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pics of my 25 cont!!!!! i will survive!!!


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here is a few up to date pics. my last thread was closed, and i sure this one will be just as nice!!!


SPS have been growing like crazy. my Ca and Alk has finally stabilized @ 400 and 10. i dose 10ml of b-ionic daily.


i almost lost my favorite "rings of fire" zoos after a major late night pH flux, for an unknown reason, but they have bounced back and are growing nicely now. xenias and GSP's are becoming a problem. the GSP's are worse though because they "sting" the SPS. the xenais are just getting old to look @. plan is to remove some and get some nice SPS colonies in place. i like the price of frags, but i am inpatient .


i have been slacking on water changes and cleaning, but i am back on track. let me know if you have any questions and enjoy!!!!!!!


first pics is a full tank shot. notice the candy on the right. it has been producing heads and "melting" them off onto the rock/substrate below. they are all over the place. weird!! and that ugly SPS colony on the top left is finally starting to color up,. it is actually a nice yellowish green in person. the green monti on the lower left is basically touching the glass, i will have to frag it soon..

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one of the blue torts. this one is growing the fastest. i drool over it for a few minutes each day. pic does not justice.

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Nice colors. I really like your tank. My candy cane also splits every couple of months, but doesn't melt off. That looks strange!


Post up your tank specs. Good luck with it!

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purple tip chips acro that is growing nice. there is also a pink and blue milli frag that is awesome under the 20K, but it doesnt comeout very good with the PC's on.

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beautiful corey !!! your acros are looking real nice..


is that a red mille on the left in the second pic ?



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yeah, that is a rose/red milli. it was REALLY nice when i first got it, but it has faded and isnt really growing much. i probably gonna try it in a new spot soon.

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a little cap frag that is starting to take off. i mounted it pretty much vertically and i can tell it is going to spiral real nice.

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orange cap, zoos, torts, milli, chips, and a digitata that is growing like crazy. it is a purple, but i cant get it to be anything but brown @ the moment!! i think it is getting too much flow.

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YOU PHOTOSHOPPED THOSE! Just kidding Corey :P .I just wanted the new thread to have a few comments from the old.Your tank is awesome!

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Nice tank Corey, colors look amazing but you might want to get an urchin to eat all that hair algae. You dont want it to take over your tank. Put it in there and it will dissapear within a month. Thats the same algae I had, and my urchin made short work of it.



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Yea.....If you don't mind, what are your specs again?


Just want to know exactely how much actinic you got running over that to make them glow that much.



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25 gal in the wall setup

12" HOB fuge

aqua-c remora skimmer

3 mini jets

50W heater


here is all that i have for lighting, i really screw around with it and once or twice a week a have an actinic only day. the corals really come out the day after that. in the pics the lighting is any given combination, but i usually stick with PC's because the 20K is hard to get to look good.


250W 20,000K XM on a PFO HQI ballast

1-65 watt 10,000K PC

2-65 watt actinic 03 PC's

2-30W NO daylight bulb on a reverse photoperiod on the fuge.


camera is a 5.0 MP SONY DSC-V1


i got the idea of "cycling" the lighting from MUCHO over on RC who had TOTM sometime last year. it has really given good results.


dose b-ionic, phyto, and cyclopeez. didnt used to dose, but it is a no brainer with the stonies in the tank.



saul----the algae came on the LR about 2 years ago and has never spread. it used to be up on the top where the SPS are, but i just set a rock on it for about 2 weeks and then it is gone. it has never given me any trouble. in the places where it is at there isnt any room for corals anyway so i just let it act as a "filler". its not really a hair algae it is more similar to the branching coralline.


corrie-- i have spent alot on my tanks over the years. the current setup that you see now didnt really cost all that much. the most expensive items in the tank were the blastos, i think they were $70 for the red and $85 for the purple, but you can see why i couldnt pass them up. the candy came off of a large colony that i used to prop. i got 10 of the SPS for $110 from dave playfair over on RC, and that included one of the blue torts. xenias were like $20 bucks for a small frag that has grown and grown. GSP were $20. the large ric rock was $110 for 12 heads, i didnt post any pics today, but to me it is priceless. it has unreal color and really makes the tank even though it is on the substrate. thats about it. i am really picky and only buy what i consider "unable to pass up" unfortunatley corals like that usually demand steeper prices. i purchase almost everything online and never buy what i cant see.

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here is a shot of the tank as you are coming down the stairs towards the "tank wall" . shot this @ night because there is no external lighting and it comes out better.

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Originally posted by corey0613

i am really picky and only buy what i consider "unable to pass up"  unfortunatley corals like that usually demand steeper prices. i purchase almost everything online and never buy what i cant see.


isn't this so true :P this is one case where being anal about what you get pays off!


nice looking tank! i'm jealous X)

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here is a shot from the top of the stairs( zoomed in a bit) . i was looking @ this photo after i uploaded it and was wondering where in the hell half of the tank went........there is a closet on the opposite wall and the door is partially open just enough to block my shot. could have been a really nice shot... stupid me!!

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"rings of fire" zoos. they are on the rebound after they all were nearly killed. lookin better, but you can see that several are still pretty puiny.

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big ugly acro. its getting a little better color over the past several months. it was really nasty when i got it. i think i have given it ample time and it will soon be replaced by a nice bright yellow milli!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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