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The Biocube Resource Guide


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This guide is a work in progress. If you have a question that has not been discussed, or any helpful information to add please post it in this thread and it will be added to the resource guide.

Table of Contents:

Featured Articles:
-Biocube Lighting
-Biocube Filtration

Biocube Information:
-Biocube FAQ
-UWWMatt's Mod Review
-Biocube Signature Badges
-Member's Biocubes
-Helpful Links
-Manufacturer's Product Information

-Polscigeek's DIY drilled and sumped Biocube 29 -

-nckwrn's Cold Cathode Moonlights
-Uwwmatt's Fuge Light
-Removing the Tab (increased flow into back chambers)
-Badbread's above tank sump
-Adkins.its's Rimless Biocube
-Firefish CR's Fan Upgrade
-EvoKnvl's Aquatic Life skimmer Guide for 29G BC
-Spanko's Mess Top for open Biocubes
-Spanko's Media holder http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...t&p=2695043
-Benoitcdc's fish guard http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...p;#entry2662104
-Gromit's Bio-Cube 8 Stock Fan Replacement Guide

Ask question in this thread and other will gladly help answer them. Here are a list of some frequently asked questions. This will be updated as more questions come up.
How many fish can I keep in my Biocube?
According to the Nano Stocking Guide
8G Biocube: 1-2 fish
14G Biocube: 2-3 fish
29G Biocube: 4-6 fish

Each fish has its own special requirements and many are unsuitable for any biocube. Be responsible and do your research before you buy a new fish!

Keep in mind that the more fish you have the more waste that will build up in your tank requiring more water changes and the addition of a skimmer. If your water quality is poor then your fish and corals will become stressed, get sick, and eventually die.

Can I keep Tang in my biocube?
NO...It doesn't matter what size biocube you have, or that the Tang is small. The answer is NO.

Can I keep clams in my biocube?
No, unless you upgrade your lighting to t5 or metal halides. Clam FAQ

Can I keep anemones in my biocube?
No, unless you upgrade your lighting to t5 or metal halides and have a well established tank.
Anemone FAQ, More Anemone FAQ

Do I need to remove the sponges?
Many biocube owners remove the sponges that come in a stock system because over time they build up and trap detritus that will cause your nitrates to rise. The benefit to keeping them is that they filter out large things that may otherwise get sucked up into your pump. If you do decide to keep them it is a good idea to rinse them out every week and replace them every 3-4 weeks.

Why won't one of my lights turn on?
For a while biocubes where being shipped with faulty ballasts. It is easy to test and see if this is your problem. Simply switch your ballasts and if the light works that is your problem.

If it is the ballast then you have a couple of options. First you should contact Oceanic. They are usually very good at replacing these, no questions asked. It does take a couple weeks to process and ship your order but at least it is free. The other option is to purchase them from other aquarium websites 8 14 29.

Why are my fans so noisy? or Why don't my fans work?
Like the ballast, some biocubes shipped with faulty fans. Oceanic will happily replace them for you, but this can take several weeks.

The 8 and 14 gallon Biocubes use 50mm fans that are 10mm thick, while the 29 gallon is 60mm by 10 mm. If you are willing to shop around you can usually find some good deals on computer fans that will work with a little wiring. There are also upgrade kits 8 and 14 29

How do I contact the manufacturer?
Call from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm (CST) at:
888.255.4527 or 414.421.9670
Website: Oceanic Systems

Why are my nitrates so high?
Nitrates raise as waste (detritus) builds up in your system. There are several causes and solutions to this problem. I will list them in their likely hood to be your problem.

- Overfeeding
- Overstocked tank
- Low Flow
- Dirty Filter Media (sponges/rear chambers/bioballs/filter floss)
- Insufficient Cleanup Crew

Quick Fix: Cut your feeding down to every 2-3 days. If you have bioballs* and sponges rinse them out in the discarded tank water. If you use chamber 2 as a fuge, rinse the chaeto out in discarded tank water. Use a turkey baster and blast both the rocks and the rear chambers of your biocube daily. This will cause the detritus to become suspend in the water column and then your filter floss (Highly recommended) will collect it. Replace filter floss every 2-3 days.

*be gentle and do not rinse out all of the bioballs at once. The manufacturer does not recommend doing this, but many members have found this to be an acceptable practice.

Why do people remove the bioballs?
Some people choose to remove bioballs because over time the nitrifying bacteria become so good at their job that they quickly raise the nitrate levels too high. Bioballs also trap detritus if not properly cleaned. Learn more about the Nitrogen cycle here

*be gentle and do not rinse out all of the bioballs at once. The manufacturer does not recommend doing this, but many members have found this to be an acceptable practice.

Do I have to remove the bioballs?
No, many people have great success using bioballs. T

Can I remove the bioballs after the tank is established?
Yes with caution, because they are a part of your biological filtration you are going to want to spread it out a bit to prevent your tank from going through a mini cycle. If your tank has only been running for a few weeks then go ahead and take them all out at once.

General Design

BioCube 8
Aquarium Volume: 8.9 gallons
Dimensions: 12-1/2" x 13" x 15" high
36 watt canopy
lighting includes:
(1) 18 watt True Actinic 03 Blue straight pin
(1) 18 watt 10,000K Daylight straight pin
(2) 0.75 watt Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED
Pump flow rate: 106 gph

BioCube 14
Aquarium Volume: 14.3 gallons
Dimensions: 15" x 15-1/2" x 17" high
48 watt canopy
lighting includes:
(1) 24 watt True Actinic 03 Blue straight pin
(1) 24 watt 10,000K Daylight straight pin
(2) 0.75 watt Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED
Pump flow rate: 137 gph

BioCube 29
Aquarium Volume: 29.1 gallons
Dimensions: 20" x 20-3/4" x 19-1/4" high
72 watt canopy
lighting includes:
(1) 36 watt True Actinic 03 Blue straight pin
(1) 36 watt 10,000K Daylight straight pin
(3) 0.75 watt Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED
Pump flow rate: 243 gph

nanonan's mod's, this gives you a good view of the back chambers.

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70w sunpod yes

korailia nano or 1 yes



I have kept mine simple and has worked well for year now.Not much that needs to be done to the biocubes to have nice tank

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+1 on koriala, Maxi 900, filter floss.


Remove elbow from back of bulkhead and connect pump directly to it with little larger tubing. Increases flow.


I saw a decrease in phosphate after adding a fuge to the middle chamber and filled with cheato. Lit from the back with Wal-mart CF bulb in a 4gang switch box (another reefer has a build in forums)


Media Rack - I have a poor homemade one, buy StevieT's Allows running of choice of chemical filtration, easy use of floss and to run a fuge if so desired.


Block off 3-4 grates of lower intake. Either with black silicone before adding water or with clear hard plastic after the fact (like from a cassette case or cd case) Aides in surface skimming. Was getting green film on top of water prior to this mod and the next


Block off 3-4 grates of the upper intake. Same effect as above.


Fill chamber 2 and 3 nearly full, reduces likelyhood of micro bubbles and keeps fuge full if have one.


I have the hydor and like it. Have to put teflon tape or superglue on the fitting or will blow off every so often. Also, if have fuge, little pieces of cheato get caught in it maybe every other day. Easy fix, just annoying.


Cut out the overflow from Chamber1 into 2 so that it is the full width. Increases flow and prevents water "backing up" in chamber 1 if running filter floss in 2 and chemical media.


Remove bioballs, sponge and factory filter pad. Throw in trash......nitrate factories and expensive upkeep on the pads. Use filter floss instead. Buy a huge bag at wal-mart for next to nothing (make sure it is pure polyester filling, no additives like fire-retard) and will last for months.


Optional - Buy a HOT magnum filter for WCs. Turn off pumps and koralia. Use HOT filter and turkey baster to clean rocks and sand. The HOT filter sucks it up and polishes the water as well.


Thats all I can think of for now

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maxijet 1200- created a ton of flow which is good

verdict: negative, along with the extra flow came more than enough heat. I was hitting temps of 86 with just the stock lights and no other electronics in the tank including a heater.

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BIOCUBE14: Added Koralia 1 opposite the output of the pump (love it), added maxijet900 (great flow) now, Biocube skimmer (as mentioned above isn't doing much as of yet), knocked out false bottom in chamber one and the skimmer/heater are in that chamber, chamber two ditched bioballs and replaced with a Steve-T's chamber insert which has chemi pure elite bag in bottom, then filter media in middle,then a bag of RowaPhos, then another piece of filter media. Chamber three has the maxi jet 900. Ordered 3.24 lighting upgrade from Nano Tuners. So far just a pulsing xenia and green star polyps for corals. 18lbs live rock, live sand bed of about 1". I do love the tank very much. All my upgrades have been because of this site. So good luck to new Biocube owners, read this site and you will be off to a great start.

Another thing that has SAVED me is the RowaPhos, GET SOME and put it in a media bag and find a spot for it in your filtration setup. You can leave it in and change it when you get phosphate readings again but it last forever and will greatly reduce algae in your tank. LOVE IT and can't recommend it enough!! Just get some!!!! :wub:



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  • My Mods and Upgrades: These are my experiences only and do not reflect the opinion of anyone else. Performed on a 14G biocube. Some of these will not work with the 8g and 29g biocubes.

    New Hardware:
    Hydor flow- Removed after about 3 months because it broke. It is a good idea but really reduces the flow rate.
    Verdict: Maybe
Maxijet900- This is a definite must have upgrade, and I wouldn't even consider a hydor flow without it.
Verdict: Yes
ATO-Removed after 1 month. While it worked just fine, the problem was the switch was not sensitive enough so it would only add ATO about once a week. This left the fresh water sitting without getting stirred in the bucket for long periods of time, allowing bacteria to grow. One solution would be to add another small pump to keep it constantly mixing, or on a timer, but I figured it was easy enough just to top it off myself.
Verdict: No
Koralia 1- A cheap and powerful pump that adds a good deal of flow to the tank. My corals really benefited from the addtion of the Koralia 1, plus I also believe this helped keep my tank algae free for almost 2 years.
Verdict: Yes
3.24 lighting/Fan upgrade- A little tricky to install but my tank really benefited from 50% more light. The upgraded fans produced more noise (not distractingly loud) but they did keep the tank cooler.
Verdict: Yes
Fuge/fuge light-This was a relatively easy modification, but I think it needs to be done from the beginning. I found that my tank went through another cycle when I removed the bioballs, even though I slowly did it over a period of several weeks. Plus cheato gets pulled into my return pump and needs to be watched carefully.
Verdict: Maybe

Liverock Rubble in chamber 2
For a while everyone was crazy about putting liverock rubble back there, but I think people have started to realize that a handful of little pieces of rubble are not going to do anything to increase your biological filtration. Just add more liverock to your main display and use the rear chamber for cheato if you chose to make a sump.
Verdict: No

PurpleUp- I know this is a hotly debated subject, but I had a good experience with it and noticed significant coralline growth.
Verdict: Yes
carbon/filter floss-I definitely recommend doing this, the water quality is greatly increased for a minimal price.
Verdict: Yes


Table of Contents:

-Biocube FAQ

-UWWMatt's Mod Review

-Biocube Signature Badges

-Member's Biocubes

-Helpful Links

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Obi Juan kenobi

The 19" CPR aquafuge fit perfectly on the BC29. The pump fit in the 1st chamber and I had to extend the return with some pvc but the return fit right into the 3rd chamber. I also ran the CPR SR3 skimmer in the 2nd chamber and it worked great.

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here is my link on my sig


So far the mods I have done on my tank are.


-made a media rack


-upgrade lighting to Nova Extreme Pro T5's

-in the process... buying a tunze 9002 skimmer

-built stand

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Your mods are perfect ,

FYI with the nanotuners 3.24 lighting upgrade you can add the variable transformer to slow the fans down a bit and the noise( $15.00)

also when I cut the section between 1/2 I noticed a huge difference in that it finally was doing some real surface skimming- (that is a must upgrade).

Gt R done!

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If you would like to help spread the word, and make it better, please put a link to this guide in your signature. Just copy and paste the code.









text only: Biocube Resource Guide

[url="http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=180788"]Biocube Resource Guide[/url]


Table of Contents:

-Biocube FAQ

-UWWMatt's Mod Review

-Biocube Signature Badges

-Member's Biocubes

-Helpful Links

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BC-14 here with the following mods:


Lighting: 3.24 nanotuners upgrade, love it


Fans: added 2 additional fans for a total of four, I have more evaporation (daily top offs now needed) but well worth it when the temps hit 80+ here.


Pump: Rio 4HF with a T on the outlet hydroflo on one outlet and a standard nozzel on the other.


Chambers Mods: opened the slot between chambers 1 & 2, 50 watt heater in chamber 1

Turned the second chamber into a fuge using Stevie T's media rack (a must have imo)

Chemipure in chamber 3 with pump

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Member's Biocubes
Take a look at what other Biocube owners have done and learn from their experiences.
nanonan's 8G Biocube
Hlander's BC8 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=221323
Gromit's BC8 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...=238519&hl=

UWWMatt's 14G Biocube
Plainrt's 14G Biocube
Deli's 14G Biocube
splitskater's 14G biocube
girlgoneaqua's14G Biocube
nanoreef11's 14G Biocube
Hairoid's 14G Biocube
Ishane's 14G Biocube
Cali-girl's 14G Biocube
Patrick19's 14G Biocube
Phoebe's 14G Biocube
Firefish CR's 14G Biocube
Vegas Chad's BC14 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...p;#entry2604700
Bio-reef's BC14 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=217683
fmfa0801's BC14 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=217252
CJ's BC14 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=219870
TheMac86's BC14 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=231546
Hawaii_Bio_Cube's BC14 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...213851&st=0
MadDevil's BC14 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=195166
Crazy Tiki's BC14 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=204141
CalBear91's 14BC http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...=0#entry2294455
Teezy's BC14 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...=0#entry2865857
UX Designer's BC14 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=233690
brandlando4's BC14 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=259709
Rain24's BC14 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=263983

nckwrn's 29G Biocube
dahliaheartsyou's 29G Biocube
ando's 29G Biocube
beeker's 29G Biocube
dooderino's 29G Biocube
Colgan10's 29G Biocube
Reeferboy's 29G Biocube
Spanko's 29G Biocube
FSU1Dolfan's 29G Biocube
Cmador's 29G biocube
myatt's BC29 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=211134
Saltine's BC29 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=221853
Degener8's BC29 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=224640
Tapout's BC29 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...p;#entry2541600
TheStar's BC29 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=184879
Crazy Tarzan's BC29 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=205367
James411's BC29 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=202594
Streetsong's BC29 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...203663&st=0
JMAdam's BC29 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...p;#entry2775552
Packer Backer's BC29 http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...c=259788&hl

*post a link to your biocube thread and I will add it to this list.

Table of Contents:
-Biocube FAQ
-UWWMatt's Mod Review
-Biocube Signature Badges
-Member's Biocubes
-Helpful Links

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Manufactures Product Information:

Safety Precautions

* DO NOT plug in BioCube to an outlet or power source until setup and installation is completed.
* Visually inspect the aquarium and canopy prior to installation to make sure it has not been damaged.

Canopy Assembly

1. Lift canopy from aquarium and visually check the assembly to verify that the light lens cover and compact fluorescent lamps have not been broken, damaged, or dislodged.
2. Make sure that lamps are securely inserted into the compact fluorescent endcaps and that the retaining bands are attached to the lamp clips holding the compact fluorescent lamps in place.

Wet/Dry Filter Assembly

1. Make sure that the BioCube filter cartridge is properly inserted at the first chamber of the wet/dry section.
2. Make sure that the overflow tray, bio-balls, and bio-ball strainer are properly placed in the second chamber of the wet/dry section.
3. Make sure that the sponge filter is correctly placed in the third chamber of the wet/dry section.
4. Make sure that the water pump is properly assembled and connected to the wet/dry return output.

Ballast Assembly
Make sure to read and follow instructions in their entirety before plugging the BioCube into an outlet or power source.

Compact Fluorescent Lamp Connector

1. Locate compact fluorescent lamp connector from aquarium canopy.
2. Align compact fluorescent lamp connector with compact fluorescent ballast connector.
3. Insert the compact fluorescent lamp connector male pins into the compact fluorescent ballast connector female inlets.
4. Make sure that the ballast connectors are fully seated into the lamp connectors; then twist locking ring onto threaded ring to secure the ballast connection.

Optional - Mounting the ballast

* Place ballast in desired location and mount ballast using washers and screws (not included).
* Tighten screws until ballast is securely fastened.

Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED Connector

1. Locate Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED connector from aquarium canopy.
2. Align Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED connector with Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED adapter.
3. Insert Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED connector male pin into the Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED adapter female inlet.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the LED connector is fully seated into the adapter connector.

Grounding Setup

1. This appliance should be grounded to minimize the possibility of electric shock. This appliance is equipped with an electric cord with equipment grounding conductor and a grounding type plug. The plug must be plugged into an outlet that is installed and grounded in accordance with all appropriate codes and ordinances.
2. A temporary adapter may be used to connect this plug to a two-pole receptacle if a grounded outlet is not available. The temporary adapter should be used only until a grounded outlet can be installed by a qualified electrician (temporary adapter not included).

Grounding Installation
The green-colored rigid ear (screw, and the like) extending from the adapter must be fastened to a permanent ground such as a grounded outlet box.

Two-pole Outlet

1. Plug temporary adapter into two-pole outlet.
2. Insert screw through rigid ear on temporary adapter and into grounded outlet box.

Power Strip Setup

1. If using a power strip, the ground connector must be plugged into a receptacle controlled by a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter).
2. Make sure to place the power strip in a dry safe area away from the aquarium in order to avoid moisture.
3. Place power strip in a secure and stable area away from the aquarium to avoid moisture.
4. Place power strip in a secure and stable area so that it cannot fall into the aquarium.
5. Make sure all receptacles are protected from water (splash, spills, and condensation).

Lighting Start-up Operation

1. Verify that ballast connectors are attached and secure.
2. Plug ballast power cords into an outlet or power source and turn the switch on.
3. Verify that all lamps are lit and functioning properly.
4. Make sure that the cooling fans are on and blowing across the unit.

Warning: Do not obstruct cooling fan air input and cooling fan air discharge. Keep canopy vents clean from dust and debris.

Wet/Dry Filter Start-up Operation

1. Open canopy and remove filter cartridge. Rinse thoroughly with cool, fresh water and reinstall in first chamber.
2. Rinse substrate, sand, gravel, rocks, driftwood, plants and ornaments and add to aquarium.
3. Prepare aquarium water (saltwater/freshwater). Make sure water is at room temperature to prevent condensation.
4. Open canopy and slowly add water to the aquarium. Make sure to fill aquarium up to the lower edge of the top molding.
5. Plug water pump power cord into an outlet or a power source. Pump will raise water level in aquarium section and drain into wet/dry section.

Wet/Dry Filtration
Observe and make sure that the water circulation is flowing properly from the aquarium section through the wet/dry section.

STEP 1: Water proceeds into surface and bottom intake.

STEP 2: Water passes through filter cartridge.

STEP 3: Water flows into the overflow tray, trickles down the bio-balls and through the bio-ball strainer.

STEP 4: Water goes through the sponge filter (micro-bubble diffuser) and to the water pump.

STEP 5: Water is pumped into the aquarium through the output discharge nozzle.

Precautions for Optimal Filter Performance

* Do not block or obstruct surface and bottom intake.
* Do not block or obstruct output discharge nozzle.
* Perform scheduled maintenance on filter cartridge.
* Observe scheduled maintenance on water pump.
* Make sure to perform scheduled water changes and BioCube filtration maintenance.

Make sure all switches are in the OFF positions and unplug power cords from power source or outlet before performing any maintenance.

Daily Maintenance

* Visually observe the BioCube lighting and filtration to make sure the system is functioning properly.
* Check water level. Make sure to replace evaporated water for both freshwater and saltwater setup. Caution: Do not top off above the maximum water level. Do not let water get below the minimum water level.

Weekly Maintenance

* Keep BioCube surfaces clean from dust and debris. Wipe exposed surfaces with a clean and dampened soft terrycloth.
* Open canopy and wipe down light lens cover with clean dampened soft terrycloth.
* Inspect filtration system for clogging and excessive accumulation of debris. Clean and remove debris from surface and bottom intake and overflow tray. Rinse parts if needed.

NOTE: Do not clean bio-balls. Cleaning the bio-media is harmful to beneficial bacteria needed to break down ammonia and nitrite.

Monthly Maintenance

* Replace used filter cartridge and discard. NOTE: Make sure to rinse new filter cartridge with cool fresh water before installing inside BioCube.
* Remove sponge filter from wet/dry section. Rinse and clean sponge with cool fresh water to remove accumulated organic buildup.
* Disconnect water pump assembly from output elbow attachment and detach pump from flexible tubing.
* Disassemble pump and impeller. Rinse and wipe down all parts to dislodge debris and particulate matter. Note: If calcium buildup is present, soak in a vinegar solution (1 part vinegar to 1 part water) for 1 hour and rinse thoroughly.

9-12 Month Maintenance
Caution: Let lamps cool down before handling.
Note: Replace compact fluorescent lamps every 9-12 month when keeping photosynthetic organisms.

* Open canopy and unscrew light lens cover.
* Remove the silicon retaining bands from the lamp clip.
* Carefully lift lamp-end free from lamp clip.
* Gently disconnect compact fluorescent lamp from endcap. Remove and dispose of lamp properly.
* Install new compact fluorescent lamp to the canopy. Note: Make sure the lamp is fully seated in the endcap.
* Replace the silicon retaining bands onto lamp clip to secure the compact fluorescent lamp.
* Attach light lens cover to canopy.

Aquarium Location

* For best results, place the aquarium in a location best suited to support the total weight of the aquarium. The total filled weight of an aquarium is approximately 10-12 lbs per gallon.
* Always place the aquarium in a flat and level area.
* Avoid placing the aquarium where it will receive direct sunlight. Full or even partial sunlight can cause algae growth.
* Keep aquarium in a well-ventilated area away from a heating or cooling vent.
* Do not place near electronic components and systems (i.e. TV, stereo sys
tems, etc).

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How do you guys clean/maintain the back chambers. I am a newbie and just set up 14G BioCube and I ended up with little sand where the pump is. Also there is a some white scum on the first chamber walls.

BTW, I removed all the stock filters and I have place filter floss.

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How do you guys clean/maintain the back chambers. I am a newbie and just set up 14G BioCube and I ended up with little sand where the pump is. Also there is a some white scum on the first chamber walls.

BTW, I removed all the stock filters and I have place filter floss.


The best way to clean out the sand and other junk that builds up is to get a siphon in those back chambers. You may need to remove the pump to accomplish this. Also a few blast from a turkey baster every few days will keep these areas clean.


As for cleaning the sides, a simple algae cleaner on a stick will do.






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Helpful Links:

If you have a link that you think would be helpful for other biocube members please post it and I will add it to the guide.

Nano Fish Stocking Guide
Water Changes
Soft Cycle
Hitchhiker ID Help
Another Hitchhiker ID Site
Acropora's Fish Guide
Acropora's Coral Guide


Biocube Products link

StevieT's Biocube Media Racks
The Nimble small aquarium algae scraper


Table of Contents:

-Biocube FAQ

-UWWMatt's Mod Review

-Biocube Signature Badges

-Member's Biocubes

-Helpful Links

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I love this post, I just wish it was up about 6 months ago, when i started looking for info myself. I'll have a good Mod to post in a couple of weeks, I’ll be making a Auto, Water, Changer, so that the tank will do about 10% weekly water change for up to a month on it’s own.

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Awesome guide!

Thanks, the more people add the better it will get!



I love this post, I just wish it was up about 6 months ago, when i started looking for info myself. I'll have a good Mod to post in a couple of weeks, I’ll be making a Auto, Water, Changer, so that the tank will do about 10% weekly water change for up to a month on it’s own.


Great, keep us posted, and thanks for putting the link in your signature.

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I've been looking for a 16.5" Sunpod to add to my 14g BC, and they're hard to locate. Can I add T5 or halides to the stock hood? Where can I find ones that fit? Or is the nano tuners 3.24 upgrade the best route?


Thanks! ;)

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