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  1. I wasnt sure if it would destroy the concept but i think itll look pretty awesome and the rfas are very tough!
  2. So my lfs got in some really nice rfas i may add a couple in!
  3. On the rock of palys there's a beautiful colony of bright green colonial hydroids which are very slow growing as they have a calcified tube and I'm really happy I place em in the front as they look so good in the flow! Also the anemone is recovering super well from the crash, missing a couple of tentacles but doing well other than that!
  4. Thanks guys! I'm kinda happy with the direction its going, cant wait to add to my garden 🙂 Oh p.s, the pipe fish and all inverts are doing incredibly well!
  5. Haha yeah to say the least XD On that note I was cleaning out the holding cube and I found the bubnle tip. So he's now recuperating in the reefbowl!
  6. Alrighty. Update time but little story I came up with to cope with the loss of the original bowl! So as we know in natural reefs there occurs the rise and fall of coral, where one dominant/resilient species comes to the forefront and ends up taking over the vast majority of an area until something either outcompetes it or a natural disaster happens and another coral comes out on top! That's the idea behind where I took this bowl. Throughout the last two disasters my large Palythoa's were the only ones that thrived throughout the entire ordeal. So I look at this bowl as a fast forward into the future and I'm really enjoying it !
  7. Slowly reviving the bowl, I brought all surviving coral (except for one species) back to the lfs and got myself more live rock covered in that same species. This is gonna be a species only bowl! I cant wait for it to cle@r up (new sand) I want to scape this thing properly and start feeding the coral!
  8. Unfortunately things are still on the downside ... Gonns take a while for the coral to recuperate... Its a weird feeling seeing these corals that ive cared for for over a year die in a single day, due to another coral. Toadstools really are powerful in small spaces! Anyways, I'm not sure if ill ever recreate something as nice as the bowl but I guess well wait and see...
  9. No worries guys, its part of the game! I just transferred all survivors to the 2 gal cube!
  10. As coincidence has it, right after receiving the totm I went to the lfs and found a coral I liked, bought it, and proceeded to crash my bowl! It was a toadstool. And I'm not even sure why ive done 2x 100% w.c and it did nothing. So after work tonight I will salvage some corals for a new build.
  11. I passed by the lfs again today and got these 3 : (so excited)
  12. Thanks so much!!! I'm glad the videos were half decent haha
  13. A couple of pics i took last night that i would have added to the article but i didnt get the time to do so: 1: pink monti digi growing on the glass 2: monti spongodes growing on the glass 3: celebration feeding for the mushrooms!
  14. Thanks everyone! 😍😍
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