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  2. Griever

    Griever's 50G Lagoon Tank - New FTS!

    Yeah, I can't wait until they're full colonies all over. Another 6 months or so and it'll start looking really good I think.
  3. 4Swanson2Reefer0N00b

    Orange leptoseris info-RARE?

    More than I’ve been able to find anywhere else. What are you looking for? I was hoping to get a discussion going.
  4. Hey Reefer types! I just recently lost my long time Randalls pistol shrimp / Black ray gobie pair. I now know why they have similar lifespans. I recently acquired a paired Aurora/ Pink Bar / Suntail gobie and a Tiger pistol shrimp. So far my pistol shrimp is showing who wears the pants in this relationship. I just made a post about sexing pistol shrimp and I feel compelled to ask the same about the gobie. Is there a method of sex identification in this gobie? Thanking you in advance. Paddy.
  5. Firefish15

    18g Caribbean Biotope

    You can get power extenders, which are basically 6" extension cords. That way, you don't cover up outlets with bulky timers and adapters.
  6. PaddyMick

    Sexing Pistol Shrimp.

    Hello fellow Reefers. I have made an observation on YouTube regarding mated pistol shrimps. Please correct me if I am wrong , but 4 out of 5 mated pistol shrimp that I have observed, have a left or right snapping claw. There was only the one pair I saw that both has the same snapping claw. With the popularity of pistol shrimp / gobie symbiosis I would not want to be presumptuous as to declare this observation as definitive about sexing this species but is there any ring of truth to it? Can I take the risk of acquiring another pistol shrimp of the same species, with an opposing snapping claw, as a potential mate? Paddy.
  7. Today
  8. watanabeireefer

    watanabeireef- NUVO25reef

    Welcome to my build thread and thanks for stopping by!The Details:This thread is going to follow me taking my very new reef, I decided to go with a NUVO 25 gallon. I have had several years of saltwater and reef keeping experience and have recently decide to jump back in. The tank has been aquascaped with roughly 18 pounds of reef rock. My vision was to create hiding spaces for fish and invertebrates while still having an open concept with plenty of water movement. The tank water is still settling, so it's not entirely clear. Please feel free to comment and provide any feedback. :)
  9. HernandezJ35

    FS - IM Nuvo Fusion 30L Entire System (Los Angeles, CA)

    If you decide to let the media baskets go separately please let me know.
  10. Clown79

    Ok...I need a fish and some suggestions

    Ya, I would never attempt to bring livestock over the boarder. 1 contacted a store that said they get the starcki in sept/Oct. If that doesn't pan out, I'll probably do a fairy/flasher wrasse. I love damsels, so pretty but the ones we often see are the yellow tail, azure, blue devil.
  11. ajkochev

    ID request for brown hairy Alage?

    Looks more red than brown to me. More like Cyanobacteria. Google and search the reef forums for it and you'll find lots of ways to fight it.
  12. TheKingInYellow

    TheKingInYellows 50g custom blackout bare bottom

    Couple of other small updates, got my two 3/4" VCA random flow generators in. Should have done 1/2" though as my returns need to push about 250 gph each for them and that's a lot of flow through the sump, at least 10x. Might need to return them and scale down. Also got around to water testing. Ammonia in the rock tub is at or below 2ppm so I've clearly got something using it up as this shrimp has been in the tub for a solid two weeks. Strangely though, I see zero Nitrates and zero Nitrites. The tub is completely dark so there is nothing in there to eat nitrate either. I'm guessing maybe there isn't enough oxygenation in the tub despite running a small air pump next to the powerhead. Checked the pH and it's sitting very low at about 7.6 so maybe that's it? These are brand new Red Sea kits so they shouldn't be that far off. Not expired or anything either. Regardless I'm not in a rush and this rock will move to the display as soon as I have it so it will get light and flow and aeration then. I dropped in another vial of Prodibio biodigest and I'll check again in a few days.
  13. debbeach13

    MetaJANKs Old School Polished Turd

    So glad you walked away from that. Thank God
  14. BehindGlass

    Nuvo 40 and The Rock

    So it's getting close to start my 2nd build. Currently I have a 7 gallon Waterbox which is now up and running fully. So while it progresses is time to move on to tank #2 of three... (spoiler alert: there will be a Nuvo 25 warty frogfish tank to come in a little while)Over the past month I've been slowly acquiring the parts for the 40 Nuvo build. So far I have everything but a magnet cleaner, decent power strip, inkbird temp controller, egg crate, 2nd heater, 2nd PP-4 powerhead and ATO reservoir. Yes, I know the heater in the picture is overkill... but it fits and for 15.00 I couldn't buy a smaller wattage one for that price.So while dropping the wife off at the airport the other day I decided to stop by some LFS in that city. I browsed around all of them and while walking around one of them there was a large piece of coral rock sitting out dry. I kept looking at it and could envision it going into my 40. Now this by no means is this a small rock,. Dry, it weighs in just under 25 pounds. So this single rock weighs about as much as multiple pieces most of us would normally buy to create an aquascape in a tank this size. It's not lace rock. It's not manufactured rock. It's not ancient coral rock dug up. It's right out of the ocean. The rock itself will be a feature within the tank. The bottom has been cut and it sits steady on it's perch. The top is basically flat and gives a HUGE surface area for placing corals upon. Below the rock within the tank will be an open sandbed with a couple of smaller islands within the shaded overhangs of "The Rock".Should I keep you waiting to see what "The Rock" is and surprise you all once it is up and running fully or should I show you now?
  15. banasophia

    Nittos Biocube 16 Tank Thread

    @MSunkin23, your tank is looking great! I recently saw mention of JBJs updates to their 28 gallon nano cube (with canopy) which include two different light versions - one for mid to low light corals and one for high light corals. May be worth checking out if you like a tank with a lid... not sure how long they’ve been out. http://www.jbjlighting.com/prod-28g-nano-led.html
  16. Yesterday
  17. Okay, it's been a week since I started dosing the microbe lift, and things are holding on. It was labeled as reef safe but I'm not 100% sure about that claim. The first day I dosed the stuff, the brittle stars I had in the rocks all came out and convulsed on the sandbed. I took a few out and tossed them into the pico where they are doing better. The ones that I didn't move dropped a couple arms and are still surviving. I also noticed that my snails were not enjoying the stuff either. When I first dosed it I saw my trochus and ninja star snail drop off the glass and close up completely. I didn't see much change in behavior for my hermit crabs though, so it affects inverts differently. The snails are all fine currently. Another concerning thing I saw on the first day of dosing was a thick white mucus looking substance that was building up on the two neon green torch branches in the back. It wasn't the coral expelling waste since it was white and was covering the tissue. After I cleared it away with a turkey baster it didn't come back. I noticed that the tips of the some of the tentacles were missing, so it could have been bleached tissue that came off from dosing. I should've taken pictures to show, but they are fine when I dose the stuff now. The other torches didn't have a reaction like that at all. They just shrank up. The dark green torches are having trouble with a brown filament algae growing by their bases. I might use some peroxide to spot treat it if it gets worse. I also noticed some bleaching on the tip of my new pink digi. Nothing too bad, but still concerning. Can't say if it's related. There are a couple corals that seem to enjoy the microbe lift. Mainly the cynarina and bubble coral. The cynarina is easily 9 inches across at its widest parts most of the time. The bubble coral is inflating quite a bit more than usual; I might have to move some stuff away from its sweepers soon. If you can see in the picture, the red planet acropora is also finally getting its green back. I got it bleached, and it was just red for quite a while. Other than that I started dosing coral amino by brightwell. It was a highly rated amino supplement, and it wasn't overpriced like the zeovit products are. Dosing this should help the corals immune system fight anything bad. I'm thinking I'll stop dosing the microbe lift after 10 days as recommended on the bottle. I wouldn't recommend this stuff unless your corals really need it and you can't lose them.
  18. Christopher Marks

    Griever's 50G Lagoon Tank - New FTS!

    Looking good @Griever! The SPS are starting to branch out, thats great!
  19. Christopher Marks

    Nittos Biocube 16 Tank Thread

    Thats the truth! My pico reef jar has a lid and its worry free when I travel.
  20. Geoff Southworth

    New Custom 50 Gallon Build

    So far so good, fingers crossed!

    Light schedule for sbreef led?

    The tank is 6 months old, has 2 juvi clowns, 1 smaller Valentino puffer, yellow goby and shrimp (both adults). Soft leather coral trees, zoa's, acans, and a spa montipora encrusting.
  22. MSunkin23

    Nittos Biocube 16 Tank Thread

    I think it would be a IM fusion 20, lagoon, or peninsula. It’s almost getting to that point haha. But I really enjoy the closed top of the biocube, I can leave the tank for 2 weeks with an auto feeder on a business trip and it’s stable. would be great if IM made closed lids than an AI prime or Kessil can goosneck on. For example a glass window.
  23. BearTheSquare

    Bear’s Nuvo 10- Progress Pics Pg. 4

    Thank you @Daniel91!
  24. Joevember

    Joe's Boneless Pico Reef

    Thanks, haven't spotted any the last few days. Thanks! Nice name by the way 😂
  25. Hi Guys, I need some help with identification of a hairy brown alage in my Tank. Today I brushed it off while doing a water change. I dont know if this is Dyno or something bad for my tank.
  26. fissues


    Yeah, I'm admittedly awful with social media, but I'll try to keep up here... ... Speaking of which, that CO2 scrubber worked like a charm. I'm stoked at where I'm sitting now... Getting all my parameters dialed in right now is gonna make growing SPS so much easier. I don't know why so many people try to rush the process...
  27. fissues

    Tamberav's IM 25 Lagoon

    This tank is looking sick... I love those black sun polyps.
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