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  1. Looks like a good start. I like the lid
  2. Well thank you for posting, I agree hostility is horrible on this site (And all others, this is not the only site with some people who think they know everything in the world three times over). I was not trying to insult the one guys intelligence (I have misspelled/ had typo's that people have pointed out and I took it as them trying to help simply because it was just a simple mistake). In actuality I had no idea what he was trying to type and asked him to edit his post because even when I copy pasted it in to Microsoft word the spell check said there was no suggestions on what the word was. And thank you about my tang and coral, I have had him for years and he is still my favorite pet (I have rescued many animals over the years and my tang is still my favorite pet). Thank you. I agree, the natural progress of humans has grown significantly in the past two hundred years and proves that trying new things can be incredibly rewarding. I'm sure every new idea for the past thousands/millions of years had some critics, but honestly like I said in one of my previous posts on this thread (And just as you said) reef keeping has come a long way, twenty years ago the common belief was that coral would never be able to be kept in fish tanks now almost every desirable variety is being kept in a fish tank, some believed nano tanks were just deathtraps for fish/inverts/coral and now you see beautiful proof against those statements with nano tanks and even pico tanks. WOW! That's great! Thank you so much. That is a very beautiful picture you made for me. Its in my sig now. Nice to know some of the people who post can do something nice, Thank you very much. -Acro.L
  3. Now why on earth aren't all of you keeping your tangs in these? The horrible little mermaid figurine will keep the tang company! With all the large tanks these poor tangs are kept in they are so sad, it reminds them of the ocean and they get so sleepy from swimming, do the humane thing.
  4. That's what the word "nazi" means. After all that is what the nazi's stood for. Nazi means nazi you can argue what ever you want, BUT I can make a big deal about it if I want since its racist against me. And when I called you a boy I was calling you a child. (Its not like I was the one who used a racial slur). You clearly seem like a child younger than I am. And If you are an adult then honestly how pathetic that you see it fit to call a child a "nazi" of any form. And BKtomadachi
  5. Yea, I'll be editing/adding more species in my fish and coral guides when I have time.
  6. First off to nano-reef.com and to nano reefing. You could just make chamber #1 a fuge. And if your plan is having the stock lid with the skimmer it won't work (Unless you hack apart the hood). But without the hood the skimmer should work in the 2nd chamber as long as the pump is not to large. The dimensions of this tank are (According to www.drsfosterandsmith.com) 20" x 20-3/4" x 19-1/4" high. This is a good thread for the bio-cube fuge light..... http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=170506 And a guide for biocubes. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=180788 Hope that helped. (I have a link to my old biocube 29 in my sig as well) -Acro
  7. http://www.nano-reef.com/featured/?tank=17 Was it this tank? If not he did the exact same mod (links to his thread within his tank of the month article).
  8. Urchinhead great thread, hopefully a sticky (Maybe add pictures?).
  9. +1 And make sure the clams are alive when you buy them (they carry an array of bacteria when dead and decomposing and it can happen in hours of the clams death). Depending on your freezer some food can last up to one year (Not in an auto defrost). Basically in chest freezers or heavy duty freezers that are not auto defrost. How you tell the clam is still alive is by tapping it on its shell when its open, if it does not snap shut and does nothing it is dead. -Acro
  10. Nice fish, you should get a few. The fish has suck beautiful coloring as well.
  11. It doesn't matter, I have had wild fish and tank bred and the tank bred were sick with ick and fin rot (But the wild were healthy). Probably just my experience, and if your fish store is unreliable you are paying forty dollars for a tank bred fish BUT actually getting a wild fish. And I don't think your daughter will see the difference (Just make sure the wild ones are healthy before purchasing, and make sure they are eating flake food/frozen food before you buy them). Your daughter will be happy ether way. If you are ordering online look at http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/aquariu...ies.cfm?c=15+27 I have heard that their fish are very healthy.
  12. You did call me a "nazi". The word "nazi" is in your quoted posts, and no matter what context the word "nazi" is used with its still about a damn "nazi". Well I am German (Literally) so I guess it comes with the terrain. Nothing scholarly came from you, so perhaps you just need to change your.... OR you're just mad that every time you go to some ones house this guy asks "What you are doing here" (Besides cyberstalking). +1 And I had fun posting.
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