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Found 13 results

  1. Hi,Yesterday I found something interesting on Indiegogo:AQUA Spectrophotometer -how to quickly test water?Wha do you thing about it? The company that sells it has a big documentation about the accuracy.Cheers, Dominik
  2. ZCAMZ

    Water Help

    Hey All, First timer here, just after some advice based on recent water tests please. Hopefully these photos load up in the same order I’m looking at now... Tank was set up 05/02 and live stock added 07/02 along with a bottle of Colony. First water change 15% on 13/02 (maybe too soon?). Photo 1 (darker amonia result) was taken this morning 20/02 and I have since carried out a 20% water change as it seemed concerning. Photo 2 was taken two hours after water change but still doesn’t seem great. The results of a water test I carried out on Wednesday 17/02 we’re very similar to that of photo 2 today, went to LFS on Wednesday but they said the water was fine. Can anyone give a second opinion, am I over thinking this? EDIT: Livestock 2 clowns, tank 52l Fluval Evo, feeding 1/5 of a block of food every 2 days. EDIT2: Test kit is NT Marine Labs
  3. Hey, so im not sure if this is supposed to happen. But when I had changed my water in my 125g tank ( needed to keep my salinty low but saw a high nitrate spike ), when I did the change, the water suddenly turned white, as this is always the water I use, im confused. Would a lower salinty 1.017/1.018 allow for that to happen ( my current salinty is 1.019 ( it was 1.026 ). Any help is appreciated
  4. Colej20

    Tap->RODI Water

    I’ve started 15 gallon reef tank about 3 weeks now and i started with tap water just using water conditioner, Havent had any problems other then algae and I am aware I should be using RODI water. If I start doing my water changes with RODI water from now on, will it filter out the tap water i used?
  5. Hi everyone I am brand new here and thinking of starting my first reef tank!!! I want to have a reef tank any where from 20 to 40 gallons and I want to be able to grow all kinds off coral. I also want to only spend $250 on the tank, light, filter and rock. Please any suggestions will help. Thanks!
  6. Redreidy

    RO/DI units?

    Hi All, I am looking at taking control of my own water production. I have grown somewhat paranoid that Salt Water could contain all sorts. Anyway I have been googling RO/DI systems and there seems to be a huge disparity in costs some seem to range from £200-£400 but there are also some going for £30-£40? Ideally I would like to get one of the £30-£40 ones and divert the rest of the funding towards a new lighting system. I only have 16gal and a 9gal I dont need a system that creates hundreds of litres a day but I also dont want to buy one thats not up to the job. Also how often do you need to change the filters in a RODI unit? Thank you in advance.
  7. coryscritch

    changing ro filters

    hi guys so its time for me to change some filters out in my ro buddie . Ill be changing the sediment and carbon. my question to you guys is- do i take the membrane out before flushing these cartridges out? do i disconnect the Di filter?
  8. chathurai

    TDS 34 ppm is it bad ?

    im from srilanka its really hard to find ro/di water from LFS here.today i tested my tap water , reading was 34ppm , is it ok to start my new tank setup with these TDS reading ? chathura
  9. Hello, I had a circulation pump, which stopped working a few days ago. I'm thinking to buying a return pump, because it's more cheaper! For my aquarium with soft corals how many gallon per hour would be better? Maybe 130 gph? Bye
  10. Hello, im seeing a lot of "things" floating in my tank. I'm not sure if its being pushed out of the return pump and into my main display, or its just in my main display. But there is a lot of particles/ (detritus?) in my tank and I'm really not able to enjoy watching it. Everything is doing great, lps are happy, clown is happy. all my levels are at 0. Im running a nano reef glass protein skimmer which is doing a good job taking out a lot of crap from the water, I'm running lots of filter floss along with chemipure elite and purigen and still nothing is clearing up my water. I even went to the extent of using seachem clarity and still nothing. Please help me, I can't enjoy my tank with all this crap floating around! (tiny particles everywhere!!) to get more detailed with it, when I close my tank lights and put a flashlight over the tank, all I see is particles everywhere, it looks like a mess. Not having any problems with algae, just these particles. flow is also good in my tank. Thanks
  11. LiamFalconer

    Cloudy water, need help

    I have a 32 gal biocube, added rock first then thoroughly rinsed carib-sea aragonite(ran clear), then added totally mixed clear water and it it now really cloudy. i added the water onto a plate, and am now running 6oz of carbon. any suggestions as to what to do to clear it up (filter is currently running)?
  12. hello, my water quality is not as clear as it once was. There seems to be so many fine little particles floating around everywhere, I even believe some of those are microbubbles. Im running an IM10 g for about a month now, tank cycle properly, all level were 0. I finally added my first clown and some hardy corals, everything is thriving and loving it. For about a week now, I've been having this problem where small particles or micro bubbles are floating around everywhere in my water. I've been using sachem clarity once a week, it doesn't seem to be doing much.. Aside from weekly water changes and blowing my rocks, what else can I do or add in my tank to make these stupid particles/bubbles go away? the tank is so beautiful and these little things are ruining the beauty of it. Any tips would be great thanks (before you say it, I know the tank is young, I've been in the hobby for 5 years, I know what to expect and I know patience is key. but something with these particles is just telling me something is off)
  13. GenericReefer

    Film on Water

    I finished setting up my tank, water, live sand, and all, but there is a strange film on the top, with some debris and foam. I mistakenly used Ocean Wonders Epoxy, so that may have to do with it. Any comments?
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