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eclipse 12... woot woot!!


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i got my digi cam about a month ago (just before my maui trip) and had not got around to saving the pics to my computer. since i was going to be saving the pics to the comp i decided that i should take some pictures of my tank that way i can finally be part of the cool kids club here on n-r.


the equipment stats...

eclipse 12 with ac200 filter(no media), 96w powerquad retrofit, bakpak2r skimmer(thanks reefermonkey!), ac101 powerhead, and a rio 90 powerhead (i think). i also have somewhere around 30lbs of lr and 20 lbs of ls.


the livestock stats...

-3 or 4 turbos

-10 blue legs

-a ton of amphipods on my macro(what kind is it btw??)

-cinnamon clown

-some kinda goby...lol...saved him from petco like 4 months ago!

-soooo many zoos(orange skirts gray/green centers, lime green skirts purple center and lime green mouth, lime green purple ring/lime green center, lime green purple ring orange center, orange skirt white star/splash centers, brown skirt green center and light purple mouth, light green skirt light purple/white splash center and whitish mouth, brownish skirt whitish splash center with light pink mouth, light purple skirt pinkish purple ring pinkish purple center, and my favorite flourescent red splash and ringed centered zoos(i only have four so far!)

-hairy mushrooms(they're flourescent green and gigantic!)

-a few types of ricordea(peach ringed, carribean red, purple with green tips, baby blue ringed)

-red mushrooms(some with the royal blue polka dots)



-monti dig(poor guy got stung hardcore by some damn yellow polyps...those things are the devil!)

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ok...so i'm definetly not one of the cool kids.... i dunno how the hell to load the pictures! i tried the whole browse/attach file thing but it just took hecka long and never loaded the pics! what do i do??

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damn...lol...how do i check the file size...i'm really not very technologically advanced... if it is too big...how the hell do i shrink it down?

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yay, pix finally! i love those zoanthids... must look great under actinic lighting :D


any full tank shots?

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lol...i do have one...but i'm not sure how to shrink the size down...when i figure it out i'll post the full tank!

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mystery goby(anyone know what kind it is??), rics, zoos, hairy shroom and part of the frogspawn!

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the colors of the pics aren't coming out that well...this pic is a little closer to the true colors...

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your tank looks great! i've never figured out how to take pix that resemble what i see... in my opinion i think it's too hard :P


i kinda hope someone would write a thread about how to take quality pictures!


at least you can post pix now, have fun!

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new frags from richard_v, rearranged corals, new corals!

thanks for the new stuff richard...i can't wait till your blues with green center grow out...i'm dying for 'em!

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lol...i didn't have a light for my ac semi-fuge at the time so i wadded it up and put it in the corner! lol. looked ugly, but it did its job as a nutrient exporter.

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