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pics of my 25 cont!!!!! i will survive!!!


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new SPS corals from thelogicalreef.com coming in on wednesday!! will post pics. these will be my first additions in several months. i wil be clearing out some xenias and GSP to make room!!

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Corey - How bad was that pH flux that almost killed your ROF zoo's? High or Low? No ideas on what caused it?


Nice pics as usual!!

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onthefly--pH flux was high one morning. i dosed the normal amount of b-ionic @ night, but something screwy happened. pH was like 9 not really sure of the cause. nothing like that has happened since, guess that it was just one of those things. did a water change and all was good.

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AHHHHHHHH, package arrived safely as usual and the stock is simply gorgeous. again 2 big thumbs up to the logical reef.









1 KICK ASS BLUE MILLI FRAG. i bought this piece on thier word that i would love it , and this is by far the coolest coral i have ever seen in person. it is unreal. SOOO metallic blue.



pic of pink pocci blue mille is on the left(can barely see it). this is under PC lights.

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corey0613: who do you buy most of your corals from? lfs, or is there an online store that you buy from??


thanks, i will let you know if i am intersted in frags a little later. need to get my skimmer on and some other stuff before i add more coral.

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fly, they get the BEST frags that ORA has to offer. i bought all the pieces "blind" this time, and i couldnt be happier. i never buy without a pics first but lee told me to trust him on this one. givem a call!!!


if you couldnt tell i am going through a milllepora addiction phase right now. want to add a bright yellow one and then i think i will be done. i m not sure why, but i just love the way the mille's look. especially the shaggy ones.


lgreen--most all my livestock comes from www.thelogicalreef.com call or email them and tell them what you want.

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wow, new additions look incredible.


I checked out that site though and they certianly don't have many pictures of what they sell. Maybe they were just updating, too bad they don't ship outside the U.S

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Originally posted by Saul 1

Nice tank Corey, colors look amazing but you might want to get an urchin to eat all that hair algae. You dont want it to take over your tank. Put it in there and it will dissapear within a month. Thats the same algae I had, and my urchin made short work of it.




Nice pictures


I agree with Saul about the red macro algae. Looks like it is already infesting your tank and spreading. Pretty soon your zoo rock on the left will be covered up.

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tigs-- it has been on the rocks since day one (almost 2 years) and has not really spread. it actually used to be more up on the top rocks also but died when i set some rocks on it for a week or two. crabs, pods, and tiny brittle stars love to hang out in it so i'll porbably let it stay. i dont mess with the tank much and i think that is what helps with the success that i have had. on previous tanks i was always getting my "hands in there" and trying to remove algea and stuff and it just "stresses" the tank. this macro is attached VERY firmly to the rocks and im sure i would knock over aquascape and corals if i were to start screwing with it.

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You know your tank best :)

I just hate to see others infested with red macro algae like I was. But the kind you have doesn't seem to spread as much/fast as the kind I had which is a very good thing.

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Hey Corey, I have been doing some cherry picking myself. Getting there slowly, but surely.

Oh & please no one bug me about the cow....I know already!







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I look at your tank for inspiration regularly. I can only hope mine will look half as good as yours! You must've spent a fortune on your coral since you purchased all from online vendors. Respek!

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