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My 6 yr old son's first tank Nuvo 16


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I wish my dad was that cool when I was kid. To have introduced me to a great hobby like this would have been great. Not to mention hook him up with some killer fish and corals. Want to adopt?

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Thanks guys. It's been a lot of fun. He has been learning some also. It's cool when the neighborhood kids come over and he tells them about everything I have told him. Wished I could rem that well lol. It's cute because after he tells them something he always finishes up with Right dad, like I have to validate it LOL.

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Tank is looking awesome, you have done a great job. It's great to see you introducing your son to the hobby, my dad just tells me I'm wasting my money haha.

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I was so happy when coraline started growing in my tank. I don't have an issue with it growing on my glass though, just on the back wall. I was never able to grow coralline in my old tanks.

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Ok been looking around for a nice inferno or sunburst BTA for my sons tank. Found a few but did't feel like spending that much on one when I have a killer one in my cube. So off to surgery we go with razor blade in hand.





After cut



Back in tank in a breeder box.



Couple weeks maybe a little sooner ill bring 1 of them home for him ;)

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Complete success. Both are starting to puff up nicely. In a few weeks we can start feeding them again and put some size back on..



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You ever think about slicing that anemone again keep me in mind. That thing is sweet looking.

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Got some 3 week chalice growth updates. Not bad growth and much better overall health then when placed in the tank.


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God I love Zeovit. lol


All of the growth shots just makes me more antsy to get water in my own tank! And its really bad already! lol

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Wow 3 week growth looks great, I definitely need to upgrade my lights so I can diversify my corals a little bit. My current LEDs are doing well but can really only keep softies.

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How hard would it be to convert my tank to a zeovit system? Those growth shots have made me want to look into it alot more.

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Thanks guys.. Rallo, these are getting about 225 par on the sandbed. Jg, its really not that hard. Your system is a little bigger so just have to find something that will hold enough liths for them to have water flow through them.

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Here's what its all about for me. The little guy was home sick and I had a few chalices come in so he was able to place them in the system. Also an updated pic of the nem settling in and the mp10 with the pico shield is very nice. Def recommend the shield for these smaller tanks...








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