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pismo's 9.5g [Rimless] ReEF b0x....


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Ur drilling a 2g??? :scarry:

Now that takes guts!

Is this a custom extra long 2g?

Wondering how well the 24w T5 will fit over it.

Looking forward to seeing this shape up. :)

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okay....so the drilled 2g is getting put on hold, because im gettin a 20L in a couple days.....



i will be putting it together still. just much slower than before.

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Im talkin bout these tanks son. these fish tanks. When you coming to Salinas?




i dunno. i was thinkin bout headin out that way to the 'quarium w/ mah kid.... i just got my '215', so i tihnks you should come up here and blow trees, just sayin....gotta get mah tanks set up first, tho.

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more info on how it will look. Or pics!


if you must know....


the dimensions are 12x6x6 and i was gonna have it drilled to run a simple closed-loop, so there was no equipment in the tank at all.... now thta im gettin a 20L on monday, i think i may scrap this project all together. im not allowed to have more than two fishtanks, as per doctor's orders, (dont ask)....and i already have a 55g Malawi Cichlid tank to care for, so the 55g + the 20L= the most i can handle.....


i only wanted a pico, so i wouldnt have to spend a lot of $'s on a bigger tank. but, a 20L just kinda made its way into my life.....

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Just a heads up you need to give the 20l at least a rinse out. I am going to throw some other stuff not on the list of stuff to get it out of my hair as well

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Just a heads up you need to give the 20l at least a rinse out. I am going to throw some other stuff not on the list of stuff to get it out of my hair as well


oh...it's gonna get a thorough cleaning first. im doin everything by the numbers this time....and include whatever you want, i can use anything eventually.... thanks again scott.






who's blowin' a tree :huh:omgomgomg:unsure:

we need a etch a sketch pic of the da tank or sumptin'

can't wait...hurriz up


erm :unsure: ...i meant :scarry: ...nevermind. :happy:

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i bought a 5.5g today....black silicone.




she purdy.


edit: started cycling tuesday, june 2nd.

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so....i dont know why i thot i wuld have to cycle this tank.


the liverock came cured from the store (3+mnths in the LR tub is cured to me), and the water and sand came from the stores sump....i went to the lfs and had them test the water. amm. and nitrate @ 0ppm, and nitrate@ 5ppm....


bought 3 frags and did a WC....life is good.




edit: i need to buy some sand and some moar rock....and a cuc, lol... :D

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Need blue hornets, let me know.


ohhhhhhh....so thats what were kallin 'em now...lolz.








ya...i want.

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sooo...i tooks some crappy pic's yesterday on my videocamera. it SUCKS @ takin pitchers. i need to go get a new PNS.


stock list is as follows:




guava greens

green implosion palys

rockstar supernovas

dragons breaths

purple deaths

teal rings

yellow speckles (name?)


other corals:

plating montipora (brown)

blue clove polyps

green clove polyps

kenya trees

red mushrooms





2x mexi-turbos

3x mini blue-leg hermits

2x mini red-leg hermits

1x juvenile tomato clown (will go in the 20L once its cycled)

...and a butt-load of brittlestars, pods, and chitons.

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but thats 3 tanks




oh noes!


nuh-uh...the wife would kill me.


to clarify: im running the 5.5g until i get the 20L setup and cycled. once the 20L is goin strong w/ pods, i'll transfer the contents of the 5.5g into it. two running tanks max. (except for the FW 55g cichlid)tank, which is more a piece of furniture anymore,lol :D )

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sooo....the clown is still in the tank. nitrates are still at zero. ive been waiting on this flake to come pick up the clown, but, he's a flake....




some good news....i just traded the 20L and my 2g pico to a local. i got a few really nice zoa frags, dont remember the names, but they were all nice ones. one of the frags was a 4 polyp "purple death", i remember that much. i also got a small leather, a kenya tree and a purple mushie....thanks kieth.


im gettin a new camera on payday, so ill have pics then.

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