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Markushka's 20 Long Rimless Tank


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well more macros and some non photos, I dont have the lights for most corals, tho I have a few zoas in there atm. we'll see how they do. And I would like a fungia if I could get my hands on a cool cheap one.

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waiting until friday at least, I should be picking up another tank, and then I can get to work on the stand.


thanks weetie & g2e, i'm gonna be trimming some of the macros soon, anyone up for a trade?

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Actually no progress on the stand, been busy with microbio. Here are some pics tho:




I think she wants to get back in :D



still a work in progress, need to get to building the stand!





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These macro tanks are starting to grow on me :D Btw i'm getting ready to set up my 20L again, we can be buddies again! lol.

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I shut mine down when i moved i just have the 40 breeder at the moment, i may bring back the Hex i haven't decided.

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OK so I've een long in updating this thread. Lots of new stuff, like a new light... and more fish... and some corals too. Also my stand is finally almost done. ok. well pics and more info on whats goin on in there in a few. still looks like a mess. I'm waiting to aquascape till my tank is on its stand.

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Some pics. Still haven't moved the tank to its stand. hopefully this weekend I will tho.



you better believe it :D (they hopefully will be the mothers and fathers of lionfish food :lol:, they're also temp here.)








the waters a bit cloudy because i'd just dosed phyto. I'll get some better shots of the real new inhabitants tomorrow when the 14k are on.

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I finally got some pics up of my new guys.

Dinner time!



I almost had this great shot of the little guy striking but the focus was off :( ... next time.


mmm... amphipod :)



maybe a pair :D



can you see em?


more pics to come they're in the main tank now, and the other fish will be moved out eventually, before they become dinner hopefully.

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