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pismo's 9.5g [Rimless] ReEF b0x....


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thanks bro....i was goin for comments, but ended up with views, lol... :D



appreciate it.

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You've got some pretty stuff in there.

When you gonna upgrade bulbs though?

payday...im finally fed up with the butt-ugly color. so sometime this week.


Nice video!I love the zoas with the teal ring :wub:



hehe...thanks! ;)



they are my prollem indicators....as soon as a param. changes, they close. its wierd.


edit: i also may be fragging them soon, as they grow 3-4 new polyps a week....you want?

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some of the others in the morning......



a cherry red feather duster sayin hello....



chalice is slooooowly healing....



Miss Thang gets grumpy in the morning....



i love these zoa's....



...and these, too.



super monti....



pink rhod.





this stomatella has big dreams, and a short wingspan....:D



and here's two more of Ms. Grumpsalot.....






tahts all for now.... :D

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Tanks looking good man... that torch is sick.


thanks man... and yea, the torch was a sweet score. cant beat 5 bux, well, unless it's free. in which case, you get what you pay for, lolz


i crakker myself up... :D

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i just picked up a "misbarred bullhead clown".....they are an exclusive of a local breeder here in Sacramento. he is BEAUTIFUL. they're called Bullheads cuz their front stripes are shaped like bullhorns.....


i love tank raised fish. oh and BTW, he was the only one that was misbarred....



pics are coming later....im off to the river for now!


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back from the lake...lake, river, whatever....... :D



here is my new favorite clownfish.....ANY NAME IDEA'S ARE WELCOMED...


full-bar side....(notice how the stripe looks like a bulls horn.)



misbarred side...



tiss is my Gwwwwrrrr face!


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That's a cool looking little clown.. Never heard of one or seen one before.. Nice pickup


i know right? he's awesome.....the guy only sells them locally, so i guess you could call them "rare".




thanks.... he was in the tank with about 30 others. he stuck out like a sore thumb.

when i saw him, i had to have him....

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my stomatellas are all spawning right now....its so cool lookin. my clown is havin a blast swimmin around eatin up the eggs....this is great. it's like the discovery channel.

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Bullhead? Sounds like marketing.



says the "african whateverthefuks" guy....lol. you krakker me up.


but yeah...they all have the bullhorn look. and ive yet to come across one on the intertubes....

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They are not online because your store just thought of a clever name add on that obviously worked. lmfao


I would make my own things all day at work an 80% of the customer would not know any better :)

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you know kray....i DID see the all the babies and such in the breeder's tanks....just sayin, they were actually bred this way. not just a name add-on from the store...



so i guess im tryna say that the breeder named them, not the store. :D

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That clown is normal hes just swimming upside down.


soon as they make an all black naked clown i'll jump on board.

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so the clown has taken to the front-right corner of the tank. im not sure why. but its his favorite place to be at the moment. he made a lil sand hole-thing, and he swims there most of the day. at night he sleeps in between the splash shield and a rock.....by far the lamest clown ive owned so far.



edit: i also did a WC yesterday and checked params.....all is perfect in the pico kingdom. :D

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yay....clown is swimmin around the tank (very happily, i might add)....and i got 3 new mushroom frags, theyre pretty bada$$. one is striped, one is irridescent green, and one is a mini-colony of red rhodactis with neon green undertones. pics tomoro morning.



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