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  1. Jamie's 8 gal ADA

    We have copepods! (And a microscope! And a phone held up to that microscope!) http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l22/jamie_canepa/th_IMG_3979.mp4 lol idk how to embed videos from photobucket so you will have to deal with this situation for now You can hear my lab mate's voice in this video... we were discussing whether or not plankton from spongebob is, in fact, a copepod. (conclusion: yes???)
  2. Jamie's 8 gal ADA

    SOMEONE decided to pop his little head out after I thought I was done taking photos for the day
  3. Jamie's 8 gal ADA

    time for an update! The tank has had some ups and downs over the last few weeks - but the good has outweighed the bad. First, I'm excited to show off some new goodies, courtesy of the wonderful Justind823: Also, not pictured are a few frags I picked up a couple weeks ago: a cool clove-polypy octocoral I've never seen before, and a little trumpet coral frag. You may have noticed all the diatoms in the photos. In fact, I am almost certain you noticed them Partly, these are the remnants of the tank's initial diatom bloom, which I didn't take photos of because who wants to look at ugly pictures of diatoms? No one. HOWEVER they are also (more significantly) related to that cute little Pocillopora colony RTNing, which was triggered by the lab's air conditioning breaking/going into overdrive and dropping the tank's temperature down to around 70 degrees for a few days So that was sad, and led to hella diatoms, as you can see, but fortunately everything else made it okay! You also may have noticed a tiny fish! It's a greenbanded goby courtesy of ORA and the lovely folks at Aquatic Fantasy in Redondo, and it's super cute (I'll try to get better pics at some point). Unlike at Vivid, they were super knowledgeable about where their livestock came from, and seemed really excited to talk about aquaculture in general. They even had aquacultured live rock, which was great to see. That's about it for now. I'm looking forward to these diatoms going away, and also to seeing the zoas start to encrust over the bottom. I'm probably not going to buy much else for this tank - I like watching things grow in over time! I will definitely be adding more photos once the tank is looking a little prettier though Thanks for reading!
  4. Jamie's 8 gal ADA

    Sweet, thank you! I can't wait to go check em out!
  5. Jamie's 8 gal ADA

    New things! ALSO I've been thinking about these a lot lately: http://www.orafarm.com/products/fish/gobies/masked/ http://www.orafarm.com/products/fish/gobies/greenbanded/ I was talking to a guy at Vivid about fish, and I asked if he knew which of their fish were aquacultured. He was like, "I have no idea." Then I asked if they ever got anything from ORA and he was like, "We specifically don't get things from ORA." And I was like "Ummm, why is that?" And he said he don't know, sorry. So like. What was that about? Is ORA secretly evil and I didn't know about it? Related: can any LA area reefers suggest a fish store that does carry ORA fish (unless ORA *is* secretly evil, in which case, never mind). Thanksssss
  6. Jamie's 8 gal ADA

    So I was snorkeling in Long Beach a couple days ago and saw this really sweet orange gorgonian, which made me miss my cold water days. Then I was going back through my photos and realized I had some cute baby fish photos from when I was living in San Diego last fall. So here are some gratuitous temperate animal photos! Because empty horseshoe crab tank is not that exciting yet, so why not. The long beach gorg. do want. baby garibaldi = adorbs I do not know what these are and I am too lazy to look them up Baby kelp bass riiiiight before it tried to eat my finger Buuuuut seeing that pretty orange gorgonian did make me feel like I needed something orange for the tank. So, without further ado, I present to you the tank's first coral! Not quite within the three polyp rule, but close! I picked these guys up yesterday, and they're looking fairly content this morning, so I think the tank can officially sustain life!
  7. Jamie's 8 gal ADA

    Pfhahahahaha, those are all such good ideas I don't know how to choose! I'm gonna be honest though, I have a guilty love of clowns, so there's a chance that could end up happening, too. We shall see!
  8. Jamie's 8 gal ADA

    For sure, I hear you. At the moment that bench is more of a desk than a work space, but we can (and will) definitely move the tank if need be. Dang, just three polyps sounds hard. I don't know if I'm patient enough for that, haha. I was thinking of doing a max price for any item I add to the tank ($30 maybe?), which could have a similar effect, though. Also, another rule I just remembered: if something dies, it will not be replaced. Categories for this are going to be kind of subjective - I don't want it to be species specific, maybe genus or family, depending on the animal (eg if and acro frag died, then no more acros, but other sps still okay, but if a wrasse died, no more wrasses, but other fish still okay). Hmmm that was kind of a confusing explanation but hopefully it makes some kind of sense? I love possum wrasses! Do you know if anyone is breeding them in captivity?
  9. Jamie's 8 gal ADA

    eh, it's just an ecology lab, we work with coral polyps and stuff on these counters anyway so I think it'll be okay. Anyway, I've been thinking about what I want to do with this tank, and I've decided to set some ground rules for myself, just because, I don't know, I guess it makes things more interesting? So, first rule: everything is going to be aquacultured. I haven't been super up with the hobby in the past few years, so maybe this is something people do all the time, but I thought it would be fun to work with that constraint, and also see what's going on with aquaculture these days and support some cool peeps. So, fish recommendations anyone? Neon gobies would be obvious, and might be what I end up going with, but I'll have to do some research to see what else is out there. If you guys have any ideas, let me know!
  10. Jamie's 8 gal ADA

    Thanks guys! Yep, marble tile. I'm hoping to grow zoas all over it. I have no idea. On my first day of work I asked my lab manager if I could start a tank, and he was like "sure!" I was like, "are you sure it's allowed?" and he was all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so I showed up on my second day of work with a tank and live rock, because obviously. Idk, it might have to come home with me whenever we have our next lab inspection
  11. Hi folks, So as of a week ago, this was my tank: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/344416-it-was-bound-to-happen-eventually/ Very sadly, a breaker flipped while I was out of town last week, and I came home to a very stinky, very dead looking tank. Many water changes later, the corals are starting to recover somewhat (the fish are long gone ). I was going to sell this tank whole, but obviously that is not happening now. I have a lot of softies that are looking pretty upset right now, but I think will recover if given good homes. Given the poor condition of these corals, I'm not charging for anything, but I'm moving to Portland on Monday, and this stuff needs to go before then. So if you're in the area and you want to come rescue some sad corals, hit me up! Otherwise they'll be going in the trash, so I really hope someone is interested. Thanks, Jamie ps: also selling a current 150 watt halide and a little LED fixture, and I suppose the tank itself, too, so let me know if you're interested any of the above.
  12. Thanks! Yeah, I know, I think it'll be hard to find anyone who both wants and can afford an entire tank, but we'll see. That's why I put it up a month in advance!
  13. Bobyboy - bummer. They're awesome fish with great personality, so good luck with your search! Angel - seriously, if no one else wants it, it's yours. I'm not driving to Las Vegas though
  14. Thanks Horerczy! evanski - Nice! I go to Pomona. Well if you had gone, you'd at least have gotten to beat our football team - I don't think we won any games last season. :/