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On 10/1/2017 at 9:52 PM, TheRope said:

Added two new corals and an adult stomatella snail today! Check it out ;)



I love the new additions!

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9 hours ago, vlangel said:

I love the new additions!

Well then wait for this batch of additions ;)

*changed flow and top* to increase light penetration and reduce water loss (little aorstone bubbles pop too much)

Some new coral today 2 frags of zoas and 2 frags of monti digitata (red one at the back and pink at the front) 
The pink one got slightly irritated dueing shipment due to the plug coming off and i guess rubbing on the underside of the coral, so the tissue is kinda white-ish (damaged) i really hope theyre okay, i find they will make a great addition to this jar so im praying to the coral gods right now ♡♡♡♡


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