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  1. O my goodness, what a vote of confidence. I hope I don't disappoint you and your son terribly!
  2. SPECIFICATIONS Tank: 2.5 gallon Aqueon 'jank' tank, (will have mural painted on the back wall) Filter: Aquatop PFE-1 power filter, 45 gph, AquaClear filter insert foam on the intake. This is to prevent DSHs from being sucked into the filter. I will not know if this works until I try it. Heater: 10 year old Marineland 10 watt (if it is still operational) Tetra Whisper 20 with airline tubing for aeration Light: Natural Sunlight supplemented with a par 38 tuna blue bulb LIVESTOCK Fish: Dwarf seahorses and maybe a dwarf pipefish Inverts: feeder ghost shrimp (to provide larvae shrimp as food) Nassarius snails for sandbed maintenance, strombus snails for algae control Macro Algae: TBD Coral: simple coral that can withstand a panacur treatment should hydroids hitch hike in with the bbs cysts. _________________________________________________________________________ This cute little tank will sit in our dinette window where it will receive about 2 hours of direct sunlight in the morning. The rest of the day will just be ambient light. Since I do not think that is enough to sustain the macros and the coral alone I will also supplement with a par 38 bulb. I want the mural to block out the intrusiveness of equipment but it must also allow sunlight into the tank so it will probably a graghic silhouette. The plan is to cycle dry dead rock since hitch hiking hydroids are deadly to dwarf seahorses. I also plan to seed the rock with copepods from my other seahorse tank. I hope to have enough rock to provide an attractive scape and biological filtration but not so much that husbandry will be hindered. (Just as with the greater seahorse species, DSHs are susceptible to bacterial infections. Diligence and great care must be taken to reduce this threat. The tank must be kept very clean and excellant water quality maintained). I will also cycle dry sand using the fine oolite. I do not want particles to be trapped by the sand. The most important method of export will be WCs. I am anticipating (3) 50% WCs a week. It sounds like a lot of work until one realizes that a WC is only about 1 gallon or a little more. Because husbandry must be given priority the scape with macros/coral must be simple enough to keep clean. No one wants to keep an unattractive tank so each element must be chosen carefully for maximum impact. They also must be compatible with the DSHs, which means no stinging aggressive coral. Only coral that can flourish in lower flow will be chosen. That is my plan as of now. Since DSHs are new to me, I will be flexible to make changes in an attempt to meet their needs as I perceive them.
  3. Looks like a fun interesting build! I will enjoy folllowing.
  4. Very cool idea and I love the looks of it. As a former aquarium tech who serviced old school SW tanks, (ones that were built in the 70s and 80s) that had UG filters and crushed coral, I have 1 word of caution. I vacumned the plates of all my UG SW tanks once a month. The reason was that with SW tanks that had a large amount of detritus build up under the plate that at some point the ph would drop and some sort of chain reaction would happen that would deplete the oxygen and all the fish would die. I never really understood the actual chemistry of it but I witnessed the results. These tanks were FOWLR so I don't know about a purely coral tank.
  5. Your tank is a beauty and I am a bit jealous, ha ha! It seems you have a well thought out plan.
  6. I wished I had played Tetris, I think I might have had a knack for it. Actually the hob filter is the smallest one I could find. I need a very slow flow so that the DSHs are not sucked into it. Its only 45 gph and even at that I will need to cover the intake. The Marineland heater is a tiny one I bought in 2009 when I raised some clownfish fry so it is very small too.
  7. I hope I am not being foolish but for me the magnetic feeder is a game changer. If they had been available when I had Jr, I would've kept her. Even I am not sure where I will get the DSHs but I did find a few places that they can be gotten.
  8. We went to Athens. It was a humanitarian trip to help with refugees. We took 18 duffle bags full of shoes, flashlights, clothing, hygiene supplies and such to distribute. We worked with a missionary couple who have a center that feeds folks 3Xs a week, offers some medical help and distributes clothes. We also raised funds to hold a 4 day retreat for refugees recently converted to christianity or who wanted to learn about it. Between 50 - 60 folks came to the retreat. At the end of the retreat we offered baptism to any who wanted it and also had communion together. As it turned out 2 of our team members were baptized as well which was cool. Although heart wrenching at times, it was an experience I will never forget. As people we come from many different backrounds and cultures, speak different languages but most of us want the same thing...to be loved and respected, to be able to give love and respect and finally to be able to live in peace. I made new friends and my life is the richer for it.
  9. Please don't let me doing this stop you. If 2 dwarf seahorse tanks are entered, we can learn from one another what works best since I am sure that we will not be doing everything the same. It can further expand that aspect of the hobby.
  10. Oh ok, now I understand. Thats funny that you were just thinking that when I posted. Maybe you telepathically sent me a messege?
  11. That is correct, no decapping. The shells stay in the feeder while the bbs swim out into the water column. The feeder does not address enrichment but my big seahorse tank has lots of copepods. I am hoping supplementing with those will meet the DSHs needs.
  12. Oops, sorry Patrick, I did not mean to steal your thunder. I would not be offended if you did a seahorse tank as well.
  13. Actually these tiny ponies may be out of my league as well as I understand that they can be more challenging than the big seahorses. I am gonna give it my best shot.
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