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So instead of my planned upgrade to a 10 G display, it's going to be a 25! I got a 25 Gallon AGA, black pine stand along with a heater/filter, etc. for $120!! :happydance:


All livestock from the 5.5 will be assimilated into this tank and most of the equipment will be recycled into this tank as well.


Equipment list:

  • 25 Gallon AGA & Black pine stand
  • 10 Gallon AGA with acrylic baffles for sump
  • 24" 4 Bulb Nova Extreme T5HO
  • AquaticLife Internal Mini Protein Skimmer 115
  • Aquahub DIY ATO w/ Tom Aqualifter pump
  • 150W Visi Therm Stealth heater
  • Glass-Holes Super Nano overflow box
  • Vortech MP10
  • QuietOne 2200 return pump





  • Eagle Eye Zoas
  • Other assorted unknown name Z's & P's & Yellow Polyps
  • Assorted Mushrooms
  • Assorted Ricordea
  • Green Star Polyps
  • Pipe Organ Frag
  • Duncans
  • Favia
  • Purple Digitata
  • ORA Green Damicornis
  • ORA Elkhorn Monti
  • ORA Orange Cap
  • Purple Cap
  • Trumpet
  • Green Fungia Plate
  • Blastos
  • Green Acan
  • Purple/Green striped Acan
  • Green Toadstool Leather



  • Ocellaris Clownfish
  • Spotted Hawkfish


Inverts & CUC

  • 4 Mini carpet Anemones
  • Green Bubble Tip Anemone
  • Mexican Turbo
  • Cerith, Astrea, Dwarf Cerith, Nassarius & Stomatella snails
  • ~ 8 Blue Leg Hermit Crabs

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Here are the pics so far, rather unimpressive as the tank is only filled with dust.


Side by side comparison




Can't freaking wait to get this thing filled up!


FTS! :lol:




According to my calculations, the sump should just fit. Might have to take the trim off... :ninja:




I'm probably going to Lowe's to pick up plumbing supplies today. Anyone got any idea if my current OF box will be alright? If not, I'm just going to do a corner overflow.


Thanks for any and all input!

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Went to the home depot yesterday. Picked up a sheet of eggcrate, PVC plumbing parts and a couple extra buckets.


I cut the eggcrate to fit the inside bottom of the tank to keep the LR in place and I also cut a lid for the tank out of it, and there's enough left over to make a fuge sized frag rack!


Pics later when the camera's done charging. This thing's getting drilled soon.

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Went to the LFS yesterday and picked up 30 lbs of Aragamax Sugar-Sized Oolite and a few more lbs. of live rock. Along with the 10 lbs of live sand from the 5.5 I should have a nice live sand bed!


I've got basically everything I need to get this up & running except the light. I just need to find time to drill and plumb the tank!

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Got my K1 from Gerber77 in the mail today.


Also ordering the light, skimmer & Reef Master test kit.


Will today be the day I finally drill it? :ninja:

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Got my K1 from Gerber77 in the mail today.


Also ordering the light, skimmer & Reef Master test kit.


Will today be the day I finally drill it? :ninja:



Do it!!!

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can't wait to see this thing setup, def watching this one and good luck with drilling the tank :lol:


Thanks a lot man! Check out my 5.5 thread for everything that'll be going into it! (Except for all the rocks hidden in my sump).



Do it!!!
























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Went to the hardware and picked up some more PVC, fittings, etc.


I just finished cementing the PVC together for the return line.


I also just placed an order with Bulk Reef Supply for the DIY Top-It-Off Kit and Loc-Line for the return.


Now I'm gonna get drillin'! :happydance:

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Plumbing partially assembled.


Also just discovered a small hairline crack in the side of the 5.5, so just in time!

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Got the light, skimmer and test kit today.


All that's left is the return pump which should be shipping Monday.


I'd like to paint the back today, but its too cold outside for painting and I have the flu.


This sucks, I really want to get this thing up and running :(

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So, I went to the LFS yesterday and accidentally spent $210 on rock....


But now the tank is full of rock, water, cloudiness and hella cool rockscape.


Just need to mix one more bucket of water to fill the sump and it will be fully operational and all the rest of the livestock can go in!


I'm pumped!! :):happydance:


Pics later after it looks less cloudy.

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210 on rock? That better be some nice rock bro lol. Im stoked for this tank man.


25 lbs @ $8 per pound...but yeah, nice colors and crazy shapes.

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Just moved all the corals and rest of the CUC into the tank.


Found both of my Neon Gobies dead in the bucket. :(


I'm so pissed right now :tears: they would have loved all the caves in this tank.


Goddamnit. This blows. Regardless, I'll get pics up when everything opens.

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Damn sorry to hear that, you gonna get another pair?


I dunno, I really wanted a Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish but held off cause I knew he'd eat the gobies.


A YWG would be cool, I dunno, post ideas for fish for me!

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Edit: Please!!!! (my boss walked in and I pressed the submit button by accident!!! :scarry:


Haha, no problem. But I'm telling you its nothing to look at yet, still yucky and everything is PO'd or dead :(


With the exception of some of my Zoas that would probably stay open in a dark bucket of rubbing alcohol.





Cool cave, left side



Side shot from right, can't see the other side, lol



Acan, snails & palys





A memorial to my little gobies



From the 5.5, but its a cool pic.


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Well, the return pump is running now!


Great flow, but its pretty loud for a "QuietOne" plus the sound of rushing water through the pipes is also pretty loud.


Any suggestions on silencing this, as it is in my bedroom?

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