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  1. vlangel

    Dawn's fish fortress! Macro algae arrived!

    My cyano is not real bad either and also is not hurting anything. It makes me crazy but not crazy enough to use a chemical fix, at least yet.
  2. vlangel

    Dawn's fish fortress! Macro algae arrived!

    Amen to it not being dinos! I hope not to use any chemical interventions as well.
  3. vlangel

    Dawn's fish fortress! Macro algae arrived!

    Thanks Daniel, this was my first order of macros and inverts from this supplier. My husband found him on ebay and I have been ordering ghost shrimp from him for probably 2-3 years. He has been great to deal with. His user name is something like: at your_door shrimp.
  4. I ordered ghost shrimp for my ponies and she was accidently in with them. I knew my guy went shrimping and guess she was caught with the shrimp. Thanks for the kind word on the scape. Its easy to miss stuff on here, it happens to me all the time.
  5. Ha ha, you are making me sound like a hero, Patrick. I am just an 'ordinary Joe' (well in my case an 'ordinary Dawn').
  6. Its so good to hear from you. I am very sorry about Bella and your 50 gallon. Everyone has their niche and I am glad that you are getting back to reefing with a tank suited more to you. I will look forward to your new thread. Thanks for dropping by and saying hello.
  7. Well, I made it as nice for her as I could. She is in my original baby seahorse nursery with a few fake plants to hitch to. I t should be easy to give her bbs in a large density and then use a cup and scoop out a cup of water and replace with fresh. At first I thought she was an erectus baby but her snout is very short. I am beginning to think she is a dwarf seahorse.
  8. vlangel

    Dawn's fish fortress! Macro algae arrived!

    I am hoping for the best but we shall see.
  9. vlangel

    Dawn's fish fortress! Macro algae arrived!

    Here a pic! I realize that the stress of shipping might make them die back a bit. I will just let them be. I really do love shaving brush!
  10. Look what I found with my ghost shrimp! I know her chances are slim to none. She has probably not eaten for 4 days having been accidently captured over the weekend. I am going to buy some pods tonight and start a bbs hatchery also. I will try to give her a fighting chance if she has any fight left in her.
  11. Me too. Usually erectus seahorses lose their 'cirri' when they become young adult seahorses, but Delilah is over a year and a half now, so I guess she is going to keep hers, yah!
  12. Hey Scott! Its good to hear from ya. How are you and the family? Its kind of wierd but I was just wondering a few days ago if you were able to get rid of the dinos in your 50 gallon? I have cyano in my 56 gallon and its been stubborn. I guess you'll be hanging up the skate board until spring. Dave and I's motorcycles are tucked away in the garage until March or April. As you can see I moved the ponies back into the 30g XH. I tried slowly to add sand and fish (to their 56g) but it turned out to not be a clean enough enviroment for them and 2 of the 3 came down with skin infections. They've only just got out of HT. So much for avoiding MTS! LOL. They are doing well now however. Eve is coming on 5 years old! She is quite the grand old lady and I call her the machiarch of the herd.
  13. vlangel

    Dawn's fish fortress! Macro algae arrived!

    My macro algae arrived late afternoon today but I am very pleased. I definitely got more than I paid for since he could not give me exactly what I ordered. I got 3 shaving brushes, a mermaid fan, a lg halimeda, some ulva and a red macro that I do not know what it is. I got 4 or 5 emerald crabs and 1 is red. Also another pom pom crab, and a multitude of nassarius snail. I only had time to temperature acclimate them before I had to run. Now the lights are low so no pics until tomorrow.
  14. Those of you who read my journal on the fish fortress may have read that I upgraded the flow in that tank. Since that freed up the tunze, I moved it to the pony tank. It packs a punch in the 30 gallon XH since I have it at full flow which is around 1500 gph. I have it pointed almost straight down so as to not slam the seahorses into the rock structure. It is very effectively lifting particulate up into the water column to be filtered. The rest I will syphon off the bottom every other day.
  15. vlangel

    Dawn's fish fortress! Macro algae arrived!

    I have greatly increased the flow in this tank in hopes that the cyano will slowly go away. I want to explore every natural option first as I really do not want to try anything chemical, although I do run carbon to absorb softie toxins. I bought this dual powerhead a month ago but it was so big and intrusive that I was not going to use it. I've changed my mind. It should be better for the coral as well. Already they seem to be liking it.