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  1. vlangel

    My 2.6 gallon fluval spec

    What a great tank and I love your choice of inverts and fish. Great job!
  2. vlangel

    Dawn's shrimp chalet & 5.5 AIO !

    I feel like this tank is way too blue with the Coral Compulsion bulb but I am too cheap to add something with more white in it. I think I have hit the sweet spot with feedings and WCs. Seems like I have a good balance right now.
  3. vlangel

    Tana's Custom 54

    Well, enjoy FL then. And I have been MIA since my seahorse talk.
  4. vlangel

    Dawn's shrimp chalet & 5.5 AIO !

    Thanks TheRope. I never dreamed how enjoyable this little tank was going to be. It lets me have a lot of coral that I love, but are not seahorse safe and its really easy. I guess I kind of lucked into a good balance of feeding and biological life that has the tank flourishing.
  5. vlangel

    Live Free or Reef; WWC OG Bounce added

    Very nice GraniteReefer. Your bowl is filling in beautifully.
  6. vlangel

    Dawn's shrimp chalet & 5.5 AIO !

    In the video you can see the resident shrimp who live here along with pods in the built in fuge, and the blue legged hermit. There are still no fish but I am thinking about it.
  7. vlangel

    Dawn's shrimp chalet & 5.5 AIO !

    Thanks seabass! I feel like it's improving as the coral grow and the tank matures. Thanks Lorekeeper, I love it too.
  8. vlangel

    Dawn's shrimp chalet & 5.5 AIO !

    FTS July '18 Close up of some of the acans and duncans.
  9. Gourgeous tank! Congrats!!!
  10. vlangel

    Tana's Custom 54

    Yes, the shrimp chalet is doing wonderfully with hardly any maintenance. I would love to add a pair of neon or rusty gobies but I hate to rock the boat. Maybe in the fall when I can spend more time with the tank. Are you going to the club picnic at Ted's house the last Saturday of July?
  11. vlangel

    Dawn's multi-level seahorse garden.

    Me too, I love Delilah's punk rocker look!
  12. vlangel

    Dawn's multi-level seahorse garden.

    The tank is chugging along just fine. I have been feeding a bit more because Samson was looking a bit thinner after my hecticness and vacation. I thought I better target feed him to fatten him up a bit. Lazy stallion doesn't bother to come to the feeding bowl now.😕
  13. vlangel

    Arce's Tank

    Hi Justin, I have been crazy busy and sorry I missed your wedding. Congrats though. Don't feel bad about not feeling the passion for your tank at the moment. Its ok to have other priorities. Maybe on down the road when life settles down you will feel different. I am jealous of the underwater excursions. I love snorkling and anything that deals with swimming in a reef.
  14. vlangel

    Tana's Custom 54

    HI Alonzo, I have had a crazy busy few months with visiting company, vacation and visiting grandchildren. I am finally having a down day to catch up on other folks tanks. Yours is looking good. I love the pic of the blenny peeking out!