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  1. vlangel

    Dawn's 56 gallon AGA column

    I fed Omega one kelp pellets and spiralina pellets this morning. I know Marmalade is primarily an herbivore and maybe the frozen emerald entree and formula 2 were not enough. He seemed to really relish the pellets and I thought his belly looked fuller. I am surprised how effective Marmalade and Linus have been in scraping nuisance algae in the tank. Being combtooth blennies they spend much of their time looking for filamentous algae to eat. My macro algaes are staying pretty clean with their help.
  2. vlangel

    Dawn's 56 gallon AGA column

    That is good to know. ATM no feather dusters.
  3. vlangel

    Dawn's 56 gallon AGA column

    Thanks Snow. I will try your suggestions. I have prazipro and years ago I used it right in the reef. I think it is probably safe with the sturdy coral I keep.
  4. The ponies are doing well. Everything with their tank is going smoothly too. Now that I am broadcast feeding it is easier to feed them 3Xs a day and they seem to like that. With the turnover and flow in their tank I am starting to feel more comfortable with the broadcast feeding method. I always trained the ponies to use a feeding bowl but it takes them much longer to eat that way with them taking turns reaching down for the food. With broadcasting its a free-for-all while the pump is in feed mode. Then when it turns back on the flow lifts any mysis off the floor to be filtered out.
  5. vlangel

    Dawn's 56 gallon AGA column

    I generally say if I can keep new fish a live for 2 weeks I will have them for years. This time I am not so sure even though all 5 new fish are still a live and eating pretty well. I am concerned however because they are not fattening up. The green clown gobies (Piper and Jet) are really thin. Marmalade, the orange spot blenny is kind of emaciated looking too. Only Spirit and Spectre look normal and they were the last to come out and eat. I am feeding this tank 3Xs a day and 2 of the meals are meaty foods like mysis, fish frenzy and such. The other meal always has algae for the blennies like emerald entree or formula 2. My other blennies and cardinal fish are chubs so I know there is nothing wrong with their diet. If its internal parasites, hopefully they fight it off. I have also heard that fish caught by cyanide poisoning can eat but still wither away. These were wild caught so maybe I should have resisted since my lfs also carries captive bred. Anyway I sure hope the newcomers fatten up soon.
  6. vlangel

    Drs. F&S site shutdown

    That is terrible, I was not able to find 30" HOT5 bulbs anywhere else. 😢
  7. vlangel

    Drew's IM 10 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank

    Yes sir, I would say that you definitely have MTS! LOL
  8. vlangel

    WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    Some of my prettiest ones have red striped legs. Some are just dark brown.
  9. vlangel

    WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    My 56 gallon is loaded with those micro brittle stars. They are in and under every rock, and every macro algae. They are such a wonderful cuc!
  10. vlangel

    Justin's Mixed 17G

    I used to have a shrimp/ curlique pair. They are cool. Awesome reef and fun sump.
  11. vlangel

    Bonsai Nano Reef - 14 Gal

    Wow, where will everything go after they start to grow? Your colors are amazing.
  12. vlangel

    CSR’s Lucky Lagoon 25 - Month 9

    Very nice!
  13. vlangel

    Dawn's 56 gallon AGA column

    Full end of tank shot. There are 7 of the 12 fish in this shot.
  14. vlangel

    Dawn's 56 gallon AGA column

    I just love the dart fish. They are very cool when they come out into the water column and swim together.