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  1. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    Oops my bad, you are right! Yours and mine are hammers. Sorry for the misidentification😕.
  2. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    And last but not least...frogspawn! Oops not frogspawn, its a hammer! I was half asleep this afternoon when I posted these pics😴.
  3. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    A blown up close up of some blastos!
  4. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    I really love how the light plays on the coral in this pic.
  5. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    The upper left of the jar. Lots of feeding tentacles out.
  6. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    Here are today's pics! A top down view.
  7. WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    I would have loved to see that! LOL
  8. Nano Sapiens 12g - Ye Olde Mixed Reef

    Hi nano, just catching up on your thread. I have been spending too much time in the pico section since the ccc started. Anyway I loved the videos, especially the horror halloween flick. No wonder those gobies look so beat up at times!
  9. WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    Those last set of pics are so pretty! And I just loved watching Candy cane and Lemon drag that coral toward their lair, it was just so adorable!
  10. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    Yesterday my snail was upside down and somewhat under the rock. I wasn't sure if it was alive or dead so I placed it on the rockwork to see if it would move. This morning I found it on the bottom of the tank...upside down. At least I know its alive.
  11. Droy's C.C. Pico * New Corals

    Really nice Droy. I love the variety and selection of coral you chose.
  12. Looking for a 'fuge alternative to Cheato

    My fuge has multiple algaes. One is feather caulerpa. It does not go sexual if the light is on 24/7. It also will not go sexual if you are harvesting it regularly. It needs a lot of nutrients and also magnesium to flourish. Probably a little iodide and iron would help as well. I never need to dose because with seahorses I am doing WCs 3Xs a week and so all the new salt water and the ponies provides what my macro algaes need.
  13. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    I fed mysis, mysis juice, qnd microvert today. I hate throwing away mysis when the ponies don't eat it all. I love being able to feed this little jar that left over mysis. Also today I took the lid off, turned the air pump off and run the rio pump and let the coral soak up the light more directly. From all appearances the coral loved their time in the sun!
  14. Yes, I also heard that you can eat some of the macro algaes. You first! 😄 My codium has not been in the jar very long but it seems to be staying green. Codium is odd as it grows. The branches get all fuzzy like and that is how you know if its happy. What I know of macro algae is the greens like a lot of light and the reds can live with less, except dragon's breath which will flourish in high light too. All macro algaes like high magnesium, alkalinity and calcium so its best to use a reef salt, although doing weekly 100% water changes helps tremendously with that. Anyway, whatever you are doing in your jar is working cause it looks great!
  15. Sharbuckles 40

    So beautiful and yes, it has come a long way.