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The Official "How to Ship Coral" Thread


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Yep--I am lucky it was you sending it. I noticed you used the thicker pink stuff. My problem with that is the pink stuff only comes in the huge pieces 4'x8'. The stuff I use comes in strips so I can store a lot of it more easily.


Also--I hate to make the box and ship on the same day. My garage usually has a couple weeks' worth of boxes---pre-made. It's a never ending process.

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if i leave boxes around, my dogs end up peeing on them.


not to mention i don't ship as much as you bro. ;)


shoot me a PM if the package doesn't arrive on time


we'll go duke it out with the guys in brown.

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I just got it--and --- best case scenario--more on that later.


First off---Excellent packaging. We have gotten 6 inches of snow--and it's cold---AND---the water in every bag was warm. No leaks! But definitely the "schtank" of acro! :)


The sunset is unreal!!! Holy crap! It's burning a whole outta the tank! Thanks for the freebies too!!! You are the man.


The Brown dude said "this one should be free"--he said I would have to call and file a claim but that he tagged it as "Late not due to weather"--so it should be free!! That was a big ol box---Great job man. Thank you so much!

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Alright - someone's gotta ask - what the hell's the deal with all y'all and the snotty kid avatar?


Put the damn butt-robot back on!!!

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no no, mvite isnt asian. lol he is... mark... itialian I would guess, from the fat cat he keeps around



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Back to the topic gang!!


This past 2 weeks---from PA---where we had temps in the 5-20 degree range--along with some nasty snow---


I shipped to Washington State

I shipped to Massachusetts

I shipped to Texas

I received from California

I shipped chaeto to NY


All of these shipments were using the primitive method pictured earlier and had 100% survival rates. I shipped LPS, SPS, zoas and rics.


If any of these hot shots like Prop or adin are EVER going to post pics, their methods will probably increase your odds of survival.


What I am sayin' folks---Is DON'T LET THIS WEATHER HOLD YOU BACK!! Your coral is DYING to get into someone else's tank. Facilitate the move---Make a trade---or just tell someone they are special, by sending them a clump of zoanthids or a stick of montipora!!!! :) (PM me for my addy)


I am headed on vacation for a week--but I am OPEN AND WILLING FOR ALL TRADES when I get back! I am especially looking for acanthastrea!!!!


C'mon folks---let's get ready to put some thermoses and boxes in the air in the next few weeks!! Who needs the LFS when we have each other!!!!

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So mvite, you wanna try your luck shipping to Canada? It's a great topic though, wish I could convince a few of the guys in Ontario to ship...


That's an interesting question--eh? :)


I see many sellers on ebay offering shipping to Canada from the states--but I have to believe that it's against customs regulations and such.


Has anyone here shipped from the states to Canada or vice versa?

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im sure customs would love to see a wet package with live things in it. I remember reading a story about someone who sent moss balls to someone over seas and it got destroyed. If it were me, I wouldn't try sending a package over a boarder that has live fish in it.

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One thing i may start to ship but one thing that is in the way is that in the winter its cold not a problem but in the summer it gets to a 100F every day thanks to global warming <_< So any sugestions?


-Mac :happy:

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Consider this in the summer. The package will be shaded, within the truck, and moving consistently. So i really dont feel there is as much need for concern in the summer as in the winter.


Thats just my un-educated non-shipping yet opinion. let me know how i did?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I say be mindful of high heat---but you are insulating. Insulation works for cold and heat. I try to get consistent temp for the coral--whether it's slightly high or slightly low.


I haven't had problems with consistent shipping to AZ and such---People squawk a little---one guy was like "you didn't even use a cold pack!" and I was all "are they alive?" and he was all "well, yes". :P

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I say be mindful of high heat---but you are insulating. Insulation works for cold and heat. I try to get consistent temp for the coral--whether it's slightly high or slightly low.



how does shipping in warm weather differ from cold? same except use cool pack? how do we know when to use a heat/cool pack?

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how does shipping in warm weather differ from cold?

I don't think that it really does---as long as it's not steadily 95 degrees. Insulation will protect from heat as well as cold.

how do we know when to use a heat/cool pack?

I advise that you "JUST SAY NO" to cool packs. As for heat packs--communicate with your recipient and see what the temps are. Right now---I am East Coast---and I use a heat pack with every shipment, no matter where they are going. Come Spring, you may not want to use heat packs to the South or extreme West.


The thing is---you are basically "maintaining" temp when you ship. Heat packs won't have a HUGE effect on temps unless you use only a small amount of water--or more than one heat pack.


By the way, where's Propagator's Breathing Bags instructions or adin's super special shipping???? You guys are lame!!!

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I just got a bunch of kordon breathing bags today...... :P


Now I need to find out how to use them, cause I have a bunch of stuff I am going to sell in the next week or so...... :o:huh::mellow:


Come on Prop!!! What's the deal and how do you like em??? :grouphug:

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I just got the scoop on shipping with Fedex.


In order to be "allowed" to ship coral/fish, etc with Fedex, you need to have a special approval level as an account holder. To gain the special approval, there are several forms to be filled out. You also need to submit your shipping container and materials to Fedex for inspection and approval.


After you are approved, you are permitted to ship corals/fish. But---they aren't guaranteed at all.


So--remember---DON'T TELL THEM IT'S CORAL!!




We are gonna do some mass frag swappin' once the winter lessens in the East a bit!!

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