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  1. My attempt at being witty. Sorry, that is as good as it gets!
  2. Congrats on getting the brain you have been wanting and congrats on your son's graduation. I have been wondering how I got old enough to have grandchildren! All I can say is life comes at you fast.
  3. I had some catching up to do on ' the creep'. I am happy to find the creep and its exhibit tank to be doing quite well.
  4. O what fun. Of course we are all waiting for pics, (not that you aren't busy with acclimating, dipping and arranging).
  5. Vi is very lucky to have someone who loves her so much and is willing to put up with her crap! Ha ha!
  6. I take it that she doesn't appreciate correction? Well its not Ruth because I moved her into QT yesterday and the food bowl had poop in it again today. Ruth is in QT while I observe a suspicious white place on her neck. With her being a pinto it is difficult to know if its a normal white patch or a dangerous one. I don't want to take a chance so she is in clean saltwater. She is depressed but still eating pretty well. If her patch does not change or look worse in a week or so I will move her back.
  7. Ha ha, that is so funny that you say that because I think it is him!
  8. Ha ha, my feelings exactly! Maybe Violet should sit in when I have my little talk with the herd. We gotta love em though even when they do gross things like that.
  9. I need to have a talk with the herd...someone keeps pooping in the food bowl. Really!
  10. I would definitely nominate markalot's tank if he would accept it. It has not only grown into a very beautiful tank but has weathered ups and downs and has stood the test of time.
  11. The seahorses are really good right now. The 2 new youngsters, Samson and Delilah have settled in well. Ruth is growing well and is starting to glance coyly over at Samson, the only male in the tank. Samson glances back but he really has eyes for Eve, the matriarch.
  12. Even when a clown bites, they are special when you have had them a long time. I like Andromeda, she is a beauty.
  13. Wow Harry, the tank looks even better than it did when you got totm. It just keeps getting better.
  14. They look great Annette. I had not seen the RFA tank for awhile.