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  1. I ended up giving away the livestock and shutting the tank down as I found myself with less and less time to take care of it properly. I did however keep the tank itself, and all the hardware and am just waiting for my sons to get a little older before I starting it up again. I've still got the nano-reef bug, so I'll be back eventually!
  2. Some of the kayaking shots I took over memorial day weekend.
  3. No real updates on the tank. I'm dealing with some slimy bacteria but hopefully that will be taken care of soon. I picked up the stand from Amazon, if I remember correctly. Then I rebuilt the back and top with 3/4in plywood and added some stronger front legs to distribute the weight better.
  4. Always nice to see another 60H. Nice collection Good name too.
  5. You never know with clowns. I wouldn't buy one with the expectation that the clown would host it. My clown hosts hammer coral.
  6. I know... here's a picture of my son. My tanks too dirty right now.
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