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  1. RedStang

    Jay's BC29

    The 115 is adequate mainly because we didn't have many choices. I've never managed to get "dark" skim with mine and I've tinkered for 2 years now lol! I may look at the cad lights skimmer as well as the biocube will get handed down to my 11yo daughter once my 60 cube is up in a couple of months.
  2. RedStang

    MP10w's plus Neptune WXM for sale

    Just shipped them out. Sorry.
  3. Cook the rock. I'm convinced that mine has been leaching phosphates from day 1. Consider two 50w heaters over the single 100w and get a controller for them. The idea behind 2 smaller heaters is if one sticks on it takes much longer to overheat the tank and if one fails to turn on it takes much longer for the temp to drop. Don't get hung up on the pounds of rock. I bought about 40lbs of some very porous stuff and couldn't physically fit in the tank. Started with about 25 pounds and I'm down to about 20lbs. Your stock list looks good. Add them slowly. In addition to what biokabe said don't get Kenya trees either. I'm still pulling saplings out on a regular basis lol! For the lighting I think 12 whites is way over kill. I have 12RB and 8CW and rarely run my whites past 35%. I do like the blue color though. I'd recommend mixing in a couple NW and a couple violet's/UV into your RB's. Good luck!
  4. RedStang

    MP10w's plus Neptune WXM for sale

    WXM Sold. MP10's pending.
  5. RedStang

    [Biocube 29] RedStang's Build Thread

    So, been over a year since my last update lol! Things went fairly well until June 2013. Started losing my SPS slowly. Was sure it was because I'd gone slack on water changes so I bumped up water changes. This still kept going down hill slowly so I increased water changes again. Found the culprit when I finally tested alk and found it to be stupid low. After more investigation found out the latest bag of salt I had was bad. So all the water changes on the work were only making it worse. Once I got that under control things rebounded nicely. Between June and September though I lost all SPS except monti's, my 6-line wrasse, and my cleaner shrimp. So I'm now down to the clowns, YWG, bi-color blenny, and a pistol shrimp. Staying pat here while I get my 60 cube running. Finished the leak test this weekend and hoping to have it up and rocking in the next couple of months. Build thread for it will come once I kick of the cycle.
  6. RedStang

    MP10w's plus Neptune WXM for sale

    Update: Deciding to sell both MP10's and my WXM. Won't be enough flow for my 60 cube and don'e need WXM for one pump if I get a 40. MP10wES #1 - Controller above but with a wet side that occasionally makes some noise. We're talking a few times a week for a minute or two. A vinegar bath has helped it. This one will only be $160. Has worked perfectly. MP10wES #2 - Manufactured May 27, 2010. This one has worked flawlessly and quietly for me. $180. Neptune Apex WXM - $100. Bought new Dec 2010. Package price will be $425. All prices shipped to lower 48 probably via USPS flat rate. This could instantly upgrade the flow in your nano!
  7. Upgrading from my BC29 so this is no longer needed. $200. Manufacture date is Jul 12, 2011. Ran it in RC at 30% and Lagoon at 20%. NTM after feeding at 60%. Paypal as gift or you pay the fee. I'll ship within the lower 48. Thanks for looking.
  8. Hopefully I got the ball rolling for you!
  9. RedStang

    [Coralife Biocube 29] New and need some help

    Submersible. I use 2 50w.
  10. RedStang

    msscha's 24 gallon office cube

    Tank is still looking good! Good luck with the LED's. I love the color of mine. The blue makes coral pop so much. That and with just blues my clowns look black and white which is what I originally wanted .
  11. Or months! I have a small grain size for my sand and I'm paying for it..... Sometimes it's the only way I know the blasted bugger is alive. It is cool to watch it and the YWG do their nature thing.
  12. RedStang

    [Biocube 29] RedStang's Build Thread

    Been a couple of months since my last update. Added a bicolor blenny that's very cool. Similar personality as the tailspot. All inhabitants accepted him including the 6-line. Been battling some cyano. Finally resorted to chemiclean but it's starting to ease it's way back in so I may need to do a 2nd dose. Otherwise everything seems to be doing fine. Need to find a better solution for water changes though. Biggest PITA in this hobby!
  13. I used the early rapidled kit. Love it but want to eventually add more colors in as well as swapping a couple CW with NW. Wasn't hard to do if you take your time and trust yourself with a soldering iron.
  14. RedStang

    [Coralife Biocube 29] New and need some help

    1. I use an Aquatic Life 115 skimmer and once I got it dialed in it did fine for me. 2. I use a media basket with filter floss on top and Blue Life Clear FX. Not impressed with the Blue life so far. I had far less algae when I used chemi-pure elite and purigen. 3. Don't use a heater. Use two! I use two hydor heaters that have worked well for me. 4. Go with some zoa's/paly's to start. Monti cap is an easy SPS that grows under even stock lighting. I'm also partial to Acan's. Ughh. How could I forget hammer coral and frogspawn. Both are hardy and add motion along with a wow factor for visitors. 5. Add the 6-line last. I did and mine has been a model citizen for a year. No guarantee though as they seem to be hit or miss. Don't add the mandarin unless it eats prepared foods and you're prepared to take care of it. Take a look at some blennies and gobies as well. Take it slow. Use at least some LR to seed any dry rock you have. IMO it's worth it to purchase some LR from a LFS that sells quality rock that they at least try to keep pest free. Soak any dry rock in some 5 gallon buckets and test for phosphates before adding to your tank. Make sure you have adequate flow. I eventually purchased an MP10 and love it. Be careful with heaters. I'd recommend a controller to be honest as I don't trust them.
  15. Do your best to get the rock situated on the bottom glass rather than the sand. All manners of critters tunnel and can cause the rocks to tip over. Get a good foundation and stack and you'll be good to go. You'll love the MP10. Also, try to keep the rock away from the glass. Glass is clean now but it WILL get dirty and you'll have to scrape it. Good luck!