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pics of my 25 cont!!!!! i will survive!!!


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the colors of your tank are amazing corey. i am really digging the cream with teal tips acro. i'm going to have to keep a lookout for that :D


fastuno, nice cowfish :P actually i can't talk, i have a baby boxfish in a 15 gallon, lol. just be ready to move him as he grows. i would, however, keep a close eye on him as he grows. they probably aren't the most reef safe when it comes to soft corals.


there's like 6 months between the before and after shot...right? nice tank btw.



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Originally posted by corey0613

tigs-- it has been on the rocks since day one  (almost 2 years) and has not really spread.  it actually used to be more up on the top rocks also but died when i set some rocks on it for a week or two.  crabs, pods, and tiny brittle stars love to hang out in it  so i'll porbably let it stay.  i dont mess with the tank much and i think that is what helps with the success that i have had. on previous tanks i was always getting my "hands in there" and trying to remove algea and stuff and it just "stresses" the tank.  this macro is attached VERY firmly to the rocks and im sure i would knock over aquascape and corals if i were to start screwing with it.


Hi Corey0613


Nice tank and colours, i can only hope that my Nano will turn out as good as yours eventually.

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wow, now looking at my new 10 gallon, I am srratching my head and saying, "If only I had that much more money...". LOL! nice tanks fellas ;)

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corey0613: Great Job....love the last acro you got from the logical reef. And those ORA frags are so nice especailly the Chips frag......hows your rose mile doing, I got one too and its nothing close to what I have seen.

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the rose mille is in a pissed off phase and is down on the substrate right now. i shipped in another 6-8 frags from dave playfair over on reefcentral and had to make some room. the rose got "stung" by something and isnt very colorful @ the time being. i havent seen great growth with it either, so i am giving it a new spot in the reef to see how it does. i will post new pics tonight.


i got i SWEEEEET, SHAAAGGY , bright green mille frag from dave, it is my new favorite coral..

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another view. here you can see that there is indeed some nasty hair algae growing in the macro.. i have been slacking on the water changes, and i think that is where it has come from.

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top view of the blue mille and new SHAGGY green mille. the green one is directly behind the blue and is smaller, it almost looks like GSP's from above. i cannot believe how shaggy it is. i havent been able to get a good front pic, but i am working on it.

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sorry, i have more pics but my computer totally crashed while posting last night. i cannot get online @ home, just here @ work. hopefully i will get thing back up soon.


fly-- the pocci is from bryan and lee, and the green mille is from dave playfair over on reefcentral. this is my second batch of frags from him. he is just a hobbiest who sells frags for upkeep of his tank. very affordable!!!

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just a heads up for all who may be interested, i will have a few frags of my "rings of fire" zoos , a large pink zoo colony, 2 bali acros, a medium orange center zoo colony, xenias (local pick up only), and bright GSP frags available in a week or 2. keep your eyes open on this thread, or drop me a pm if you may be interested. paypal only and you will have to pay for fedex shipping. pricing and pictures to come soon!!

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been a while since and update.


i have really been slacking on maintenance and livestock. here in KS they cut overtime for anyone that makes over $100K so there went all the funds that i normally spend on the tank.


SPS are grwoing nicely, i removed the HOB fuge, because i had determined that it had become nothing more that a nitrate factory.


here are some pics, all are taken under 20K 250W MH.

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chips acro hiding out. i really like this guy. it is white with purple tips that get a fluorescent red hue on them . it is crazy to look @. from above the white base looks green.

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