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Coldwater Resource Thread


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Hello again Jeremai -


In case you have yet to reach a consensus within your group, perhaps this addendum will help.

A researcher in Missouri just about cleaned me out of my adult strawberries and juvenile brooders. The brooders all but scattered when I moved the tank recently, and they are still so small

that I can't find any but one (maybe two) at the moment. However, I would be willing to offer the following: My remaining strawberries, 12 in all, are all on one rock. If the designated

"trans-shipper" in your group would be willing to do the fragging (and distribute them in whatever manner the group agrees to), I would send all 12 specimens for the price of 10-- but do

understand that some of them are recent transplants and are thus very, very small, and will require some time, patience and powerfeeding before stunning the masses. At present I can only

see one, maybe two brooders. The one or the both of them have climbed onto small rocks already inhabited with other critters, so at least if I can only provide two, they will come with

special surprise bonus specimens. In case any of you were considering orange cups, I just sold out of the large wild adults but do have some tiny cute juveniles (yes, tank-raised from

planular larvae).

Really, only one plumose anemone (tank-raised)? These were made for nano-tanks (especially those with lunar lighting)! Since I'm feeling nice, I must offer 5 for the price of 4, if you

would decide to get some more. And, what the hey, I'll do the same with the aggregating anemones (tank-raised), if you decide to get more.

And why not anything very exotic? Like a painted or white-spotted rose Urticina (which rival any tropical anemone), or a lined chiton (which blow away any tropical chiton), or a

aquacultured frag of purple hydrocoral (for which there is not even a qualifying tropical counterpart)? Also, the little "blood" stars (I'm still questioning my taxonomic designation for these

guys) are truly superb sea stars for the nano-tank, as they are pretty small, active and really, really colorful. So, alright, I'll do 5 for the price of 4 on those as well.

The mossy chitons look great, we have at least two nice big hairy ones.

By the way, everything listed above is aquacultured by us or has been in our system for at least 6 months.

Please understand that these kinds of price breaks are determined by demand for and availability of each item (among other considerations), and are arranged on an order-to-order basis.

In many cases they may not be offered at all. Please understand also that our live arrival guarantee applies only to our shipment to the receiving member of your group-- the other

members of your group must, of course, accept any losses that occur during any subsequent shipping. When purchasing quantity discounted items, order only the number you are paying

for (i.e., if you accept one of the 5-for-the-price-of-4 offers above, only order 4; otherwise the online store will charge you for 5). We will certainly be mindful to ship the arranged

number of items nonetheless.

Thanks so much, I hope this helps... Hope to hear from you again!


Kenneth Wingerter



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I'm back! My tank also has some exciting new additions, but I'll write about that in my thread tomorrow. I can divvy up the berries for you guys. Who's getting how many then? (I still don't know who exactly is in this trade) I don't really need the brooder, either. I can probably find one somewhere, and if not, I'll buy one from you guys once yours reproduce.


I like how he offered the white spotted rose on the "five for the price of four" deal. Fantastic! That's five anemones for just $1020! Or wait, was that only for the blood stars? That email was too long for my brain to comprehend, I got back from a week of mixing cement by hand in Tijuana about an hour ago, so I'm a little tired.


psst, Jeremai... I'm actually a guy. ;) But yeah, I meant that, except you can take the brooder out if you want. And you got that I want a painted rose, right? A hydrocoral frag would be cool, but I can see myself missing one day of feeding and it dying immediately. I'll think about it tomorrow when I'm awake.



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well, if it comes down to getting the group o' strawberries...whatever in the dozen we need for the discount that you guys don't want, I'll take. they're the most "important" part for me. If it works out that I can get some of the other stuff I listed with my budget, thats cool. If not, I can save up for some more later (or talk Jamie into getting me some... ;))

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Hey, Jeremai. Since your group is primarily interested in obtaining strawberry anemones, I thought I should update you on a few things. I still have 8 or 9 left. Also, I have promised to set aside one or two for Anthony Calfo for a temperate system he will working on in the near future. I would be willing to supply the remainder (however many that will be at the time of your order) for the price I offered in my last message (particularly because, as I mentioned earlier, some of these are very small juveniles) IF you purchase the unfragged colony (which would save me much time and shipping space) AND place a "quantity" order. Of course, I would be happy to sell any smaller number of the strawberries, but they would be at regular price. Thanks again...


Kenneth Wingerter

I think he forgot we'll be ordering in September. I need to email him again, lol. Unless you all want to try shipping earlier.


psst, Jeremai... I'm actually a guy. ;)

I had a feeling, but when it came down to the wire I had to make an executive decision, lol. :flower:

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We could order earlier, but it would be cutting it close, I mean, it wouldn't be that bad, but it would make the potential for error a little higher. I imagine it will be same day shipping, because I'm only 2 hrs away from the store, so I can order the day I get back from the beach. I'm coming home Sunday, probably in the morning or early afternoon. We could order Sunday, and it would either get there after I got home (unless we were running late, which is possible), or Monday, depending on if it's overnight or not. I have to be here to sign for it, right? They'd have a few days to recoup in my tank, then I could ship them out Friday. I leave Sunday morning for the San Juan's, and then I'll be gone till the 26th, so there would be one day for error, but after that I wouldn't be available for contact if anything went wrong. September would be safer, but I will be in school then, so it's more likely no one would be here during the day if we needed to sign for it. i don't know, what do you guys think?

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I think Sat delivery would be too expensive.


I'm fine telling him we'll wait on the group order for a couple months till he gets more stock in, although I'm strongly considering buying that rock of strawberries on my own in the meantime. :ninja:


Jamie, we can ask him to have the order held at the nearest FedEx/UPS location. That way it'll be temperature controlled until you can pick it up, that might work.


But let's discuss the really important news: Anthony Calfo is designing a coldwater tank. :eek:

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Here's a link for live abalone from Monterey area in California:




You can buy them to eat live or buy them as steaks or what I found to be interesting, buy them live and house them in an aquarium! They're also good for testing your water since they can only handle the most pristine water conditions.


I'll look for other links too, but that just popped in my head.

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lol I've bought their abalone from Giovanni's before - good stuff, tasted incredible (it had better at $100/lb). Too bad they don't ship juveniles, the adults are too large for most tanks.


Thanks for the link. :)

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An asian market by my house (Uwajimaya) used to sell smallish (three inches) abalone, but I haven't seen them there in a while, I think they might have stopped selling them.


Dang it! I had the second Wrobel article bookmarked, but it's on my other computer, which is in the shop! I guess I'll get it back eventually, hopefully the link still works!



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Man, we've went ab diving up here and the water is cold as a witch's tit in a brass bra! But at least we got some good sized abalone around 7-8 inches! They were pretty good when we deep fried them.


Anyhoo, you can call them and ask for small abalone around 2-3 inches only if you ask politely lol.

And I think they can be comfy in a 75, as that seems to be the average "large" tank.

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Dang it! I had the second Wrobel article bookmarked, but it's on my other computer, which is in the shop! I guess I'll get it back eventually, hopefully the link still works!



I was SO EXCITED when I tracked down those two links the first time. The info is a bit outdated but the second part would still be a great resource for noobs. :tears:

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Info on suppliers for livestock, info on specific coldwater biotopes in nature, other tanks from non-nr.com members, etc. Sites along those lines.

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Coldwater livestock suppliers are kinda hard to find. Ill stay up for a few more hours looking for some coldwater biotope locations and information since i have nothing better to do.

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I was SO EXCITED when I tracked down those two links the first time. The info is a bit outdated but the second part would still be a great resource for noobs. :tears:


Why don't you just contact the publisher (formerly called California Reef Specialists) at info@sealifesupply.com and buy the damn book? You're right, it is only a very general (and outdated) overview of the subject but is cool to have around. It's no longer being printed and there are few copies left, so if you want one now's the time...


Another good read is Aquarium Husbandry of Pacific Northwest Marine Invertebrates by Roland Anderson. I got my copy (autographed, nonetheless) for ten freaking dollors. Yeah, ten dollars, postpaid. You can only get it from the Seattle Aquarium at renatta.williams@seattle.gov

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