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The Official "How to Ship Coral" Thread


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Yep some sort of East/West trade :happy: Its super hot in California, I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt and turned on the AC B)

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Bastards, it was like 7 degrees here yesterday, not accounting for windchill.

Warming up though, it's 12 right now.


Mark, do you know if usps has the same policy as fedex?

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What does it matter though...Does UPS actually ask you and checks what your shipping? But if you want to be the good citizen I guess you have to read the rules. I've had many shipments come to me by USPS (live shipments) I'm pretty sure they wont care.


But heres what they say about live shipping:(USPS)


Mailing Live Animals

Anyone shipping live animals must call the District Expedited Services Office (ESO), which coordinates and clears such shipments. The ESO will tell you where to drop off your “live” shipment and notify the accepting office.


The availability of a drop-off site may vary depending on transportation or the retail site’s ability to handle large volumes. The ESO tries to make acceptance points for live animal shipments widely available and ensure protection of the lives while in the postal system.


With the September 25, 2006 inception of live animal mail transport on the FedEx Network, the number of retail outlets available for live animal acceptance increases significantly. Transportation on commercial carriers continues to be available. For more FedEx network details:



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Mark, do you know if usps has the same policy as fedex?

Well---here's my understanding--but---I have the cooooolest, I mean cooo ooo oooolest Post Office around. The ladies there are the greatest to me--I get super personalized service. (Not that personalized...) But the Post Mast(ress) tells me that "water" and "tadpoles and fish" are allowed to be shipped. She has no problem with it. They actually check out my ebay stuff all the time because they are amazed at the places that I have shipped coral.


When I look deeper into it myself--I see that USPS doesn't allow "perishable items" --- I think that would cover stinky dead coral.


If you pay at the counter--they are gonna ask if there are any liquids. You should tell them that it's water--and then they will ask what it is. I have just said "rock" or "additives" ;) (they are additives, right?)

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Thats what I told the guy at USPS. I said, Additives for saltwater aquariums, and he had no problem, lol. I figure rock would be ok to ship, and technically... there is (most of the time) more weight from rock than coral :)

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(Not that personalized...)


ha, too bad. Beaurocracy broads... sexy. :)


I'll prob just lie to their faces.

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The Propagator

I use the following materials and perform the following actions for every thing I ship:

( Happy Mark? LMAO !!)




















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I'm bidding on 30-60 hour heat packs right now.

If you enclose the heat pack with styrofoam how does the heat pack get air to work? Do you just put some broken styrofoam sheets to enclose the box?

My boxes.


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The Propagator

Exactly ;)

Even if you didnt it would still heat up just slower.

The box is not air tight. No matter how well you fit the styro it isnt air tight. :)


& fellas any one who tells you they have more than $6.00 bucks in shipping supplies they are using on your shipment is full of crap.

The only boxes that cost $6.00 retail are the white parishable boxes that have molded to fit styrofoam liners with air tight lids.

They are $3.00 each wholesale, maybe less.

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The Propagator

I dunno?

I gues just copy the link and save it in your notes field located in

"Mt Controls".

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I know this might sound stupid, but I have been shipping some of my smaller frags in thermos, but they always leak, does anyone have a photo of a thermos they use b/c I cant find one thats cheap or thats leak proof

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Does anyone know if it is ok to ship from the US to Puerto Rico? I just got an inquiry today.


I worry about AK, HI and Puerto Rico.


I've shipped to AK and HI--no prob---but I don't like to do it--I am afraid that I am doing something that is not allowed!!!! :ninja:

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The Propagator

AK and Hawaii are cool but Puertorico isnt. Customs is fairly tight there.

I am fairly certain you need a cites permit to ship there too.

I ship to Alaska and Hawaii all the time.

Alex ( I forgot his username on here! I think its nautulis?) Is the last person I shipped to in Hawaii. Its exporting from hawaii that makes you run into trouble.


I get the same guy about 2 times each month asking me the same question about shippin gto peurtorico on Ebay ! LOL!!

Every time its the same answer, but the poor guy keeps on asking any ways.

SEVERAL people from Germany about three time a week LOL!

When I get set up for it and a little bigger it will be worth it but right now the permits needed arent worth the hassle of a couple frags here and there.

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Great subject. I have yet to ship my first coral, all my sales or trades are with local reefers. Reading this, I think I'm going to expand. I only have Zoa, Palis, GSPs, Kenya Tree, Caps and of course Xenia.


Question: Have any of you send Xenia successfully? By reading it seems to be a poor shipper.



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I know this might sound stupid, but I have been shipping some of my smaller frags in thermos, but they always leak, does anyone have a photo of a thermos they use b/c I cant find one thats cheap or thats leak proof

Try wrapping them in a wet paper towel if they are zoanthids. They will be fine if your shipping next day.

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I got my xenia shipped to me. The guy glued the frag rock onto the bag (with the xenia on the rock of course) and it was unslimy when I got it, and was expanded withing one hour. It was a pom pom xenia, if that helps you.

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I just received a package with a method i had not seen until now.

He cut the Styrofoam on to little squares and poked the frag plug through the hole.

Then put a rubber band around them this allowed the frag to float upside down and hardly ever rub on the bag.

i thought it was genius myself

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