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Acropora's Coral Guide


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I'm brand new to this forum. Have been reading for a few days now. this is the best most informative thread i've read so far! I have two questions to Ask.


Do you people always fight and argue like this??


I didn't see any touches on LED lighting... how will Soft corals do in a 2g Fluval spec with a Par38 LED light. (And any tips on the 2g would be greatly appreciated.

every spec has leds i think... I know i do and im running 9 watts sps is growing in like weeds
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I wish I had this much info when I was 16 :)


One thing I should point out is that I often see mentions of "perfect water". This is of course meaning natural reef water, which is indeed very low in nitrate and phosphate. But most folks don't know that natural reef water is loaded with organic particles, including live zooplankton animals, live phytoplankton animals, and dead "waste" detritus particles.


All of this is reef food, and it circulates around and around the reef until consumed by some animal somewhere.

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Think this guide is not true if you ask me.. My acroporas and 30+ sps grow like weeds in up to 40ppm nitrates.. i had nitrates at 0 once and they started dying. Also have really high phosphates .50ppm sometimes usually .25 though.. i realize this guide is old but still.


Id take this (guide) with a grain of salt..

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