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  1. You are too hard on yourself. Its not that bad. You can use boiling hot water and squirt it down the aiptasia's throat and that might kill some.
  2. I am so sorry about the crash. This is a super cool concept and I think you should try again.
  3. You are absolutely right Chris. I was feeling bad for Dave because he has been wanting me to order these ponies for a month. I talked with him today about it and I said, " you know hon, I need to wait until we get back from San Fran before I order my ponies!" He said, "I know." I will order the day after I get home if its not blizzarding."
  4. Yesterday was my birthday and Dave wants to buy me 2 more ponies. I would love to have them right away but with the whole QT process taking 2 weeks or so with seahorses and me going to my granddaughter's meet and greet shower on March 4th, I need to hold off. Now we are going to visit our other son's family in San Francisco at the end of March, which is very cool but do I hold off until April for my ponies? Decisions, decisions!
  5. Here is a cropped pic of the ponies, (which is why it is a little fuzzy) I still thought it was cute.
  6. Hi all, my name is Dawn and I have come to adore seahorses. I began my first tank build for seahorses in April 2014. If you are interested in my seahorse tank beginnings you can check out those threads by clicking on the links in my signature. The latest video of my tank. This tank is actually in honor of my stallion, Adam. He sadly passed about 3 weeks ago and is my first seahorse loss. I believe his passing may likely have been linked to me adding sand from another tank to my sandbed. That got me researching more on sandbeds for seahorses and bare bottom tanks for seahorses. I personally am not fond of how bb tanks look, but became convinced that they are more maintenance friendly for seahorses. So I pondered ways to make a bb more palatable to me. I decided painting the bottom was the way to go. However the prospects of tearing down my current tank to paint the bottom got me wondering if a new tank was feasible. It turns out that a 56 gallon column aquarium is a very similar footprint to my current seahorse tank. That was all the encouragement I needed. I bought the tank and ordered the stand immediately. The tank in preparation to paint the back wall. This is the bottom almost finished being painted. I used a valspar sandstone paint for interiors, actually the same color as my livingroom walls. It does look like sand somewhat.