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  1. vlangel

    Tana's Pico Tower

    I hate it when that sort of thing happens!😠
  2. She will really enjoy watching it mature and you can point out some of the fascinating tiny life in it.
  3. Such a cool idea, your mom will love it!
  4. vlangel

    Sharbuckles 40 - 11 Months Old

    I love your tank Sharbuckle. I plan to nominate it for totm next month because I really think it is so beautiful, peaceful and soothing. You have done a great job of choosing interesting fish and coral. Great job!
  5. vlangel

    Dawn's multi-level seahorse garden.

    Thank you all for you kind thoughts and enquiries about Eve. She is not doing bad, just slightly off. At the prompting of a very experienced seahorse keeper I have moved her into my 10 g QT/HT. Right now I am only observing her and I am encouraged. I added live ghost shrimp gut loaded with an excellant seahorse supplement. She went for them immediately and some of the ghosties are sizable. That means she is not really weak. I plan to do a freshwater dip on her tomorrow. If she thrashes around that means she probably is suffering from ich or some parasite, (lets hope its not that). If it is I will have to move everybody into the 30g XH tank and leave my DT fallow. I would probably buy a UV sterilizer too. I can remove the live rock in the QT and turn it into a HT if I think it is bacterial in nature. The tank temperature did go up to 76° F one day last week. So all in all I feel pretty good about Eve coming through this.
  6. vlangel

    Dawn's multi-level seahorse garden.

    I checked on her this morning and she looks alright. She is just chillin' hitched to some macro algae. This may be a slow progression of decline if it is just old age. She does not seem to be suffering in any way, just weaker and less active.
  7. vlangel

    3rd Time's a Charm - Disaster #2 ; Dinos :(

    Your fuge looks very lush and alive! I love it.
  8. vlangel

    Dawn's multi-level seahorse garden.

    Thanks Subsea. Yeah, it hurts when I lose a pony under any circumstance but at least she is nearing a full life in aquaria. She is my oldest seahorse because she is my surviving original pony. I can't seem to help myself about naming my fish.
  9. vlangel

    Dawn's multi-level seahorse garden.

    I am a bit concerned about Eve. She is acting off by spending more time hitched with her head down. Also she was sucked to the powerheads both yesterday and today. She was able to get loose but she has never been sucked to a powerhead ever until the last 2 days. She is acting weaker although her appetite is still quite good. She is closing in on 4 and a half years old minimally and 5 is a normal lifespan in an aquarium. She may even be 5 already because she was pretty big when I got her.
  10. vlangel

    Will I succeed with dwarf seahorses?

    More WCs will definitely help with water quality and that is a big part of seahorses keeping.
  11. vlangel

    Will I succeed with dwarf seahorses?

    When you order Dan's Feed you should ask him. He is always happy to help folks.
  12. vlangel

    Will I succeed with dwarf seahorses?

    I do not think so.
  13. vlangel

    Will I succeed with dwarf seahorses?

    Its a mini blender with some punch. I think they costs around 20-30 dollars.
  14. vlangel

    Jbm's 20 Long upgrade adventure

    Nice! 20 gallon longs are nice tanks. One of my early marine tanks was a 20 L. That was in the 90s. That same tank is my sump now. (I believe in re-purposing when possible, especially when it saves me $, ha ha!)
  15. vlangel

    5.5g of Fun new fts 4/25/18

    O wow, that is never convenient! Gotta love the kitties though and it keeps life interesting.😕