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  1. Thanks for the help guys! Its super swollen noe but not irritated ... Looks like a i went a bit ham on the collagen injections 😂😂😂 Definitely buying one of those pumps no more reef herpes for me 😅😅
  2. Hey guys quick question, i was siphoning my tanks as i do every sunday and 30 minutes later my lip had swollen up and is still swollen ( kind of like about the size of a pea maybe a little larger, it doesn't hurt when i touch it or in general) and then i went online and read about mycrobacterium marinum and am partially panicking 😂😂😂 hELp
  3. TheRope

    The Fools Reef *NOW A 2 GAL CUBE!

    Hahahah amazing ???
  4. TheRope

    The Fools Reef *NOW A 2 GAL CUBE!

    Its just a quick way to post pics, and updates. I use it as a journal and people have easier visibility on what`s being posted so they can respond quicker. It`s a platform for photography in essence, so you have a page of all the pics you`ve posted + daily "stories" with a lot of add ons. Once you click on a picture it'll show you the description that you typed in (journal/documentation)
  5. TheRope

    The Fools Reef *NOW A 2 GAL CUBE!

    I havent been updating here anymore, doing everythung through instagram @fools_reef But thanks!
  6. TheRope

    The Fools Reef *NOW A 2 GAL CUBE!

    Finally recieved some orange gel filters thanks to a wonderful friend of mine! Heres a video with the one I found to be the best (makes it closest to realy life) Video:
  7. TheRope

    The Fools Reef *NOW A 2 GAL CUBE!

    Thanks man! I just purchased this it should be coming in today... Also i might be starting a .5 gallon vase still testing the heating method
  8. TheRope

    The Fools Reef *NOW A 2 GAL CUBE!

    An update while my professor repeats the same stuff hes already said twice... So I've decided that no more corals shall be added to the pico. Anything else that is added will likely be killed or kill something else. So now we wait. I finally placed my frogspawn properly (i had him hiding in the back shadowed by the duncans as i couldnt figure out where to place him without him destroying everything) but now hes nice and happy!  Here's the video:
  9. TheRope

    The Fools Reef *NOW A 2 GAL CUBE!

    Some decent shots from last night ?
  10. Oyyy some good ol' timmies eh? Ill start a youtube channel where i smuggle high quality corals and exchange pastries for my weirdly obsessive need for common cuc
  12. Id do it if i had a car XD.... student life.
  13. Ive been wanting to add them to my 2 gal pico foreverrrr its like almost a year and i csnt grt my hands on any
  14. Its all good im in canada anyways
  15. Easiest way is to find them in your chaeto! Hehe