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  1. 20g of solid starfire sexiness

    ha almost a year since you asked Monk.... it's been a long year though! First I started looking for a new home in September of 2010 and kinda got sidetracked from regularly taking care of my tank. Then in December, I asked a good friend if he could take my livestock (since he has a fishroom) and watch them until I can close on my new house. Well one thing led to another and I couldn't close until the end of March. In the meantime, my friend had a pump failure and I lost all of my livestock and corals. I didn't even want to start another tank and I decided to sell all of my equipment and my beloved tank. I was busy with getting in my new home and had a lot of expenses and I knew I couldn't afford to add stuff to the tank. Something told me not to quit and sell my tank that I put so much work into! I went on RC in my club's forum and asked if any fellow club members had any extra pieces of coral that they would normally throw out or give away from overgrowth and if they could give it to me instead and briefly explained what happened with my tank. So many members emailed me and offered me corals! The ones that had nicer end stuff, sold me frags for pretty cheap. Truely great people! Now the tank is up and running again. I don't have any fish and will probably wait a year to add any. I removed all of the plumbing since i had trouble with it and added a HOB filter where the overflow is. Things look pretty happy now and I'm taking things slow so I don't lose everything again. I'll have to post pics whenever i get a chance.
  2. My 2.5 coldwater anemone tank

    I don't really know anyone on the coast, but maybe this summer if I'm bored or something or out that way, I'll take a trip out. I'd make it worth it and get some plants and critters to throw in as well. It ranges between 55 - 65 degrees depending if the light is on. It's such a small tank and it doesn't take much time for temps to fluctuate. I totally agree! you use what you have in a pinch. As long as you know what you're doing, then you're golden. I did a 100% waterchange after a week from the daily feeding and new setup so I'll probably do another waterchange this week too. Yup that's what mine look like - only yours seem like a maroon-ish color in the pic. Is that the lighting? mine are more of a blood red until they are stretching out and then they look somewhat clear-ish red. That's a very good pic though. I don't have a camera besides my cell but maybe i can get a better pic this weekend
  3. My 2.5 coldwater anemone tank

    Thanks C-Rad - definitely a lot of good info here. Tank hasn't been fluctuating in temps, but in the summer, i'm sure it will. I don't plan on keeping everything in this tiny tank, but until I move this month or next, I'll just leave them in there for now. I haven't noticed any sweating, but I'll keep an eye on that. Getting them was totally unplanned and a surprise from a good friend so I wasn't prepared. I plan on eventually doing more livestock in the near future when I get the perfect tank/spot in the new place set up. Currently, I have no filtration on the tank until I move, but I plan to do a 30% waterchange weekly until then since I feed daily. I also plan on doing all new sand and rock in the new tank, but this sand and rock was already cycled so it's been working for now. Now I was thinking about doing a type of black, smooth river rock in the tank. Would I be able to use that with some sand at the bottom or what are my options as far as substrate without looking "tropical"?
  4. My 2.5 coldwater anemone tank

    I think that's what they might be...commercial name being Waratah nems? They look the same but in my experience, it seems that all coldwater nems look the same to me and I never know what they are because they all seem to change in color in different stages. Actually, if these weren't red, i'd swear they were aptaisia.
  5. My 2.5 coldwater anemone tank

    Thank you! I've always wanted to do a coldwater and my good friend was nice enough to give me what i needed to start it. Maybe I'll have to look into mole crabs. Are Beadlets the same as Waratahs? I think that's what my friend said they were. They are very pretty and my friend fed pretty heavily to get good reproduction. Thanks! They seem pretty hardy so they might do well in shipping from the UK. Me too! I'd love to get some strawberry nems and some other lil critters too. I noticed I have an aptaisia that hitchhiked on the rock. :/ It's amazing that these will withstand in any water temp/condition.
  6. My 2.5 coldwater anemone tank

    Here is me starting to fill it up: After I move within the next month, i plan on painting the back of this tank black and adding a nice black river rock or black sand with some rock...not really sure yet. Getting the nems out of the bag. Throw 'em in!
  7. My 2.5 coldwater anemone tank

    Today I started a 2.5 coldwater tank. I got the nems from a good friend and he gave me water and substrate from the tank, plus a small probe chiller. I can't remember what the nems are...they are a crimson-blood red and very beautiful. I know once they get bigger, they turn more white. They basically look like strawberry nems with the same shape and size. I just love looking at them I'll post some pics here soon. Oh yeah, I know i need to do a ton of research on coldwater since I have no experience but I've always wanted to try it. I just never had the extra money for equipment. I have no clue what I'm doing. :/
  8. I guess I'm coming to the end of my cycle on my pico and I've started a diatom bloom. I don't have any CUC yet but I can't remember if I should do a water change or just wait out the bloom - then get my CUC or get the CUC and do a water change about a week later... ? Can someone help out a noob?
  9. Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    Yay 9 years! The time flies by so fast! Please enter me in! Maybe I'll get lucky!
  10. PAR38 where to buy

    Jon - I was looking at these as well... Seem like nice lights.
  11. I'll be there but I can't stay long. :/ Picking up what i reserved on fragswapper.com and heading back to Pittsburgh.
  12. Peninsula Style 30 breeder - ACAN TANK!

    Tank looks great! I did want to say that I have a Radium 20k and it's a 150w
  13. Is your significant other jealous of your tank

    check out this article: http://www.inquisitr.com/40178/woman-cooks...k-at-boyfriend/
  14. Hey everyone, I'm preparing for my next club newsletter article on partner jealousy of your beloved tanks. I wanna know how they have acted out and the insane things they've said and done. If you have any horror stories to share, please let me in on the juicy details! I personally don't have any experience since I'm single, but when me and my ex were together, he wasn't jealous, but he wanted nothing to do with my tank. I couldn't imagine if he tried killing everything off over jealousy or anger.