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  1. The fish in going to be getting will stay under 1.5 inches and doesnt swim! The barnacle goby will be the perfect fish for the 3 gal!
  2. Haha love my pom pom! The sixline is doing absolutely incredibly its crazy! Theyre very strong fish and hes just been cruisin through the corals, doesnt leave the rockwork haha!
  3. Wow interesting! I dont think hes alive anymore. Mini six line wrasse prowling the bowl! Heres a macro of my pompom! Its super cute!!
  4. I added a 1 inch sixline wrasse to the tank to deal with some minor flatworm problems. Hes staying here for about 3-4 weeks and is then being returned to the lfs just in time to switch him for a barnacle blenny! Arrangment has been made! Also check out my first acropora!
  5. The flow is a tetra 10 whisper air pump and the reasonfor no filter is becase it is unecssary, and will ruin the look of the tank 🙂
  6. TheRope


    Exactly the same ones! And thanks! Thanks! Come check out my thread!
  7. Great question, so far i have placed em in a way where they wont touch, mushrooms are all together, palys all together, acan is on a magnet, same with my two montis, my hammers have their own rock in the back. The only two areas where things will converge is the paly and sinularia, which im not worried about because palys dont grow on sinularias. And the second is the the middle section. The chalice has quite a bit of room for now. But the palys may grow and kill the birdsnest or they wont. Either way it doesnt bother me because either they leave it alone or they grow on the skeleton. Both will look cool. My cloves at the back are very easy to frag so thats no problem either.
  8. A wonderful video narrated by MightyNanoTank about evap in a small system!
  9. This gold mushroom in the 2nd and 3rd pic is insane! He wasnt doing so well in the 2 gal but here hes been loving life! Also i love these palys too much.
  10. Still one my fav picos ever.
  11. The urge to say something stupid like "they hate us cuz they aint us" came up in my mind 😂😂😂 But yeah i mean it is a very odd concept that a huge environment which such stability can be recreated in a betta bowl with no insane equipment! The downside to these small systems is we dont get to own fish (though i want to try and keep a panda goby/trimma goby one day!)
  12. Hahayup! Definitely their molts, ive seen this guy molt before and its the most aggressive prosses ive ever seen. Usually molting is a slow dangerous process for inverts but these guys jerk aggressively and pull themselves out in one pull! Very impressive.
  13. @Christopher Marks this vid is for you! Heres the unit amphipod whos insanely large compared to the other ones!
  14. To be fair its much easier to pack a 3 gallon than most other tanks hahah
  15. I have the samw thing going on, absolutely huge amphipods moving about in broad daylight, they even chase eachother around kind of like happy street rats 😂 but no even the largest amphipods have never touched my zoas or palys, infact they have been living and breeding beneath the polyp canopies! Ill have to take some macros for you soon. Things like feather dusters tend to rely on phyto more than others but usually reef roids/ coral frenzy does super well for filterfeeding corals and other critters