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Found 124 results

  1. Liambawden

    AquaOne 120L Stocking???

    In this tank I have a 3 inch Vlamingii Tang (Who got very distressed when I put her in my 450L reef) so she will be staying put until she gets a bit larger. I also have a Red Scooter Blenny, alongside a Paddlefin Blenny. I have lots of coral, ranging from Wall Hammers, Branching Hammers, Torches, Cornets, Duncans & Aussie Duncans. Kenya Trres & Colt Corals, Toadstool Corals, GSP & Glove Polyps. And my all time favourite Goniopora! There are a couple small mushrooms and my FeatherDuster garden too! What would people recommend trying to add to this tank as the only fish who does any swimming is my tang! The other two seem to stay closer to the sand bed or the rock work and aren't as active throughout the day as expected. Any advice or opinions are appreciated.
  2. Liambawden

    AquaOne Nano 40 Stocking???

    So, Recently my 6 line wrasse unfortunately died thanks to a spike in my nitrates... This has all been sorted now and many more precautions have been taken to ensure that this is not something that is likely to happen again at all. However, I now have no idea on what I actually want to stock this tank with? I am not a new hobbyist, and I have been keeping marine fish for about 4 years now, with many different tanks.. So I am rather stumped on what to add to this tank... So far I have some Xenia, Hammers, Duncans, A Featherduster & some leathers (Kenya Trees & Toadstools). I am looking to add quite a bit more coral wise to make the tank look like a little reef. But don't know what fish to add! Any advice or comments are appreciated.
  3. Hobbs's 8gal Nuvo Reef Chronicling the development of a pristine nano ecosystem. Goal: minimize weekly maintenance while maintianing a portable and hardy marine reef Specs: Tank: Nuvo Aquarium Nano Reef 0202 8 gallon capacity Filtrations: Mechanical Sponge, activated carbon sponge, phosphate sponge Light: 8 watt 14,000k (6 white diodes, 4 blue) Sand: Arag-Alive Bahamas Oolite Live Rock: 6.6 lbs of cured live rock, fairly porous but could be better. Coralline growth present Water: R/O with salt from LFS. Total water is 5 gallons Start date: 8/5/17 Reasoning: Wanted a small durable aquarium that would be easy to move every year. Modern and sleek design with LEDs was a massive plus. Wanted to maximize biological filtration so wanted as fine as sand as possible and as much rock that would asthetically fit in the tank Initial thoughts: The tank is too small for all the fish I want, the sand is too fine, the light needs to be stronger. Still looks super cool. Plans: Have 2 small fish, maximize symbiotic pairings, have lots of inverts and corals. Maybe future anemone or clam (need vast lighting overhaul first, I know )
  4. Hello guys, Just added a clown pair to my previously coral only setup. I already feed my corals reef roids regularly. This got me thinking about how practical feeding the fish and coral the same thing, in one go, would be. I know a lot of you probably have their own DIY recipe of sorts for feeding the tank. Care to share? My thoughts were something on the line of: - Seafood mix - Garlic - Bit of reef roids (for good measure) Blend and freeze. What are your thoughts?
  5. Hi my tanks been up for about 3 months. Today I noticed these little spots on my rocks. Anybody know what they are
  6. ihglifelol

    what coral to get

    I am going to my lfs on sunday. I am getting some more C.u.c and some corals 😀, 1 for my new 1 gal pico and some for my other 5 gal. I want some sort of branching coral thats large, as a centerpiece, the coral I know for sure will be there are varieties of kenya trees and several 1-3 in sps frags. They get new corals everyday. any sugestions?🤔
  7. Hello fellow reefer, I have recently "upgraded" to a 12g (from a 50g), and may I say that I never thought that such a small tank would make me doubt my aquascape so much! I have tried different layouts and settings that initially seem to work, but will eventually fail to feel "right". I'll post photos of them in chronological order, and would love to have some feedback from you guys on what seems to work or not. Thank you!
  8. ihglifelol

    how fast do acros grow

    hi, I got an acan with 2 heads in my nano because its so small. Does anyone know the growth rate of acans so i can put it in my bigger tank
  9. ihglifelol

    what coral(s) should i get next

    hi, i got a 5 gallon nano that im turning into a reef tank. Any coral ideas that i can add next. got an acan and duncan right now. what coral(s) should i get next
  10. ihglifelol

    is my duncan ok

    i got a duncan a week ago. a good frag with 9 heads (including babies). however, only 3 head are fully emerged (all heads were open in the store) . the rest are semi open or closed in the pic. is it sick or not. (those have barely opened in a week) He was the last duncan they have and they barely have them. (yet loaded with hammers and torches.) so I dont want it to die or do any emergency fragging. It is also the centerpiece for now. my ph,nitrate etc levels are fine. And my acan coral is THRIVING so i dont think its the water. Dont think my fauna are killing it. Can you guys tell me whats wrong plz. Hope its not sick . Was expensive too. i have a bicolor blenny fireshrimp, ghostshrimp keyholelimpet nasarius snail. large chesnut snail purple sponge. 3 dwarf ceriths a red and pink acan and that duncan
  11. So I did a water change yesterday and siphoned our the sand a little. I did my best to make sure sand wasn’t covering any of the coral but missed a spot on the open brain. My cleaner shrimp was on an area of the coral and I saw some sand on the coral so I moved the sand and found a black spot. Did I just ruin my open brain? tried my best to get a pic but the blue lights can be tricky.
  12. Biocubelife

    Biocube 14 gallon. HELPPP

    I’m running into an issue with a few coral. I’m noticing the sun coral is beginning to bleach out and the acan is almost completely covered with algae. It used to be green but now it’s turning purplish. I tried to put pictures showing before and after. Hopefully you guys can help. Parameters are all zeroed out. 8.4 PH. LEDs are truelumen. No clue what’s going on.
  13. SharkBait222

    Help!! My favia looks like crap

    Hi everyone, So I got a new favia coral the other day and it was looking fantastic. Now it looks like crap. I was wondering on how a go about and do an iodine dip. Like what to use and what to measurements are. Thank you.
  14. VictoryBell

    Japanese leather care

    Hello everyone, I decided to buy myself a Japanese leather coral for myself as a college graduation gift. (That's my excuse to the fiancé at least hehe) However, I was not able to find much on their care requirements. for example, im finding that it doesn't seem to like the white spectrum of light. It stayed scrunched up until I turned my white lighting down and went mostly to blues. It seems to be much more sensitive than the other corals I've put in my tank. (Most of them have bounced back in a day or so after being put in the tank.) I don't have a powerful light, just the USA orbit marine lc. does anyone have any care/ acclimation tips they can share with me so I can be sure to keep it healthy?
  15. Wetwater

    Coral ID

    Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could help me ID this coral,I saw it up at my LFS for just 15 dollars a frag and I figured why not,the guys that work there said they weren’t sure what it was. It’s definitely some kind of encrusting coral,if anyone has an ID on this I would appreciate it,thank you!
  16. ADVmarine333

    Something on my favia

    I have a favia coral. On the coral are 2-3 of these fan like things that spring out and retract real quick. Hasn’t spread. Just curious if anyone knows what it is. Also the red tubes on that favia. Any ideas? Only on one side of the favia and it’s only two tubes
  17. coryscritch

    Feeding time

  18. Liambawden

    Reef Aquarium 120

    In my Reef 120, I was looking at what other corals would fit well, and even more so what fish?! At present I have the following. Corals: 1 Hammer 1 Torch 1 Kenya Tree 1 Gonoporia 1 GSP Frag 1 Mushroom Inverts: 1 Seabe Anemone 2 Feather Dusters CUC 1 Cleaner Shrimp 1 Blood Shrimp Fish: A Bonded Pair of Maroon Clowns A Fireball Angelfish (which is being sold to a friend) A Blue Cheeked Goby So what would you recommend to have in here? There is a lot of spare bare rock and plenty of caves and caverns, just not sure what will bring the tank to life in many aspects. Thank You in advance!🐠
  19. coryscritch

    leather coral problems

    Hi i recently purchased a green polyp leather for my tank(about two weeks ago) my water parameters are all good. everything else in the tank is doing well, just not the leather. he did start to shed and does extend polyps at night. I'm just not sure why he won't extend during the day. does anybody have any idea?
  20. coryscritch

    leather coral problem

    so i got this leather coral about two weeks ago. it has yet to open up during the day. it opens and extends polyps at night. i did notice it was shedding a few days ago. my water parameters are all good. all my other corals are opening and extending really well. do you think it is getting too much light. i run the current orbit marine led (which is not that great) so I'm a bit confused why its not opening. anybody have any input? thanks
  21. coryscritch

    pest polyps

    hi all i was just wondering if anybody could tell me if the green polyp is a pest polyp or not. thanks!
  22. So my toadstool seems like it’s shrinking. The edges are folding down so it might just be giving me the illusion of it shrinking because it’s covering the stem. Is this normal for a toadstool? It’s been doing this Id day for the past week. The polyps are still extending so I know it’s not shedding. I tried changing the flow but didn’t make much of a difference. My parameters are all up to par salinity is always constant at 1.024, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, ph is a little low at 8, and notates are at 5 ppm. Heres some before and after shots. Around the time I fist got it to now.
  23. anniebanana267

    Coral identification please?

    Hi, I need an identification on this coral please? I found the picture on google but I can’t seem to find the name of it. Thanks.
  24. So I figured I'd join in on the latest Pico container fun. I've always liked the idea of a jar reef, so now I've decided to give it a shot. Not completely sure on anything else yet, but I'm sure it'll be fun! So far here's what I've got. Also, seaweed snack are a condiment right?!