units ranging from the Tide to Hybrids. We want to thank @ninjamyst, @Justind823 @markalot for the incredible photos! Enjoy! -Dave
  13. Background: This is an upgrade from my Fluval Spec V. I have always struggled with the rock being too big in the Fluval Spec V. It makes it very hard to clean the glass on each side so lots of algae build up. I also wanted to get a bigger tnak for the clown fish. This clown fish has been with me for over 2 years now and survived through 2 leaks, 1 move, and other mishaps. It is also a total bully so I can't put it into my Red Sea Reefer 350. When I first saw ReefBuilder feature the Fluval Evo 12, I knew it will be my next tank. The dimension fits perfectly wherethe Spec V is now and the rock will look great with more space on each side. There are some questionable design choices with the tank such as the black honeycomb at the top of the tank (which I razored off) and the AIO chamber allows a lot of detritus to build up in the first and second chamber. The stock lighting and pump are good only for softies and low light LPS. But overall, the tank itself is pretty decent for the price. I do like it comes with surface skimmer and the return nozzle is already split into two. In additional, the raised design is very modern. My vision for this tank is a very natural tank with gorgonians, LPS, zoas, acans, and ricordeas. I will get another fish or two, something that can put up with the clown.
  14. coryscritch


  15. I currently have the 28g JBJ Nano with the intermediate led kit and was curious to see if anyone has modded their's in the form of swapping out individual white leds for alternate colors? I have added 2 current usa truelumens blue strips and 1 white (which I have disconnected now), but it needs more spectrum I think. I grow sps, lps and softies like weeds, but the colors aren't stellar even though the water is quality and I keep up with the Red Sea 4 part dosing as well. Was thinking of modding the leds before just swapping it out for an AI Prime HD (no, not going the Kessil route thanks).
  16. WindyCityReefer.

    A College Fusion

    Hey everyone! I am new to the forum and thought what better way to introduce myself than to start a journal for my nano! A little bit about me, I am a graduate student at the University of Michigan and will be graduating in 2019. I am originally from Chicago - hence the username! I have been in the hobby for about 10 years and have had tanks from FOWLRS to full blown reefs. I have always wanted to start a journal for one of my tanks but never really got around to it. As a graduate student this has made things a little more difficult. But I recently came across a deal I could not pass up that is perfect for my situation! The goal is to document everything in this thread. Let me introduce to you my new nano! It is an IM 10 gallon fusion with the following equipment: inTank Media basket (just made the switch from a custom IM media basket) MP10wes vortech Ghost Desktop skimmer Tunze nano ATO AI prime Cobalt heater with a finnex temp controller IM spin stream The tank currently has 2 clowns, a starry blenny and a mix of SPS and LPS. Here are a couple photos! Pardon my cell phone photos, I am working on getting a better camera.. Looking forward to meeting all of you!
  17. Started this tank March 4, 2018. The tank itself is a 5 gallon Fluval Sea Evo 5. I have tried small saltwater tanks before but this is my first attempt going by the book (cycling/patience). Any criticism, tips or advice would be great! Equipment: -water pump upgraded to AQ600 (doubled flow to ~160 GPH) -50W heater -10W LED with 37 11000k day and actinic lights Stock: ~3.5 lbs of live rock -6 line wrasse -CUC of 4 hermits -GSP (purchased a week ago, looking very healthy so far) -supplemental phytoplankton Filter: -sponge filter -Phosgaurd -activated carbon -ceramic filter rings Notes: -Tank cycled, but only a month old so still waiting for some new tank syndrome (bryopsis, hair algae, coraline algae and possible diatoms sighted) -Most likely adding mushrooms and pulsing Xenia, and possibly a small clown ~20% changes about twice a week so far to keep water parameters in check -Eventually adding wave maker for extra flow and upgrading light
  18. kevo23

    Kevo's RS nano reefer

    Hello,Its been a while since ive been on here. Ive been strugling away with my old 55 gal tank for yrs going through every problem possible. Finally had enough after a power outage took out most of my tank other than the aptaisa lol. So I got a Red Sea nano reefer and took what was left and swaped it over.Lighting : AI hydra 52 ive had for a few yrsReturn pump: Current USA eflux dc 1050Powerhead: Coral Box qp-5 ( not sold on it so far, want it on the back wall on wave mode. On max speed cant get much of a wave motion going, but on other modes all most to strong on lowest speed)Skimmer: Bubble magus curve 5Additives: Aquaforest 1,2,3, pro bio s, np pro, build, energy, amino acids, vitallity.Fish so far: DaVinci clown, pajama cardinal, royal grammaStill need: Controler, doser Old tank infront of new tank
  19. alex_da_fixeru

    Advice for choosing my first tank

    Hi, guys! I've been lurking for quite a while on this forum and I am reading a lot as I am going to buy my first reef tank in the weeks to come. I've been doing extensive research, but still would like to pick your brains for the first marine tank purchase (as I already have one freshwater tank). I already have a RO/DI water system. Also, take in consideration that I am based in Europe, Romania, so I don't have access american brands, or it's very expensive. So, this are the AIO tanks that I am currently pondering which one to go with: Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 + perfect size for my desk, so I won't need to buy a stand - small sump, with little space, so I would have to choose carefully what to put in (I am looking at you - protein skimmer ) Innovative Marine Nuvo 30 (I like cubes) + big, enough space for equipment, I have a great deal right now from a fish store - expensive to start, needs a desk Eco Mini 28 + big, skimmer integrated, refugium with light built-in, 2 trays of Miracle Mud - expensive to start, needs a desk Resun DMS 500 PL + big and cheap as cost, enough space for equipment - expensive to start (but balanced with the cost of the tank), needs a desk What do you think it will be the best choice for start? Thank you so much in advance!
  20. AKay3600

    AKay3600's 29 Gallon Reef

    Started this tank up in January of 2015. Setup/Equipment: 29 gallon tank (30x12x18) 10 gallon sump - small refugium Reefbreeders Photon V2 24" Eshopps Nano Overflow Box Hydor Nano Slim Skim Protein Skimmer Jebao PP-4 Wave Maker RIO 1400 Return Pump Hydor Smart Level ATO 100W Heater Flipper Glass Cleaner BRS Mini Reactor w/ MJ900 pump Matrix Maintenance and Upkeep: Weekly 4.5 gallon water changes (Reef Crystals) Clean the glass every 3 days Blow off the rocks every 3 days. Kalk +2 in ATO Carbon + GFO in reactor Phosgaurd when needed Feed frozen LPS Reef Frenzy or Rods every other day with pellets and flakes between. Feed the corals once or twice a week with reef-roids. FIsh: 1 Ocellaris Clowns (Alice) 1 Six Line Wrasse (Speed) 1 Yellow Clown Goby (Krusty) Corals: Frogspawn Duncan Green Trumpet Green Star Polyps Pulsing Xenia Kenya Tree Assorted Mushrooms Assorted Zoas Green Palys Purple Blasto Red/Green Blasto Red Acan Orange Acan People Eaters Zoas Green Sinularia Superman Mushroom Silver Eye Lepstrea Orange Yuma Ricordia Neon Toadstool Green Torch Hammer Green Porities Green Birdnest Purple Monti Clean Up Crew + Inverts: Assorted Snails and 1 hermit that is too big for my liking named Crash. Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (Kevin) FTS: 01/28/2018
  21. Brian K

    Biocube issues

    Hi Everyone! I am pretty new to the hobby and have some questions. I started my tank about 5 weeks ago. I put a clown in a couple weeks ago and he died within 24 hours.. not sure exactly why but he was breathing really fast.. one lps told me it was sick when I got it. So, I waited a week and put in two Chromis... I've had them in for a couple days and I notice one died this morning... I have bioballs and am working to remove those. I also use floss filter, a phosphate reducing floss, and chem pure elite. My senility is good. I am now doing 5 gallon water changes every week also. I have sand and live rock in the tank with a power head also. I have a small clean up crew in there. I test my water every 3-5 days. Ammonia - 0, PH - good, nitrate - 20, nitrite - 0. I realize my nitrate is kind of high but I was told the Chromis could handle it. I'm hesitant to add anything else at this point..can anyone point me in the right direction for what I should be looking for??? Am I missing something? Side question - if I take out all bioballs could I just run a steves media basket and a skimmer and be better off?? What kind of skimmer should I get?
  22. I'm years into the freshwater hobby. I've had a 120g freshwater cichlids tank for a long time and still love it. But, it's time for what I've always wanted to do and that's a saltwater reef setup. I got an awesome deal on a new Biocube 14g in the box (I mean, really awesome price at $30 at a pet Store that had an online return). I'm not looking to do anything massive because my fiancee will kill me. She already tolerates my big freshwater tank and calls our fish her "water babies". So, I'm sticking with the Biocube. What I've done already: Put in live sand and live rock (wow, that was pretty expensive) from my local LFS, so I know the live rock has been cycled for a long time and is in great condition. I also bought saltwater from their established and cycled system. He even checked the conditions before I began loading it up. So, everything in the tank right now has already been cycled. I have every intention of cycling. I'm hoping that I don't have to wait more than a month. I removed the bioballs because that was the first thing I learned that I didn't want to have in there. I also learned to turn my lights off 3 days into my cycling. I thought I needed to cycle the lights with the system. So my questions are: With live rock/sand and established saltwater that is already reading 1.024, how long do you recommend I wait before putting anything into the aquarium? Can you recommend corals that will work with the stock lighting? Upgrading is a no go at the moment. I know they need to be softies. And I'm thinking two fish and a clean up crew. Can someone recommend some options that are not clown fish? I really dig clown fish, but man if they aren't the go-to fish for all beginners. I've worked with some of the hardest freshwater fish to care for, so I'm sure that I can handle other fish. Lastly, what supplies should I purchase for maintenance? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Chas
  23. I need help with this project. I currently have the 12g nano cube LED tank, it has the following specs: 12-gallon Dimensions: 15.8" x 13.8" x 14.8" Capacity: 12 gallons LED Bulbs: 8 total: 5 blue, 3 white LED Total Output Wattage: 10.4W Pump: 8 W SP1-400 0.8 LIFT Power Supply: 110V, 60 Hz Weight: 29 lbs My question is, where do I find LED’s to replace the ones currently installed? I’d like to go more 50:50 on the color, maybe experiment with a red or purple in there as well. I have reached out to jbj customer service and was told they don’t offer replacement LEDs. This tells me I’ll need source them somewhere else. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you 🙏
  24. Hello guys here is the newest glass skimmer for your nano tanks,i just blowed my first unite and its perfectly working and this will be sexy addition to your nano reef tank here is some shots of making of this skimmer
  25. philthymcnasty

    Fluval Spec V Reef Tank

    HI all, I was gifted a couple of Fluval Spec V tanks and I would like to make one a nano reef. I used to keep a marine tank 20+ years also with some soft coral and mushrooms. As of right now the tank is on it's first week of cycling. I'm using IO Reef Crystals, dry rock and 20 year old crushed coral. :-) I'm using the built in filter that came with the Spec and a Finnex light (for now). I will probably replace that with a PAR38 bulb. I have a refractometer, Chemi Pureblue. I'll probably will do software corals and zoas in this tank unless you folks think I should do something different because of the size. Suggestions for corals is greatly appreciated. What are some other things I should get besides the following. Marine/Reef test kits. No skimmer - just weekly water changes (thoughts on this?) Heater (have this already) Water circulation pump (recommendations needed) Lastly I just started looking at BRS 52 weeks of reefing videos. Great stuff! Thanks.