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  1. Looks cool, What skimmer do you have?
  2. Nice tank.
  3. Well there are a few of these up so I figured there should be one for ALO tanks. It seems whenever I look up a thread that there are never FTS so hopefully this will help. Post a full tank shot and whatever you want to add about your tank. Also post a link to your tank thread (if you have one). If you have more than one tank you can have a post for each one. You can also post updated full tank shots in new posts if you would like to. I'll start, My 29 Gallon Bio-Cube My 12 Gallon AquaPod My two 12 Gallon AquaPod Frag Tanks Post Away!
  4. mmm

    Why would moldy tomato sauce and ground up moldy hamburger be the winner?
  5. WOW what lighting is it under?