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  1. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    I got a little but it was somewhat disappointing. There were no acans and no sun coral and those were 2 coral I was looking for. I did come home with a sinularia frag, an idaho grape frag, a yellow polyp frag, some vibrant yellow zoas and a mushroom. Tomorrow I may go to a different lfs.
  2. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    Lots of great minds! LOL! I am heading out to a lfs now hoping to find some good choices for stocking.
  3. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    I am adding a few frags from my seahorse DT. One was a striped mushroom that I added last night. It is a pretty mushroom but it kept getting lost in the big tank. It was opened up today and looking good. I am hoping that it will do better in the reef jar. Since the mushroom did alright I decided to add a very small frag of xenia, a small kenya tree and some gsp. I moved the light up to the same height as the T5 fixture on the seahorse tank. I am only going to have the light on 6 hours a day to start out also. I would like to visit a lfs and see if I can find some acans, duncans and blastos frags. Hopefully I don't burn anything.
  4. Thats quite interesting. The coral are going to look like his brains.
  5. Flatland's Pico Contest Tank

    Ha ha, in your 1st pic it looks so big until I scrolled down and saw the 2nd pic!
  6. Tana's Pico Tower

    I am loving the floating rock scape!
  7. My temperature is also good without a heater.
  8. Kellie's Terrarium Pico Tank

    I agree, the distortion is cool.
  9. Orangutran's excuse to reef at work

    Ha ha, junior asparagus pico! That is funny, but quite cute. Good luck with the mangrove. I have always wanted to try one but never have.
  10. Live Free or Reef, Coral A Day until its full

    Those trumpets are going to be quite nice when they all grow some!
  11. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    I don't know if you can see from this pic but the top rock is in the middle of the jar and the macros are behind it where they still get light. It is my hope that some of the red grape grows up higher where it can be seen from the front of the jar. Red grape is sparce enough to still let light in for the cheato, I hope.
  12. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    I have a small acrylic jar that is housing my rio powerhead and my cheato sits in that jar on top of the rio. Macro algae that is more easily controlled, like codium can be put where ever I would like. Or did you mean how am I keeping the cheato in the small jar? The answer to that is the rio powerhead theoretically is pulling water flow down to the bottom of the small jar and hopefully keeping the cheato somewhat contained. Someday I may use the jar for mechanical and/or chemical filtration when the contest is over.
  13. Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    I love the different colors and textures in your jar. It really does look nice already and will be so much fun watching it fill in.
  14. The Lowest of the Low......Tech (CC pico contest thread)

    I am glad that you found the glass fish TatorTaco because I looked at so many sites and I could not remember where I saw it. I like the idea of team Pisces!
  15. Coral_chefs Mr. peanut C.C. Contest pico

    You really are the 'coral_chef'. You do your reefing where you do your cooking!